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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 530 AM  ABC  February 12, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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john: 10 peopleis barbara: first alert weather the big stories breaking news one on patrol as "big weather" gets you ready for a triple weather threat. snow, frigid air and wintry mix. john: where the search stands for a murder expect in fayetteville. barbara: multi- millionmillion dollar lawsuit settled with uber. how you can get money. good morning, carolina, welcome on friday february 12, 28 degrees and 5:30. i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark. meteorologist don schwenneker very busy we will get to him but first school closings and delays. edgecombe, halifax, nash-rocky mount, northampton. roanoke rapids, weldon city,
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barbara: franklin county on a two-hour delay. we have not heard from systems in the triangle so you can check closings and delays on and our weather app. so you have to get up and get ready to go to school. john: we are here. barbara: we are here. don: good morning. we are starting with a winter weather advisory later today. you see in the purple areas for the eastern half of the viewing area i-95 corridor. later we anticipate winter weather firing and that is is why it is not in effect yet. looking at the most powerful radar in the carolinas not showing snow in our viewing area. we are not seeing any flurries. 25 right now in roxboro, 24 roanoke rapids, and also oxford. 26 chapel hill, sanford. 26 southern pines, 28 fayetteville.
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the teens, 19 roxboro, 19 chapel hill. 24 smithfield and 20 in fayetteville. the day ahead severely temperatures in the 20's and by lunchtime 34 with snow showers on the way and this afternoon 35 degrees with snow ending across the area. we will talk more about the snow moving out and cold weekend in a bit. right now it is time for weather and traffic. amber rupinta is off so i will handle the traffic duties. we are seeing one accident earlier that cheered.leared. that was n.c. 54 and hillsborough street. we are seeing a little shoulder work done on n.c. 540 both ways around the 55 bypass chapel hill road. you may see a couple works. real-time traffic the n.c. 147 and durham freeway and alston avenue. not much there. nice and clear. as we slide south and west u.s. 70 and cheek road more volume
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no other things to talk about. barbara: breaking news one is on patrol giving you a clear view should slick spots develop. gloria rodriguez is live. d.o.t. crews doing everything to be ready, right? gloria: they have been working very hard. we will look outside and you can see some of the brine on the left side of the screen, d.o.t. working very hard and already put down 68,000 gallons of brine in wake county. d.o.t. spent yesterday spraying the salt and water mixture on interstates, bridges and ramps. >> it is not a major snow event but enough to make the roads slick so we need drivers to be careful.
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car behind you. gloria: back here live we are on 440 the beltline near six forks road. you can see the brine. so far the conditions are dry. however, d.o.t. crews will be on standby once that wintry weather hits. we will be out here bringing you the latest from breaking news one. back to you in the studio. barbara: gloria, thank you. as you check social media download the first alert weather app and get live doppler radar on the go, school closings and delays and weather alert. it is tree. john: fayetteville police searching for a murder suspect. authorities say damien boyd is accused of can iing hanee byrd. boyd was initially a person of interest. he was the last person seen with byrd on saturday night. byrd's body was found tuesday in a wooded area off shaw mill road in fayetteville. an autopsy revealed he was shot
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detectives believe boyd may be driving a black 2012 ford focus. a rookie new york police officer facing time behind bars. peter lang was convicted of manslaughter for the fatal shooting of an unarmed man in a dark stairwell of a housing project. the courtroom gasped with the verdict. he broke into tears. prosecutors argued he handled the weapon recklessly and failed to get help. he said it is an accident. caitlin: i have a developing story this morning.
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headlines in georgia.ty to protect what they believed to be drug transactions and shipments. caitlin: that raid was conducted by the f.b.i. with state officials. it is the latest effort to clean up corruption in georgia prisons. since september there were more than 130 inmates, guards and outsideers charged in similar stings. barbara: the democratic race for president is more heated. hillary clinton and bernie sanders sparring for two hours on the debate stage in milwaukee last night. clinton aiming at sanders's policy. >> a promise that can't be contempt. >> you are not in the white house yet. barbara: they battle for african-american and hispanic voters clashing over the support of president obama. hillary clinton says she is the rightful heir of his legacy and accusing sanders of short-change being his leadership. hillary clinton set up here on the ground her first campaign
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the camp is trying to get a leg up on wooing north carolina voters. the top democrat in the state house larry hall listed her achievements but stopped short of fully endorsing her and it was anything but a warm welcome from the republican party. they had a stop hillary rally outside the the nation reports its first death from the illness. barbara: apartment fire forces 10 out of their homes in raleigh. the account as firefighters fought the flames. don, good morning. don: as you head out we've got dry conditions. we have a winter weather advisory later and cold morning
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poor john and barbara. they have to deal with me all morning along. i apologize to them. we will show what you is going on as far as the clouds. you have cloudy skies looking out the window this morning. it is dry to start. it cold, in the 20's. by lunchtime mid 30's. down to 20 in south hill. 25 roxboro and 26 chapel hill. 25 roanoke rapids and 30 smithfield and 27 southern pines and 28 fayetteville and 30 clinton. looking at the day ahead. 26 now and cloudy. by lunchtime snow showers around and maybe some mixed wintry precipitation in the sand hills. mid 30's. by 5:00 most of that precipitation is gone then cold air moves in. we will have that in a bit. barbara: raleigh man. ed on human trafficking charges is waking up behind bars. he was arrested yesterday after u.s. marshals fond him in greensboro.
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prostitution of a minor. authorities say the incident involved a 15-year-old girl. he was booked in the wake county jail. a woman is also facing charges in the case. she was arrested it december. john: 10 homeless after a fire in raleigh. chopper 11 h.d. was there. crews trying to figure out what sparked the flames. >> the wind was blowing it away from his hot house but it looked out of control like it was just out of control like the whole complex was about to come down. john: fire crews pulled up to find smoke rolling out of this building. they knocked out the flames but not before four apartment aopbts were destroyed. barbara: uber is paying up. it is dishing out $28.5 million to settle lawsuits for misleading customers about safety procedures and fees.
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who rode between january of 2013 and january 31 of this year. uber charged a fee of up to $2.30 for background collection on drivers but doesn't do that fingerprint check required of taxi drivers. john: 5:42 and 28 degrees. u.s. ramping up the fight against isis.thquake. how leaders in taiwan are
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barbara: welcome back, 5:45 and 26 degrees. got a chance of snow. that is one story making head lines. a went weather advisory set to go into effect at 7:00 this morning for raleigh and eastern part of the viewing area. d.o.t. has been taking precautions out brining roads. meteorologist holgs don schwenneker will have the forecast. the prosecution will rest today in the case of traveonion smith who killed melissa huggins-jones in 2013. the last witnesses for the prosecution took the stand yesterday and they will wrap up today. hillary clinton is accusing bernie sanders of diminishing president obama's record and short-changing his leadership. sanders saying that is a low blow. they sparred two hours in milwaukee in the latest debate last night. john: developing this morning the u.s. expanding the fight against isis. military officials say there have been about 20 air strikes
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afghanistan in the past three weeks ago after the obama administration gave the pentagon authority to conduct air strikes outside of iraq and syria. the militants' numbers continue to grow in afghanistan. and hope is growing for peace in syria. secretary of state kerry says major world powers have agreed to a cease-fire there. the goal is to start it in a week's time. syria is stuck in a five-year civil war. the goal now is to bring humanitarian aid to the country. it doesn't apply to terror groups operating in syria. the first zika related death reported in venezuela. their president saying at least three have died from tkphreu indications of the virus. suspected cases of zika reported in venezuela. local health organizations there say the real number is likely much higher. barbara: we are learning more
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officer killed while responding to domestic violence disturbance. jason jason moszer was a six jury member. he leaves behind a wife and two children. he is only the second fargo officer to die in duty and first in more than a century. the suspected shooter marcus slutskaya marker died but they are not sure if he was killed by a police bullet or shot hills. john: somber memorial in taiwan leaders and family gathering to remember victims of an earthquake. 94 at least died. the leaders offered flowers and shaking hands with family members. barbara: a deposition orderer bill cosby's wife is moving forward. a judge said camille cosby must answer questions in a defamation lawsuit. she may not have to answer every question.
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conversations with her husband. john: government thapl city has its batman. barbara: sydney australia has iron boy. dominic is battling cystic phi pwroefrs -- fine -- fibrosis. he was put in an iron man costume and sent him out on a mission to get a kidnappeded tv reporter. he pulled it off. many celebrities sent tweets to support him including robert downey jr. who plays ironman. john: looks likes he had a good time. don: cute story. today we are starting cold but dry. i think if you are heading out you will have no problem getting to work. getting home may be kind of wet. the bulk of the precipitation will be during the day. we will talk about that in a moment. we will talk about the next seven days. the most active weather days
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we have precipitation today and coldest temperatures of the season this weekend. but by monday we have a coastal low working up. right now it looks like it will take more of a westerly traffic giving us more rain and push the wintry mix to the west. but if it stays east on monday we see more cold air in place that means more wintry precipitation. we will watch that for monday. that is the "big weather" day of the week. today we are seeing a bit of a problem with winter weather later on. look at that winter weather advisory in the purple counties including the eastern half of our viewing area. it is the i-95 corridor with the winter weather advisory and winter storm warning out east toward the outer banks. they could see a couple of inches of snow or mixed precipitation. closer to home we are not seeing anything on the satellite and radar composite.
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we look at downtown raleigh and temperature right now 26. dew point at four giving us 39% humidity. east wind six miles an hour. live look into fayetteville and 29 right now, 40% humidity. northeast wind 13. we have gotten most of the snow to the west. we are seeing the cloud cover build in from the south. that is the next part of this system. it will throw moisture at us but the humidity is relatively low so it could take a while for it to get to the ground. first alert predictor forecast model showing us this ends by 11 to lunchtime. it is a quick hitter. by 5:00 most shifted to the east and out. then the clear skies move in overnight and that is when the cold air moves in. how much will we see? the white areas you could see a dusting to a half inch. i don't think we will see a ton of snow in the white areas. blue areas near wilson and rocky mount and tarboro could get a
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south toward fayetteville wintry mix. a couple degrees warmer so you may see a little bit of freezing rain rain. the rest of today raleigh cloudy and snow arriving through the morgue. 33 by lunch. by 5:00 still 33 degrees. as we look across the region chapel hill maybe a dusting, smithfield better chance of snow and wintry mix. 36. 35 wendell and holly springs. 35 sanford. pinehurst a couple of flakes. clinton you will see possible wintry mix and glaze of ice. tarboro and rocky mount you have the better chance of seeing a half inch to more of frozen precipitation. not much around roxboro and south hill. tonight the temperatures foul and skies clear and it is called. 19 roxboro, 21 raleigh and 24 fayetteville. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, even
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night into sunday. 14 tomorrow night and some places into the single digits. sunday 30 for a high. monday 37. presidents day that active day starts with frozen precipitation changing to all rain, temperatures going up and i don't think the precipitation sticks around because it will melt tuesday with the rain. 50. wednesday 53 and thursday 51 and mostly sunny. time for weather and traffic together. amber rupinta is off. so i will handle the duties. good for me not a lot to talk about. a little road work on n.c. 540. green in the triangle. sand hills things are green, not seeing anything in the way of breakdowns or slowdowns in the sand hills. looking at some cameras, i-540 and u.s. 70 glenwood avenue some volume picking up. from there to i-540 and i-40, lots of volume.
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as we go from the airport south to i-40 harrison avenue just some pickup in the volume. as far as speeds, aoefbg 40 right now from 64 to 70 is 65 miles an hour. westbound 440 capital it 70 a little slower at 63. durham freeway seven miles from i-40 it u.s. 15 will cost you
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barbara: don: welcome back, 5:56. >> music will return to the area. 89 much killed there in november. the owner is saying they hope to reopen it by the end of it year. it is one of the city's top concert sites. stars like madonna and says there are no plans it eliminate any models. all aboard taking on a new meaning on amtrak in our state.
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passengers it travel with small cats and dogs. they must weigh 20 pounds or less an kept in a carrier and must be placed under a passenger seat seat. only one dog or cat per passenger and comes with a $25 fee. john: the coolest story of the morning boston fenway park has a new look. barbara: transformed for the big air competition. a 140-foot tall 430-foot man made snow covered ramp and landing zone covers it from center field to home plate. it has skiers and snowboarders. it is taller than the light towers. you can take an elevator to the stop but some prefer to hike up the stairs. it took 28 works 10 days to build this ramp. we just want to like sled down it. john: yes. barbara: without killing ourselves. >> take he will variety. barbara: absolutely. with a little hot chocolate. john: bitterly cold week ends
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coming up we will show you how the d.o.t. is preparing and don will tell us the areas that could see the most white stuff.
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developmen john: right now heavy coats won't be the ol thing you need. barbara: breaking news one showing you the brine on the roads, a sign of potential winter weather. john: we are helping you navigate the changes through a major work zone on the durham freeway. barbara: all you need to know


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