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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News Saturday SEVEN AM  ABC  February 13, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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>> see what's happening this [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]. anthony: this weekend is off to a bitterly cold start. a live look at downtown raleigh tells you half the story. steve stewart will be here in just a bit to let you know just how low temperatures will go. caitlin: and an elderly woman hit in a drive-by shooting. the new information we've learned overnight. >> i know i prayed he would die, god, stop this. just make it stop. anthony: that mother breaking her silence. what she says she would do differently 17 years after the columbine high school shooting. 30 degrees. a bone-chilling saturday, february 13th. getting ready for valentine's day and hopefully, will be feeling love in your hearts.
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caitlin: and i'm caitlin knute. we were just talking on the commercial break about how cold it's truly going to be, and then we dropped the bomb shell of the wind chill and how it's going to feel even colder. steve: here's what's interesting. tomorrow morning, it will be about 16 degrees colder than we are right now. but it's kind of a give and take. the next commercial break, you two go stand outside for about 30 seconds. caitlin: i volunteer anthony. steve: take the flag out there, watch it whipping in the breeze. so anthony, that's going to make it feel close to 10 degrees colder than it actually is. all right, here's the numbers, 20s and 30s outside right now, 30 at rdu, 30 at fayetteville. temperatures, it's not that bad, but feels like 16 in roxboro, 18 in oxford right now, 19 in rocky mount. and don't expect much change as
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nice and sunny today, a few other clouds earlier this morning, then we move on out. clear skies, notice the temperatures don't move much. i've got around 32 for a high this afternoon but, again, sunshine, breezy, pretty darn cold. tomorrow, real cold, not even close to a record, but we'll be in the teens. anthony: a fair amount of rain, freezing rain and sleet yesterday, so any wet spots left on the road could refreeze into black ice. that alert until monday. trucks went out last night in fayetteville to spread sand and salt on bridges and overpasses in the area. caitlin: the coldest air mass of the winter is expected to hold the eastern part of the country in an icy grip this weekend. in new york city, the mercury expected to fall as low four
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of 18-24 degrees below. mayor bill deblasio warning new yorkers to take heed to the cold weather warning. whether you're here or away, you can stay ahead of any weather event with the first alert weather app. go to the app store or google play. download it now for first alert doppler xp to get hour by hour forecast. anthony: an elderly woman seriously hurt after a drive-by shooting in durham county. new details about that coming in over night. it happened after 10:00 in the 3000 block of forester street. the 72-year-old woman was inside with two relatives at the time. she was taken to the hospital. her injuries, we are told, are life threatening. the other two people were not hurt and investigators are asking for help from the public as they try to identify potential suspects in the shooting. in raleigh this morning, police
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shooting that happened on krij cricket ridge road. he was taken to lake med and expected to recover. police are searching for three men who were seen running away from the area. caitlin: two more suspects have been arrested in a string of jewelry store robberies that took place all across the south, including one in north carolina. larry and michael gilmore are charged with fbi investigation. authorities say the suspects, including the woman you see here, robbed six jewelry stores, including the jared vault at the tanger outlets. hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry were stolen. kemp and jones were arrested last month. anthony: to an anniversary now. 17 years ago, the nation watched in horror as terrible things unfolded at columbine high school. these images haunting, as students escaping through a broken window and other students
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caitlin: one of the gun men, dylan klebolled, for the first time ever, his mother has broken her silence. anthony: here's diane sawyer with the exclusive interview. >> helicopters were going over. and i remember thinking, if this is true, if dylan is hurting people, somehow, he has to be stopped and at that moment, i prayed that he would die. god, stop this. just make it stop. don't let him hurt anybody. >> and soo her quest began. she says she goes back over every year of her life with a magnifying path looking for the path of her son's descent and the clues she missed. >> sometimes he would seem distant or quiet and i remember asking him, are you okay? are you sure you're okay? you seem so tired, and he'd stand up and say i've got a lot of homework. i just need to go to bed. >> and you let it go. >> and i let it go. and that's the difference. if it were me today, i would dig
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i felt i was a good mom, that he could talk to me about anything. part of the shock was this was learning what i believed and how i lived and how i parented was an invention in my own mind, that it was a completely different world that he was living in. >> she says not a day goes by she doesn't think of the victims and their families. >> i just remember sitting there and reading about them. the kids and the teachers. [sobbing] and i keep thinking constantly how i would feel if it was the other way around, and one of their children had shot mine. i would feel exactly the way they did. i know i would anthony: diane sawyer with that
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it coincides with the release of a book. if you want to hear more, about to if you want to hear more from that mother. caitlin: i can't imagine being in her shoes. i was a fresh man in college when that happened and i won't ever forget that. anthony: awful. caitlin: a woman and her dog rescued from a house fire. her century-old home though unfortunately met a different fate. anthony: planning to get out to vote and talk about politics in raleigh today. the extra importance of this year's historic march. 30 degrees is our temperature. not much warmer when the march kicks off this morning, steve. steve: that breeze will really make it feel cold out there, anthony. it will feel like teens and 20s for a good part of the day
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zebulin, 32 today with e steve: welcome back, everybody. good morning to you. that breeze makes it feel even colder. live in durham, north breeze at 10 miles an hour. temperature there, that censor at 29, just jumped up to 11 there. so that breeze again will be noticeable. lots of clear skies, a couple of clouds around this morning. bring that heavy jacket. temperatures in the upper 20s to near 30 as we go into the mid-day hour, so not a lot of movement from where we are right now. clear skies, should be nice and sunny today, if you're heading
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walk, typically, you've got to walk a ways, park away from the indoors there. the temperatures in the 32, the breeze making it feel like the teens. cold start today and tomorrow morning will be around 14 degrees, only 32 for a high. we do moderate. temperatures on tuesday, with rain in the 50s. your seven-day forecast is coming up in a few minutes, caitlin. caitlin: thank you, steve. an elderly woman and her dog were rescued from a smulderring home. smoke could be seen pouring from the roof yesterday. officials say someone noticed the smoke and flames and thankfully called 9-1-1. as a result, clayton fire and police got there in time to help the woman, along with her chihuahua, to get out of the house safely. they're okay but the smoke and flames have made the century-old home unsafe.
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to have started in the children. anthony: the jones street march this year, is to be a mass globalization effort to get people educated about the voting process. thousands of people are expected to pass the streets of downtown raleigh so expect heavy traffic around the state capitol. the march begins at 10:00 and the rally will conclude on the door steps of the state capitol hill. caitlin: and you'll be out there live bringing us reports. anthony: cold, 30 degrees right now. caitlin: still to come, new details this morning about a machete attack that happened in ohio. we'll tell you why the suspect was previously known to the fbi.
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anthony: welcome back. these stories making headlines. an elderly woman hit in a drive-by shooting just after 10:00 in the evening in the 3000 block of forester street. the 72-year-old was taken to the hospital and injuries are considered life threatening. officials are trying to identify potential suspects. all the remaining republican candidates will be on stage tonight for the gop debate taking place in greenville, south carolina, which holds its primaries later this month. other frigid starts to the
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anywhere this weekend. the coolest skies we'll see in the city of durham, maybe because of this. 30 degrees at the moment, as a matter of fact, steve will have the rest of your forecast and the temperatures in just a minute. caitlin: a high school shooting now ruled a murder-suicide in arizona. police say the two 15-year-old girls were found lying next to each other on campus, each dead from a single gunshot wound. a suicide note was found at the scene. investigators say the two girls were very close friends and might have been in a relationship. new this morning, authorities have identified the man who was behind that bizarre machete attack at a restaurant in ohio. mohammed barry was apparently known to the fbi. he was in a database which includes names potentially related to terrorism. the motives behind the attack is still unclear. four adults were hurt when he started swinging at people there. he was later killed in a shoot-out with police.
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local band releasing their new cd. anthony: the band's vocalist killed in a fiery car crash last week in johnston county. friends and family packed the south room ball room in raleigh last night to honor 23-year-old michael clemmens. he sang with a group called the valleys since he was 13 years old. clemmens died last friday. troopers say he was heading around a curve in the road, lost control, and his car slammed into a tree and burst into flames. it is believed speed was a factor in the crash. his band members say this past week has been hard but they believe he is with them in spirit. >> personally, it's hard. you spend a lot of time with somebody, you're in a band, on the road, living at each other's house, you get close. and then it's like losing a family member. anthony: the celebration of life event is scheduled in clemmens' home town of clayton.
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might want to look away for this story. a raleigh art exhibit is spot lighting the art of kissing, and people are loving it. it's set up on blunt street downtown. people have 19 seconds to capture anything they want. they just need to kiss at some point. the videos run in the loop in the exhibit called public displays. you'll have to get there between 5-9 tomorrow on valentine's day. anthony: it is valentine's day on the horizon. it is one of the busiest times of the year for florists, but bump in the road for places like this shop on st. mary's street in raleigh. the business will take orders and deliver all weekend. they did have to stop taking orders briefly yesterday. i said the weather will make it destination. by the way, if you have not placed your valentine's day
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ready to go for you walk-in procrastinators. caitlin: get some chocolate. that works for me. if you don't get the flowers, i'll take the chocolate. steve: or if you have a wife like me, don't get me flowers. caitlin: or does she say, don't get me flowers but she means, you better get me flowers. steve: i don't want to think about that. i had this whole thing planned out and now i have to think about it. caitlin: we are complicated creatures, steve. good luck. steve: let's get right to it. we know it's going to be cold this weekend, but we are going to watch closely what happens as we go into monday and tuesday, specifically monday. the initial on set will more than likely be wintry. get a break, and basically it will be a rain event for us as we go into tuesday. temperatures will be warming up too. we're talking about mid-50s. so mainly a rain event. some of the models, the european model, even suggested a little bit of thunder on tuesday as well. so those are the two active dates.
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be quiet, just cold as we know. but on monday, the potential for a little bit of snow. the models all pretty low on snow totals there. the timing on it will be early as we go into monday, we could get a little bit of snow. if you look at the european model, that also paints the picture from the triangle. north ward, the best opportunity of getting any measurable snow. even if we do get that, it's quickly going to turn over to rain and get rid of all that snow. a frigid weekend, wind chills worse today, a less breeze tomorrow. so the ambient temperature will be about the same. won't feel as bad tomorrow but the morning will be colder. wintry mix on monday turning to rain, warming up to temperatures actually above average. we can see warmer as we go into tuesday. another weak front wednesday into thursday, but it'll warm right back up at the end of the week, temperatures above average.
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not as bad, but at times, you'll notice the jump around 15 miles per hour. area-wide, temperatures 20s and 30s for ambient. mainly teens, it feels like 13 in oxford. you would think it would be even colder than this. good news, it's not nearly as cold as the potential. tomorrow morning, on track, seeing teens for lows. nc state, wake forest today. when you head back to the car, 32, heavy jacket, anything you're doing today, gloves, scarveses, the whole thing. fair skies around for now, and we'll catch high clouds coming in late in the day as the highs settle over us, the pressure gradient relaxes, that means less of a breeze and a very cold day. notice the on set of precipitation could be wintry in nature on monday. warm air surges in later in the day. when i say warm, we're just talking about freezing. probably upper 30s later in the day on monday. so a mix to start and rain to
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snow chance up in beach mountain today, 9 for the high, if you're heading up there, bundle up, wind chills as low as 20 below. highs today will be in the 30s, albe it lower 30s. fayetteville and clinton, numbers around 37. tonight, cold, 11. roxboro, 14 in raleigh, 11 in san ford, and fayetteville at 16. as we look ahead on valentine's day, should be sunny to start with high clouds coming in later today, 32, 39 on monday, a mix to start and changing to rain, a bit of a break, and more rain will cause milder rain on tuesday with temperatures in the 50s. anthony: and that low of 14. that's not a misprint. steve: nope. caitlin: on valentine's day. steve: the record is -2. we're not even close to that. anthony: okie doke. extra blanket. more underwear, oat meal, you name it. all necessary for tomorrow.
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good caitlin: a woman survived an awful crash on i-95 thanks to a stranger. anthony: the car left the road, crashed through guard rails and flipped several times. the good samaritan shared their
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>> to play it over in your head, just natural. >> dealing with a back injury, matt spent five years as a lumberton firefighter. little did he know instincts would come into play friday night along i-95 south. >> and all of a sudden, i see a car swerving off heading north into the middle of the median heading right towards me. >> instead of the head-on collision, the driver distracted by a tractor-trailer crossed the northbound lanes, flipped over, and came to an abrupt stop near exit 22 near chambers and gables. >> her passenger side doors were both jammed shut. only way to get her out was the driver's side. >> she was flipped over, pinned inside on that driver's side, and he had to give her some room to get out. >> my adrenalin was definitely pumping because that table, it
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>> but for help on the scene, included climbing into the back seat to get the keys to the ignition. >> i just hope she's doing well, and if she wants, i did give her my phone number so she can talk to me if she would like. anthony: the good news is, no fuel explosion, no serious injuries. the worst part, though, $10,000 worth of damage to the victims' car. caitlin: still, i'd say she was pretty lucky. he was there at the right place at the right time, like nicole said. anthony: that's right. it's now 7:27. coming up in the amount of next half hour, the gloves are coming off. the road to the white house is heating up ahead of the south carolina primary. republicans candidates debating
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caitlin: and the pope >> now, abc 11 eyewitness news continues. anthony: a cold start on this friday, february 13th, 30 degrees at 7:30. i'm anthony wilson inside the news center. i wish i could stick around outside about 9:00. let's talk about what's happening in downtown raleigh. caitlin: i caught you counting the clock and counting down, shiveering a little bit anticipating it. i feel for you. it's cold out there. anthony: i appreciate the warm wishes.
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warm for you when you come back. you'll need it. steve: that breeze makes it feel so cold. take a look at temperatures right now. you look at these. it's not that bad. 27, roxboro, 29, chapel hill, 30, rdu, the normal lows, around freezing. 13 in oxford, 17 in roxboro, and we'll see wind chills pretty much holding if not dropping as we go throughout the next few hours or so, so bundle up out there, anthony. clear skies out there, again, cold. temperatures won't budge much. i modeled a little bit below where it is, 32 degrees this afternoon, lots of sunshine. colder tomorrow morning, we'll be in the teens. more on that coming up in a few minutes. caitlin: thank you, steve. the next presidential bandle le battleground in south carolina. donald trump expecting to expand on his win in new hampshire. anthony: here is abc's chuck stevenson. >> democratic rivals hillary
7:32 am
their party manners on display at a political dinner. they clashed in debate thursday. >> madam secretary, what is a low blow. >> in south carolina with tbs. hillary clinton is invoking the charleston church shootings. >> and i just dropped the phone. >> donald trump is marching into south carolina with a good lead in the polls. >> we won every single category in new hampshire. >> confident enough to pull negative campaign ads and still drawing on ted cruz tweeting if ted cruz doesn't clean up his act, stop cheating and doing negative ads, i have standing to sue him for not being a national born citizen. >> there's more than a little irony in donald accusing anyone
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>> trump will be the man to beat in a state heavy with evangelical voters. is anybody here worried about the front running candidate shouting out obscenities in front of children? >> this is what they mean. >> i would bomb the -- out of them. >> i was going to say they're full of -- i won't say that. >> trump is already swearing off swearing. >> i won't use foul language. i'm just not going to do it. >> just in time for the g.o.p. primary. chuck stevenson, abc news, new york. caitlin: in other news this morning, pope frances is expected to get political today as he kicks off his first trip to mexico. he's expected to touch on some of the problems the country is facing, drug violence, migration, and widespread policy. there, of course, he met with the head of the russian ortho
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step towards closing a nearly nearly -- a divide. anthony: new this morning, the u.s. and south korea ramping up regional security. this is the latest response to north korea's recent nuclear tests and long-range rocket launch. the u.s. is temporarily employing patriot missiles in the south ahead of talks next week to set up an even more sophisticated missile defense. caitlin: there's a new call to condemn the actions of immigration and custom enforcement officials. this comes after a senior at riverside high school was detained by the feds on his way to school last month. teachers and advocates say they're not concerned undocumented students are no longer coming to school because they too fear being arrested. anthony: new this morning, durham police trying to find a man wanted on multiple sex offense charges. harrison garcia lavo, who also uses the name raul alvarado and
7:35 am
counts of statutory rape, five counts of indecent liberties with a minor and one count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. if you recognize this man and know where garcia alvarado is, call police or crime stoppers. caitlin: new this morning, a fayetteville man charged in the sex assault of an 11-year-old. hernandez was arrested yesterday being held on a one million dollar bond. authorities say that event happened last month. anthony: a critical day in the trial of a wake county man. smith is accused of killing melissa huggins jones in her apartment in 2013. the eight-year-old daughter found her body. they rested their case, and the defense decided not to present any evidence. closing arguments set for monday and you can watch the trial streaming live on caitlin: time right now, 7:36. people across north carolina are
7:36 am
to help residents in flint, michigan. straight ahead, the water collection drive going on today and how you can help out with this. steve: if you haven't noticed, it's mighty cold outside. what in the world would make people take the polar plunge at nc state? we'll tell you about that. and steve, real cold water this morning. steve: absolutely. that water will feel quite better. when you're out in the breeze, it's going to be bad. it's quiet, no precipitation to worry about. clear skies out there, just
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temperature, 32 for a steve: welcome back, everybody. good morning to you. it's cold and breezy out there this morning. live look, pretty shot there, a couple of clouds in the sky, temperatures 30. but that breeze we saw a second ago at 21 miles an hour. so gusting at times. that breeze feels much colder. temperatures probably staying near 30 all the way through mid-day. a lot of movement here with temperatures. fair skies out there for now. should be sunny for the part of the day tomorrow, high clouds coming into play. duke is in action today. as you know, typically you have to park quite aways away. will feel like the teens, so have all the gear with you. walking back to the car, even colder at 29. cold weekend, we'll warm things
7:40 am
look at tuesday, the rain, big southwest flow ahead of that front. temperatures in the mid-50s. traveling out of rdu, looking good. no major hubs at this hour showing any delays. anthony: people all across our area doing their part to help the people of flint, michigan with their water crisis. they are collecting water just a few weeks ago. and today, there will be another collection drive from 9:00 to 5:00. bring your donation to the parking lot of babcock furniture in sanford. their goal is to fill a tractor-trailer and take the supplies to flint. caitlin: getting cold thinking about the next story. a truly cold day today for nc state's polar plunge. you have to be very brave if you take a dip in the wintry waters of lake raleigh today. if you do, it's for a good cause. it will benefit the north carolina torch run for the
7:41 am
evening at 5:00 p.m. anthony: cold beverages, suit maybe? caitlin: hot beverages. anthony: actually doing what they have to do to raise that money. caitlin: a great cause. anthony: it's 30 degrees right now, 7:41. a freak accident in massachusetts. why a manhole cover is blamed for a woman's death there. caitlin: and a massive warehouse
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caitlin: good morning, welcome back on this saturday, february 13th. here's what's making headlines this morning. the durham county sheriff's office wants your help with trying to find suspects with a drive-by shooting. a 72-year-old woman was hit. her injuries are said to be life threatening. it happened just after 10:00 last night in the 3000 block of forester street. and a blast of bitter cold expected to settle in for the entire eastern part of the country this weekend. temperatures will be as low as 4 degrees below in other parts, with wind chills from 18-24 degrees below. that's in new york city, for example. the mayor there says authorities will be watching out for homeless on the city streets to try to keep them from exposure. and thousands of people are expected to brave the relatively warmer temperatures. the annual march is going on today in downtown raleigh. this year, leaders want the vote
7:44 am
get people registered and informed about the process. anthony: authorities are taking the zika outbreak seriously, but so far, no nations are pulling out of the games in rio de jeneiro, over concerns of the virus. the epicenter of the virus is over latin america. and 115 people now confirmed dead in taiwan after an earthquake. officials say 327 people have died. the 6.4 magnitude quake. authorities have detained the building developer, along with two architects, accusing them of cutting corners during construction. caitlin: a bizarre tragedy in massachusetts where police say a manhole cover flew off and killed an art teacher who was driving along a busy highway. authorities say she was driving to her school when she was killed.
7:45 am
apparently weighed more than 200 pounds. authorities say they are checking more than 500 manhole covers. anthony: a drug available without precipitation at kroger pharmacies across ohio and northern kentucky. that region is hard hit by heroin abuse. 200 pharmacies will have overthe counter as well. heroin deaths have jumped 18% in 2015. the nation's sharpest increases. caitlin: a massive warehouse fire in new jersey has finally been contained. that blaze generated so much smoke, it was detected by weather radar and forced school closures. officials say it does not cause any health hazards. ginger rogers is a one-year-old
7:46 am
check this out. look at her go. kind of a salsa move there, a little cha cha. she was taken to a florida shelter after being found roaming the streets. this video went viral as you can imagine. someone saw it and decided they had room in their heart for that dancing dog she's had since then adopted. anthony: i wonder if she somehow wandered away from her actual home because she just didn't develop that. maybe the first owner will see her on television and have a big battle. caitlin: hopefully not. but yeah, it makes you wonder who had her before. one of my dogs previously, we no longer have her, belonged to a homeless person. so someone who loved her and had her for a long time and through hard times could no longer take care of her, so could have been a situation like that ended up on the streets. so she's in a good home now. anthony: good news. steve: guys, this weekend, no real active weather to talk about, but active weather not
7:47 am
let's go ahead and talk about it. it's going to be on monday and tuesday. really, the two active days we're going to be watching here and monday, the potential is the on set of this, could be a wintry start, and the timing is going to be very early. this is a long ways off and showing you where the models are at this point in time, showing you a little bit of snow early, and a mix to the south, quickly transition over to more of a sleet, maybe freezing rain mix. so still wintry in nature for pretty much the entire viewing area for the morning commute as we go into monday. then as we go by mid-day, notice how it's starting to turn to more rain and at that point, it should be all rain after that on tuesday. tuesday could be a day where we get moderate at times, heavy rain. those are the two active days coming up. all the models show a little bit of snow at rdu, talking generally under a half inch. the majority of any snow accumulating, if it happens, according to the european model, will be off to the north and
7:48 am
this system tapping into our warmer air south and east. temperatures less of a breeze tomorrow. ambient temperatures about the same but will feel colder today. wintry mix early monday and turning into rain later in the day and lasting through tuesday, at least midday. warming up, temperatures above average. tuesday is going to be one little shot of milder air. we'll cool down just a little bit as we go into thursday, and right behind that, we warm up again. so no pro longed cold spells. live look in the hills, the breeze, near 20 miles an hour, making it feel colder. a couple of 30s out there but you factor in the breeze, it feels like teens and 20s and the wind chill will probably stay about the same or close to it as we go through the afternoon. state is in action today. before and after, it's about the same. no matter what you do outdoors,
7:49 am
the breeze is noticeable. fair skies, clear, we'll lose the pressure gradient tomorrow, less of a breeze. cold start in the teens. here comes that wintry start on monday recollects transition over into more rain. the warm air will surge behind this front as we go into tuesday where highs will get back to the mid-50s with more rain expected. heading up to the mountains, i think it's just too cold today but if you're hard core, you can do it. seven in beach mountain, sugar mountain, 9, but you factor the wind in, it's going to feel like 10-20 below up in the mountains. highs today will be in the 30s. again, a cold breezy day today, we'll lose a bit of a breeze but ambient temperatures down to the low to mid-teens. a cold one tomorrow morning. not a bad afternoon but 32 for your valentine's day. hopefully, you have indoor plans and on monday, a mix to start, turning to rain and all rain tuesday. caitlin: yikes. i am not hard core, for the record.
7:50 am
steve: this is surprising from a chicago which girl. caitlin: i've gotten soft. i come down here and have gotten soft. anthony: thank you, steve. the taste of victory. caitlin: coming up on eyewitness ne (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> now, abc 11 eyewitness news news sports. mark: the most crucial weekend
7:53 am
friday night. back-to-back games against teams ahead of them in the race. they have to start mulling trade deadlines. eric staal, one of two left from the '06 team. another '06 alum, phil kesle and cam ward will want that one back. 1-0, and a laser snap shot right there makes it 1-1. hannefin almost wins it in regulation. he's the future of the canes. he's going to be a star. but wrap-around stuff by fleury. kris letang with the backhand. penguins win. they have the islanders tomorrow. so that was friday's unfortunate ending. for happier vibes, let's flash
7:54 am
that spectacular run to the stanley cup championship, the fellows in town this weekend to relive all the magic. >> to staal, score! >> looking back now, it all seems like destiny, but in the moment, it was anything but, like the time they were staring a 3-1 deficit versus montreal in round 1. that's when the captain intervened. >> once again, leads carolina! >> that's what hopefully my mind will always be. a lot of great memories. >> there was one of so many fresh moments during that magical run. nick woline had a game winner
7:55 am
now a youth coach in his native sweden, cherishes the memories of '06. >> got to come in here, my dream, i've never had -- >> eric staal and cam ward are, of course, the last two guys still playing with the canes. [indiscernible] >> it should be interesting. i would imagine there are a lot of stories. i would imagine drinks. imagine having to go to practice. i just get it in gear. >> jim rutherford is back in the building as pittsburgh's boss now. he built the cup team whose success equals talent and togetherness. >> you look at a group of names and sometimes when you add players, it doesn't always work,
7:56 am
years where everything meshed, you know, it was a group of guys that really liked each other and they were determined they were going to win. >> an incredible season capped by the ultimate achievement, the echoes still ring here ever so faintly. >> i'm just grateful i had the opportunity to be with these guys. >> what a spring and early summer that was. i had zero kids then. i've got three kids now. guys, we'll send itbet. anthony: theat's what you have to do when the panthers didn't quite come through. caitlin: that's true. thanks so much for joining us
7:57 am
7:58 am
anthony: stay
7:59 am
happening right now -- life-threatening cold. 100 million americans chilled to the bone. >> it's terrible out here. >> how many layers do you have on her today? >> 24. >> the struggles to stay warm for man and beast in this dangerous weather. everything you need to know about the frigid forecast. setting the stage. republicans ready to rumble again in the next debate. and with donald trump threatening to sue ted cruz, get ready for fireworks. >> and as it gets closer it's going to get nastier and nastier and nastier. >> cruz taking aim at hillary clinton in this spoof and bernie sanders trying to take her down. >> got it, abc? fears on the field. the feds focusing on the artificial turf.


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