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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 PM  ABC  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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new congressional maps, and the house is debating on whether to push back the primaries. we have eyewitness team coverage. we begin with jon camp. >> the senate just wrapped up a day of debate on what new congressional maps should look like, passing new maps about half an hour ago, sending that to the house for a vote. if it goes into effect, there will have to be a new primary date, and so that is what the house has been working on today. representatives asking questions from the board of elections officials and learning that moving the congressional primary could be expensive, costing the state around $10 million, and that it would not save much money to move all of the primaries together. it seems unlikely the march 15 date will be thrown out completely. more likely, the congressional date come of the congressional primary, would be moved, probably about two-three months
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where expecting house members to vote tonight. the house will take up maps, the senate will take up the calendar, all of this having to get done by tomorrow. tisha: a lot to be done. thank you. what does this mean for boaters? heather continues her coverage in downtown raleigh. >> thousands of voters would likely not the voting in their regular district great depending on who the candidates are, that could change as well. we could also see a scenario where incumbents take on each other. a new day could also make way for new candidates to emerge, leading to a new filing date and extra expenses for the state toward elections. lawmakers moved up the primary to have more influence on the voters. the lyrical experts say this can have a real impact on turnout
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as john said, this will likely have no effect on the presidential primary. that is still set for next month, but if the lawmakers can't decide on the congressional primary, the state board of elections is still in the holding pattern. steve: the big trending story this afternoon is the showdown between donald trump and pope francis. take a look at this shot right here. on the papal flight to rome for mexico, the pontiff was asked about donald trump's views on immigration. pope francis said right there on the airplane, anyone who was to build a law -- build a wall is not christian. a person who only thinks about bidding -- building walls and not bridges is not christian. can a good catholic vote for this man? leader
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>> if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, which as everyone knows is isis's ultimate trophy, i can promise you the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. steve: trump also said he is not worried about losing support from catholic voters. republican primary in south carolina is coming up on saturday. tisha: a new national poll showing a shakeup. senator ted cruz is ahead of donald trump. the poll was done by in bc news and the wall street journal, and it shows crews with 28% and donald trump with 26%. this is the first hole to give ted cruz a lead, days before the primary on saturday. senator rubio and governor jeb bush getting high-profile help on the campaign trail. nikki haley stumping with marco rubio one day after she endorsed him for president.
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his mother at a rally today after the 90-year-old drew a big crowd when she appeared at a town hall in new hampshire. tisha: the white house announcing a trip for president obama, the first president to visit cuba in nearly 90 years. his trip coming after the obama administration opened ties with cuba at the end of 2014. no american president has been to cuba since calvin coolidge and 1928. president obama says it is part of an effort to improve the lives steve: of the cuban people. steve:president obama saying little about his supreme court nominee to replace antonin scalia a. tisha: joe biden is giving some insight. radio that president obama is looking to nominate someon liberal jurist and the nation and put them on the court. steve: tragedy for a tree
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state dot. the workers were putting out roadwork sides when a car went crashing into the employees standing behind the truck. nicole on the scene. >> that the them in this accident was standing near this would chip or when he was struck and killed. here are the images from the accident. the victim identified as tony woods. he was working with the company, dot contractors, putting out signs at the time of the accident, getting ready to do some tree trimming work. police say that they believe the driver who struck woods had some sort of medical condition that led to the accident, and that driver is in serious condition in chapel hill. his coworkers on the scene have been really upset. they say they don't really want
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they were a close-knit group and this is something horrible for them to watch. as we get more information on the driver and what led up to the accident, we will pass it along on tisha: new information about the crash involving a durham county sheriff's deputy here at a teenage driver pulled out in front of the deputies car this morning, causing the crash. it happened in pleasant drive. authorities tell us deputy that was unsuccessful. the deputy and the 17-year-old lauryn hill were taken to the injuries. steve: we may now know what a former n.c. state professor did with tens of thousands of dollars he is accused of embezzling. he told investigators that he was giving the money to a student in need, according to documents filed at the wake county justice center. we have those details.
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using the mind -- the money to fund a lavish lifestyle, but the former n.c. state professor told investigators he was using the funds to help someone in need. many were shocked to see him in a jail jumpsuit, charged with stealing nearly 72,000 dollars from clubs he advised that n.c. state. that is what this major had heard about him. he had been a professor at n.c. state college of agricultural before his arrest. he was liked and trusted by students since he was given access to the bank accounts listed in clubs. according to investigators, he stole nearly $72,000. >> three counts of embezzlement. >> a search warrant quotes financial records and he himself is saying much of that money went to a graduate student. investigators said he felt sorry for the student because of
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bills. that might not seem as bad as spending it on himself, but some students say it is still a crime. >> he could've gotten people together to fix this, do everything possible that we can to help this person out. that would not have involved embezzlement. >> the search warrant also indicates evidence that he tried to transfer money from his student account. steve: breaking news happening the durham freeway. here is a live look from one of the dot cameras. the first responders are on the around this. these are the northbound lanes at fulton street, mama or 15. traffic is backed up from -- fulton street, mile marker 15.
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you can see those lanes are blocked and we will keep an eye on it. tisha: two los angeles police officer accused of raping . the two officers repeatedly forced women to have sex with them in a police car. the officers worked as nakata's investigators, and at least two up -- as narcotics investigators, and at least two of the women were informants. the police chief is dying to vigorously investigate all officers accused of the crime. >> these two officers have disgraced themselves, the badge, their oath of office. while i am double-double what they have done, i am proud of the detectives and officers that tirelessly worked this investigation to bring some form of justice to this city and to these victims.
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steve: new tonight in the flint water crisis, a high profile member of the obama administration is eating those communities. sylvia burwell meeting with community leaders to talk about their response to this ongoing crisis. also, the michigan state house approving spending $30 million to help cover water bills of flint residents. let's turn to the 5:00 weather headlines. beautiful afternoon, turning to a great evening. chris: a gorgeous day. temperatures right about where they should be. not bad at all. sunshine continues as we get closer to sunset, 48, so you need that heavy jacket. 50 at rdu. 55 roxboro. 52 fayetteville.
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when the light, a nice evening, but it does fall fast temperature wise. 9:00, upper 30's. tomorrow before sunrise, 20's. it has been a few days. cold and frosty start to friday, a big warm up on the way. we will tell you how warm it gets over the weekend, coming up in a bit. steve: we will see you soon. than find out the unusual person she turned to for help when she lost the creative spark. steve: after the shooting of michael brown, his mom on a brand-new mission. we will have the details after weather. tisha: coming up new at 530
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raleigh.announcer: the big stories happening this instant, abc 11 eyewitness news continues. steve: we are back with breaking
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care as a live look at a crash in brier creek on glenwood avenue at brier creek parkway. the crash involves a bicycle. bicycle a few minutes ago. we are trying to find out how badly the person was injured. traffic will be tied up there, a big mess in brier creek. tisha: new developments in the d.c. mansion murders, a grand jury has indicted daniel went. the crime spree lasted two days and included burglary, kidnapping, and extortion, on fire. he was arrested in may and remains in custody. if convicted, a maximum sentence of life without parole. steve: nike is ending its business relationship with manny pacquiao after he made those remarks about gay people. the boxer and filipino
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when asked on tv about his views on same-sex marriage, he replied that gay people are worse than animals. nikes break was praised on twitter by magic johnson. he went on to say that he will no longer watch manny pacquiao fight. tisha: now to shonda rhimes' powerful message, revealing that she is just like us and gets burned out.
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about how she got her home yes to less work and more play. tisha: it is thank god it is thursday, or shonda rhimes night on abc. eyewitness news at 11:00 right here on abc 11.
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it is so important. she is such a cool woman. tisha: play with your kids. steve: absolutely. a good day to be outside, chris? chris: it gets better this weekend. you will have awesome weather. i would tell you about that coming up. temperatures in the 20's, mostly sunny, cool tomorrow, upper 40's, low 50's. a nice day. the weekend, temperatures soaring to the 60's, some clouds on sunday, and then a chance of rain comes back. after the weekend, there may be a light shower and western parts of the viewing area sunday late in the day, but the main chance later monday and tuesday and wednesday. downtown durham looking good.
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lanes, but high clouds, 48 degrees. the airport still holding onto 50 at 5:00. the dew point is 23. the bigger the difference between these two big numbers, the drier the air. 35% humidity, a dry air mass in place. 48 rocky mount wilson. 50 at smithville. fayetteville 52. 50 at clinton. around the northeast. chicago above average, but memphis 70. denver, 72. rapid city, south dakota 72. that warm air waiting to surge in here. we will not get much above 70, but by sunday a few spots could be at 70, may be at 70, maybe 71-72. a few clouds to start the day,
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leaving us with mostly sunny skies after moving out. a big ridge and the central you as allowing those temperatures to crank up. stormy weather in the west, rain in california. they could use it. they've had more rain than the lasso for years, but still not enough to bust that drought. mid and upper 20's for lows tonight around the triangle. a cold, frosty night, 30 fayetteville, 24 southern pines. sunshine tomorrow, 27 at 7:00 a.m., a beautiful day. temperatures during the afternoon with bright blue skies warm into the upper 40's and low 50's through the afternoon. a few clouds in the distance, but over all mostly sunny. high pressure scooting across the great lakes to the new england coast, northeasterly wind becomes east, then southeast, a little too late to warm us up.
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wind become southwesterly, that means we warm things up into the mid 60's in most spots, and close to 70 by sunday. this front will stay to the north over the weekend. sunday night, a push to the south, then things start to change on monday and tuesday and wednesday. 51 raleigh. durham 51. fayetteville, mostly sunny, 53 tomorrow. upper 40's north to around 50. 49 roanoke rapids. your first alert seven-day forecast, saturday and sunday, we can awesome, mid and upper 60's. more clouds, especially sunday, could turn mostly cloudy, and there may be a sprinkle late in the day, then rain chances go up and wednesday. as the rain comes down, so do
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will deal with that later on. enjoy this awesome weekend coming up. tisha: thank you. steve: fire crews jump into action, rescuing a dog from an icy lake. tisha: pictures of the dramatic rescue just ahead. steve: a pay raise for millions who work that feeling. you know the one. that "grand-slam, aced-the-presentation" feeling.
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a moment worthy of celebration. now multiply that. you're everyone's hero in the championship of all championships it's that feeling. multiplied. introducing the new multiplier scratch-offs. a chance to win. and a chance to multiply your winnings.
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steve: in missouri, state lawmakers considering a bill to mandate body cameras, inspired in part by the shooting of michael brown at the hand of ferguson police officer darren wilson. >> we want body cameras to be the voice of truth and transparency in the communities. i'm asking you to work together to create a deal that has the potential to help the community gain the trust that was lost in the police departments across missouri. steve: it would require police to wear a body camera on duty and record the entire interaction. tisha: more than one million walmart workers will get a raise on saturday. the company will boost its minimum wage to $10 an hour from
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all hourly workers worried those affected make up the majority of the companies 1.4 million workers. the pay raises will cost the company an additional $1.5 billion this year. steve: an icy rescue caught on camera. take a look at this. this dollar each to randy in this eyes covered lake in virginia, this video going -- this dog stranded in this icy lake in virginia. this video going viral. four rescuers had to go into that icy water to get the dog out. the dogs name is angel. angel is recovering, still shaken up, but expected to make a full recovery. back at home, i'm sure. tisha: nice and warm. thank goodness she was able to hold on.
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