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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 PM  ABC  February 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the person on the motorcycle taken to the hospital in critical condition. the person in that honda not hurt, and tonight the highway patrol is defending how it handled the situation there. it said it backed off and did not have the wrong way into the opposite lanes following that motorcycle driver before the crash. we will have more later this hour. tisha: the prosecution witness in the death penalty say a man who killed a raleigh mother -- the woman's daughter. ed crump right now at the wake county justice center. ed: while the victim's now 10-year-old daughter testified in a courtroom, cameras were banned from recording that testimony. the little girl spoke with ease from the witness stand, even giving some one-liners that provided courtroom laughs. she incited tears when she talked about finding her mother beaten and stabbed to death in
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that she never became emotional and seemed surprisingly well-adjusted. also testifying today, travion smith's mother. the parade of witnesses who followed depicted her as an unfit, abusive, and neglectful mother. at least two days of testimony are expected before the jury starts deliberating life or death. steve: in wayne county, the driver who hit and killed a beloved second-grade teacher in goldsboro will not be charged. 28-year-old brandon kincaid died when he was hit by a bus. police say the driver, 56-year-old ray batts, won't be charged in the accident. goldsboro police say the investigation is over. tisha: now to an update on a toddler injured during a drive-by shooting. anthony wilson talking to eyewitnesses who described the frightening scene.
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frightening incident that happened yesterday and left the marks on the side of this daycare. there is no activity today at the christian childcare center after tuesday's drive-by injured a toddler. the owner not talking yet about the incident. i was told off camera that the little boy shot yesterday should be ok. outside you can see bullet holes. the woman does not won her face shown as she describes the shooter. >> he had a hoodie over his head and something over his face. reporter: another neighbor told us he heard 6 shots. he says he is extra careful now. the suspect sped away in a dark honda sedan described by the eyewitness.
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the pregnant woman testifying today in boulder. she told herself she had to survive for the sake of her unborn daughter as she tried to fight back. but michelle says that daniel continued to choke and beat her. the baby did not survive. tisha: a pickup truck lands in a precarious position interim. the impact sent the truck up some guide wires. it is sitting there at an angle. we're told at least two of the people in the car were taken to the hospital. steve: the race to redraw voting maps declared unconstitutional because they are unfair to african-american voters. state lawmakers showing off brand maps that need to be approved by friday. angelica alvarez live right now. reporter: those maps have gone
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in the last hour. leaders say race was not considered in the making of these new maps after a federal count found the original maps were racially gerrymandered when they were made in 2011. now lawmakers are under a federal court order to have new maps by friday in just two days. they are waiting for chief justice roberts to decide whether to issue a stay or delay in the use of new maps until after that march primary. even in the committee gives the new maps the green light tonight, a special session would still have to be called so the
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police say -- police won't say which teen. steve: flint water has been undrinkable for months. a new study shows that the people of flint pay the highest rates in the country for that toxic water. flint residents paid about $864 a year for water service. the flint water situation is also frightening because people are afraid those children there will suffer lifelong consequences of lead poisoning. tisha: the white house proposed a budget that would cut funding for the urban area security initiative, which gives federal money to help local governments fight terror. >> a $90 million cut is unconscionable.
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tisha: the new york police commissioner says the loss of funding means the department would not be able to conduct large-scale. steve: the american military really flexing its muscle in the skies over south korea. take a look at those fighter jets, displaying a clear show of force against north korea. those are raptors, and they can fly past radar undetected. right now door the and south korea are in that standoff over nuclear and missile testing by pyongyang. tisha: only three days until the republican presidential primary in south carolina. all six candidates will take part in a cnn debate. the remaining three candidates include front runner donald trump, former governor jeb bush, and governor john kasich will square off tomorrow night. steve: a major endorsement tonight for marco rubio. nikki haley will endorse rubio
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it comes one day after haley made it clear that the front runner, trump, would not be getting her support. tisha: now to the tobacco road showdown, duke and carolina chapel hill. this back in the top 25. carolina holding onto the number five spot. >> it is that time again for the 241st time all time, the tar heels and blue devils getting ready to get sweaty for the first matchup of this season. the tar heels about a seven-point favorite. fans are hoping the big shots in this game will be made on this basket. we would expect a tight contest. the tar heels favored. the last three times they have been favored here, the blue devils have one out right. heels will try to out physical the blue devils. mark armstrong, abc 11
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tisha: it's the biggest game and if you want the best coverage, tune into espn at 9:00. all the postgame coverage right here on eyewitness news at 11:00. steve: chris, this is the calm you were talking about. chris: absolutely. the atmosphere taking a break, and that will continue. if you're heading out to that big game tonight, temperatures were -- temperatures will fall fast. 44 right before the game, which is around 9:00. falling into the 30's quickly thereafter. grab that jacket if you will be out and about. our first alert weather station at rdu airport, the official readings at 55 right now. 54 rocky mount wilson, 52 in roxboro.
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how long that will last and when temperatures head into the 60's, that is coming up. tisha: thank you. president obama and first lady respects to antonin scalia. vice president joe biden and his wife jill biden will attend the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception in washington, d.c. scalia died at the age of 79. he was the court's longest-serving justice. steve: now an update on the police officer who went above and beyond the call of duty. thousands of you have liked a story we first brought you yesterday on facebook. this durham police officer buying a space heater for an elderly woman who is using her oven to heat your house. -- her house. reporter: we spoke with the
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and she is overwhelmed with gratitude. let me tell you about officer wilkinson. officer andrew wilkinson went above and beyond his responsibilities during the ice storm. he went to the home of the elderly woman and when he saw she was heating her home with an oven, that's when he bought her a space heater. the officer is getting a lot of love on our abc 11 facebook page. so far more than 8000 people have like this story and it has been shared nearly 1000 times or it listen to what barbara had to say about this officer. >> i said, you're an angel. you are an angel. people say such bad things about police, and he was a policeman and he's wonderful. reporter: officer andrew wilkinson has been with the
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he received an officer of merit award for saving a woman's life along the highway. he was also recently named employee of the month. steve: the story touching people all across the country. a special tribute to the 9 people killed inside a church in charleston. tisha: how they will be on or just ahead. the showdown between apple and the fbi. will the company be forced to
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steve: now to a developing story from south carolina, a resolution honoring the 9 people killed in the charleston church shooting tragedy is a step closer to being approved. the proposal would declare june
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it passed in a senate judiciary committee analogizing committee and now advancing to the full state senate for a vote. police say dylan rooff the shooter. the community and state responded with an outpouring of love and unity. the trial on those state charges begins in july. prosecutors are pushing for the death penalty. tisha: now to the showdown between apple and the fbi. apple is fighting a judge's order to unlock a cell phone owned by one of the people
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brandy hit, abc news, los angeles. steve: the winner is this guy right here, a shorthair german pointer named cj. he is this year's top dog, winning best in show at the westminster kennel club last night in new york at madison square garden. the three-year-old one of 2700. if you go on twitter today, cj is all over new york city. he is moving around and taking in everything new york city has to offer. tisha: what a beautiful dog. i'm sure everybody is taking their dogs out today. it's a beautiful day. chris: absolutely. get that dog some exercise. if you did not get a chance today, you have many more opportunities to enjoy this great weather.
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high temperatures tomorrow and friday at or a little below average. as we get into the weekend, that warmer air surges in. all systems go for a great weekend, with sunshine, a few clouds, and temperatures in the 60's. then we will start to go back down by the early middle part of next week. until then, it's looking good. a little bit gusty at times, but overall it's been a great day. officially the airport at 55. the air is dry, north wind at 7. temperatures in the low 50's near the virginia border. 54 in chapel hill, 54 roanoke rapids. upper 50's to the south. close to 60 near the south carolina border. then the clouds moved out, giving us that really nice afternoon. and the atmosphere which has really been running on steroids lately has settled down across
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got nothing going on except a few snow showers. things are going to stay fairly quiet for a while before they start to wrap back up again next week. upper 20's, roxboro and henderson about 30, 31 in the triangle. 34 in fayetteville. it's going to be a colder start than we had today. 44 at noon, and into the low 50's, about 51, that will be pushing it. nice and sunny, just on the cool side. high pressure building and. good-looking day, but that wind will keep temperatures a few degrees below what you normally expected in mid-february. on friday, still in north easterly flow of air. cold start in the 20's into the low mid 50's during the afternoon, but then that high will jump offshore and that is when the south winds take over and the warming trend muhsin in earnest. holly springs at 51.
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wind. 53 degrees in fayetteville for your afternoon high. roxboro, henderson, and south hill. 50 and 51 around rocky mount and wilson. seven-day forecast, 27 tomorrow night. 53 friday. look at the weekend there, saturday and sunday temperatures into the low and mid 60's for highs. looks like a beautiful weekend coming up overall. a little caught up as we get into monday and there's a chance of rain later in the day. tuesday into wednesday could be soaking rain coming our way. look at our temperatures coming back down. steve: three very lucky tickets match all the numbers for that
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tisha: (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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steve: tonight a former alaska airlines pilot entering a plea of not guilty to flying drunk.
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if convicted. prosecutors say the 60-year-old was under the influence when he flew two different alaska airlines flights back in 2014.the 14-year-old boys telling authorities they never intended to harm anyone. fortunately, no one was injured. steve: the second of three winners from that record-breaking $1.6 billion powerball jackpot finally coming forward this afternoon. we had a news conference here. this was in tallahassee, florida a short time ago. they are taking a lump sum payment of $327.8 million. they bought that ticket at a
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melbourne beach, florida, and say they did not tell any family members until last week. there is a third ticket out here and we are waiting for those people to come forward. tisha: they took some time to let us know. there's a lot more news ahead at 5:30. steve: including information about that tornado on the ground, causing damage in one north carolina community. >> the children of a roxboro woman stabbed to death in need of new clothes. their father says they are really in need of a new home. i will tell you what he says and how people are trying to help, next.
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see what happening this instant, from the raleigh eyewitness news center, abc 11 eyewitness news at 5:30 starts right now. >> the crystal clear picture of a home burglar caught on camera, stealing. authorities believe he had several homes in the triangle. >> a crime alert in the orange county, first at 5:30. them alive outside the orange
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heather, you just spoke to one of the victims, hardest hit. they say this was especially personal for them. >> investigators say they believe this the for three homes in the last week. all of them in rural areas just miles apart. one of the victims, a disabled woman out thousands of dollars with a family heirloom. >> the rings that i give her, it is just stuff that can't be replaced. >> they were caring for his elderly mother when the thieves rancher -- thieves ransacked his chapel home. >> they went on in the house and took the money and jewelry. >> it is the same way investigators say the robbers
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one of the victims capturing it all on a home security camera. watch as the man wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and a camouflaged hat -- rummages through the house. and its later he slights a flatscreen tv, sets it on the porch, and walks out through the front door, locking it behind him. >> he is going through the window when lots of times people go through the doors. these are things he could easily get rid of. heather: investigators believe the robber is familiar with the area he targeted. they are hoping someone will recognize his face before he strikes again. >> i hope they put him away. anybody who breaks into a disabled person's house, they are trash. heather: here is a still picture of that man. if you think you know who the


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