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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 PM  ABC  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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or model has -- our model has a bit of a snow mix with parts of sampson county and wayne county, down towards the coast. that's ti. there indications this could get further to the west along and east of 95. notice how quick it is.even if it does trend westward, nothing more than a dusting of snow across east of i-95. nothing more than a flurry orw two around the triangle. not a major winter storm. we will watch it. may be a better chance of when to precipitation on monday, and of the cold weekend ahead. steve: they wake county deputy apparently attacked and beaten after being lord after a child -- after being lured from a child's for the party. the sheriff has strong words for those that attacked one of his
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>> the week county sheriff calls what happened a targeted attack. he says his deputy was singled out solely because he is a law enforcement officer. the family of the suspect who showed up in court today disagrees, and says a lot of people drinking too much. they accused prosecutors of exaggerating what happened saturday night at this community center, where the suspect and attending a birthday party. the sheriff says the man pulled a man outside the building, pins into the ground, then beat him so badly that he believes they try to kill him. all the while, the men were yelling expletives at him, calling him a cop and pig. the judge set a higher bond of up to $2 million for the men in court today. they are verified gang members. at least two of them fought back as officers moved in to arrest them. the deputy is recovering at home
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entire body, mostly to his ribs, back, and face. tisha: a fayetteville family is desperate for answers after the body of their loved one was found dead in a wooded area. the grieving family said they want to see justice. nicole carr joins us from the fayetteville police government with reaction from the family. -- fayetteville police department with reaction from the family. nicole: we have learned so much more about this victim. the car accident is that paralyzed him with any was 15 -- paralyzed him when he was 15. we have learned a lot more about the people involved in the investigation. >> like he was a piece of trash or something. >> they last saw their son and brother having a good time with his friends. >> he just wanted to be helpful.
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tuesday afternoon, the wheelchair-bound man was found dead in the woods. >> one of my drivers reported a dead body. >> you said a dead body behind the bus stop? >> he didn't deserve anything like this. i hope to catch the person that did this. i want justice for my brother. i won't stop until i get justice for my brother. he didn't deserve to be killed. nicole: investigators cannot confirm a motive. they do need to talk to the 23-year-old man. >> he is the last person seen with mr. bird. >> i knew him for years. nicole: witnesses say the two hopped in a black ford focus saturday night. the family thought nothing of it
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>> monday came, in to something was wrong. -- and something was wrong. it is directed to voicemail, he wasn't picking up. there is more to the story. nicole: we also do not have a medical examiner's report. the family is planning a candlelight vigil for him at the crime scene. they will gather for that at 7:00 this evening. nicole carr in fayetteville. tisha: new development in the attack outside a panera bread in a durham. they have identified 53-year-old todd pope, charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. the victim that was shot in the face with a flare gun talked exclusively to us about the incident. he says his alleged attacker is a local homeless man he has offered to help in the past.
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from that super bowl car crash involving governor mccrory. the covert tweeting this photo with the caption "thank goodness i was wearing my seatbelt." that is the california highway patrol car he was riding in, badly damaged after a chain reaction rear end crash. the government talking about it for the first time. while he had a seatbelt on during the crash, he initially did not buckle up. >> i did not immediately put on my seatbelt. as we were going, highway, 55-60 miles an hour, i noticed traffic coming to a still. it reminded me to put on my seatbelt. so i just leaned over, put on my seatbelt, and literally a second later, we were hit. met warning whatsoever. -- no warning whatsoever. somebody not paying attention. they were still going fast. steve: the governor has knee
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he says he's just a little sore. tisha: vice president joe biden talking with top cancer doctors in the country. he's in the tribal to find the cure for the disease that took his son's life less than a year ago. john: this was not one of those discussions when a big name comes in, does a few things. joe biden is still here at the end. this was a real conversation about research and treatment about cancer. biden spoke with a roundtable of professionals from anything on oncology to community health care. part of the obama administration's initiative named by biden. a national effort to end the cancer as we know it. today, biden says the science is ready with research at the forefront. talking about increasing access to clinical trials, that are utilizing data -- better utilizing data, having a better vocabulary around cancer, early
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biden says he knows we are talking about a long-term solution, but he says he's committed to working on it for the rest of his life. steve: we have breaking news in the race for the white house. former technology executive carly fiorina announces she's dropping out of the race. governor chris christie is getting ready to bow out after finishing 6th in new hampshire last night. all eyes or on the south carolina in the race for the white house. republican donald trump winning big in new hampshire. ohio governor john kasich pulling out an impressive second-place finish. on the democrat excite, a landslide victory for bernie sanders over hillary clinton. the clinton campaign is open to turn things round in both south carolina and nevada. here is elizabeth hur with the latest. [chatnnting] elizabeth: following his big win in new hampshire, bernie sanders
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bringing forth, this country is supposed to be a nation of fairness. we are not seeing that fairness right now. elizabeth: sanders stopping to have coffee with al sharpton earlier. clinton also in new york after reassuring supporters in new hampshire she is a fighter. clinton: it's not whether you get knocked down that matters, is whether you get back up. elizabeth: on the republican side donald trump, taking a huge win over a huge winner cannot. mr. trump: we are getting great signals. many people showing up more than we anticipated. elizabeth: challengers back on the campaign trail. a surprise second-place winner, john kasich-- sen. -- iowa winner ted cruz sounding
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sen. cruz: one of the most important conclusions of these states is that the only candidate that can beat donald trump is me. elizabeth: the gop field appears to be narrowing with carylly fiorina suspending her campaign and chris christie expected to do the same. tisha: now too high drama on the royal caribbean cruise ship. the infamous aziz is going back himself,
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short, the cruise line is giving the 4500 passengers a full refund. steve: the new development on the war on terror. military families watching this closely. the army amounted hundreds of -- announcing hundreds of soldiers heading to afghanistan. they will help afghans troops try to push back the taliban. the pentagon says the soldiers will not have an active combat role, but this will be the largest apartment of american troops to areas outside major bases since 2014. folders will arrive in southern provinces by the end of this month. tisha: a top u.s. intelligence official acting isis will attempt i direct attack on the u.s. sometime this year. the director of national intelligence told members of congress that isis was using the refugee exodus from violence and iraq and syria to hide among innocent civilians.
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san be phone. the fbi has been tried to retrace the moments and plans both before and after they attacked the holiday party. the encrypted data on the cell phone could shed light on why farook left behind a bag with homemade pipe bombs inside a conference room, where they consider other attacks, and who they communicated with about plans before. a lot of information investigators trying to dig up. a baby blunder. this is a mixup that had the wrong child going under the knife in a surgical operation inside hospital. what the doctor is saying about that tonight. tisha: talk about cool soap and video. how this skier pulled this off, and how long it took. steve: the olympic athlete willing to sideline herself in
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>> a downtown raleigh business underwater. a wall inside crawling to the
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tisha: a local police chief arrested on cyber stalking charges. will jim murray and an administrative assistant are both charged. the rest stems -- arrest stems from cghar-- steve: in southern germany, emergency workers brought in this huge crane, removing the records from a deadly crash yesterday. they don't believe there is another victim trapped in the wreckage. it killed 100 and does -- it killed 10 and injured dozens others. tisha: now two new concerns about the zika virus as athletes prepare in brazil. u.s. soccer star told sports illustrated she wants to have a baby one day with her husband, and would never take the risk of
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the cdc says zika is spread by mosquitoes and is behind the number of birth defects in brazil, with babies born with small heads and brains. steve: looking for ways to make our smoke from photography a bit better. this guy has definitely done it. -- our smartphone photography a bit better. this is a skier from switzerland . he did this with his iphone. he attached a rope to his phone. he said it took a lot of practice. he is swinging his phone around on the rope with his right hand. it is as difficult as it looks. he said it took him years to perfect that move. not only wild photography, but i like the look at that fresh powder. tisha: as if what he is doing is not hard enough. [laughter] steve: no kidding. oral around an iphone. -- whirl around an iphone. tisha: hopefully we never have
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steve: that would be something. [laughter] chris: but we have to be on the look at or a few flakes. on friday there's a chance some of us will see a flurry or snow shower. may be a light dusting. not looking like a big winter storm. we will talk about that coming up. the big news for the evening is just to stay warm. the cold air has settled in and is not going anywhere. in fact, it's going to reinforce over the weekend. through the evening, we fall into the 20's by 11:00. the wind chills already in the 20's now. overcast skies. we should clear out shortly and be a clear, cold evening. 36 in our first alert weather station. before at self-help. oxford and henderson at 35. 32 at roxboro. 37 in fayetteville. southern pines at 36. the windchill in the middle and upper 20's. cold air coming down the pike northwest. west on interstate 40, oklahoma city at 73. 65 in denver.
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near us anytime soon. it's going to take a while just to get back into the 50's. a lot of clouds during the day after a sunny start. you can see a few light flecks. there might be a flurry here in there. but no reports of that. most of the day has been dry. a band of snow jumping from st. louis in two areas west of nashville. that will miss us. we will clear will be cold . -- we will clear out tonight. 22 in fayetteville. the coldest it has been all season. we will be fairly close to 18. the wind chills with yak in the -- 20 at 7:00 a.m.. 32 at 11:00. it should stay sunny from start to finish across the region. beautiful day coming up in terms of sunshine. but it's cold in the 30's to near 40's. a weak area of low pressure develops over georgia and runs up the ghost. the moisture looks to be limited.
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mainly east. there is a chance for a little light snow during the afternoon along and east of 95. that could reduce and a dusting. it is two days out, so things could change. our model keeps it all to the east at the moment.there is a chance on 95 that you could have some snow during the day for a few hours. no significant impacts. a better chance of some wintry weather as we head into monday. our meteorologist liz horton is standing by on that. liz: all of our eyes are watching this storm. this storm is going to develop also across the deep south in a similar spot. this is the gfs model. watch as it brings moisture through monday and tuesday. the fact that we have moisture means there could be many things. it depends on the temperatures we have ended the exact track and rotation of that area of low pressure.
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beach. rain spreading to our southeastern counties, possibly a bit of a line of mixing precipitation, freezing rain,. most of the snow back towards the northwestern edge. watch what happens with scenario two. that takes the low much further in towards south carolina, almost at the border near charlotte. that would spread much more rain in the forecast. warmer temperatures. this is more of what the european model is doing rather than the gfs. our two models are in jesus agreement. ---- are in disagreement. freezing rain, and the possibility of snowflakes. it depends on the temperature above and below on the service and to the higher levels. it needs to be a few more days before we find tune it. chris: a lot to watch, and a lot
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we are talking 5-6 days out. tomorrow is a sunny but cold day. roxboro and henderson, upper 30's. 32 degrees in fayetteville. keep the winter coats handy. 21 tomorrow night. friday, just a chance of a flurry or snow shower to the east. saturday, sunny and cold at 4. wind chills by seven night could be in the single-digit to near 0. monday could be a wintry mix that can change to rain. mid 40's by tuesday. next week we could be above 55 the first time in a week, which is where we should be. tisha: which is sounding really good. thank you chris. steve: when doctors had operated on her son for no reason.
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tisha: the man who assassinated robert f kennedy trying for freedom once again. this is his 15th parole hearing since convicted in 1968. he shot and killed senator
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the 71-year-old has says he has no memory of killing kennedy. steve: president obama returning today to where it all started -- springfield, illinois. nine years ago that he stood in front of the old state capitol and announced his run for president. he was a state senator there to 2004. he spoke to's eight legislators to plead for the kind of national unity, even technology his share -- even acknowledging his share of the responsibility of the gridlock in washington. tisha: boycott beyonce. the #is picking up steam -- the hashtag is picking up steam after the super bowl. some are calling her performance "anticop" and a race baiting stunt. "the beehive," as they're called
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apologized for operating on a perfectly healthy baby boy. he admits that he called for the wrong baby to come into the operating room. tisha: the marriage vows, in sickness and in health, taking on a whole new meaning for a couple in the triangle. steve: one woman steps in to save her husband that is in desperate need of a new kidney. the heartwarming story just days before valentine's day, coming up. >> with at&t the choice is yours. you only pay for the services you need to make
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th >> eyewitness news at 5:30 starts now. joel: hello everyone. anna: a business underwater after a wall collapses. joel: it shut down for hours and a popular is closed, water main break is to blame.
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