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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News  ABC  February 17, 2016 1:37am-2:10am EST

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steve: a toddler caught in the crossfire. a one and a half-year-old boy was injured in a drive-by shooting. he was at home day care center. joel: neighbors described a frightening scene right here on the corner of line street. this house it doubles as a home day care center. bullets were flying outside while children were inside. >> this is a quiet neighborhood. i don't understand it. police say it was a drive-by shooting that disturb the quiet on this street. look at the bullet holes that pierced the whole wall of this home. at least five young children were being cared for at the time.
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when the gunfire stopped a one half-year-old boy was shot and injured, rushed to the hospital. neighbors say they suspect it was gang-related. that one-year-old who was shot and injured is recovering tonight. he is expected to be ok. the police are looking for a dark-colored sedan that the gunman got away and. steve: it is a relief that the little boy will be ok. you can look for updates on this story on our webpage. tisha: charges have been dropped against one of the men accused
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he had been charged with attempted first-degree murder. she was shot in the head as she played outside on christmas day. she died a few days later. davis remains in the orange county jail serving a 90 day sentence for probation violation. they continue to investigate an additional charges may be filed. steve: investigating the death of the man se downtown. police put up that yellow crime scene tape. the initial call was for a drowning the police later found a man's body behind a homeless shelter. we are working to find out the victim's name and the circumstances. tisha: the same jury that convicted him of murdering a raleigh county mom will decide whether he gets life in prison or the death penalty. the family erected in tears when the jury read the verdict. she was found said to death in
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smith's attorney blames the crime on his codefendant. claiming that he controlled smith. >> he is a murderer. that is what they want you to believe this entire trial. it is true. but they can't get away from that either. smith is a murderer also. tisha: the trial moves into the sentencing phase tomorrow. steve: in fayetteville and argument ends with a man stabbed to death. a woman charged with murder. she and. she's accused of killing 65-year-old tommy mcnair. she called 911 to report the death. she moved in with mcnair. she is in the cumberland county jail.
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a son is pleading for the person who shot his mother to come forward. when lake had to be amputated. he and his sister had been taking care of their mother for the last three years. following a coma that left her disabled. they said she just started walking without a walker when she was shot. steve: nearly two dozen people were forced to find a new place to live after fired tour through a fayetteville apartment building. the carlson they apartment complex. more on the cleanup and the possible consequences. >> she is thankful that she and her roommates still have
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her old apartment one of more than a dozen damaged in this fire last night. a residence eyewitness video shows the flames leaping above the building as the fire burned residents ran to be done neighbors doors sounding the alarm. she ran to the apartment where the fire started to see if she could help. the woman who lived in the apartment wouldn't talk about how the fire started. a three-story apartment building was without power. utility crews were called in and the yanks meters for all the apartments. no word on when the electricity will be turned back on. the recovery crews began cleaning up today. they ruled the place accidental. they are getting settled into a new apartment tonight in the same complex. she and the other residents were
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steve: to nc state students pull a crash victim from his wrecked suv. this is clark avenue. the suv crossed the centerline and wound up in the opposite lane of traffic. it's sideswiped a tree in and slammed into another tree. the students who live nearby pulled the driver out. he was taken to the hospital. tisha: a story creating a buzz. a police officer going above and beyond the call of duty during the winter weather yesterday. officer andrew wilkinson was called out to help an 80-year-old woman who had no heat. he found out she was trying to heat her home with an of and he became very concerned. officer wilkinson went to a nearby store and bought her an electrical heater to keep her safe and warm. tisha:
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steve: the hole at the center of that bitter battle between neighbors and the state. raleigh's oakwood neighborhood. reaction for us. >> some thought the modern home would take away from the historic district. after a heated battle that made national news at home is here to stay as part of the neighborhood. there's the home and neighbor against neighbor. in a very neighborly part of raleigh. a lengthy costly in very public legal battle. the final ruling from the court of appeals that battle is now over. lewis terry and his wife marsha
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dream home in this neighborhood. they went through the proper channels and the design was approved. but some neighbors including the one right across the street objected to the home. they said it didn't fit in with his historic divide and it should go. a battle between neighbors has ended with two judges siding with the home. as for the neighbor at the other end of that fight i was not able to get comment for him. i did speak to another neighbor who said just like family they will all move on. tisha: the government taking steps to fight the zika virus. the new rules to protect
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a supreme court battle. president obama gearing up for a face-off with his challenge the gop. we will have a collision course to show you. a cargo ship out of control on a dangerous path. what happens next is the must-see video of the night. let's take a look at fayetteville street in downtown raleigh right outside the new center. we don't see any rain just yet. but chris says there will be some coming our way and he will tell you exactly how much of the forecast after this break. here are the winning lottery
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president obama promised again to nominated justice to replace justice scalia. the president said he intends to nominate someone and he expects the senate to hold hearings and votes on the nominee. republicans remain dug in saying thnext president should name the replacement. justice scalia's body will i in repose at the great hall of the supreme court on friday. not far from the chair now cloaked in black that he used to during his 30 years as a supreme court justice. a funeral mass will be held at the national shrine of the immaculate conception. the mass will be open to family and friends. steve: the criminal case against bill cosby is moving forward. a judge in pennsylvania denied to the comedian's latest effort to get the sexual assault charge knocked out. cosby could get 10 years in prison if he is convicted. his lawyers it's a cosby had a promise frfr a previous prosecutor that he would never
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grounded at the airport. about 200 angry frontier passengers were stranded in philadelphia after a series of delays. a mechanical issue left the passengers the stranded on the runway for nearly three hours. they said they were offered just one cup of water. and the heating and air-conditioning system did not work. customers say they were given vouchers for a hotel that was fully booked. many went up sleeping at the airport. an airline spokesperson has apologized and says they are working to rebook customers. steve: members of the american rock band eagles of death metal or performing again in paris. it is the first time they have played paris since that deadly attack in paris by terrorists. those attacks killed 130 people. armed police guarded the entrances. before the concert singer called
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sacred duty. tisha: the fda's taking steps to stop the spread of the zika virus. american blood banks refuse donations from anyone who is traveled to countries where the zika virus is active. it is also recommending blood banks turn away donors who have had sexual contact with someone who traveled to the zika affected country in the last three months. they are usually transmitted by mosquitoes bites. steve: the must-see video. surveillance video shows the moment when huge cargo ship loses control as it is leaving the port in bangkok. video capture the ship crashing into that coastal screen. it happened during some bad weather and a very strong current. no injuries were reported. the ship did not sink at the home was breached below the waterline. let's go to southern california. continues recovering from a really frightening experience.
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trapped for a couple of days with a broken pelvis. the colts is now named valentine because it was rescued on valentine's day. it was stranded in a pool of water when rescuers fished it out. valentine is now recovering from surgery and is expected to be ok. police are trying to figure out how the cold fell down that ravine. some bare patches to show for it. the thing. chris collins will be ok through this. not like the snow and ice yesterday, that was a hassle. wild weather settling down. just a bit of rain to get through for the rest of the night. especially north of the triangle. it will be gone by sunrise or a little bit after. dry cool and more importantly
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it's been about a week since we had any quiet weather. the weekend is still on track for some really mild temperatures, back up into the 60's. we will take into the mid to upper 30's tomorrow. starting to rise again. seasonably cool. downtown durham's looking good. temperatures in the mid 40's. heavy rain today, more than an inch. really gusty showers that barreled across the region. first a lot of doppler radar shows where the rain is. northern parts of the triangle into southern virginia. most of this is really like. that is tracking onto the east. a little more developing through the rest of the overnight. 46 degrees of the airport right now.
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everyone is safely above freezing. 45 degrees in fayetteville. a lot of sunshine this afternoon. now batch of light rain cruising through. a little bit of snow out the mountains. you'd see it's spinning icloud's there. it is falling apart now. patches of mainly light rain. to confirm to tornadoes in south florida. a line of showers and storms in south florida. another little batch of rain coming in the early early morning hours. between 3:00 and 6:00 in the morning.
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the sunshine increases during the daylight hours. temperatures pretty close to where they should be to the low and mid 50's. nothing of any consequence to worry about. clouds with a little bit of rain, 38 degrees. 49 degrees by lunch time. in the afternoon partly to mostly sunny. high pressure is building in to give us a nice quiet weather for a couple of days. they could be rather chilly at night. on the weekend are temperatures will take off.
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58 fayetteville. 31 degrees tomorrow night. thursday may have a hard time getting to 50 degrees. upper 20's friday morning. still cool on friday. a big warm up just in time for the weekend. highs in the 60's. totally different from last weekend. tisha: one of the biggest rivalries and sports. akita tomorrow nig (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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tisha: social media savvy little bit of fun with news from the chamber of commerce. his name is jeff durham. he works as economic director in fairfax virginia. he takes over as president of the durham chamber on april 1. steve: the city of raleigh putting the brakes on a plan to bring a bike sharing program to town. council members delayed the vote on a hangup of will pay a $400,000 annual bill to get that program off the ground. a woman in downtown rally is brewing up some of the best
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she has turned to brewing coffee into a fine art. she says there is a science to sifting and measuring the grinds. she took first place in a national growing competition. she will now meet the best of the west in a national competition in april. the coffee company may one day sell it to the public. maybe she will succumb by make us on. >> coming up and sports. we hear from the tar heels ahead of the 200 and 41st tobacco road showdown. he will have surgery soon to repair a partially torn muscle in his left shoulder. he played the rest of the year
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>> the canes and played the third game in four nights. arrived with a bad attitude after the threshing they took
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peters with his best clint eastwood squint for the occasion. a scrap metal sort of a goal at the side of the net. a power-play goal taking it 1-0. there would be some nailbiting. a point shot tipped in by blake wheeler. he would not get beaten again. especially not by a former cane. canes will win this one to-one. -one. some only 241st time they need. basically every time since 1960.
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track record. the tar heels buckle down for the game. beating duke is not come easy in recent times for unc. the blue devils have won 10 of 13 in the series. including both games last year. the thing we take pride in his the we don't want them to win. if the teams were oh for the season the game would still get hyped. carolina used his defense to put together its best game and weeks
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with miami nipping at their here tar heels unc can afford to slip up. only six games in the acc are left. there is a point where we can separate ourselves from everybody else. we are at the top of the acc. we are going to be very confident going into this game. it would poll coach williams into a tie for fourth on the all-time acc win list. he was still need four more wins against duke to pull his record even. if you are not lucky enough to be at the game you should be
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all the top guns on hand for this one. should be a good game. tar heels are favored by the blue devils are playing some of their best basketball of the season. jimmy kimmel live is coming up next. his guest tonight is when stephani and secretary of state john kerry. that will do it for us tonight. we hope to see you back here tomorrow night at 11:00. good night. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, chaotic since going public. he says they've received lots of letters asking for money. robinson says he's looking forward to do traveling, buying a farm and a horse for his daughter into it was moving when they came forward because they said they're going to willive in the same house.
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daughter will a lot of student loans that they wanted to help payoff and seemed very down to earth. >> i think he the loans will be just fine. >> there's a new best in dog at the nation's most prestigious dog show, c.j. beat out more than 2700 other dogs to claim the title. this by the way is the 18th time in his career he's won a top show prize. >> winning runs in his family, grandma carly was one of two german short haired pointers to win at the westminster kennel club and cj will be on "good morning america" and have the traditional winner's lunch at sardi's right here in new york. >> maybe he could go to disneyland. >> i didn't know that's on the -- i'm curious to know at "good morning america" if they have doggie treats. >> and who picks up his poop over there well.
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