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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  ABC  February 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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weather. heather: the dot has an action plan to keep our roads clear. we will break down the latest timing of the storm system. decisions from a couple of school districts about classes on monday. orange county schools is now wanted to our delay. joel: you can find this list anytime on our webpage. liz: you can expect things to downgrade rapidly as we go through the next few hours. overnight when you go to bed things will look very different when you wake up in the morning. radar is already showing some snow showers moving in from the west. you will see much of the snow hitting the ground because the atmosphere is just to dry is to support much of that.
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snow falling in jefferson and morganton, all of these towns east. as we go overnight into tomorrow morning. the national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory for our entire weather viewing area. the bulk of the winter weather is expected in the morning and changing terrain by the afternoon. that is good for a few reasons. it will not be quite as messy as some of the things that are washed away temperatures already below freezing. frozen precipitation. first alert predictor showing by about midnight we could see some of that flying in some of our northern zones. spreading toward wake county and silver county by 5:00 in the morning. the light snow continues to push up for the virginia border. by midmorning we could be looking at more sleet and also the introduction of a rain. it will continue to overspread
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more heavy rain is coming. the impact to you will be discussed in our full forecast. joel: this is evidence of the busy weekend we've had. the weekend is not over yet. rush-hour could be tricky. angelica: that morning rush-hour is what we are concentrating on. we are running on capital boulevard right now. no trucks are on the road right now. crews will start putting down salt around midnight. already they have had 70 dot trucks out along with 20 contractor trucks or cramping for that sleet we are expecting for your morning drive.
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sitting there waiting to be used on the roads. widespread prepping from the department of transportation. 20 degree temperatures. he says he won't be behind the wheel come monday morning. he iit is not just the morning commute. things could get a little slippery. fully stocked with shovels and scrapers for your car and flashlights in case of power issues. much-needed ice melt. just another round of prep work as people get ready for a
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back out here, the road is not seeing any trucks coming out just yet. they plan to hit the road and start treating once again come midnight. joel: good time to pick up an extra bag of ice melts. the next 12 to 18 hours of the most critical. stay one step ahead of any winter weather by downloading our first alert weather app. get any school closings and delays as well. heather: we are working to get answers about how an 11-year-old was shot. the sheriff telling us the child is recovering and wake medical. you can see yellow tape
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chichester drive. where it happens afternoon. we don't know how badly the child is hurt. joel: an argument between two men turns to gunfire. police say this man only managed to walk one block before he was shot in the leg. that is off-highway of holly street. paramedics took him to the hospital. officers are looking for that gunman. heather: an order from governor pat mccrory that flags fly at half staff in honor of justice antonin scalia. justice scalia's body is at a funeral home in el paso texas. officials are deciding whether department autopsy. scalia died in texas yesterday at the age of 79. his body will be flown home to virginia on tuesday. in the wake of justice scalia's death a political battle is now growing over who should dominate
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president barack obama announced he plans to nominate a successor. >> the obligation to nominate a justice of the supreme court rests with the current president of the united states.
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senate.>> justice kennedy who still on the supreme court was confirmed inason to fight over who gets to make the nomination. it could shift the balance of the supreme court, which without scalia is split 4-4. >> there's a split on the court in terms of ideology. still be some important decisions that will be coming down. caitlin: decisions involving abortion, affirmative action, and even the redistricting battle here in our state. but that creates a dilemma for north carolina conservatives. least after the november
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joel: news on that sad and shocking news from texas. hundreds of thousands gathering in mexico right now to see pope francis in person. heather: his message to the masses. joel: no caps on comeback needed in chapel hill. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it.
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to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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joel: danger on the campus of arkansas state university. three men with guns in the student union set off a tense standoff this afternoon. they lifted the locked down hour after it started. they determined it was no threat to campus. the second lockdown in the last two months in arkansas state. heather: a touch and go situation with the mississippi police officer who took a bullet to the head. officer derek clouse went to investigate a robbery. one of the suspects shot him leaving him to die in the street. he is in critical condition. officers are still trying to track down the people responsible. joel: o pope francis is determining and delivering a message of hope in mexico city. hundreds of thousands of people
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to see the pope. this is a place where murders and kidnappings and criminal gangs are rampant. pope francis use this stage to speak out about the drug trade and violence. pope francis: i want to invite you today again to be on the front lines to be the first and all the initiatives that help make this blessed land of mexico a land of opportunity. there will be no need to emigrate in order to dream. joel: pope francis also said there could be no dialogue with the devil. it is part of a five-day visit. we will show you how are eyewitness team is spending this valentine's day. heather: here's a live look at the raleigh skyline. it is cold out there. 29 degrees. we have a shot of winter weather
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heather: we are sharing your best valentine's day moments. some from our news team. anthony wilson and his
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daniel posted this picture asking for a device about buying chocolate even though it is not on his wife's diet. this picture from my first valentine. my dad sent me this box of chocolate covered strawberries. keep sharing your holiday pictures and videos with us. the winter weather threat is putting a state swim meet on hold. north carolina independent school championship are being pushed back to monday very 22nd. they were supposed to happen tomorrow. joel: here's a live look at the campus of appalachian state university. they might get five to 10 inches of snow up in the mountains. this could impact of much of our state. it looks very pretty.
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that is a romantic looking picture. for valentine's day. liz: central north carolina is often caught right on that line where the temperatures are cold enough to get freezing rain rather than snow. it looks like a mixed bag once again this time. trying to make this is simple as we can. the first thing you can expect is from 3:00 a.m. most of the winter weather will move through. we're calling it a mixed bag of precipitation. snow, freezing rain, and rain. bridges and overpasses. it should become all rain throughout the entire area by monday afternoon and evening. rain will continue on tuesday. we'll talk about the threat
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we shouldn't have too much worry for tuesday. i live look at raleigh. clouds are pushing on in. 30 degrees in durham. 29 in holly springs. 28 in roxboro. here's what is happening right now. the radar showing some snow. it is not actually reaching the ground. because it is so dry. a few of you in our western zones could see some snow flurries. the bulk of the winter weather more hours. you'll see more snow here falling towards the mountains. we are seeing snow flakes falling there. all of this is going to continue
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you see how vast the system is. winter weather advisory in effect for our area. winter storm warning in effect for the higher elevations of the mountains. overnight tonight will likely be in the 20's. it will be warmer than it was last night. 26 in fayetteville. by tomorrow afternoon temperatures will be warming and bit. northern sections as well. we are in a winter pattern.
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southern sections, if you live in cumberland county or more county you will see less snow and more of a sleet or freezing rain event. watch those as we go through the middle morning hours. most of us start to see a mix of sleet and freezing rain. a little bit more freezing rain if you are on the southern half. could still see some snow without. most of us which over to the highs. by the afternoon we start to see the transition. the majority of us should be seeing in all rain event. we could see some very gusty winds. the system as it moves east can't rule out a rumble of thunder to as well.
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trouble one to three inches expected. most of us will see less than an inch. you'll likely see a wintry mix. little to no impact for you. especially as we go over the overnight to tuesday. a very good news story here. less than attention of an inch expected. no chance of power outages and that sort of thing one of the main impacts we could see is a lot of precipitation this system here will push on out as we go through tuesday. it may linger a little bit longer than we originally thought. that behind that we should ask we clear out for wednesday. it should look a lot better by
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high temperatures in the 50's with a lot of sunshine.
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>> earlier this week at boston college roy williams had to leave the game. with 15 minutes on the clock. dealing with dizziness due to vertigo. his team had been in the fog as well. unc needed a late rally to beat boston college that night to avoid being swept on the three-game road trip. may be that was the wake-up call they needed. dropping the hammer on the other team. unc is getting it done on both ends. he finishes with two hands. jackson is an assist machine in this game. the brice johnson for two of those 19.
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johnson had six of those. jackson sends a page again. a 15 point lead. second half more defense. also with six assists. back to page. carolina with 24 points off turnovers. including 16 fast-break points. he goes to jackson who had 14 along with 06 assists. 19 turnovers by the panthers. he put the finishing touches on a 85-64 win. >> we just really wanted to buckle down and play hard. we weren't perfect. had too many turnovers.
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he will be on the track they were the flag drops distrust the daytona 500. he will start in front of the pack. the knockout is now gone. two rounds of single lap runs instead. 44 drivers getting a crack at it. only 12 advancing to the next round. dale earnhardt the youngest driver to win the pole position. the rest of the field will be set on thursday. bill elliott on the pole position.
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heather: thank you for watching. welcome to "world news tonight." remembering justice antonin scalia. and now, the battle to replace him. the conservative titan of america's highest court. brilliant, sharp, provocative.
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year. obama vowing to appoint his successor. the republicans saying no way. the new justice could shape the supreme court for a generation. southern brawl. the fiery republican debate in south carolina, the next primary state. the rowdiest, loudest, and angriest yet. >> the world trade center came down during your brother's reign. remember that. arctic express. the bitter blast of sub-freezing cold. bone-chilling and dangerous. the whiteouts. the accidents. and the new winter storm on the move. 100 million people in the way. and, deadly stunt? the zooming car. then the fiery accident, killing three young women. did a new social media trend, an app that clocks your speed, encourage the young driver to go too fast? good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday.


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