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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 1100 PM  ABC  February 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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lawmakers propose changes to the congressional primary. how it could impact when you vote. tisha: dicey drive. confusion in the works zone in raleigh. the pavement problem, taking a toll on drivers. steve: showing you a collection for a cause. >> see what is happening this instant with abc 11 eyewitness
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steve: a possible change of date for vote 2016 in north carolina.state lawmakers propose moving the congressional primary to june and eliminate the need for a runoff. the present primary will happen in march. i'm steve daniels. tisha: i am tisha powell. at the same time, they are redrawing new maps after a federal ruling said the current maps are unfair to black voters. joel is live. joel: barring an 11th hour decision from the u.s. supreme court, the general assembly will approve those brand-new congressional maps and the brand-new congressional primary day tomorrow, something all sides agree will cause voter confusion. republicans in the state house were forced to make a major change over when you get to vote
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washington. the house bill passed in raleigh . congress people will now be elected on june 7. while republican david lewis led the charge, he is hoping voters will never have to worry about it. republicans are counting on chief justice john roberts to delay a federal court ruling ordering north carolina to redraw its congressional maps, ruling that the current maps are racially biased. the state senate approved and newly drawn maps that republicans insist do not use voters' race as a matter. >> this is not the map that will come up if you google gerrymander. joel: democrats claim black voters are still stacked in a
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>> if democrats had their way, everyone would be voting on june 7, not split between march 15 and june 7. >> that's correct. people will be confused, and won't know who they are voting for. joel: here is my wake county voting guide you can print out online. let's talk about what happens if this goes through. voters will go to the polls on march 15. they will vote in the primaries and various state races, and then we will go back to the polls on june 7 and vote in the congressional primary. the general assembly, hoping to have these maps approved by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. tisha: of course, we will stay on top of this and let voters know everything they need to know. joel, thank you. breaking news in raleigh, police investigating the report of a shooting at capital boulevard and homestead drive.
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-- on the scene working to learn if anyone got hit. you can always look for any new developments on this story at steve: new tonight, a pedestrian hit by a car in raleigh to the intersection of garner road and rush street. police say the woman was into detail. police have detained the driver. we are working to find out the victim's condition. tisha: raleigh police are searching for a shooter. officers roped off the area with yellow crime scene tape. they say a man was found in the middle of the street with a gunshot wound. police are still investigating. steve: durham police are looking for clues in a shooting that happened this afternoon near the intersection of berlin avenue and prudent street. when police arrived, they found a car with a blown out driver's-side window. right now, we are working to
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tisha: a woman facing dwi charges after an accident involving a city bus. police tell us the woman ran a red light and slammed into the back of the bus. the bus driver was taken to the hospital to be checked out. none of the passengers had serious injuries. our crew on the scene say the woman was given a field sobriety test. steve: the ride through the 43 -44 works zone in raleigh isn't exactly driver-friendly. drivers say there are a lot of missing lane markers on pavement, which is making it difficult. andrea blanford is showing us that problem. andrea: the dot says the crews have been waiting for mother nature to cooperate, and finally, they say it's getting warm enough for crews to make these necessary repairs. you can see this outer westbound lane is shut down between a rock
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driving the 40 construction zone is beginning to take a toll on his car and his nerves. >> my vehicle, it's horrible. i can hear popping noises in the suspension. a few are fighting the steering wheel. andrea: a crumbling roadway is why the dot spokesperson says they started the project in the first place. he says since crews have shifted the lanes last year, they have been trying to smooth things over with asphalt, but winter had other plans. >> we can't do it when it's raining, and we can't do it when it's below 40 degrees. andrea: why is it hard to see if you are still in your lane? >> it's hard to tell where the line ends and starts. andrea: abbott says plows like this one scraped up reflective lane markers during the january snowstorm.
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blame for racks -- fioor wrecks. >> when they get into trouble, they can't collect themselves. andrea: as for the potholes drivers can't seem to avoid -- >> is it possible they can patch up some of the holes? andrea: abbott says conditions are right for putting a band-aid on those spots. >> these are temporary fixes. economically, it doesn't make sense to spend millions of dollars to put things up brand-new when in a few months it will be chewed up. andrea: over the next two nights, crews will be putting down new asphalt and restriping. we are told drivers should notice the change in these westbound lanes by saturday. andrea blanford, abc 11 eyewitness news. tisha: new tonight, remembering those who lost their lives to violent crime and calling for
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parents of murdered children held a vigil at shepherds house united methodist church. the event pay tribute to the 48 people killed in durham last year. the victims range in age from two weeks to 65 years old. steve: i hope county woman and her son, missing from within a week have been found. ,the 55-year-old and her son disappeared on february 8. investigators have been searching for her, and tonight, the hope county sheriff's office followed up on leads and found a pair. they say she left on her own. tisha: abc 11 the highlighting the good deed of a raleigh business owner and his efforts to help the people of flint, michigan dealing with a water crisis. he has delivered an 18-wheeler filled with bottled water to the community, and he is working to collect more.
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>> everybody from north carolina , passing out water in flint, and we appreciate it. angelica: this video, capturing the gratitude and prayers of the people in flint, michigan after this 18-wheeler delivered 40,000 700 miles away. every bottle donated was more than dave montague ever thought he could collect when he first heard of the crisis. >> they say 9000 children have been poisoned, and they are going to have long-lasting effects behind that. that really kind of got to me. i said, we've got to do something. angelica: he called family and friends. >> the goal was 10,000 bottles. angelica: within days, the water was pouring in. >> they kept loading it. angelica: he owns this plaza off rock quarry road. he said the community center and the barbershop at the end were filled with donations, and when
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and bernadette mcallister said help came in all sizes. >> one year old, two year old kids, picking it up to get it on trucks. angelica: the donations are still coming in. more cases. angelica: they helped to deliver another truck full of the simple water. steve: angelica alvarez with the impressive effort in southeast raleigh. new tonight, the downtown raleigh alliance celebrating its 20th anniversary. downtown raleigh was in serious to climb. keynote speaker peter hirschberg marks as an innovation city. he is a heavyweight in the tech world.he spent nine years at apple and served as an advisor to microsoft. tisha: relaxation through destruction. where it's ok for adults to pitch a tantrum. steve: bill cosby making
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what he wants back from one of the women accusing him of rape. tisha: a tourist helicopter spiraling out of control near pearl harbor. what you have learned about the moments before the crash. first, let's take a look outside the raleigh eyewitness news center. a few folks on fayetteville street, although temperatures have plunged. chris: temperatures are going up in a hurry as we get into the weekend. it's cold now. we are at 34.
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the 20's in many spots. >> abc 11 is keeping you
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tisha: new tonight, stunning video of a tourist helicopter crashing into the water near pearl harbor on the island of a wahoo. helicopter smoking before it dropped into the water. several who saw it dropped -- jumped into the water to help pull passengers to safety. one of the passengers, a condition. 75% contained. firenados are pretty common during these intense wildfires. tisha: bill cosby is suing one of the women who accused him of rape.
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settlement when she worked with him a comer a county district attorney as they investigated -- with a montgomery county district attorney as they investigated. cosby is charged with drugging and sexually assaulting the woman in his home tilde via. opponents worried the bill could hurt the states $4 billion
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a 10-minute tantrum is $10 -- $35. steve: we begin in florida -- what you can see our sparks flying as this guy takes a backhoe on a joyride. he drove it across seven mile bridge down in the florida keys. the driver damaged the road itself and the sides of the bridge as he was crisscrossing the bridge. backhoe had to reverse course several times to avoid getting one patrol car was damaged during that speed -- low-speed chase.
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after saving that dog who slipped through thin ice and fell into a lake. this is from the fairfax county fire and rescue page that shows the crew inching closer to the pooch in peril. just two pause kept her from sliding under the ice. the dogs name is angel. the dog is recovering tonight, shaking and a little cold, but they say she's going to make a full recovery. snow day pandemonium. the toronto zoo's giant panda is celebrating with all that fresh snowfall by somersaulting down that small hill. he then walks up a little bit, and watch this -- he decides, i'm going to do this again. toronto had about four inches of snow on tuesday, and he said, there's no time to be hanging out in the cave.
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the national zoo. [laughter] chris: we haven't had a pure snow event, so it is hard to have fun in snow. some folks say, we need one good snow. things can change, but that's the thinking now. a huge warm up on the way. we bust into the 60's, as promised. low to mid 60's saturday. we crash back into the 40's, and that's going to be an unpleasant crash into the 40's. it will be rainy. it will be breezy. 51 was the high at rdu. border. 54 is your high in fayetteville.
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denver, low 70's. 80's in oklahoma city. they had problems with wildfires across the southern plains. some of the warm air will be close on sunday. durham, looking good at 11:00. rdu international at 34. east wind at 7. that study wind from the east, old and temperatures up just a little bit. it is 28 at the lewisburg airport. 32 at roanoke rapids. 38 degrees in fayetteville. a sunny, cool day today with fair skies, and there is that
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stormy weather stays out west until the early to middle part of next week. low-to-mid 20's from the triangle northward. a cold start to our friday. temperatures, below freezing, and then rise to 41. easterly wind much of the day. as this high shifts down to the south, we see our winds turnaround to a southwesterly direction. that is when temperatures begin to ramp up, and we get to the 60's. this cold front stays to the north of us, but it will slide during the day monday. things will change dramatically starting monday. make the most of this quiet weather and pleasant weather while you can.
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highs still staying in the upper 40's. first alert accuweather seven-day forecast. saturday, high clouds. we get into the upper 60's. it will be a nice, dry weekend. a little bit of rain is possible monday. emperors may fall through the day. tuesday and wednesday, breezy and cold periods of rain. tisha: we have to enjoy the weather in little pockets. chris: absolutely. get it while you can. tisha: a water main break creating a flood of problems for a popular raleigh business. what you may be forced to close its doors for good.
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thst celebrating its 40th anniversary by going retro. they unveiled this retro ambulance today, and modernized vehicle was special striping. the unit is expected to have a four-year service life and respond to 8000 ems calls. be on the lookout. the doors of a popular raleigh pop may remain closed
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tisha: we went back to the boiling brew club -- pub after a water main break caused a wall to collapse. the owner said he's not sure the popular business with a view of the downtown skyline will ever reopen. if repairs can be made, it will take up to six months. the golden arches is mashing up breakfast and dinner. mcdonald's is testing the chicken mcgriddle at five locations in ohio. it's unclear whether the tests will be expanded to new markets. this looks really good to me. steve: it does. if you are in ohio, check it out. tisha: i bet they would be able to whip one up. steve: special request. mark is with us now. the canes on the road in ottawa, and a lot of talk about eric staal.
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swirling. coming up, canes trying to stay hot in canada's capital. a very poignant day to win a daytona. mike krzyzewski released a statement today, saying he plans on having a knee replacement
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intention of being tea>> now abc 11 eyewitness news sports sponsored by your local toyota dealers. mark: the hurricanes have quietly become one of the surprise stories of the nhl season. one of the youngest teams in the league and competing for a playoff spot, pinnie to keep stacking wins. tonight against the senators, first period, yoakam nordstrom at the point. his shot, tipton by jordan staal, the associate assistant to the manager and captain of the team. second period, down a goal. that's how you finish. his third straight game with a goal. it was all for not. third period, cody cc's slapper deflected. they win it 4-2.
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bad news tonight with of the trade deadline looming, questions about eric staal's immediate future remain at the forefront. he spoke honestly about the prospect of a move earlier before the game. >> i'm not going to be crushed if a decision is made, and i'm moving on for a different opportunity, but at the same team win games. >> we are learning how to win. we are learning how to get better every day. it's been fun to see these young guys develop. i want to win again. i want to win every year. it feels like it has been a long time. mark: 15th anniversary of dale earnhardt's death, his son feeling some fresh pain about that, but he would turn it into game. cole whitt, not having any luck. you aren't going to win a race driving backwards. dale earnhardt junior take the checkered flag, and he would
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wondering, took the checkered in the second tool. bad news for the other locals in action, but first, we checkout duke women in action at virginia tech. a one-point game. they were actually trailing by a point, the blue devils work, but look at that shot by kyra lamb burger. that turned out to be the winning shot as duke takes it 66-62. for other local teams. pittsburgh takes up north carolina at carmichael 76-60. the road. folks are buzzing about the blue devils at the dome last night. it was the topic of the discussion during the taping of the brain trust podcast at abc 11. justin watt, legit concerned
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>> i'm not sure if this team is learning from its mistakes. they keep making the same mistakes. i think the guys have to realize -- all those guys are struggling, but helping bryce out, just getting him the ball. >> coach k gives the formula.
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>> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, kerry washington, nikolaj coster-waldau, "this week in unnecessary censorship" and music from jason derulo with cleto and the cletones. and now, nobody move, here's


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