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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 PM  ABC  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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gathering details for us --. >> yes. just finished wrapping up with the captain here. one man was shot in the leg. this shooting happened just about 30 minutes ago at this home right here behind me. you see it has been secured. lease tape is now blocking this home -- police tape is blocking the home. there are a number of officers and investigators outside right now. from what we know this happened around 4:30. i'm told by police three black men fled after -- they don't have a description right now of those individuals. police tell me it appears to be a home invasion and drug related. the victim was taken to wake med. i'm told he has nonlife threatening injuries. as you can see right now it is a very active scene. police officers in the front of the home as well as the back as we're panning off to the left side of your screen and you see some officers right there on the side of the home. we've also seen investigators start to go door to door right now speaking to residents who
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that is the very latest. live in southeast raleigh. abc 11, eyewitness news. >> when you have more we'll see you again soon. also tonight we are in first alert mode. snow flurries for some of us while others are dealing with a wintry mix. we have our breaking gnaws across the viewing area. live first alert coverage is coming up right now. hi everyone. good evening. we're in the first alert storm center. >> temperatures are now falling. some of the coldest weather of the season moving in. our chief meteorologist joins us right now from the first alert raleigh storm center. >> all right. a little bit of snow and sleet to the region today and is moving out. a little coating for some areas. you see it on first alert doppler xp. the snow showers and sleet mixed in, freezing rain for some. didn't last long for just about everybody. it's pretty much all gone. a couple snowflakes left over in western wake county. a few over downtown raleigh. now near windel. pretty much falling apart. highest amounts we could see on
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about quarter to half inch. wilson county, depround covered just a bit. same thing in johnston county. a quarter inch. dusting more or less across areas south and east of the triangle. as we talked about yesterday, that system is gone. a quick hitter as we mentioned. now the cold air rushing in. gusty, northwest winds will take over late tonight into tomorrow and bring in a rye inforcing shot of cold air -- reinforcing shot of cold air. temperatures tomorrow morning in the low to mid 20's. not that unusual. the wind chill could be in the single digits and low teens tomorrow morning and stay in the teens through the afternoon. tomorrow night the winds will die down. but the temperatures plummet. low and mid teens. it is going to be a very cold weekend. the good news is the sun is back. got another system we're watching for monday. we'll tell if you that brings us winter weather in just a little bit. steve? >> we'll see you soon. thanks. there's no snow accumulation in the triangle but we've had some flurries and even a few bursts of snow off and on throughout the afternoon. ed crump live right now in
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wake county. ed? >> yes. in fact, steve, we thought it was over with. and just a few minutes ago we had flurries here in west raleigh. show you outside on i-40 right now, you can see these lines in the road. that's where the state puts down brine in the last couple days and 'tis mating it would stick but it didn't. look earlier today and you can see it was coming down pretty good at times. it didn't stick as many had anticipated. we were right on the snow line and our guys called it perfectly. we didn't know for sure whether we'd have an accumulation or not. the good news is back here live that you can see even in commutes going very smoothly it should be a great weekend for everybody and i think we can all be grateful we didn't have that gridlock we've had before. >> ed crump on the road in wake county, thanks. let's head northeast of the triangle for the most impressive snowfall. these are some of the images of the snow coming down around wilson. andrea blanford live now in
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>> steve, we are on i-95 north now headed out of wilson county. let's give you a live look heading toward rocky mount. all dry and good now. let's take you back a few hours. we have video of wilson. the snow was coming down pretty heavy for a few hours. but once the flakes actually hit the streets and the brine that the d.o.t. put down yesterday, it melted right away. lots of people were out on the roads all day getting around without any problems. we do want to bring you back out live now. as we look live on i-95 north again the d.o.t. is telling us that they are going to be looking for slick spots with the roads that were wet earlier today because of the snow that melted but they've been keeping their eye out for trouble areas and want people to help them as well. you can report any slick spots. there are salt trucks and crews on stand by to respond to those if need be.
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and do its job up until about 0 degrees we're told. right -- up until about a 20-degree threshold we're told. back to you live interest breaking news 1. >> thanks. take a look at the snow now. on the outer banks the d.o.t. posting this image on twitter. the caption? the snow is coming down here on highway 1. no major problems reported but a good coating on the north carolina coast. we have breaking news right now. a man last seen at duke raleigh hospital last weekend has now been found dead this halifax county, virginia. 75-year-old roy stevenson is from franklin county and was the subject of a silver alert. his body was found along a dirt path right next to his car stuck
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authorities say they're not looking for any suspects. >> it was 17 years ago the nation was gripped by the first mass shooting inside a school. 1 people were killed at columbine high school. 13 people were killed at columbine high school. the graphic images of students walking out of the school in colorado with hands up are unforgettable. tonight in an abc news exclusive sue klebold the mother of one of the killers dylan klebold is talking to diane sawyer. she opens up about her relationship with her son and what it was like inside their home. mrs. klebold says she hopes to help other families and prevent another school shooting. silence broken a mother's reckoning tonight here on a special edition of "20/20." >> raleigh police are looking for this man who they say robbed the first citizens bank. investigators say the robber gave the teller a note and fled after the employee gave him money. no one saw a weapon and no injuries were reported. you are asked to call raleigh police if you can help them make
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>> there is a new call tonight to stop the deportation of some triangle teenagers. three are in the custody of federal officials tonight. one is a student at riverside high school. >> the school board passed this resolution condemning for theations of durham students but immigration agents say they have the right to do it. last month a student at riverside high was taken into custody at home. i.c.e. said the student had been on their priority list since last year after a judge denied his appeal. individuals on i.c.e.'s priority list have lived in the u.s. for less than two years or have criminal convictions. in a statement i.c.e. says it focuses enforcement resources on this includes individuals whether alone or with family members who have been app rehenleded while attempting to states. recent border crossers and individuals who have received a
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after january 1, 2014. tonight attention is being called by a vigil to deportation. >> a man on trial for his life in the case of a murdered raleigh mother will not take the stand. the defense announced today not only would trayvonon smith would not testify but the defense will not put on evidence. the jury will baldwin deliberating after the attorneys finish arguments on monday. a witness told jurors melissa jones was hit 13 times in her apartment in may and she said it likely took several minutes to an hour for the victim to die and she was aware she was dying. >> a victory for environmental groups in their battle against duke energy over the massive coal ash spill in the dan river. a judge telling the state and duke energy their settlement agreement may not be legitimate. that the administrative judge
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stepped his bounds. >> coal ash back in court today as environmental groups challenged a settlement agreement between the state and duke energy. as for the fine, critics call it a slap on the wrist for the energy giant at $7 million but it is the settlement agreement that brought the parties to court today. an agreement that went beyond a fine basically protecting duke energy from ground water contamination past, present, and future. environmental groups challenged and today judge ridgeway sided with them initially saying the settlement belongs in superior court not administrative court. that $7 million fine it may hold. watch for the slegr to come back up. >> now to an update on the apartment fire in raleigh. officials say the fire that displaced 10 people was accidental but haven't said how it started yet. the story was breaking news yesterday at 5:00. chopper 11 was over the scene at the north ridge crossing apartments on high line street.
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flames within half an hour but not before four apartments were destroyed. fortunately, everyone got out safely. >> new details about the death of three family members earlier this week in upstate new york. it turns out a police officer shot and killed his wife and their 10-year-old son and then lit their house on fire. and finally he turned the gun on himself. that is officer israel roman a 1-year veteran of the department near albany. >> he put them in the master bedroom in the bed. he lit the house on fire. he went back into the bedroom and took his own life. >> the couple's older son who is 15 was at a high school basketball game at the time of the shootings. police say there is no history of domestic violence and the motive is not clear a restaurant are expected to recover. police say a man walked into the
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and attacked the diners. he was shot and killed by police. police are unsure of the motive but say the man had been in the restaurant a half hour earlier talking with an employee. now back to the weather. and the sand hills drivers dealing with a mix of rain and sleet. greg barnes and first alert mode live patrolling fayetteville. greg? >> good afternoon to you. the rain and the sleet and freezing rain ended about an hour and a half ago. let me give you a look at the 401 bypass country club. rush hour traffic. folks coming home from work heading out to restaurants and entertainment tonight moving along at a pretty good clip. take a look at the tv screen. you can see the light strip of pavement. that's where it is dried off a little bit. but still to the sides of the roads on many access areas here you'll still see some standing water. the d.o.t. says that is going to be their chief concern later on tonight. the state patrol says no serious accidents reported.
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i-95 it is clean. it is clear out there. but d.o.t. trucks will hit the road after 7:00 tonight to start standing and salting those bridges just to make sure that motorists will get a good grip on the pavement if they're out driving first thing in the morning. so tonight it's going to be very, very dangerous if you're out there because the roads are going to be slick. be very careful if you're out driving. right now things are pretty good here in the cumberland county area. back to you. >> thanks. now we turn our attention to the potential for winter weather around here on monday. we'll have the latest coming up. good will stores have an unusual valentine's day message. >> they're offering help to those with relationship baggage. drama on the high seas. a royal caribbean cruise ship battered by hurricane force winds. south carolina. >> and coming up new at 5:30 --.
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thinking that saved a woman's
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county. >> new to the road to the white house leading through south carolina today. all but one of the republican candidates are there getting ready for the big debate tomorrow night. >> the democratic candidates are
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sharp words in >> former president george w. bush will hit the campaign trail for the first time in years. bush will appear at a campaign rally in south carolina with his younger brother. jeb bush is making a final push for support ahead of the next republican presidential primary. his campaign announced the two brothers will appear together in an event next week. jeb bush's campaign hopes the appearance of bush 43 will help build grass roots support in south carolina following disappointing performances in iowa and new hampshire. >> good will is putting its own spin on valentine's day. stores in florida and las vegas are promoting a new campaign they call don't hate, donate. they want people to clean out their closet and donate stuff from their ex. good will says they know break-ups are never easy but valentine's day is a good time to start fresh. that reminds me of the erica
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>> or don't burn it on the front lawn. donate it. i've seen that, too. >> call good will. they'll help you out. >> time to look ahead to monday and a chance for more winter weather. >> what is it going to be like next week, chris? >> well, a cold weekend. then monday maybe a brief period of some winter weather. looks like a mainly rain event. let's look at the temperatures. cold weekend coming up is the thing in the forefront. you need to stay warm this weekend with the wind chills at the lowest of the season. air temperatures aren't going to be that drastic. low 30's definitely below average but we've been much colder. a record low on sunday morning, minus 2. we won't be near that but the wind chills at times in the single digits, that's dangerous and we haven't seen that this winter. protect yourself and your pets. look at the warmup next week into the 50's maybe near 60 for some across the sand hills. that will be a nice switch for those who don't like the winter weather. everything is pretty much gone now. the little system that caused a
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areas. nothing around the triangle. 31 at raleigh durham international. humidity at 64%. winds are fairly light but they're going to crank up later on. 32 roxboro. 28 at south hill. 31 fayetteville. 32 southern pines. oh, so close to it. look at atlanta at 60. birmingham and jackson in the mid and upper 60's. our air is coming from the northwest not the southwest. we'll have to wait a while to get temperatures near that level. there's the wintry mix again. triangle didn't see much at all. it would stay mainly south and east. we saw a few snowflakes. areas along the i-95 corridor. some spots a quart tower isolated half inch amounts. along the coast some areas along the outer banks picked up two or three inches. mostly clear tonight. temperatures around to. vin ya border to low and mid 20's elsewhere. certainly on the cold side. if you'll be out and about tomorrow nice and bright. wind chills between 8 and 13
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teens and low 20's all day. so remember dress in layers. temperatures in the low 20's. even by noon not even close to freezing. arctic high pressure builds in. brisk and cold tomorrow. the winds gusting up to 25, 30 miles per hour despite the bright sun. the winds will diminish tomorrow night and drop into the low and mid teens. remember the record low is two below zero. but still it'll be plenty cold. sunday bright sun will give way to high level clouds. then this system just organizing across the midwest comes our way for monday. more on that in a bit. highs tomorrow. low and mid 30's. near 30 virginia border. upper 30's potentially to the south. generally low to mid 30's but the winds gusting up to 30 will make it feel much colder. here comes the system monday into tuesday. this is not the track you want for a major winter storm. you need that low to be off the coast and keep the cold air in place. not going to happen. almost a sure bet a lot that this is going to run inland. along or just west of the triangle. that's going to drag some really wample air in here during the
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watch what hams. very cold air in place monday morning. here's ure first alert predictor. this is going to change as we go through time. this is just an early look at what could be happening. a little snow briefly early monday morning. a mix to the south that continues for a while. maybe those that have to work on presidents' day a little bit of a few slick spots across the area. but look at the quick transition mid to late morning into the afternoon. the warmer air surges in. that rain/snow line, freezing line up into southern virginia. that may be a little fast. this is just sort of an early call but it does look like a quick change over to rain as we head through midday into the afternoon. that's when the heaviest precipitation will be around. right now it looks like light amounts but it doesn't take much to cause slick spots either. that could be a bit of an issue monday morning. first alert accu weather seven day. 14 tomorrow night. less wind sunday. high clouds. talked about monday. light wintry mix changing quickly to rain. the rain could be heavy monday night into tuesday. there could be an isolated
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triangle tuesday morning or monday night. that's how fast things are going to change. then we get a nice, quiet period wednesday, thursday, and friday. looking forward to that. temperatures near normal. and sunshine the middle and end of next week. >> just a small bump in the road. thank you. >> you bet. >> we have new information about a deadly police shooting in san francisco. >> hear what the autopsy report says about how the victim was killed. >> and the zika virus is raising brand new concerns.
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but now at least >> new information is coming in from san francisco about the african-american man shot and killed by police. an autopsy report says mario woods had to gunshot wounds and -- had 20 gunshot wounds and there were drugs in his system at the time of his death in december. five officers opened fire after woods stabbed a stranger and refused to drop the knife. it was captured on video and sparked a protest and called for the removal of the police chief. >> new tonight the coast guard inspecting the royal caribbean cruise ship battered by a winter storm off the coast of north carolina is trying to determine whether the ship is safe to set sail again. a spokesman says inspectors are looking at part of the anthem of the seas propulsion system that had to be replaced. the ship returned early to its home port in new jersey wednesday night. some of the passengers shared
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saying they thought the ship was going to sink. the royal caribbean cruise ship tomorrow. >> there are new concerns tonight about the zika virus. two american women have suffered miscarriages after being infected with the virus. the c.d.c. says the women were being monitored by their doctors after they were diagnosed with the zika virus. a total of three woment 18 months away from large scale clinical trials. a lot of people holding out hope they will find a vaccine. >> it is still one of the biggest professional sports moments in the triangle. >> the hurricanes winning the 2005 stanley cup. we will show you how the winning team is being honored and how you can hang out with the cup here in the triangle this weekend. >> durham freeway southbound is
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coming up we'll ou >> see what is happening this instant. from the raleigh eyewitness news center, eyewitness news at 5:30 p.m. starts right now . >> a good samaritan in the right place at the right time.


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