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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 PM  ABC  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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-- waken into franklin county -- southern durham, actually, much of durham, northern half of wake, and into franklin county. scattered areas of rain becoming more widespread through the evening hours. still wet for many in the morning. especially triangle northward. tamara looks damp and cool. the -- tomorrow looks damp and cool. anna: now to breaking news in raleigh. a jury sentences travion smith to life in prison, scaring his life.
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it: -- ed: the jury came back in less than an hour. the tension in the courtroom was so thick you could feel it. family members were holding each other's hands. clerk: we, the jury, unanimously determine that travion smith be sentenced to life in prison, official recommendation. ed: to be sure, that is sentence is life without parole. smith showed little reaction as he has throughout the trial. one of his defense attorneys definitely had tears in her eyes and on her cheeks. i could hear an audible sigh
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quietly on that side of the courtroom. you will remember them was a huggins-jones was found by her then eight-year-old daughter dead, half beaten and staff -- and stabbed to death. the victim's mother got up and told travion smith that she did -- he did make a conscious choice to kill her daughter and he knew right from wrong and he today. the jury came back in less than half an hour and has decided death. it's been since 2007, pushing
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anna: can adjust a center, ed crump. joel: new information about the driver accused of allowing into a group of cyclists. the crash happened over the weekend in johnston county. two of the victims are still in the hospital tonight. andrea: mike dayton and lynn lashley are still here at wakemed, each suffering head injuries. two others were also hurt when thrown from their bikes saturday afternoon. joel lawrence tells us he is otherwise doing ok today. he says they were all doing -- wearing reflective gear ,riding
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them from behind. charges are pending against donnie williams. joel: north carolina civil rights leaders, the naacp wants the new congressional maps thrown out. jon: the naacp in durham here foul on the congressional maps by republicans. they are asking the court to draw new maps of the half of the state. they are skeptical of any maps by state republicans.
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supporters of the map maintain they are fair and legal but they are under federal review right now. arias a primary date made for june 7. it still needs to be approved by governor mccrory. anna: day big search is underway in fayetteville for one of two teenagers that trashed a new home and caused tens of thousands of dollars in damages. they have captured one teen and second. reporter: malicious, that is how investigators described the damage to this house for sale. you see a busted window. that is where one of the suspects got into the house.
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police say the vandals literally trashed just about every room. they ripped apart the kitchen. they turned on the water in the upstairs bathrooms, flooding the floor and -- the floor. they think two are responsible, but could be more. joel: also, jury selection under way on. anthony wilson right now at the
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anthony: his relatives watched defense and prosecution attorneys prepare for his trial. he is charged with the murder of the sean mcqueen. she disappeared that year and construction workers found her remains. the police charged him with murder in 1997 and believed he killed her when she refused to have an abortion. but those charges were dropped without expedition from prosecutors. today in court, lawyers discussed several motions with the judge and said they expect about two weeks of testimony from their respective witnesses. once the jury is selected, opening statements will begin. anna: now to that shocking
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authorities are trying to piece together the hour-long rampage involving an uber frive.
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they are praying for everyone affected. joel: happening right now in colorado, a jury will soon decide the fate of a woman
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mother and stealing her baby. the brutal attack happened last monday. the defendant grew up in north carolina. the mother survived but the baby did not. if convicted that country's conflict. joel: the law enforcement
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one of their own killed in the line of duty. pay one mile-long funeral procession taking the body of jason mosier to the huge arena for his funeral this evening. he was killed at a standoff with a domestic violence. suspect his organs were donated to at least five people. he leaves behind a wife and two children. anna: the wife of bill cosby under oath today. camille took the stand in the defamation case against phil cosby. 50 women have leveled sexual misconduct accusations against cosby. cosby faces separate sexual charges -- separate charges of sexual assault in pennsylvania.
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candidates are heading west to nevada. there are only five candidates remaining on the republican side after jeb push suspended his campaign over the weekend. donald trump remains the front runner. anna: on the democratic side, hillary clinton hopes to string together back-to-back victories. clinton beat senator sanders over the weekend in nevada. in nevada, clinton has a commanding lead. clinton -- joel: the u.s. supreme court back in session today for the first time since the sudden death of justice antonin scalia. scalia died earlier this month
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ranch. president obama has vowed to take a supreme court nominee to fill the vacancy. anna: a new twist tonight. in the fight ap apple. joel: fallout from a high profile [indiscernible] anna: ryan andrews files a lawsuit saying a hotel allowed a
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joel:joel: the families of the sandy hook. shooting victims taking a bold step sue they are fighting to gun maker's -- shooting -- the families of the sandy hook shooting victims taking a bold steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that's amazing! that's amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion.
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so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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joel: erin andrews is suing marriott hotels. andrews accuses marriott and others for allowing david barrett to book rooms next to her to make videos. anna: today, the city will release new figures on the human
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hpv is the most common sexually-transmitted infection in the united states. about 79 million americans currently have it. if you are wondering where our steve and tisha, we can tell you. joel: they are on a field trip to new york city right now. and they are on their way back as we speak. but we can share some of their photos. if you have in following them on social media, you have seen a lot of these picks, steve and tisha behind the scenes of manual -- of many watched shows. anna: these are awesome. you can go to and section for more pictures of
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they look bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning. joel: an exciting day for stephen tisha. i can't -- steve and tisha. i can't wait to hear more. they might make it to the 6:00. -- chris: they might make it to the 6:00. some rain tonight, rain tomorrow, but it is wednesday we are most focused on. a strong for -- strong cold front could set out strong to severe thunderstorms for my job state, south carolina and parts of virginia. maybe even isolated tornadoes. i wouldn't be surprised if this is upgraded to the enhanced risk. into the day wednesday, especially into the afternoon and evening. that it is clear sailing after
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you see where the yellow is, that is steady and heavier rain. that is some heavy rain along capital boulevard, back towards highway 70, pressing on to the east and stretches up to parts of granville county. south way drive, light rays across the sand hills. bottom line, it will be wet at times. little more widespread. that continues through midday. into the afternoon, just patches of light rain or drizzle. it is 48 now. a cool wind at 10 miles an hour. still 56 in fayetteville. it was around 60 earlier today.
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the south. temperatures yesterday at or above 70. you see showers in these areas of rain. for now, it is quiet in the deep south. ) bracing for what could be significant rain. again, the risk shifts to the east. doesn't look quite as intense for us. those tonight with occasional rain -- -- lowe's tonight with occasional rain -- lows tonight with occasional rain.
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a line of showers. into the afternoon is what we have the threat of severe thunderstorms with her hats olated tornadoes. again, wednesday afternoon into the evening. then things settle down for a long time after that. tomorrow, just cool and damp in the triangle. mid 50's in fayetteville. we talked about the storm threat. breezy and cooler thursday. we will get you through wednesday. then we have nice weather to look forward to. anna: the weekend looks good. joel: new developments. she is 106 years old, but she is
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anna: joel: a judge is expected to decide whether a lawsuit brought by families of the victims can go forward against companies that make the ar-15 rifle used in the attack. adam lanza shot and killed 20
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since the protection of offer -- of lawful commerce past, nearly every case against the gunmakers has been dismissed. have you seen this? dancing at the white house. >> virginia mcfarland? >> high! -- hi! president obama: you want to say hello to michelle? >>! yeah! president obama: she's 106. michelle: you are not. anna: she told the first couple
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she is at the white house to celebrate black history month. at 106, she is a bit of black history yourself. she said she never thought she would live to see a black president. she says that she has prayed for president obama every day since he was elected. joel: still ahead, a whistleblower at thev.a.v -- at the v.a. anna: the emotional toll it took
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joel: an i-team investigation. anna: tonight, the i-team investigates claims of retaliation by the v.a.a. joel: a local vet said that he was targeted and ignored after a


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