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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 9AM  ABC  February 13, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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and cold and breezy. temperatures don't warmup either. 32 and 30 in the afternoon. and a colder one tonight. by tomorrow morning the lower to middle teens. more coming up. caitlin: we have been warned, folks. the d.o.t. has a warning for drivers this morning for those in the sandhills they want you to be alert and ready for any prefreeze. we got a fair amount of sleet and freezing rain yesterday. any wet spots on the road could refreeze into black ice. that is a threat that could linger into monday morning. the d.o.t. sent out trucks in fayetteville last night to put down more salt and sand on bridges, overpasses and intersections in the area. if you're in the area be careful. you're not the only ones here bracing for a democrat freeze. the coldest air mass of the winner is expected to hold the eastern part of the conin an icy grip all morning long. in new york city, four degrees below.
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like 18 to 24 degrees below. mayor bill de blasio is warning new yorkers to take precautions over the weekend and heed cold weather warnings. remember, whether you are here or away somewhere else, you can always stay ahead of the weather anywhere you are with our first alert weather app. breaking news just coming in this morning. we are learning about a rollover wreck that happened in fayetteville on yetcon road. check out the video of the scene. authorities are saying the driver went off the road and hit a utility pole causing the vehicle to rollover. the driver was taken to cape fear valley medical center. the cause of the injuries is unknown. an elderly woman was hit in a drive-by shooting in durham county. new details overnight. it happened just after 10:00 lath last night in the 3,000 block of forester street.
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the 72-year-old woman was inside with two relatives at the time. and taken to the hospital, her injuries are said to be life-threatening. the or two people inside of the home were not hurt. investigators are asking for the public's help to identity suspects in the shooting. in raleigh, police are investigating a shooting that happenbed hind a home on critic ridge road in southeast ral -- actually, the victim was shot in the leg during a home invasion. the victim was taken to wake meld and is expected to recover. officers are searching for three men. and two more suspects have been arrested in a string of jewelry store robberies taking place across the south, including one here in north d robberies. this is part of an f.b.i. investigation. authorities are saying the
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stores including the gerald results. hundreds of thousands of dollars were stolen during those. kemp and jones were already arrested last month. happening right now, thousands of people are packing into downtown raleigh for the annual hk on j march. the rerally is getting started by shaw university. we sent anthony wilson outlive to check things out. so let's check in with him, anthony. anthony: well we are -- actually standing right outside of the auditorium here at shaw university. the th on j stands for historic thousands on jones streets, that is where over the past 10 years these folks and many others have wound up their march. because of the weather perhaps it is a different route today. this is an idea of when people are on the move. video that we're going to show you right now. today they're going to march straight up fayetteville street.
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from the raleigh abc11 eyewitness news center. to the auditorium to the old capitol opposed to the legislative building. we have people here from jewish faith, and sikh, and muslims and baptists and people who are not associated with any particular church, but they have something to say about the state of north carolina today. they are going to make statements, sayings, sing, and also make their 6 as know. they are very concerned about the things that are going to affect the poor, the people who do not have at this point, in the opinions of the authorities here, any access to the vote. they are also going to encourage people not registered yet, register and go to the polls next month. this is all part of a 10--year
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by the nacc p and others who stand for social justice. we will show you more as they organize to begin the march that begins from here at 10:00. we will be back one more time to update you. and then a complete report on the march and what is said coming up today on abc11 eyewitness news. and watch for updates on twitter and your abc11 eyewitness news mobile app and we will be periscoping. all of that is coming up today. reporting live in raleigh, anthony wilson, abc11 eyewitness news. caitlin: all right. you stay warm out there covering it. thank you, anthony. something going on today, a funeral service for a beloved teacher killed in a tragic accident that happened in a school parking lot. 25-year-old brandon cade was hit by a daycare bus outside medal a little bit elementary school in goldsboro. this past tuesday morning. he was a second grade teacher at the school. the ceremony today will start at 10:00 a.m. at fairview cemetery. and still to come, a mother
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her silence. >> that moment i prayed that he would die. god, stop this, just make it stop. >> the mother of one of the killers there talking about what she would do differently 17 years after the combine high school shooting. hard to believe it is 17 years. now, steve, what to expect today. steve: yeah. caitlin cold out there, the temperatures in the upper 20's. probably that way throughout the
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steve: welcome back. good morning to you. you're seeing blue sky out there. a computer. of li'l fair weather clouds at terminal two. 20 degrees. you can see the cameras budging around, that has been jumping up and down, up to 22 miles per hour. stepping out the door this morning the temperatures will clime took the lower 30's through the afternoon so really not much of a change at all. all day today. wind chill pretty low. clear skies for now, a pretty day to look at. again dealing with plenty of cold air in place. duke is in action today, typically a long walk from where you park your car. make sure that you bundle up, 32 before the game, and head back out to your car tip-off at 4:30. a cold one tomorrow, less breeze, it will not feel as
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the temperatures will go up a bit. by tuesday, seasonal temperatures. meantime, if you are traveling out of r.d.u. looking pretty good. all major hubs showing no delays after a bigger storm for monday and tuesday, it could be wintery, that is coming up. caitlin: thank you, steve, it is hard to believe step years since a nation watched in horror as events unfolded at wallm by high school in colorado can, these they haunted one student escaping from a broken window and other students with their hand business high their head. now, the mother of one of the silence. going over. i remember thinking -- if this is true, if dylan is really hurting people, somehow he has to be stopped and at that moment i prayed that he would die.
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don't let him hurt anybody. >> and so other quest begins. she says that she goes back over every year of her life with a magnifying glass looking for the path of her son's descent and includes that he missed. >> sometimes he would seem distant or quiet. i remember asking him, are you ok? are you sure you're okay. you seem so tired. he would say i have a lot of homework and i let it go. that's the difference. if it were me today, i would dig and dig. i fell i was a good mom. he could talk to me about anything. part of the shock of this is learning what i believed and how i lived and mow i parent -- how i parented was an invention in my own mind. it was completely different world he was living him. >> she says not a day goes by he
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the victims and their families. >> i just remember sitting there and reading about them. all of the kids. the teacher. [ crying ] and i have been thinking constantly how i would feel if it is the other way around. if one of their children shot mine. i would feel exactly the same way, i know i would. interview. this coincides with the memoir, a mother's reckoning, living in the aftermath of tragedy. and still come on abc11
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new details coming in. caitlin: good morning. welcome back on this saturday. here's what is making headlines so far this morning. an elderly woman was hid in a drive-by shooting in durham county. this happened last night around 10:00 p.m. in the 3,000 block of forester street. the 72-year-old woman was taken to the hospital. her injuries are today be life-threatening. investigators are still trying to identify potential suspects. all of the major remaining republican candidates for president will be on stage for tonight's g.o.p debate in greenville, south carolina, which holds its primary later this month. another frigid start to the morning. and the act, it air is not going anywhere this weekend. and window conditions will make it feel even colder today. meteorologist steve stewart as your full forecast, look for that in a few minutes. high school shooting is now ruled a murder-suicide in
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the two 15-year-old girls were found lying next to each other on-campus each dead from a single gunshot wound. and a suicide note was found at the scene. the two girls were very close friends and appeared to be in a relationship. new this morning authorities identified the man behind the machete attack in a restaurant in ohio. mohammed barry was going to the f.b.i. and in a database that included names potentially related to terrorism. the motive behind the attack is still unclear. four adults were hurt. he started swinging at people. he was later killed by police. was a bittersweet night for a local rock band releasing their new c.d. one of their vocalists was killed in a fiery car crash in johnston county last week. family and friends packed in last night to honor the 23-year-old. he sang with the group the valleys since he was 13-year-old. he died on friday.
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the road, lost control and slammed into a tree. his car burst into flames. highway patrol does believe that speed was a factor. today there will be a celebration of life event in clayton. lighter news now, it is valentine's day tomorrow. as you can imagine one of the busiest times of the year for flourests. however, the weather yesterday put a bump in the road for places like -- cret atival flowers on st. mary's street in raleigh. they will be taking and delivering orders all weekend. they had to stop taking them for a beef time yesterday they feared the weathered with make it tough to get arrangements to their destinations. if you have motplaced your valentine's day order, they do have flowers ready for the walk-ins. and public displays of affection make you uncomfortable look away here, the art of kissing and people are loving it. this kissing booth is set up in the heart gallery downtown.
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capture anything they want, they just need to kiss at some point, they run in a loop in the exhibit. it is called public display. to be a part of if you have to get there between 5:00 and 9:00 on valentine's day. so couples, friends, families, i think that is awfully sweet. so you know, in the romantic mood for valentine's day. why not, right? >> sure. caitlin: steve has a dilemma, his wife said no flowers for valentine's day, does it really mean no flowers or you better get me flowers. steve: i think she needs more in money. wife. steve: she doesn't like to spend money on herself. caitlin: you can do creative her. but i got great ideas on my facebook page. steve: ok. let's get to it. not so much this weekend. where will the active weather be, monday and tuesday, at least
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weather in here. we're going to keep an eye on that. as far as how monday looks, that's the tricky day. tuesday not so much. but on monday we could be starting out potentially wintery. notice the time there. around 2:00 to 3:00 in the morning. and this could change. here is where we stand right now. this is a long ways off. we are indicating wintery precipitation by 3:00 to 4:00 in the morning. and by the time we are getting up and starting our day, a mix of snow going on, and potential mix for the rush hour. so -- monday morning could be a bit of a mess and that continues until 9:00. and then quickly, that will transition to all rain, from that point on, an entire rain event. we could have rain stop for a while and restart on tuesday. tuesday temperatures will be in the 50's and all rain. the snow totems at -- totals at r.d.u. have anemic. a half-inch. if we get it, this will
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so the snow will be taken care of. at this point we're hoping for minimal impacts. that could change. we will keep our eye on it. the wind chills worse today. tomorrow the wind is not a factor. a cold day. the next storm monday and tuesday and then warming up. the temperatures rides above average for at least one day. we will be moderate on tuesday. the temperatures mid-50's and coming down by thursday and then moderator again until the end of the be week and next weekend. the long-term guidance have us in the 60's. r.d.u. is bouncing around. and looking at the breeze at 19 miles per hour. the temperatures in the 20's. it feels like teens and 20's. you can see the really bitter cold air, single digits and sub zero readings in minneapolis. you factor what it feels like, 17 below in minneapolis.
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louisville feels like four degrees. state is playing today. tip-off at noon. tailgating probably not the best idea it is cold. the temperatures don't change much before the game to after the game. clear skies out there for now. it will be nice and clear all night tonight. and then tomorrow high clouds come in. microscope settles over the top of us. a really cold start to the day. and then 32 in the afternoon. there is the precipitation on monday, wintery to start. change tooth rain and then the warm lifts in on tuesday and our temperatures come up, an all rain event for our tuesday. high temperatures for today, lower to middle 30's. cold and breezy tonight. bitter cold, 14 in raleigh. 11 up in roxboro. and 12 in souther pines. i would not be suprise if you're or two of the spots make it to the single digits. 32 on valentine's day, a cold one, winter mix to start on monday and changing to rain. and then milder rain on tuesday. mid-50's character are all right.
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if the cold caitlin: bar-based workouts can give people a stronger core and better balance. people are flocking to classes. one of the hottest trends.
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to build strength. a local healthcare company is getting onboard with the trend. one 85-year-old man from raleigh is really benefiting from it. for don his decision to try a bar class was not a conscious one. >> i usually come to the classes. whatever they have i do it. >> well, he didn't know quite he was getting onto at the time. he is enjoying it. >> i tried it on a whim, at my age my balance is not too good. >> he has seen an improvement in his balance. one of the biggest benefits to bar classes according to the instructor. >> this is something that is for you. >> it is great for advanced fitness types, too, because it helps to strengthen and tone, can creating longer and leaner muscles. this is a bar fusion class.
9:25 am
primary emphasis is on bar-based exercise. >> we use the bar the balance and other moves. and that allows you get deeper stretches in. and then pulling in the elements of dance. reporter: it is compared to palates done standing up with additional move on the mat. for don, he is being helped outside of class, too, allowing him to enjoy other hobbies. >> i do a lot of things. i square dance, i round dance, i line dance. i have, i have a good time. caitlin: hey. don, you an inspiration. 85 and still working out. if for you. there are five centers that offer the bar-based fitness class. the have the most popular classes right now.
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hour -- caitlin: good morning. north carolina. it is saturday, february 13th. i'm caitlin knute. anthony wilson is out live right now covering the hk on j march in downtown raleigh. we will be checking in with him momentarily. right now, of course, we want to check in with meteorologist steve stewart standing by.
9:29 am
you soph anthony wilson bundled up, he is dressed appropriately. steve: i have been fussing with me tie all morning. caitlin: are you going to show everybody what we are hiding there. steve: out of respect. i didn't expect denver to win. caitlin: and panthers are your second favorite. steve: yeah. a win-win for me. i knew that you were happy. let's get to it and talk about the cold today. listen the wind chill is a bigger problem. we can handle temperatures in the 20's. we do it all the time. in the 20's now and the temperature feels like teens and lower twen's. that is the case through the afternoon don't expect much of a warmup at all today if you're going to be out and about. a lot of sunshine for you, clear and cold throughout the day, and colder tomorrow morning in the teens. today temperatures fluctuate around 30 and kind of hold steady through the afternoon. more coming up.
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the next big presidential battleground is south carolina. and republicanwise ilbe debating tonight. for donald trump it is a chance to expand on his victory in new hampshire. and the democrats candidates are rushing to gain supporters with southern voters. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders their party manners on display at a political dinner on thursday. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. reporter: now, they are both vying for african-american votes in south carolina with tv ads. hillary clinton's invoking the church shootings. >> the shootings on the church and i just -- dropped. reporter: bondsal trump is marching into south carolina with a big lead in the polls. >> we won every single category in new hampshire. reporter: from confident enough
9:31 am
and drawing a new bead on head cruise, tweet figure ted cruz doesn't clean up his act, stop cheating and say negative ads, i'm going to sue him for not being a natural born citizen. >> there is more than a little irony in donald. reporter: a preview of saturday night's debate. and trump will be the man to beat. >> is anybody here worried about the front running candidate shouting out obscenities in front of children. >> this is what they mean? >> i would bomb have [bleep] out of them. trump is swearing off swearing. >> i won't use foul language. reporter: just in time for the south carolina g.o.p primary february 20th. abc news, new york. caitlin: state lawmakers are turning to plan b in the redistrict us case. they have scheduled six public
9:32 am
monday to talk about what voting maps should look like. they are legal, but they need a plan if the u.s. supreme court doesn't step in and give them a state. the judges ordered them to redraw the map to the district. you can find more about the hearings on today, the annual hk on j march. therere also voting efforts. anthony wilson is live with the rally. good morning. anthony: good morning. it is underway right now, caitlin. let me step aside and give you an idea of how many people are here for the moral march organized by the n.a.a.c.p. and other groups are trying to get social justice. you can see a lot of signs here
9:33 am
we heard a while ago from rabbi of temple beth. and we are hearing right now from a . joe: who represents the islamic center and the sikh community. this is before the march begins in just a bit. now, this is video to show you how the march actually looks. hk on j stands for historic thousands on jones street. that is where the legislature is located. the people here marching for 10 years have a long list of items they would like to legislatures to pay attention to. they are opposed to the country servetival stands taken by the republican general assessomy -- assembly. today they are pug nothing idea of voter registration and participation. they are concerned about voter suppression efforts by republicans inby the republican general assessomy -- assembly. today the state. they will talk about that and
9:34 am
they march from here at the auditorium behind me to the other end of fayetteville street where the old capitol is. they will do the march and have more speeches. will we let you know what they say coming up on abc11 eyewitness news and watch for updates on your mobile app and we will be tweeting pictures and videos. more coming up. reporting live, anthony wilson, abc11 eyewitness news. caitlin: thank you for braving the elements to cover this today. we appreciate it. an important alert to pass along for at&t customers in holly springs this morning. the company is experiencing power issues and 9-1-1 calls on the network are not connecting to a call center at this time. so on your screen right now there is a number at the bottom there you need to call if there is an emergency, jot this down, 919-557-9-1-1 1. no other carriers or landlines are effected. again for at&t customers in holly springs.
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coming in. a rollover wreck out of fayetteville happened on yadkin road. authorities are saying the driver went off the road and hit a utility pole the driver was taken to cape fear valley medical center. we don't know their identity or injuries. pope francis i is expected to get political today as he kicks off his first trip to mexico. he's expected to touch on the problems facing that country stemming from drug violence, migration, and poverty. pope francis i is fresh from that historic meeting in cuba he met with the head of the church and close had nearly thousand year divide. the two religious leaders signed a 30-point declaration of unity. committing their churches to over coming their differences. this morning durham police are trying to find a man who is
9:36 am
look at this picture right here. garcia who uses another name is wanted on five counts of statutory rape, of indecent liberties of a minor. if you know where he is, you are asked to contact police on throw crimestoppers. also new this morning a fayetteville man is charged in the sex assault of an 11-year-old. hernandez arrested yesterday. he's being held on a $1 million bond. it happened last month. people across north carolina are stepping up their efforts to try to help those living in flint, michigan, straight ahead we will
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steve: welcome back, everybody. good morning to you. we are looking bouncy camera out there at terminal two, the wind at times jumping up over 20 miles per hour. a breeze like that and turns in 20's. boy it really feels cold. the wind chill factor values in the teens in many locations this morning. bundle up, numbers don't move much in the afternoon.
9:40 am
just clear and cold. you need the heavy jackets today. later on today, too, probably clear skies for now, clear overnight, and by tomorrow high clouds come into play. we will lose the breeze tonight, but a cold day. duke in action today at 4:30. typically a very long walk. sole make sure that you have the heavy gear with you. 29 on the walk back to the car after the ballgame. cold tomorrow and less win, we will moderate a little bit. and by tuesday we could have temperatures back to seasonal levels for a day. if you are traveling looking good. all major hubs no delays. the abc 11 eyewitness news accuweather seven-day forecast. is coming up. caitlin: thank you, steve. folks in lee county and across the viewing area are trying to do their part to help the people of flint, michigan, hoping with the water crisis. the church in stanford started collecting water and baby wipes. today there is a collection
9:41 am
you can bring donations to the parking lot of babcock furniture in stanford. their goal is to fill up a tracker trailer and take the supplies to the people who need it in flint, michigan. a frigid day if you're thinking about doing this, the n.c. state polar plunge, their annual event. you have to be extra break this year to take a dip into the waters of lake raleigh. it is for a good cause. it will benefit special olympics, happening today at 5:00. again, hats off to you if you're brave enough to do it.
9:42 am
in massachusetts.
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there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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caitlin: good morning. welcome back on this saturday. here is what is making headlines this morning. the durham sheriff's office wants your help to try to identify the suspect from a drive-by shooting. a 72-year-old woman was hit. her injuries are said to be serious. the shooting happened after 10:00 last night in the 3,000 block of forester street. a bitter cold is expected not just for us, but all up-and-down
9:45 am
actually temperatures in new york, for example, falling as low as four degree below. and the wind chills 18 to 24 degrees below. the new york city mayor is saying they are on the watch out for the homeless on the streets. and crowds are packing into downtown raleigh right now. look at this live picture. this is the annual hk on j march. the pre rally and the march itself at 10:00. they want the march to be a mobilization effort to get people registered and educated about the voting process. anthony wilson out there live. you can see his life reports on-air and on-line and a wrap up later on this evening. a bizarre tragedy out of massachusetts. a manhole cover flew off and killed an art teacher on a busy highway. katlin was driving to school and she was killed. the cover that hit her carraways more than 200 pounds. authorities are saying they are
9:46 am
manhole covers. after 24 hours a massive warehouse fire in hillsborough, new jersey, has been contained. but the blaze generated so much smoke it was detected by weather radar and schools had to close. it does not pose a public health threat. the fire consumed plastic pellets. one n.c. state student probably had a fill of waffle house for a while because he spent 30 hours inside of one. mike full hardware to serve his time at this waffle house on hillsborough street in raleigh because of a bet he lost as part of fantasy football. so he was there all day yesterday and it wrapped up about 1:00 this morning. now, full hardware more fun making friends, but it meant spending a lot of time on his phone, no shower and a lot of coffee and waffles. and -- there you go, ought to be a college student again. goodness.
9:47 am
caitlin: or 30 hours in the waffle house. sure. all right. no joke. yeah. just make sure that you bundle up as you head out today. now, the next active weather day is not this weekend. so just cold this weekend. as we go into monday could be dealing with wintery precipitation and the onset, this is the lake erieest model run, this will show us around 3:00 to 4:00 in the morning, light snow, and maybe freezing rain or sleet mixing in there. potentially, though, through the rush hour time, we're dealing with a mix or snow and that could last until 7:00, 8:00, or 9:00 and then look forward a little bit, still wintery in nature until 9:00 in the morning. after that it is starting to transition a little bit more to rain. our model holds it until the mid day hour. this is a long ways off. so let's not bank on this just yet.
9:48 am
winter pecon tuesday, or monday, and then tuesday an all rain event. we could get a little bit of snow. the models suggesting a half-inch. our in-house model is saying a little bit more. the timing on that early monday morning. the triangles north and west, the best opportunity of picking up snow. but transitions to rain after that it will wash it away and not be a factor. so frigid weekend. and the wind chills today, tomorrow the wind is much less of a factor. the temperatures are above to same and feel better tomorrow. the next storm, wintery mix on monday morning turning to rain and lasting through midday tuesday. but we are warming up. on tuesday above-average. a warm flow ahead of our front when that moves by the temperatures cool a little bit on wednesday into thursday and then moderate by the end of the week. warmer temperatures. long-range forecast models hinting at low 60's next weekend. we're not going to bite on that yet.
9:49 am
the cameras bouncing. the wind at nine, at times gusting up to around 20 miles per hour. the temperatures in the 20's across the board. these are not wind chills, but ambient temperatures. the low 30's in the sandhills. colder to the north. four in chicago. minneapolis is minus six. you factor in the winds. 17 below in minneapolis. and 12 below in chicago. our wind chills at r.d.u. currently at 20 degrees. state is in action today, they will be tipping off this particular game at midday. before and after the game, the same temperature so make sure, again, heavy winter jacket with you. clear skies around for now. i expect to be clear tonight and even colder tomorrow morning starting in the teens and then low 30's in the afternoon. high clouds moving in as well. and then on a monday, there you can see the winter precipitation starting to come in. when the warn front moves in the temperatures warms up. and a rain event on our tuesday.
9:50 am
the 30's and then tonight cold, teens. some areas flirting with single digits. by a cold start to your valentine's day. 32 in the were afternoon. a mix to start on monday and turning to a cold day.
9:51 am
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night. back-to-back games against teams just ahead of them in the may off racism win in the postseason begins to look real. and lose, and they have to start mulling trade deadline deals. airing stall one of two current hurricanes from the '06 team be celebrated. and cohen, another alum, kessel and ward will want that one back. 1-0. and andre with a 46th laser snapshot right there to make it 1-1. stayed that way late in the third. noah would almost win it in regulation. this may peak into the future of the team. all right. he will be a star. but his wraparound stuff by flurry. a manning overtime was scoreless. now, the shoot at there. and then chris gets the penguins win. the hurricanes fall, 2-1. they have the islanders
9:53 am
so that was friday's ending. now, happier vibes 2006 when it all came together. that's spectacular run to a stanley cup championship. the fellahs in town this weekend to relive all of the magic. >> stahl, getting back across. score! >> looking back now it all seems like destiny, but in the moment it was anything but, like the time they were staring a 3-0 deficit in the face vertses montreal in round one and that's when the captain intervened. >> 1 again leads north carolina. >> people talk about, and puts it right back in. and i hope my mind will be like that and i can remember. it is a special memory for me. that is great about playing sports. >> one of so many clutch moments during that magical run. and nick had one himself, scoring a game winner against new york.
9:54 am
the secret weapon in swedish? [ laughter ] >> i would say secret weapon. >> now, a youth coach in his native sweden. he cherishes the memories of 2006. >> i got the memories. you know? my dream as a young kid was, i never had an nfl dream. >> eric staal and cam ward are the last two guys playing in with the hurricanes. >> i was a young guy then. i didn't realize how truly difficult it is. because it is something special. >> it should be interesting. a lot of stories. and plenty of drinks. i just gave it a year. >> jim rotherferred is back in the build as pittsburgh's because now. >> you have to have good fortune here.
9:55 am
sometimes when you add players it doesn't always work. one of the years when everything matched. just the right group of guys that really liked each other. >> an incredible season capped by the multimal achievement. the echoes still ring here ever so faintly. >> i'm just grateful i got to get here with the guys. >> what a spring and early summer that was. i had zero kids then. i have three kids now. guys. back to you. caitlin: yes. a lot changes in the passage of time. all right. fast forward through this weekend. steve: all right. the coolest weekend. monday and tuesday is rather interesting. the first half of monday wintery precipitation and changing to a cold rain and a milder rain on tuesday. nothing seems to work. your hair is still thinning. you may have inactive follicles. reactivate them with women's rogaine foam. the only once a day treatment
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announcer: jack hanna's "wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. jack: hi, everybody, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." [penguins vocalizing] today, we meet animals that mate for life. sue, look how the penguins come to greet us. from penguins at the tip of south america to red river hogs in west africa. lee: they're always communicating. jack: it's the same one that squealed on us. in the high desert, flamingo couples nest in a big way. nico: this the egg of a flamingo. jack: no, it's not. julie: that's amazing. and wait till you see the golden lion tamarins. oh, wow, look at him. and later, one of my favorite bloopers. gahh! ohh... avel: come on. jack: i can't do it, sue. i can't do it.
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