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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 PM  ABC  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> just pull over. what authorities are saying caused the wild scene. anchor: we begin with the tornado aftermath. >> i'm steve daniels. we have chopper 11 hd up in the air overhead for a new view of the damage. it is just as bad as we first thought as we arrived on the scene. tisha: the official report is not yet released but they say it was a tornado with wind in excess of 100 miles per hour. a dozen homes are seeing significant damage. the bull's-eye for the storm, hunts borough road. the first reporter on the scene is there now with the aftermath. >> now the cleanup begins. this is a community effort. family, friends and neighbors pitching in to help.
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sifting through the debris looking for precious valuables ripped out of these homes. >> 24 hours after the storm residents are cleaning up. cutting through massive trees that pierced the roof. the wind whipping as they sort through the rubble. >> memories now scattered on the lawn. next door, they search for anything worth saving. >> feel like i'm standing in the middle of the trash dump. reporter: her husband left to get dog food before the tornado. >> he had been home. he would not have lived through it. reporter: the tornado touchdown wednesday. crews surveyed the damage tracking its path and intensity.
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>> it toppled two silos overturning equipment, emotional family members left picking up the pieces. >> it is sad. it represents a lot to our family. it could have been worse. reporter: that seems to be the sentiment among this community. it could have been much worse. no one was injured. the only loss, three cows were killed during the storm down the road. joel: we are all grateful no injuries. the cleanup is underway in parts of durham where strong wind snapped these trees. damaging cars at home. >> cleanup is still going on in this neighborhood. people of are about to work. you have neighbors who don't
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together collecting debris. it has been a very busy day. this is the sound of cleanup. like many of her neighbors they are removing debris after surviving yesterday's storm. >> one isil the wind and everything gray i started running down the hallway. reporter: behind her were her dogs max and louis. she hit in a closet with her dogs. she found this. >> not good. just a material value. life, you can't. >> that's the same sentiment living at this home as they removed the massive tree.
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remove two trees leaning towards his home. >> it is worrying. >> a tree trimming service is now here and they will cut down the tree for this neighbor. the national weather service will be surveying to determine the speed of the storm. tisha: now to the damage to our north. the same storm system that slammed north carolina turned deadly in virginia. four people died including a two-year-old child. the first deadly twister in the month of february. the governor declaring a state of emergency in response to the storm. to the weather happening now, chris hohmann looking at the blue skies. it makes yesterday same like a bad dream. anchor: absolutely. more blustery. that is from behind the cold
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quieter weather on the way as wind dies down. the storm system moves off the coast. it's been a blustery day. we had clouds, our way during the afternoon. generally a nice one. beautiful setting sun. yesterday. when it gets warm in the weather -- winter you pay the price with strong storms when a cold front comes through. oxford henderson airport. it will be a while before we get that back. 52 rocky mount and wilson. we need that jacket pre-temperatures fall to 40 by midnight into the low and mid 40's by tomorrow morning. it will end up very mild. good news on a good-looking weekend coming up.
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center we are watching breaking stories in wake county. a bank robbery in wendell. we have chopper 11 over the same. this is a small bank on wendell boulevard. we have seen police activity around this bank. we are waiting to learn more details. we are hoping to have surveillance photos soon showing the bank robber in action as we believe there is a manhunt on right now for the person who robbed it. also a deadly crash in northern wake county. it was shut down after this nasty crash between the red sedan and white suv. you can see yellow tape. we believe the person who was killed was in that red car. other people also injured. one of the vehicles may have run a stop sign. we are waiting for more on the
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and the bicyclist hit by a car, seriously injuring two of them. highway patrol filing charges against the driver. authorities say the 50-year-old hit the bicyclist from behind as she tried to pass them. the driver has been charged with reckless driving, improper passing and improper passing resulting in serious injury. tisha: a teenager suspended for recording a school fight on his cell phone. he says he did not know it was against the rules and her son was roughed up by a security officer. >> good afternoon. in the book. in this case the code of conduct manual clearly prohibits anyone of a student during school hours. one teens mom says this policy in no way justifies the way her
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taylor recorded the fight on his cell phone during a class change. students were pulled apart. one guy ran over and grab the phone. >> i told him to get off of me. i hit my head a couple of times. reporter: her son suffered bruises and a sprained wrist during that confrontation. to add insult to injury another student who recorded her son's takedown has been punished. they are investigating the incident. joel: the latest on flu season
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one person died from the flu in that brings the total to four this season. the cdc says they are doing a better job this year. was 20% effective. tisha: sheriff deputies canvassing a neighborhood to make an arrest in a drive-by shooting that injured an elderly woman. detectives going door to door. dorothy holloway was shot inside her home february 12. bullets went piercing through the home hitting her in her leg. one like had to be amputated. steve: a community is mourning the death of a deputy shot and killed while authorities were trying to evict a man from his home.
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kerrigan was a 13 year veteran of the local sheriff's office. tisha: new developments in the developed -- disappearance of flight -- the malaysian flight. the plane disappeared in march of 2014 on a flight from kuala lumpur. a wing flap on the other side of the indian ocean is the only debris recovered. more lawsuits are expected over the next few days ahead of a filing deadline. steve: violent waves flipping a coast guard vessel while on an emergency call. the coast guard was responding to a fishing vessel that ran aground. the coast guard says five crew members swim to shore. the fishing boat crew also made it safely to shore. a lot people on the beach
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thankfully everyone doing ok tonight. it was a cruise vacation turning into a stomach turning nightmare. anchor: now one of the 4000 people on board fighting back. joel: this fed ex truck weaving across the highway. you will see what one man did to get the driver off the road. attacked and robbed inside a
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steve: take a look at this terrifying scene in florida. this is a fedex driver swerving all over the road. a driver said he didn't know if the driver was nodding off or impaired. amazing video. he recorded this video as it was happening. the driver slowed to five miles per hour. he is right in the median going into traffic. the simpkins was able to get the driver to pull over and give up his keys.
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steve: deputies believe the fedex driver was impaired that because he removed the keys from his ignition and that these did not personally witness him driving they could not make an him going into the parking lot. steve: now with five days to go until super tuesday the rivals of donald trump looking to challenge the front runner during the debate in houston. marco rubio and ted cruz have shown little willingness to take on tron but that could change tonight. he is riding high after three straight primary victories.
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super tuesday donald trump could take fire from both sides. marco rubio and ted cruz both questioning trumps conservative credentials at a fox news form last night. >> we are not going to allow the conservative movement to be defined by a nominated -- nominee who is not a conservative. reporter: that could push rubio to get tougher on tromp despite his threat to hit back harder. >> every attempt has failed spectacularly. the problem is they are each other's enemy as much as they are donald trump's. reporter: could there be a question about his tax returns after mitt romney accused him of hiding something about them. >> we have good reason to believe there is a bombshell in his taxes. >> romney blew an election that should have been one and is now
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reporter: the democrats to escape from the next -- bernie sanders is moving ahead to other states attracting thousands to a rally in cleveland. >> together we are going to transform america. >> john kasich and ben carson, did debate is an opportunity to silence calls to drop out of the race. tisha: a tribute to ray charles at the white house. it was hosted by barack obama. the celebration is the 16th and final music tribute program to take place during the obama administration. >> i will not be singing.
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fitting that we pay tribute to one of our favorites. one of the most brilliant and influential musicians of our time, the late great genius himself mr. ray charles. tisha: the program included performances by asher, anthony hamilton, the band perry and other singers. it will air on tbs. steve: that will be one to watch. chris is with us now. you took a look for yourself that the tornado damage and talk to people. i'm sure it was powerful to see. chris: it is. it is one thing when you get a feel of what is going on when we give warnings but when you see what actually happened and talk to the folks who were so gracious to us. they merely would talk to us and tell us what they went through.
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they are all just grateful there were no injuries and everybody survived. it was a rough day. there were several people we spoke to, very graceful. we haven't gotten the complete reported from the national weather service but we know and ef1 on the scale of 0-5. that is still a tornado with wind-up 100 miles per hour. this was a high and ef 1. still waiting for word on how wide it was. on the ground long enough to do some damage and make some live stuff or for a while at least. temperatures going to be chilly into the 40's. low mid 30's. a shot here of fayetteville. look at these clouds.
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the mid-50's. a blustery day behind that cold front. 52 rdu. 55 in fayetteville. 53 at goldsboro. if you, temperatures fall pretty quickly. when will continue diminishing. the cold front which slammed into here is now well offshore. no showers -- no showers in our mountains up to parts of new york state. it's not going to be cold here. they will drop into the low 30's to 30, rockford and henderson 31. 33 for you at 7:00 a.m.. a nice bright friday. 44 at noon. afternoon temperatures in the upper 40's to near 50. won't be nearly as windy. a bit of a breeze at times. a great aid to kick off the weekend with sunshine, cold
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many drop into the 20's. northwesterly flow. temperatures will still be cool. below average. by sunday the high will move offshore. tomorrow 49, near 50. 53 in fayetteville. at times up to 15. not nearly as windy as it was today. night. check out sunday. 61 and then it stays warmer. the next chance of rain not until wednesday. storm damage many and other areas.
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steve: go to new fallout for the rough ride on the caribbean cruise ship. the anthem of the seas ran into
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bruce simpson claims he was long and knocked on conscious. simpson is asking for compensatory and punitive damages. bobby brown's family is expanding his family -- expanding. the new baby will be bobby brown's seventh child. bobby christina, his daughter with whitney houston died last year after being found on conscious in atlanta. tisha: it is starting to look like oscars sunday in los angeles. celebrities do their finest and will ahead to the ceremony. joe biden is taking a hard stance against sexual assault on college campuses, taking his message to the oscars. biden and his wife will attend the ceremony in hollywood and
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introducing lady gaga who will perform a song featured in the film the hunting ground which explores sexual assault on college campuses in america. it is nominated for best original song. leading the obama administration's efforts to raise sexual assault awareness. we are the only place you can see the glamour and glitz of the academy awards. coverage begins at 7:00 p.m.. no fear if you're not near a tv. download the watch abc app and we will have a wrapup of the night for you on eyewitness news at 11:00. steve: i'm a huge fan of chris rock. i can't wait to see what he says this year. tisha: there is a lot happening straight ahead.
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robbed a bank and apex, >> hi given everyone. >> like a modern day bonnie and clyde. a cary couple charged for robbing a banker. >> the husband and wife faces a judge. he joins us live outside of the wake county with all the detail details. >> reporter: while most of us were hunkered down by the storm, apex police say this couple was robbing a bank there. this is not the first time 36-year-old aaron wagoner faces a judge on charges of stealing. this is the most serious charge wagoner has faced. other three are misdemeanor stops in durham where wagoner is currently on probation. he was arrested at the wells


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