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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News  ABC  February 11, 2016 1:37am-2:10am EST

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they smashed in on the backend, the trooper taken away on a stretcher appeared to be conscious. another person was put in an ambulance. we are working to find out their condition. you can look for what is new on the story. we will have the latest here tomorrow morning. tisha: hundreds of candles serving as a reminder of three muslim college students's lives were cut short. their families are now using their legacy to encourage unity among people. >> a lived a life of service helping here and overseas. the world lost three giants.
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campus, many kneeling in prayer. everyone standing together in remembrance and celebration. this time last year, they were celebrating two months of marriage and looking forward to dental school. they were gunned down outside their condo by their neighbor. their family citing his string -- history of aggression because they were muslim. >> we have seen many times they
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we work to win them over and we do. especially someone who was our neighbor. we are taught to care for our neighbor. reporter: they respond to the fight with light and telling everyone to help create a more loving world in the name of them. reporter: an endowment has already raised $700,000. they continue to grow the fund to donate to charity. live from campus tonight, i'm angelica alvarez. steve: nice to see that turnout. a grieving family praying for answers and justice, they gathered at the spot where police found the body of bird. now live in fayetteville with reaction.
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dozens of friends and families gathered in these dark woods here for this visual. behind me you can see the monument. a profound shock and grief for the overwhelming feelings. he was a quadra pedal it -- carter p julie quadriplegic. they are leaning on the strength of this young man's memory. reporter: in the cold they stood for a man who could not stand or walk, a friend gave away everything but it was not and now. they prayed for strength and answers. >> we are god-fearing people.
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he did things not for pay, just because he had a big heart. reporter: candles lit the spot where his body was. family members can't understand who would want to hurt bird and dumped his body in the woods. >> i hope they catch the person who did this. i want justice. reporter: police have not said why he was killed but they want to talk with this guy, a friend that berg was trying to help. the two men were last seen saturday night but no one has heard from boyd. he is a person of interest they want to talk to. wednesday night bird was remembered as the man who would give anyone the shirt off his back. his smile brought joy to everyone he met.
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life was snuffed out and they bow to get justice. a lot of raw emotion this as you might expect were present tonight. a lot of anger mixed with grief. in the morning, they hope to have answers as to what caused his death. those questions may be a long time coming. steve: tonight, students at a germs school shaking off a rough ride home. they were involved in this crash . one person was taken to the hospital. we are looking to learn what led to the crash. tisha: a first photo of the crash the governor was involved in. he noticed traffic was slowing to a stop ahead of him.
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mercedes which he believes never hit the brakes. that state trooper hit his head and bit his tongue. they took him to the hospital to be checked out. >> joe biden bringing the government's fight to duke university. telling nurses and doctors he needs their help to fight cancer. the goal of the task force is to brings advances in five years by pouring billions of dollars into research. tisha: a disabled man needs your help finding the one tool that helps them and his sons get around town. and eyewitness alerted us to what could be a dire situation. someone stole his car right out of the driveway and it's the only vehicle he can drive.
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this home eight years ago, five years after that he lost feeling in the lower half of his body. his lifeline has been his car and overnight someone stole it. >> i need my car. if you have it, please. i need it. >> pleading with the car thief who stole his vehicle out of his driveway. it is handicapped modified. it is the only car he can drive to get his boys to school, and gets his new job. >> i don't know how i will be able to keep my job. it is frustrating. we have so little left. reporter: in the mid-1990's he
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he sold it, then crashed by the great recession. a rare nerve condition caused paralysis in his lower body. >> my son came out to go running and that is what he found. >> his son delivered the bad news. >> where is the car? what do you mean? that's not funny. reporter: his lifeline was gone, left to wonder whether he was targeted. >> who does this kind of thing. who steals a car like that? >> i don't know. my sister said there is a special place for someone like that. >> mike is relying on taxicabs. they are more expensive options than his car. call police if you know anything.
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cell phones at the -- as a crime-fighting tool. they came out with a bag full of things he did not buy. they snapped pictures. as they saw him unloading merchandise, the women turned over evidence to police. officers arrested the man they know well, they had to do something to stop the crime or they were trying to make a living. steve: new legal problems for the city of ferguson, missouri. and deadly gunbattle, shawn stared -- shots fired here. what we know now about the shooter. flight die berdych chaos on this flight to boston. and out of the control passenger making threats. what happens next will surprise you. chris will tell us about the
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steve: the federal government taking action against ferguson, missouri filing a lawsuit against the city because it failed an agreement with how police treat poor people in the city. city leaders try to modify it. the attorney general the decision to reject the deal left the department of justice with no choice but to file this lawsuit. tisha: sheriff's deputy shot and killed at a crowded restaurant. the shooter was killed in a gun battle nearby. the shooting happened northeast of baltimore.
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man, creating problems. he was shot in the head. the second deputy was wounded. no bystanders were her. the gunman had out standard -- outstanding warrants. steve: a cruise ship back home after it was battered by a major storm over the weekend. wind and waves as high as 30 feet tossed around the anthem of the seas. passengers had minor injuries and that was damaged in some areas. passengers are getting a full refund and certificate for half off a future cruise. razan mohammad abu-salha air travel tisha: air-traffic and booze do not make brady man brought his own booze on when he was not allowed to drink, he started yelling. video from one passenger shows police officers removing the man.
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but not arrested. the flight resumed after a delay. steve: it's time for the must-see video. we go to taiwan. an amazing rescue. look at that little guy. they pulled that small white dog from the rubble, trapped for four days after the quake hit the city. the dog is named lee lee. it was sent to a shelter. they saw the dog getting rescued on local television, knew who it was. they had to go get it. happy zoner survived as well and is in the hospital. they are all able to get reunited. tisha: a major operation. steve: incredible after all this time.
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the coldness of the season, the snow chances are a little more iffy. it's cold now but this is just the beginning of our downward trend. temperatures in the 20th. tomorrow looks to be a nice bright day. there is rdu international. all quiet out there. windchill factor driven down in many spots. dewpoint temperature at seven. the dryer the air. humidity is at 1%. the air mass will be bone dry. temperatures around the triangle in the upper 20's. 27 in carrie and garner. officially the airport is it 28. it's 29 in fayetteville. because of the study wind,
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not the big variations from north and south. clouds rolling out of the area. with the clear skies, light wind, temperatures continue to drop. upper teens around southern pines as well. 20 to start your morning. the coldest it has been all winter. not as cold as we are about to get. there will still be a steady breeze. that will drive the windchill factor into the 30's. actual air temperatures, right around 40 today. of 54. dry tomorrow. this is the storm we will watch for friday that will rolloff the coast.
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the big storm over the week and that caused all that trouble in the atlantic ocean. it is going to have a colder air mass. whatever falls, snow mixed with sleet starting friday afternoon. right now this stays far enough offshore that it is only a brief snow shower. a dusting at most around the i-95 corner. a bit of a different story. check in. things could change. most moisture will stay away. a small variation could have a change in the forecast. we will find tune that tomorrow. the cold air, you see that with the jet stream. bitterly cold temperatures.
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before we warm up, another system comes our way. many things can happen but there is a chance of wintry precipitation at the onset of this. it will quickly change over to a steady rain later in the day. lots of time to iron out the details. just remember to stay warm this weekend. don't forget your pets. this will be a cold air mass. you see the first alert seven day, 38 on friday. the windchill will be in the 20's. single digits by saturday night. a windy, cold night. temperatures in the lower midteens. >> it is not getting to freezing.
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the health or that may keep
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steve: a wake county tisha: new concerns about the spread of the zika virus. hope solo tells us she will skip
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the choice the day. it has been linked to a birth defect. some say she will not be the last athlete to reconsider. the olympic committee is closely monitoring the situation. a man knew his wife was a perfect match but never expected this gift from her. steve: jason reached out to us to share his love and appreciation for his wife after he learned she is the perfect match for a kidney donation. he has polycystic kidney disease. doctors told him he needs a transplant but the weight could last seven years. his wife went in for testing and found out she is a perfect match. >> would you do it for her?
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the chances that we married, her becoming a match. it is slim to none. it is amazing. i can't thank her enough. steve: they will go in for surgeries in two weeks. the chance of nicole being a match for her husband is less than 1%. they are both nurses at duke hospital. you can imagine that is going to be real teamwork. tisha: i like to follow her story. steve: and a wake county best ballplayer on the verge of making history. anchor: coming up, a local high school hooper story. and a scary episode last night at boston college.
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>> abc 11 eyewitness news sports sponsored by your local toyota dealers. anchor: unc tomie roy williams was in the office at work and feeling much better after last night's vertigo episode. it is the first time he had ever been over common to that extent during a game. he was discussing a non-call with one of the officials. he snaps his head back and that
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he says he was given a couple pills he has on hand for that kind of thing. he was physically ill. he is all set to leave practice tomorrow and return to the bench for sunday's big game. >> i couldn't be happier for my team. i couldn't be happier for steve. he is like a brother to me. i was very concerned because i did not want to be a distraction. i will be fine. i am not dead yet. reporter: cat barber tomorrow, the leading scorer will return home to hampton high school to have his number 12 jersey retired. he scored and one a state title in 2012. he will be the second hampton basketball player to have his number retired.
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he was somewhat bafflingly absent from the top 20 list released today for the national player of the year. brice johnson of carolina, grayson allen of duke did make the list. he's averaging 16.5 points more than last year. high school hoops, the first since williams in 1992. he needed 33 tonight versus sanderson. off the glass, and the foul, 15 through three quarters. apex eventually wins this game.
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while we mostly discuss the athletic part of the student-athlete equation, the guys were getting it done on both fronts. 13 blue devils made it including that man right there. they had three. joel: always -- steve: always impressive. tisha: thank you for watching. steve: jimmy kimmel live is next. we will see you back your tomorrow life and 11:00 sharpton, breakfast at the iconic soul food restaurant sylvia's. sanders reaching out for african-american support, hoping to build on the momentum from his big win. sanders now vowing to take his political revolution forward. >> nice to see you again. >> reporter: but when i asked, this stark admission. if the election were tomorrow, do you think you could win south carolina and nevada? >> no.
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>> reporter: he faces an uphill climb in those states, where a large portion of the democratic vote is black and latino. it explains his visit to harlem trying to match hillary clinton's strong support in those communities. hillary clinton now fighting hard for those voters. >> you have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. >> in new hampshire, hillary clinton putting on a brave face in defeat. her team trying to figure out how she managed to lose women voters 44-55%. and young people 16 to 83%. clinton already trying to woo them. >> i know i have some work to do, particularly with young people, but i will repeat again what i have said this week, even if they are not supporting me now, i support them.
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clinton a compliment during a little game of campaign word association. >> donald trump? >> what can i say? >> one nice thing. come on, bernie. one nice thing. >> he has nice ties? >> nice hair? >> humble. >> hillary clinton? >> intelligent. >> cecilia vega, abc news, new york. twitter's financial outlook is improving but it's still struggling to tract users. wall street's not happy about it. the social media service reported earnings for the end of 2015 and while profits in advertising are ticking up, growth has stalled. the company is promising to make changes to improve the service including adding more streaming video. >> time to mark your calendars, folks. are you ready? hot dogs are coming to burger king. not veggie dogs though. >> the chain says it's national
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grilled dogs will be the 23rd of this month. >> yes. >> that's less than two weeks away. >> this is a new way to feel the burn. the new item easily makes burger king the biggest restaurant seller of hot dogs in the country. it will cost you $1.99, a chilly cheese dog 2.29. apparently of the president says this was like the biggest test, they test these things. it did really, really well. they're as excited as they were when they launched the whopper by feel the burn, you mean heartburn. >> that's exactly what i mean. >> coming up, the famous hollywood actor playing donald trump. wait till you see him. >> also ahead, the "family feud" game show contestant getting attention. >> the surgery that was done on the wrong baby in the hospital even sent a bill to the baby's parents.
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