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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  ABC  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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our model brings a light precipitation in to the sand hills. it could go further west. areas may see a brief shot at light snow. a lot of spots may not even see a dusting. nothing more than a flurry, if that. it moves off quickly. at this point it looks like a nonevent. snow falling in the air, you can see those accumulations. can see areas near the coast may see a few tenths of an inch. we may see a dusting in the coastal plain. temperatures are cold. it is going to get colder than this. we have details on the arctic chill coming away and a bit.
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steve: memorial services are happening marking one year since three college students were murdered. tisha: their lives were cut short in a violent encounter in their apartments. steve: angelica alvarez now live for a candlelight vigil just now getting underway. >> people are starting to file in. you can see this is what they are walking to. while we wait for this to start we did wrap up a news conference with the family. they hope this will push a of their children. they were gunned down. they were newlyweds with hopes of graduating from dental school.
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murders is sitting in jail now. authorities have said he may have snapped over a parking dispute with the family says that is simply not the case. they did not argue with him, they were kind and that this crime was about hate towards muslims. >> if this was over a parking dispute then rosa parks dispute was over a continued bus seat dispute. it is important to continue what we do, pushing for the hate crime laws on the state level. >> whether hicks will face a hate crime is under investigation but back out here live, the family once the university to live as they live and take every opportunity to help others. we would here for more from the family.
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steve: the u.s. supreme court justice john roberts, the chief justice telling lawyers he is not going to make a rush decision on our voting maps. attorneys were visiting the state filed an emergency request after a lower court refused to answer a stay. our maps are on the verge of being shaken up after a federal court determined to districts were illegally drawn. justice roberts says the decision will not be made until next tuesday. that could mean they may have to call for a special section -- session to drop new voting districts before the primary. tisha: a deputy and bush. performance it behind bars for intensely attacking a deputy.
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the suspects cow words. he believes they targeted his deputy who was off duty at the time because he is a law enforcement officer. the family members of the accused to were in court today say there is more to it than what prosecutors laid out. >> as brothers, they go before a wake county judge accused of beating an off-duty deputy at a child's birthday party saturday night. they believe they were close to killing his officer. >> i think they would have. what they were doing, the way they were kicking and beating him, he could have easily died. i don't think they care either way. >> prosecutors say what happened left the deputy with broken vertebrae, a broken nose and bruised winner -- bruce trips. >> it doesn't make sense reporter:.
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three others jumped out from behind parked cars, pinned into the car, punched and kicked him repeatedly. >> a bunch of cowards that would do something like that. the only excuse is you are a law enforcement, you are a paid, other names they use. >> i know what they are. i'm not going to defend them. they are not victims here. they are exaggerating. >> she was at the party saturday night. she says they have known the deputy for years and alcohol at a lot to do with what happened. >> i think something, either party said something that might have disagreed with the other crowd. i don't know. but he was definitely not targeted because he was a cop. >> the suspects prior record
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a district attorney may clear many violent offenses are all tied to gain activity. >> i have a concern, a gang member. i'm going to raise the bond. >> he wants justice to be done for his deputy as he would for anyone else. >> we were fortunate to get all four of them quickly. that way they stay in jail. >> the deputy who was unarmed at the birthday party is recovering at home. all four suspects are due in court next month. joel: duke university hosting a vice president on campus. anna: joe biden in the area discussing cancer initiatives. he spent the afternoon with biden. >> this is not one of those
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comes in, says a few things and leaves. this was a substantive conversation on the treatment and potentially cures for cancer. the vice president spent longer here today than anyone we talked to. initiative to fundamentally change the trajectory of cancer research in america. >> double the rate of progress, understanding each treatment of cancer to make a decades worth of advances in the next five years. to eventually end cancer as we know where. there is enormous progress in the science is ready. you an incredible operation here. you guys are on the cusp of such great advances. >> the panel of experts shared with biden thoughts on where the research needs to go and what the focus needs to be on.
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detection, a standardized vocabulary among researchers, better access to clinical trials. >> we need to get the drugs to patients, not just getting them to the fda. thank you. this is something i think you can fix. >> i'm convinced we can find a lot of answers to these questions. i think we can develop game changing treatments, delivering them to everyone who needs them. >> the targets discussed were locked. they will take time for a joe biden says he will make it a life goal. jon camp, eyewitness news. >> a revealing give and take. thanks. one day after collapsing on the court, roy williams talking about the game and his recovery. >> a man has been in and out of
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becausetisha: the last decade of redevelopment has business is booming but there is still a small time camaraderie. >> nothing illustrates that better than the effort of one business to catch a thief they say ripped off a neighboring business. how a smart phone camera played
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>> employers that -- employees that like to have fun. when they immediately noticed something. >> it was odd. >> they cap's and eye on him. he ducked into the doorway. they saw him bent over, stuffing merchandise into a duffel bag. >> she was like, oh my god, he has some stuff that is special made, made only for deco. >> they hatched a plan. when her employee kept the camera trained on the man he confronted them. >> are you taking my picture? , i don't know what you're talking about. >> they took one look at the richardson said they knew the man. he was seen behind bars charged
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streets. >> very thankful because even though our merchandise wasn't recovered, they did catch him. reporter: the effort may have would do it again. >> we watch out for our neighbors. that is how it should be. you have to watch out for one another. >> it's nice to have people around looking after you. we would do the same for them as well. reporter: the suspect is in jail on a $75,000 bond. steve: a new twist on neighborhood watch. tisha: two big chances for
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steve: a new report reveals parents are among the best weapons in the fight to curb underage drinking. a task force has finished a rp on the impact of underage drinking. researchers took part in this. kids are more likely to bennie drink because their brains are less sensitive to the sedative effects of alcohol. responsible dolson to provide restraint, a child's brain cannot provide it. we all have teenagers around our houses. now we know. we play a key role. >> i can't believe it. chris: sometimes you wonder.
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we all play a role. we need to talk about this chance for snow. >> you have been talking about these cold temperatures. >> that's the big thing. the snow chances are if the on friday. perhaps into monday also. we talked about these active weather days. friday we talked about that, the system coming our way is going to have limited moisture. we will have just a little bit. light snow mainly to the east of the triangle during the day on friday. otherwise it is going to be a dry and chilly day. and we get into the day on monday. here is monday. a narrow window of opportunity
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we will bring in more moisture. we see a mixed to start and then it changes to rain. we will watch that. things could change that far out. north hills, clearing skies, that is going to set us up for a cold night. temperatures in some cases into the teens. it is down to 35. humidity with a west, northwest wind at 10:00. 31 south hill. 37 rocky mount wilson. 34 in southern pines. all in the 30's, temperatures cold across the midwest. that is funneling down the east coast. it is in the 70's, oklahoma city in dallas and denver, they are and 61 right now.
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clouds are beginning to break up. we have a dry evening. there are snow showers across the mountains and winter weather advisory's. we turn mostly clear tonight. cold with upper teens, even some suburban areas around the triangle could be 18 or 19. low 20's around fayetteville. you will need the winter coat, only 35 that name. i don't think we see the clouds increasing. it should be sunny from start to finish. temperatures in the mid-30's as the arctic high continues to build. here is the low pressure we talked about for friday. a small chance of a light snow for a brief time on friday. it doesn't look like a lot.
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either way it doesn't look like a big system no matter what it does. tomorrow sunny and cold. mid-30's, 42 your high temperature around fayetteville. the big news is the reinforcing shot of cold there that comes in . down to 22 saturday, sunny and breezy. when she'll, low 20's all day. when chills could be in the single digits. sunny and cold for valentine's day. we talked about monday. that far off other things could change. it is going to be cold. that is for sure. anna: we will keep watching that. thank you. steve: mark has the latest on
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mark: coming up next,>> abc 11 eyewitness news sports sponsored by your local toyota
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reporter: unc tells me roy williams is in the offense today and feeling better after the vertigo episode to leave practice and return.
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i was co like an end to their recent struggle. the acc leading scorer will return home to hampton high school to have his jersey retired. he will become the second to have his number retired. the other, none other than ronald curry. we mostly discuss the athletic part of the student athlete equation. it is worth mentioning the people eating it done on both fronts.
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pre-13 blue devils, for timer ross martin. a.j. wolf, an all-american. three n.c. state guys made the cut. joe tony is up for an award, while the current panthers are still licking their wounds a former panther called it quits today. he retires at age 31 years old. he started his first game as a panther going to the pro bowl three straight seasons. he was traded off to the giants in 2013. injuries hampered. he is going out with his health intact. it is amazing thinking of retiring at the age 31 years old.
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breaking news tonight in the race for 2016. at this hour, two big names dropping out of the race. and can any republican stop donald trump? his major victory in new hampshire. also, the surprise in second place. one-on-one with marco rubio and his stunning admission. plus, clinton versus sanders, and the brand new battle tonight for the south. also breaking at this hour, from the justice department, a
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police and the city, accused of
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