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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 PM  ABC  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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orange county schools will operate on a two-hour delay tomorrow. chris hohmann is in the first alert raleigh storm center with what is going to happen next in her we done with the ice? chris: most areas are. still concerned with some areas north and west of the triangle. temperatures are slow to -- are slowly rising. the pink area is freezing rain. i don't think it is freezing on the roadways. we still have the son up and the temperatures are warming up to near the freezing point. this could be a emulating on some trees and some power lines in not to the point of causing a outages, but it is fairly light. then there are patches of rain elsewhere. the trend will be through the evening hours for everything to switch over to rain. from orange county north and west, there is a winter storm warning through seven tomorrow morning. it may get canceled early. but roxboro has the threat of
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look at temperatures rising, not to freezing yet in a getting close. -- yet, but getting close. temperatures are going to surge after midnight. they will go slowly this evening. here is a freezing line can anything north of that will be freezing rain through the evening hours and we are at 31 now. that freezing line slowly making its way northward. not budging a lot. roxboro may have light freezing rain. should not cause any additional problems at all. but after 10:00, the temperatures take off. we have a bit of a lull in the precipitation overnight. but look what happens overnight. temperatures in the mid-50's by sunrise. huge turnaround. this line of showers could have gusty wind. believe it or not, some areas
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we tell you when it all settles down, when this line moves through and what to expect more morning in a bit. steve: has that winter weather tries to push out, the evening rush moving a little snow in some places. let's get a live look at what things are doing in wake county. jon camp live at breaking news 1. jon: it easy on the roads today. this is 40 as we had west here. just to give you perspective, an idea of how much trouble this weather has caused today, the highway patrol reporting 449 crashes it's midnight until now. 114 of those in wake county alone. and it gets worse. there is that shot. by from raleigh pd, we are
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-- the between 12:00 last night, 12 midnight, and 4:30 today. in a normal week, for some perspective, that would not be 173. it would be 43 to 50 accidents in a normal monday. so we're seeing three times the number of accidents we normally see. we will keep our eyes on the road and our eyes on the accidents. tisha: despite the rain helping to wash some of the isa -- the ice away, there still some trouble. a driver crashing into a power pole at university drive. angelica? angelica: we are along oxford road right now. here's a look at what we are seeing good the rain looks like it is washing a lot of the stuff away. there are some icy patches still to watch out for. let's get you some video we saw
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this is off red mill road near to me go parkway. ended up in a ditch. he wasn't hurt by he did say he did slip on some ice. there are still some icy patches to watch out for. overall, durham police department and the sheriff's office have been responding to dozens of accidents throughout the day, contributing much of them to the weather, same people have been slipping and sliding. thankfully, there are no serious or life-threatening injuries to report. we have been seeing dot with plow trucks trying to clear ice off of roads, just like this one. so they are still out and about treating icy spots. if you are about to hit the roadways, just take it slow. while it looks like the rain is washing it off, there are still icy patches to watch for. i will check in with you guys in about an hour.
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rainy day in the sandhills, creating accidents like this. greg barnes live right now in fayetteville. greg: good evening, steve. traffic conditions on i-95 moving along on a pretty good clip now that things have cleared up remarkably. on i-95 south, we just passed exit 49. as you can see, there is no ice roadsides. it is dry. it is starting to missed, just a drizzle, just a little bit. let's show you video earlier today. there were numerous accidents all across the county blamed on slick spots, including a multivehicle wreck out on 95. one of them closed a part of 95 for about two hours. it was a multicar wreck that included a big tractor-trailer jackknife and.
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a lot of slick spots. one of the city fire department trucks slid off the road on andrews road. out of all the accidents we had here, we are told there were no serious injuries. that's a blessing within itself right there. we are probably going to see some rain tonight and it may get a little misty on the highway again. rain. still, the dot and the highway patrol urge us to drive carefully. that is good advice whatever the weather is. tisha: good advice indeed. up the most snow in our area. breaking news 1 on the road in roxboro captured video of this highway open. students at the day off today.
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will be on a two-hour delay. steve: the winter weather putting a high profile trial in raleigh on hold. closing arguments in the murder trial of travion smith will be on hold. on friday, the defense rested without calling any witnesses. prosecutors say smith and two other people were breaking into cars before the murder and then climbed up onto the seventh floor balcony to get into huggins jones apartment. smith denies being in the apartment of the time of the murder. now to new developments in the murder of a man it -- a man in a wheelchair in fayetteville. the body was found in a wooded area last week. today, police arrested jimmy boyd in florida. he is now awaiting extradition.
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will address the state of the city address. the speech begins at 7:00 inside the council chambers. last year, he focused on reducing poverty and crime in the city. steve: the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia is becoming a big issue on the campaign trail today and so carolyn.
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tisha: new details in the shooting of a mississippi police officer. two suspects are in police custody, including one man who turned his son over to authorities. corporal derek couch was shot in point-blank range while
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steve: potential new legal trouble for eliot spitzer. he is under investigation for allegedly choking a woman inside the plaza hotel in manhattan. spitzer has not been charged or arrested. a spokesperson says there is no truth to the allegation. spitzer resign from office back in 2008 after being caught in a prostitution scandal. tisha: sending six f-16s to switzerland. the national guard says 100 of its airmen will accompany the jet in may. the u.s. initiated the operation in 2014 to reassure nato allies come after a rush and military intervention in ukraine. finland is not part of nato, but shares a 150 mile border with russia and has hot with the u.s.
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steve: the president at mount st. mary's university is rejecting the faculty demands for him to resign. simon newman told dozens of students today that -- today, "i'm not going to stop." tisha: convicted killer jody areas will not be seeing visitors for the next six months. arias has temporarily lost visitation privileges after she assaulted it correctional officer when she was denied a haircut. she is facing a life sentence for murdering her boyfriend. he will have to demonstrate 180 days of good behavior in order to get visitors again. steve: pope francis in chiapas today. you see throngs of faithful lining the streets in order to see the holy father.
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poverty. about. 46% of people in mexico were living in poverty in 2014. but that number surges in this area come into office, where about 76% of the people are living in poverty. 32% of the people in extreme poverty. and you know pope francis is always standing up for the poor and doing it once again in mexico. a family dog saves a durham family from in and do -- from an intruder. tisha: george w. bush heading back out on the campaign trail supporting his brother. tisha: and then coming up at
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reporter: steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that's amazing! that's amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
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steve: in south carolina, jeb bush bringing out the big guns. it is george w. bush's first time on the campaign trail in a decade. no bush has ever lost in south carolina. donald trump is bashing the legacy of bush 43 right now and
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tisha: a planned parenthood clinic in toronto springs reopening after a gunman killed three people and injured nine. only part of the building is in use because repairs are still underway. the entrance was damaged due to a police armored truck. steve: a carjacking suspect is fighting for his life. he pulled a woman out of her suv and drove away. a few minutes later, he crashed that stolen car into a business, leaving a big hole in the building. the carjacker took off running and was found hiding behind a answer. but he was badly hurt. a durham family is giving their dog credit for foiling a break-in on saturday night. tisha: we said ed crump to meet
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ed: when someone open the door where you see that girl standing over there on saturday night, allie the dog was upstairs. that is when she started growling. allie didn't let us hear the lowbrow, but she did bark for us. plenty. her owners say she is their hero. amy heard allie growling and woke up. >> alleyway and around back and forth freaking out -- ally went around back and forth freaking out. she saved their lives. ed: amy could see the outline of a man in a net cap. >> get out of my house. she came down a couple of stairs and was growling and barking.
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ed: police couldn't find any sign of forced entry. they say they may have left that front door open. either way, ally saved the day -- or in this case, the night. steve: allie to the rescue. tisha: great to have a dog like that. steve: chris continues tracking rain pushing out of here and now. tisha: this has been some nasty weather. chris: it didn't amount to a whole lot, but the ice on the roadways in the cold ground temperatures over the weekend caused a huge mess this morning. you won't see that tomorrow, but it doesn't mean there will be a few problems. the most active day in the next week will be tomorrow. the morning commute could be a little bit on the wet side, no snow or ice. what we are going to be watching is a line of showers
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i think there may be a little bit overdone. temperatures rising. patchy areas of rain. the only areas with additional icing will be northwest of the triangle and maybe northern parts of the triangle. by midnight or so, everybody goes above freezing and stays that way. look at our temperatures off to the races. you don't see turnarounds like this that often. from winter to spring in less than 24 hours. i haven't seen that in the last week five years that often at all. we could be close to 60 at sunrise tomorrow. this is a line of potentially heavy rain, gusty wind, and maybe an isolated damaging wind gust. the threat of isolated severe weather tomorrow morning from sunrise on. so your ride into work or school could be rough. by mid-to-late afternoon, back in the sunshine.
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while we are still under winter production center has outlined the i-95 or door and poised east for the risk of severe weather tomorrow morning. you just don't see that very often when you go from this to that. still a little light freezing rain roxboro. i don't think this is causing any problems on the roadways. it may at a light glaze to what is already on the ground. this is the graphic they showed all weekend. one to three inches of snow and sleet near the virginia border. less than an inch of snow and sleet by a wintry mix and a glaze of ice that caused all those problems and some freezing rain terrain across the sandals. there is that freezing line we showed you earlier. it begins to surge northward.
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it will be 11:00 or 12:00 before you get above freezing. after midnight, it is. already. -- it is all rain. look at wilmington and cape hatteras, upper 50 center 60. that it asked upper 50's to near 60. -- upper 50's to near 60. look at these showers and storms. one state over, a tornado watch. tornado warnings for southern alabama and northwest florida. the atmosphere is supercharged right now. once it clears out tomorrow afternoon, great day. upper 50's to the 60's. low-to-mid 60's to the south. that's a crazy warm-up but we will take it, right? there could be a sprinkle or light shower wednesday morning.
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look at thursday and friday, nice and seasonable. next weekend, nothing like the one we just had with the cold temperatures and wind chills in the civil digits. it will feel likes -- in the single digits. it will feel like spring. steve: a rental car found with unexpected cargo. tisha: explosives in a car return to the airport.
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steve: details about t steve: police in new mexico looking to see who planted and expulsion of device at the airport in albuquerque. a mechanic saw it when he put the vehicle up on a lift to the bomb squad leader disabled a device. it did not affect any flights and everything is back to normal in albuquerque. officials will try to track of the last person who rented the car. tisha: australia's police making the biggest liquid meth bust in history. police say it was smuggled in. art supplies they -- smuggled in art supplies. the drug also known as ice is by
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steve: the coast guard in this country holding hearings to get answers about the sinking of the alfaro -- el faro. authorities address many questions, whether misconduct, negligence or shoddy safety inspections were factors. it set sail into a powerful storm that turned out to be walking -- hurricane walkingjoaquin. tisha: a father's loss turns into a crocheted -- a crusade. steve: new concern about the long-term impact of concussions in high school football. reporter: they rally man is
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joel: tonight, a look at their risk and long-term effects of high school football and went to -- and what can be done to make the sport safer. anna: the story of a north carolina family's tragedy. steve: tonight, the itm and best against the impact of blows to the head in high school football there's -- the eye team investigates the impact of blows to the head in high school football players. friday night football brings together families through intense rivalries across the heart of carolina. >> he had a lot going for him.


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