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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  ABC  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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ugandan see that things are improving, but still slick in some parts of the viewing area? tisha: here's a look at the delays fortisha: tuesday. chris hohmann is in the first alert raleigh storm center with the latest. chris: things are improving. they will get even better through the overnight hours. no worries of any black ice. temperatures will rise overnight, not just a letter -- not just a little. patches of light freezing rain around the triangle, not much. the threat of any additional icing will be a long 95 in north. the winter weather advisory the
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the brunt of the storm is over. it is already 32 and roxboro. -- 32 in roxboro. even smithfield above freezing. we will all go well above that overnight. this is the freezing line. anything above that, you are still at or below freezing. . this slowly makes its way northward. there may be some fog. as we get past midnight, the freezing line surges into virginia. look at our temperatures jump into the 50's, maybe some 60's. right at sunrise, look at this line of intense showers. there's a small chance of at least an isolated damaging wind gust. we will go from winter to spring. no worries with ice. this has to be dealt with, kind
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things much better by tomorrow afternoon. steve: the hashtag is #abc11. tisha: whether you are traveling , things aren't they see all the long. steve: we track the current conditions. jon camp is on i-40 in raleigh. jon: it's getting a little foggy. there is some fog, certainly not coming down -- cutting down too much on visibility in the road. we have seen a lot of crashes today. spin out, accidents here in the triangle to the highway patrol reporting just shy of 450 crashes since midnight last night to about 3:30 this afternoon.
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if you jump over to raleigh, the police department says the same thing. a huge number of crashes compared to normal. 173 from midnight to 4:30 this afternoon. on an average monday, that would be 50 crashes per week. on this day, it was 173. one additional piece of perspective on that -- it does appear that normally this is one of those things we will see accidents go down on if the have been time to prepare. this obviously folks off guard. tisha: let's head to the bowl city. angelica: we are riding along
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the roads are still pretty wet. we've been driving around town and interstate. they have been gaining confidence in moving along faster. it has been icy conditions. durham police responded to more than 30 accidents since midnight. the sheriff's office says they responded to at least 20. just before the rush hour, we did see a car stuck in a ditch off the side of a road. even though the rain was helping to wash icy patches away, there were still some ice leftover on the roads. so take it easy if you have to go out there. i know it is looking better and people are moving faster. but you don't know what is out there and it is still really cold out. take it easy if you can. things are looking much better than they were earlier in the day. tisha: the highway patrol tells us that they investigated nearly
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triangle area today. steve: the winter weather extending into the sandhills. greg: state patrol tells us reports of 200 wrecks in the 11 county district around fayetteville. it was pretty treacherous early. that rush-hour traffic moving very smoothly? the boulevard itself is very dry? there's no hindrances whatsoever? certainly a different story in this area earlier this morning? look at this video, numerous accidents reported early this morning? blamed on slick roads? including several multivehicle accidents on ramsay street and along i-95? traffic on i-95 was blocked in the northbound lane for a couple of hours this morning after a
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we were also told that a fire truck answering a call on andrews road actually skidded off the ice into a ditch? thankfully, nobody was hurt in that incident? police say out of all the accidents today, most had only had minor injuries? the best advice is, if you are driving tonight or tomorrow, be cautious one more time? steve: despite the weather, republican lawmakers move forward with a statewide public entity on the redistrict in crisis impacting the march 15 primary? a federal court has ordered the state to redraw voting maps for congressional district 1 and 12 before the primary? today, republicans held hearings across the state? republicans maintain that the
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one supporter saying the change in the middle of an election is absolutely outrageous while a critic told republican lawmakers who drew the maps back in 2011 this is what you did, this is what happened, and the chaos and body? reform. one saying allowing political will always be a conflict of interest? tisha: justice is getting a lesson on the teacher tenure debate. career status has been in place for the last 35 years. in 25 -- in 2013, legislators looked into improving teacher quality by forcing them to sign a new contract every two years. steve: the dot this week looking for your thoughts about a multimillion dollar project to
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the area we are looking at is i-40 and aviation parkway. there is a plan on the table to spend $29 million to widen it to a four-lane median divided road. also being considered is a multi-trail through a partnership with the towns of mooresville and cary. you can have your say at a public hearing on thursday at the marshall town hall. tisha: the wake county sheriff's office is using eight high tech -- a high-tech device. the sheriff's office says it will be able to work together to improve safety and strengthen vital neighborhood watch. steve: technology and a new way to help fight crime. tisha: there's no student involved, but we have a hero story. steve: their shoes. her name is allie.
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treater stepped into this home
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tisha: tisha: a mixed breed dog saving lives. saturday night. that is when al is the dog
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-- ally the dog started barking and growling and saved the day. ed: the mother and daughter say this happened saturday night when they heard someone opening this front door. keegan was upstairs when she heard a noise. >> i was asleep. but i heard the rattling of the doorknob. ed: her mother came into her room because the dog woke her up growling. allie isn't all that big but she has a good bark. they noticed lights flashing on and off downstairs. that is when allie made a beeline for the top of the stairs frantically barking. >> semi was standing at the bottom of our stairs. i grabbed on to allie because i didn't want her to get hurt or go down there. ed: she yelled at the intruder.
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you, get out of my house. she came down a couple of stairs and was growling and barking and they ran out the door. ed: but the mother and daughter were still worried and kept allie close. >> i was scared half to death that night. ed: when police showed up, they could no find any forced entry. but they took fingerprints and a footprint. allie will always be there hero. >> she definitely scared them a way. thank god. ed: they were surprised there was no sign of forced intrigue and they may have accidentally left the door open. another reason they were thank full they had allie. steve: we heard that bark. now we know what it is all about. looks like she's getting all the trees she wants these days. tisha: a raleigh
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steve: it is not closing, but
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steve: raleigh's glenwood south is losing a restaurant. the owners tell us they are transitioning the business to focus on catering large events. in business will be served on thursday. the demand for private events and catering has been outpacing their dinner business.
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late to contact you about school closures. the states largest school district twitter account feeling the heat and social media. some say that they made the calls too late last night. late is too late to call you about a school closing. the options are not :00 p.m., 10:00 p.m., never too late, or don't call me. this is your opportunity. if you had a problem with what happened yesterday, weigh-in. steve: it is always trouble for parents who have to make arrangements if the kids are not going to go to school. chris is back with us. far is one of the concerns outside right now -- fog is one of the concerns outside right now. chris: you are right, steve. some fog for a time this evening. the southwind really bringing
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act concern goes to -- our concern goes to gusty rain and wind tomorrow. it's going to be the most active day of the next week. things really settle down after. we've got a little bit of rain around this evening. the potential for some freezing rain will continue around roxboro for the next few hours. temperatures start to rise after midnight. any icq relation will be mainly on elevated surfaces. -- any ice accumulation will be mainly on elevated surfaces. it may be low-to-mid 50's. it will feel like a whole other world when you step out tomorrow. it's going to look like one, too. all the snow and ice will wash away. this is a line where there could be intense showers. maybe not a lot of thunder or lightning but heavy rain. this is rush-hour, between 6:00
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by 10:00 or 11:00, we are back to normal weather. and the ride back to home from school will be better. we are looking at severe weather. we turn our focus from severe weather, snow and ice, to potentially isolated. wind gusts. . we do not see the temperature. change this fast. tomorrow, there could be an isolated damaging wind gust. don will be with you tomorrow to get you through that. still a little bit of freezing county and roxboro, too. it is pretty light. it's tracking to the northeast. mainly on elevated surfaces and that's a much on the roadways. no worries with black ice. in the evening hours. we should be in the 40's around the triangle as temperatures start to warm up through the
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there is north hills. right at the freezing point with overcast guys. -- overcast skies. look at our temperatures, low to mid 30's. this warmer air is going to overwhelm this really cold air mass in place. you -- it should really surge in as the wind kicks the warm air in. look at to the thunderstorms in alabama north florida. tornado watch out in central alabama and the florida panhandle. just another look at this line coming in right around sunrise tomorrow with the potential for wind gusts at 40 to 45 and maybe to the east. then we go back to sunshine
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looks to be a nice afternoon. temperatures will hold around the upper 50's to around 60. there is the storm system that will move on through with the cold front and bringing gusty showers tomorrow. you see the system coming in wednesday. it will have a little bit of rain in the morning hours and then that's it. the seven-day forecast, wednesday dries out again, 55. thursday and friday, seasonable, nice weather. teens and single-digit wind chills we had this weekend. it's going to feel like spring
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mark: for the fourth time, brendan ingram has been named rookie of the week. what's not up for discussion is the fact that he is the biggest matchup nightmare for the tar heels. who will chase ingram around? well roi changes line up or go with his best five and let it ride? the chess game within the game
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duke's availability was limited to phone lines. >> they are more experienced, more talented, and deeper than we are. we have to figure out a way where, with six guys and hopefully change can help us in this ballgame, that we can match up with them. mark: as always, for the game this wednesday, we encourage you to check out espn and the award-winning bill showman. it's just my opinion, but i am fairly confident it is one shared why many. cap barber has been flat-out ridiculous of late for state, most recently putting 38 on wake. the hoos are in the thick of the title race. >> we were there last year. it is a tough environment to
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-- to play in. it's a little bit slower. in there. i think we are going to come in with the best out here. mark: two teams getting first-place votes, carolina on sunday. uva state a number seven. hay there, blue devils, but heavy back at 20. jeremiah ingram is the player of the week. he scored a career-high 21 to go with nine rebounds. he had this relatively spectacular steel and the guy to watch is cj wiggins on the bench with a celebratory strut. the north carolina men's tennis
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national championship today. it took out top-seeded virginia. 140 straight matches. steve: congratulations to them.
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breaking news tonight. the travel chaos at this hour. a deadly mix of snow, ice and rain. more than 2,000 accidents. major travel delays. and at least six tornadoes reported, as this major system moves through, winter alerts
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trump's tirade, taking aim late today at jeb bush and his brother, the former president, who was out on the trail for the first time. >> the world trade center came down during your brother's reign. >> and what donald trump is now threatening to do. and epic battle under way over the supreme court. the death of justice antonin scalia, and now, the fight over his successor. the scare in the air. the passenger jet headed to new york, 252 people onboard. and the emergency in the cockpit. and, going to the dogs. seven new breeds competing at the westminster dog show tonight, and we'll take you right there. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a monday night. and it's a good thing for millions of americans this was a day off from work, because at this hour, a dangerous mix of snow and freezing rain is making driving treacherous. a storm 1,200 miles long, from


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