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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 PM  ABC  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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all day live in the first alert storm center with the latest. steve: -- chris: no warning in effect there right now. the triangle area, no tornado warnings but there are some to show you. steve stewart is here with me. keeping you cover this afternoon with the eyewitness news team. we have a warning in effect for durham county, wake county. now you see this line of storms very intense. the tornado warning has been canceled. that wasn't effect for parts of wake. we talked about this, the rotation seems to be weakening. the wasn't much of a signature. you see here heavy rain into
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cloud to ground lightning. those areas under severe thunderstorm warning as is franklin county. the tornado warning near oxford, made its way into northern vance county. so far no reports of damage. that can take a while. that is the good news. this is the tornado warning from virginia. you can see around south hill intense thunderstorms. this is the supercell that produced the tornado in northern vance county. that's the only confirmed when we've had. if you are around south hill or virginia you need to take cover. you see that severe thunderstorm warning, nothing in cumberland just yet. this cell just around bennett in
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northeast very quickly at 60 miles per hour into cumberland county very shortly. lb surprised if a warning goes into effect there. all of this progressing eastward until this line of storms makes its way out of here. here is a look at the heavy rain pushing into the west side of raleigh. pushing past the airport. stretching northward here into granville county along interstate 85. you have that warning, now you have a super thunderstorm warning. with the atmosphere so volatile it's not impossible we get a spin up and the warning all of a sudden is a tornado warning. so far things are quieter.
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optimistic but not quite the number of warnings we had earlier. this is what we look at for potential hail. we've had reports of large golf ball to even baseball sized hail in some areas. you don't see that around here too often. potentially some large hail with that. you don't see too many other areas with potential for hail. notice in our viewing area the only tornado warning in between severe thunderstorm warnings for wake, durham, franklin county, all of this pressing to the hour. we have the storms moving quickly. a new tornado warning issued for
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in effect until 5:00. that thunderstorm we just showed you was very intense. it might ramp up. these areas to the north of the triangle into vance and granville county's, tornado warning. also a tornado warning for cumberland county in sampson county. those are two north -- to know -- two new tornado warnings. if you are in those counties, there they are for vance and granville counties. that is in effect for those areas of vance county, western franklin county. you'll be able to see where the potential rotation is. that is on your doorstep. you need to take cover right
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you see that area where steve has the cursor going around. that areas where there is potential tornado warning in effect. severe thunderstorms capable of producing a severe thunderstorms. 40-50 miles per hour. into cumberland county, that tornado warning for cumberland, harnett, parts of those counties, there's nothing going on there now but just south of st. paul there is the rotation, the potential tornado moving near red springs. that will quickly make its way
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you see that warning because it's moving so quickly. the national weather service is there to. you have plenty of time. those areas got plenty of time to take cover. but that's like going up interstate 95. that's the speed limit. take cover right away. there you see into vance county, we have the tornado warning. anchor: the fact that we are seeing these great signatures, we are dealing with a tornado that is more than likely touching down at times. the strongest we have seen is around south hill. it's right across parts of mecklenburg county. continues around highway 1. that is a major concern and
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let me zoom out and you can see the entire area. these little cells popping up nearly as strong. they are going to bring some heavy bands of rain behind it. hopefully our atmosphere is getting worked over we will not have anything behind us develop which is surprising. ping-pong balls. that was reported earlier. not by the storm we have now. numerous trees down interim counting, in the city of durham and the neighborhood. there you see the hail had reports of up to golf ball and salt ball sized hail. that is large hail obviously along the south of interstate 85. that is the precursor to a tornado.
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tell there may be a tornado coming up. it is typically at the rear. that is when the wind will change with direction or speed. shifting wind basically with high or speed. there you see over southwestern sections of vance county and granville county that area is where there is concern with the sheer. it is embedded in that line if there is a tornado. you can't chase storms here like you do in the plains states. too many trees and hills. you get in this heavy rain. tornadoes are often wrapped in rain. they are impossible to see. just wait until you see it or hear it. the best thing is to take cover immediately. we have those in effect until 5:30.
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franklin, until 4:45. it gives you of idea of how tall these storms are. >> over 50,000 feet now. the one over henderson is 40,000 feet. that is a very powerful system. typically the stronger they are, the larger the hill is going to be. and the stronger the hail the more potential for rotating wind. we have all the ingredients. we have it all. it's a rarity to be talking about seven degree temperatures. we have lines of thunderstorms like this very much unprecedented. i'm sure chris has been here longer but i have not seen this. chris: that is our standard tornado season but to get an
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this late. this time last year we had 6-7 inches of snow about to fall on us. that is more of a concern in february. there you see heavy rain, in effect him and no tornado warnings but you see near wake forest and along interstate 540 a rough commute for the folks trying to get home after 5:00. extreme rainfall. i don't see a lot of cloud to ground lightning with that. there is some. severe thunderstorm warnings for wake county. we will get cumberland county. there is a new tornado warning. >> look at that.
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the sad news is out of sussex county, virginia we do get reports of three fatalities. that stretches up this line. this is an east coast event with this line of storms stretching from washington to the west of richmond. you see there are a couple of tornado warnings out to the west. we focus back here in two mecklenburg county. you can see it looks like around south hill there is some circulation. those colors look kind of crazy but what you are looking for is green and red that gets close together. that indicates rotation. wind going away from and towards indicates the air is rotating aloft. that means it could easily be on the ground within moments of the weather service issuing a
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doppler signature and many times you can get a false positive. that is the drawback to doppler radar. you get a lot of warnings and there is never a tornado. the major benefit outweighs the drawback you get much more advanced time than we did years ago. if there is a tornado on the ground notice how quickly that is moving in. it wasn't doing anything and now that storm is moving. that is one hour. that has come out of south carolina and it is over fayetteville right now. it is hauling. you can take cover immediately. stay safe. steve: we want to show you the live feed coming in now could we are tracking the storm damage. let's take you now to northern
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you can see this tree has fallen on this house. chris was telling us a few minutes ago of damage reports on the north side of i-85 where large hail came through as well. this is part of that system atlanta tornado warnings. this is a system that moved through. a number of reports like this of trees down. it will mean a lot of cleanup in that part of northern durham. tisha: lots of trees down in the viewing area. andrea blanford is on lake ridge drive in raleigh. what is going on behind you? >> a large tree has collapsed. take a look here. you can see the police tape is blocking this parking lot and for good reason. while you see that giant tree that crashed through the roof
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here, there is still a second tree standing to the right of that and police just put up this second line of police tape to keep anyone walking by a good safe distance away. we don't know what's going to happen. we are experiencing some wind here at the moment. you can only assume led to that tree. it is probably dead and weekend already. it caused it to fall on top of this world cultural center. there are people who live across the street. i spoke with one man who lives a quarter mile down the road. when he came outside he didn't see a tree. he actually had to walk up the sidewalk and that is when he saw the damage you are looking at now. the world cultural center, we
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building. he says the owner of this building renovated this space for months ago after a tight burst. it gutted the inside of the building. here we are four months later. when -- wind caused this crash. we are getting fits of rain here and there as well. this is the beginning of what the damage will be. raleigh police still are on scene. they said they got the call around 4:43 this afternoon. plenty of people heard the loud crash when it did fall right through this area. very dangerous.
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mentioning there is another tree up here. you hear another tree still standing. we are still getting some strong gusts of wind. police are concerned that they may be the next to go. this say safety measure to keep fox a safe distance away. this is what we are looking at here. it is one of several trees that have fallen. this is a warning as well. you have to constantly be looking up. for now we will send it back to you from northeast raleigh. steve: now we want to show you what the situation is on the road. a lot of people try to make
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tisha: angelica alvarez joins us their 540. things may have calmed down. >> the storm was moving faster than we were. we are even able to see clear skies and a rainbow. you can see a head of us, that line of rain ahead of us. it is starting to get darker once again. we have been driving the same stretch of 540. a lot of heavy rain and clearing. it's a very on and off, very fast-moving, very unpredictable in a way. people speeded up right now. visibility was even really bad when the rain was coming down. it was hard to see the cars directly in front of us. this storm does have its rough patches.
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it looks like we're entering another round of rain here on 540. that is what it is looking like right now. we been seen patches of heavy rain. we are trying to stay with it but it is moving pretty fast. we will keep you updated on conditions as we continue to look and give you a first hand account as best we can. joel: thank you. -- steve: thank you. there was a confirmed tornado on we have fresh details just coming in. one of our vehicles just pulling up on the scene. we're told one house has been destroyed. 3-4 others are damaged. we are also told someone was in a car hit by that storm that
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heather walker just pulling up on the scene. there on the scene, heather. heather: we right now you can see the police have blocked off part of hunsberger road. we are not able to pass. we can't tell what is beyond the cars down there but what we can see, we are trying to turn around to get a better view. it looks like a farm. what looks like the roof of some kind of cardboard -- carport is blown over. all we know now is that one house was destroyed. we are hearing 3-4 more have been damaged. like you said the sheriff also saying one person who was in a car when this tornado touchdown was also hit but they are expected to be ok.
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you can see what looks like some of that building belonging to a form. you can see it toppled over here , some equipment looks like it is lying. you can see traffic off in the distance. that house was supposedly damaged. the sheriff is telling us, we can see a vehicle pulling up. we will get past this area here and let you know what we are seeing with pictures going in and out. steve: that same tornado moved on it was confirmed to have touchdown and bands county. we have crews responding to those areas checking of the damage reports. we are also told by a parent and chatham county kids are now being released. they were sheltered inside of
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released. we are getting reports of a number of trees down and chatham county. that system that moves through, up into granville and vance county to create a lot of damage and it will be a long time, a lot of cleaning up in the days ahead. tisha: we are not able to move around more freely. chris: still in the thick of it. we do have warnings to show you. we have liz with some pictures to show you. tornado 1 in effect for parts of vance and warren county. that is a new one. it has been extended northward. that just popped in as we came to you guys. if we go south it looks like
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south and wakeling county. there we go into northern wake county into franklin county. it looks like there is a potential tornado warning for northern parts of wake county in effect until 5:45. there you see the greens and reds coming together. we will get more information from the weather service. severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado. those are the areas where we live. you need to take cover right away into franklin county. it's moving northeast at 60.
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those areas of franklin county, tornado warning in effect. warren until 5:45. capable of producing a tornado, seven miles west. hour. the bottom line is, we have mentioned that, northern wake county, tornado warning in effect. potentially. then you go southward into cumberland county. that cell is jumping over the border. >> it is. we have been watching this for the past 20 minutes. if you live in and around the gray's creek area along interstate 95 you need to take
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it's going to be between the creek which is on it right now. that is a brand-new scam. it looks to be staying south of fayetteville. anchor: technically fayetteville is under the warning. we want folks there to take cover, east side of town. eastern harnett county now, tornado warning in effect. all those areas need to take cover. if you're just joining us that new warning in effect for northern wake county into franklin county, that is a tornado warning, a potential tornado near wake forest moving northeast at 50-60 miles per hour. you notice the warning includes roseville down towards interstate 540. i think they are ok because that storm is moving northward. technically you are in that warning.
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for a tornado moving quickly in the southern parts of franklin county. anchor: trying to do a 15 minute loop. that is how fast it is. >> the potential is there any way. that tornado warning is until 5:45. this storm is moving northeast at 60. same thing for the one to the north. these are hauling across central north carolina. we are concerned with cumberland county with the tornado warning, especially southeast of fayetteville. there you see the line of storms making its way across the region. it will be a long interstate 95. then it is gone. you see that was a severe thunderstorm.
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these are the little cells popping up back to our west 30 minutes ago. we were wondering about those. they are already on top of us. >> it's pretty much over with except for gusty wind that could be outside of storms. the wind is still howling in the clear air across those regions. take cover in those areas. liz horton is standing by with pictures of the storms that have been going on. liz: we are thankful for you to send us pictures. we want to encourage you to do so but only if you are safe. incredible golf ball-sized hail. you can see the hand clearly showing that hail because of reports of one inch hail in many areas.
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cloud, you can see it overall pretty good. and this rainbow, this is a frontal line. we did have a picture of a rainbow that was pretty incredible. we want to thank you so much for sending these photos in. it is certainly a site to be seen. you can also see that from the first alert weather app. once again we have a lot going on. anchor: thank you. i do appreciate it. we have to check on the data.
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that means these cells here now more than likely will stay this strength if not stronger. they will be moving in that region. let's go back to 3. we can show you this live view, this line of storms making its way to the northeast. tornado warnings and effect. it looks like this storm has moved out. you are about to get more in terms of rainfall and gusty wind and cloud to ground lightning. franklin county, that is making its way out of wake county. that warning is still in effect until 5:45. we have some intense rainfall,
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maybe damaging wind as it pushes towards the northeast. we look for rotation. you don't see a lot here. i don't see a lot here for franklin in wake county that we saw earlier. that tornado warning is in effect for those areas. if you are in franklin county and vance county you need to take cover immediately if you have not already. then we had down to the south. tornadoes through much of cumberland county. a tornado warning in effect. this thunderstorm is reaching a potential tornado; we had an earlier velocity with that and it is still there, the rotation just a long and east of interstate 95, making its way to the north and northeast. this has been coming rapidly out
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you can get the exact area -- right in this region here, east of 95 and moving toward the area. it could be a tornado on the ground, so that tornado warning is in effect for those areas. and it will continue for the next few hours, at 60 miles per hour. i want to show you a wider view of what is in effect right now. a little clearer, the watch until 7:00, then the orange -- that is severe thunderstorm warnings in effect from wake county up toward vance, durham. a severe thunderstorm warning for those areas. and down south, most of southeastern harnett county under a tornado warning or severe thunderstorm morning. >> it is moving so fast, and we talked about the velocities not


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