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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News  ABC  February 20, 2016 1:37am-2:00am EST

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steve: new tonight, a 13 your girl in rocky mount -- 13-year-old girl in rocky mount caught in a crossfire. she was in her home when she was hit by a bullet late last night. two groups of people were caught in a home fighting, and bullets, started flying. the teenager was shot in her side. she was airlifted to greenville and is expected to recover. police are searching for the shooter. tisha: fire destroyed a home in dobson county. the fire started in the rear of the home, and quickly spread. ,one person was at the home when the fire started and was taken to the hospital with. minor burns. . steve: a new push for clues in a drive-by shooting that seriously injured an elderly woman, with bullets piercing the walls of door the holloway's -- dorothy
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one women had to be amputated. the sheriff visited her in the hospital. if you know anything about who the gunman was, please call the sheriff's office. tisha: closing arguments are expected in the sentencing hearing for the man convicted of killing melissa huggins jones in her apartment nearly three years ago. the defense called several members of smith's family to testify about his abusive childhood. the same jury that convicted him of murder will decide if he should get life in prison or the death penalty. steve: the owner of a state fair ride that injured 30 people will spend time in jail. he entered a guilty plea without making admission of guilt. five people were tossed off of the vortex ride. one man suffered brain and spinal cord injuries. he has to spend 30 days in jail and spit -- and pay a $22,000 fine.
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the district attorney says the resolution is not in line with the injuries received. the attorney for two former unc athletes doing the university for coursing them into taking bogus classes plans to take the court -- case to the court of appeals. former basketball player -- james arnold says the case impacts college athletes nationwide. tisha: state health officials keeping a watchful eye after a north carolina resident is diagnosed with the zika virus. they will not say where the person lives or who got the virus, but only that the person got the virus when traveling and brought it back to our state. the vast majority of people who get the virus never know they have it. the biggest danger is believed to be too unborn babies, because the virus is linked to possible birth defects.
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taking a -- are taking a bold step to help a student detained by immigration officials in georgia. wildin guillen-acosta was picked up by officials on his way to riverside high school. today, supporters gathered in downtown durham to put together a package for him, including letters of encouragement and school work. teachers are afraid he will get behind and will not graduate in may if he wins the battle to stay in this country. there is no word when wildin guillen-acosta could be deported. steve: a man who fought with world war ii and has been volunteering with the fayetteville museum received an honor today, a special paving stone in the ground outside the museum honoring lieutenant colonel al alvarez. alvarez was among the thousands of soldiers who stormed omaha beach on d-day. the ecm -- museums is all his a competence would not fit on one stone.
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bragg. the course was set up to teach men and women how to seamlessly transition from military to civilian jobs. governor pat mccrory launched this public-private partnership in may 2015 to help veterans find employment in steve: north carolina. we are just getting started. donald trump taking a bite out of apple. his new demands to his followers. and, check out this near hit. on the track to trouble -- his dangerous decision is the must-see video of the night. first, a lot of people outside in downtown raleigh, enjoying a great way to kick off the weekend. beautiful outside. >> temperatures are in the 40's. much milder than last night at this time. upper 30's and low 40's for you early tomorrow.
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chances down the road, and when rain chances go back down. steve: now, tonight's winning mega millions numbers. 27, 50, 41, 2, and the megaball morning ted! scott! ready to hit some balls?
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steve: the justice department is escalating its battle with apple over the iphone belonging to the sampling in a shooter. federal prosecutors -- belonging to the san bernardino shooter. they said apple designs products to allow technology, not the law, to control access to critical data. they made it clear that apple would be allowed to retain possession of the phone. donald trump is battling -- jumping into the apple battle, calling for his supporters to boycott apple until it agrees to
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he said, i use both iphone and samsung. if apple does not give info, i will only be using samsung until they give info. tisha: president obama and michelle obama paying final respects to supreme court justice antonin scalia of. his flag draped casket was carried up the steps of the supreme court to begin public mourning for one of the court's most influential members. his casket rested on the same platform used for president abraham lincoln. vice president joe biden and his wife will attend his funeral mass tomorrow at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception in washington. governor pat mccrory is among dignitaries paying respects to justice scalia. the governor's office -- governor mori -- governor mccrory is in washington, attending a committee meeting for the national governors association.
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dynasty" spoke at a rally for ted cruz, where he suggested robertson should represent the united states at the united nations. robertson officially injured -- endorse ted cruz last month. tisha: hoverboard makers might be hit with a recall if they don't get their act. together the consumer product safety commission issued a warning to retailers. some models of the self balancing scooters are prone to catching fire and exploding. they cited 53 reports of fires caused by hoverboards in 24 states. hoverboards are not permitted on public streets in london, and new york city has banned them altogether. steve: we begin in australia, with one guy's really dumb decision over here. he narrowly avoids getting hit by this approaching train. for some reason he tries crossing the tracks before
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down on him. the engineer hit the emergency brake, and the guy jumped out of the way. amazingly, he was not hurt. in upstate new york, a driver touching video of what he calls the best worst driver in the history of the snowstorm, that guy in the bmw weaving back and forth on the icy road, really close to plowing into that pickup truck. the identity of that mysterious driver is unknown. you hear the guy saying, "that guy is a professional." now, the penguin chicks at the toledo zoo have reached a real milestone. they are 2.5 months old, and look at that, they are learning how to swim. right now they are off the exhibit when they learn to swim. the keepers have a watchful eye on them. the next that is to introduce
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that's what they are doing. a nice can finding -- confined environment. tisha: the vip treatment. [laughter] steve: that's a good life. before we get into the really icy water. >> no icy stuff for us, at least for quite a while. the warm front will not last too long, so make the most of it. that is the most active weather coming our way. not until the tuesday or wednesday time frame. late sunday night, maybe part of monday -- into tuesday, we see the moisture coming in during the morning hours on tuesday. it will continue, looks like a wet day on tuesday and wednesday as well. the wettest days coming up. until then, it will be pretty nice. a gorgeous day today, with temperatures of little below average, but not bad at all for february. back at 53 at rdu. 55 in fayetteville.
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when we were at 53, chicago was at 62 today, but they had wind to match that, around 60 miles an hour, causing problems. flight cancellations, delays, a big mess in much of the midwest. very windy. st. louis, a record high today. 77 degrees. the normal is 46. i can see a few spots getting to 70 or 72 potentially on sunday, especially south of the triangle. 45 -- midtown raleigh, these guys are up and partly cloudy. 46, humidity at 39%. southwest wind is holding temperatures up. down to 41 at rocky mount with wilson. a little cooler in the triangle right now, 42 degrees. these guys are mostly clear. a sunny and cool day. overall, pretty quiet stuff.
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is spinning around the great lakes, causing destructive wind across the midwest. but not a lot of moisture with it. it is still warm, even near the canadian border. that is pretty unusual in february to have just rainfall that far north. tonight, fayetteville may drop into the upper 30's. you are already at 42. tomorrow is not as sunny as today. might be mostly cloudy, but with a southwest wind kicking in, temperatures will rise into the mid-50's by the midday hour. with high-pressure sliding off shore, a southwest wind taking over, temperatures will have no trouble getting into the 60's. there are some clouds, or there will be during the day tomorrow, and even more so on sunday. you see a little rain coming our way, very late into the evening hours.
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much, if not all of the day is rain-free. perhaps in the evening, a bit of rain. this front slides through on monday. temperatures are cooler, and the rain chances start to ramp up tuesday and wednesday. 65 in raleigh tomorrow. high clouds around during the day. 66 in fayetteville. it won't be as bright but much warmer than today. your first alert accuweather seven-day forecast. 68 on sunday. a bit of rain late in the day. monday, mostly cloudy. probably not a lot rain that day, either. the best shot of rain next week is tuesday, then drying out thursday and friday. mainly over the weekend, the 60's are gone and may stay gone for quite a while. it may stay below average temperature wise for a couple weeks.
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a road project in raleigh could slow you down this weekend. steve: class, -- plus, they are ready for their close-up. how these two dogs from right here in the triangle have become a global social media sensation. we want you to celebrate disneyland's 60th here on abc. you can watch sunday night at
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you can tweet us usingtisha: transportation is expected to explode in the triangle. the first that is revamping the go raleigh transit station. they will be wi-fi by the waiting area and much more lights. the raleigh mayor joined the opening. it will take about a year to complete. steve: asphalt to release let you down in the i-44 constructions on this weekend. they're putting down a sin -- thin layer of asphalt and they will create rain markings and add markers. the work will continue through the weekend. you may have seen pictures of these guys floating around on
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they have been shared millions of times. snoop dogg even tweeting it out. tisha: they have more than 230,000 followers on social media, all starting with a video from their mom. she went viral. suddenly, people were asking for more videos. >> it was completely shocking. i am in law school. i got up for school, happened to check it. there's 30,000 people following my dogs. she went from five followers to 30,000. in one night. tisha: last year, she broke her one good front leg, and with the help of her followers she got enough money for her followers. -- for her surgery. steve: she is a complete ham.
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the keys are on the road -- no, with the homeground -- home crowd at the pnc. >> tomorrow's monster match up with miami. and, after falling, this team is
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>> now, abc 11 eyewitness news, sports, sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> star was night at the pnc arena. the canes returning home from canada, and got right back to work. still no justin faulk. the sharks are in solid playoff position out west. the canes trying to climb to a similar spot east. a deflection over martin zones -- jones for a 1-0 lead. jordan staal. watch this. that is a rubber missile. what a heater. make it 2-1 canes. eric staal on a goal drought. jeff skinner gets it in. his 20th.


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