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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 PM  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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we will be checking back with police for updates. stay with us. i'm jon camp now in raleigh. anchor: now a developing story, police conducting an undercover prostitution sting operation. they believe a carry man is one of the ringleaders. reporter: police began their investigation two months ago looking at a website known to be frequented by prostitutes. now a chinese national finds himself facing charges of promoting prostitution. he is headquartered in facing the charges as john-john chan. they provided phone numbers that
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when he agreed to have his bail can't, he would only say charges were misunderstanding. ed crump now in raleigh. reporter: the guy driving the box truck crashed into the chevy van you see while changing lanes. both drivers were thrown out after vehicles ended up in the median. a total of five people went to the hospital. anchor: now to a crime alert in wake county. the puppy was stolen from a car parked outside of a restaurant. elaina athans now in garner. reporter: the owner is offering a reward. she has been passing out flyers hoping to find a puppy that was snatched in this parking lot. >> i'm so upset.
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she is my dog. reporter: charlie is five months old rescue from the harnett county shopper. a couple of coworkers left charlie in the car when they went to grab a quick bite. when they came back after eating the door was open and the dog gone. taylor is pleading with whoever stole the puppy to return her to the carolina ranch animal hospital. anchor: we are learning more about the tragic workplace shooting rampage near wichita. the gunman killed three people and wounded 13 others. 38-year-old cedric ford opened fire on employees 90 minutes
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order to>> tonight a south carolina sheriff's deputy recovering from surgery after being shot by a suspect. three people were asleep in the house. the suspect died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the deputy is in serious but stable condition. anchor: we have major developments in the residential presidential race. chris christie is endorsing donald trump for president. he says there's no one better to lead the country in the race. chris christie says he is
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he is sending off fire for -- fireworks in the latest debate. marco rubio and ted cruz unloading last night in texas. they hit them with a barrage of name-calling. will it stop his momentum? anchor: donald trump opening his first campaign office in north carolina. >> good afternoon. the signs are pointing to what could be a heated couple of weeks before the primary. donald trump suffers -- starts a smaller but he leads the field by a wide margin. campaign workers are hoping to capitalize on that popularity. volunteers began setting up the trunk or campaign -- for office campaign. putting up tables for an army of volunteers demand telephone lines and organize those campaigns.
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key and on the military community and veterans. a ribbon cutting ceremony to open the campaign office will be held tomorrow at 1:00. a number of local politicians will attend. steve: now to the democratic showdown in south carolina. hillary clinton getting family health -- health -- health. bill clinton getting the message out in the state where she has a commanding lead in the polls over bernie sanders. stay with us for complete election results tomorrow night. tisha: barack obama is at a factory defending the results of the mastech economic stimulus bill he signed. the obama administration pumping money into the economy early in
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he says the country is on a more solid footing because of this and other tough choices he made early on. steve: now to the tornado aftermath. the killer tornadoes had wind of up to 165 miles per hour. four people died in those twisters including a two-year-old child when a tornado hit a mobile home park. coming up, strangers helping strangers. tim will be reporting from granville county and you will see how victims are getting help back on their feet. chris hohmann in the downtown raleigh storm center, a chill in the air. things are warming up. chris: getting into the weekend, you will notice a big change. it's nice out there despite the
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you may think about heading down there. getting into the time of the year it gets more and more tempting. we are not much better, a little bit cooler. 43 at roxboro. still a bit of a breeze, adding a chill to the air. try this evening. clear skies. temperatures fall fast. midnight, low 30's into the 20's, cold and frosty. big changes for the weekend. temperature show a big rise by sunday. steve: breaking news from the acc. the league reprimanding duke star grayson allen. it appears he tripped a player at the end of the game last night. they delivered their decision within the last hour. now the latest. anchor: he has publicly reprimanded today.
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nothing escapes the camera. just three seconds left, he and savior still jockeying for positions. he sticks his leg out backwards to trip him try to cut up the court. earlier this month allen had tripped a louisville player in another win. he was a second time offender. there was some spots for a suspension. they decided a public reprimand was enough. here is what grayson had to say. >> he wanted to keep playing physical. i try to walk away as he was grabbing me and we tangled up and falling. i'm not going to take anything from anyone. whatever someone is dishing out to me i'm going to give it right back.
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i'm not looking for the ref to bail me out. anchor: it will create a lot of contact on either end. there is no excuse for trying to trip some opposing players. >> anything else from the coach? >> nothing then the were that he had apologized. we expect him back on the court. steve:steve: a shocking admission from executives at sea world. by the company allowed workers
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reporter: this dog and another
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during the killing spree. two people remain in critical condition. tisha: now to the latest scandal with sea world. the ceo admitting to sending workers undercover posing as animal rights advocates. the company refused to see that say who authorized infiltrated -- infiltration.
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abc is the place to be great robin roberts brings us the special journey to the oscars. we talked to robin about what she is putting together for tonight. >> this is oscar week. you have a big special coming up. >> i do. i had a chance to talk to bryan cranston and sylvester stallone, and brie larson. my sister for mississippi is going to the oscars. it is nice to see through the eyes of someone who has never been before. steve: tune in tonight about the emotional stories about those nominees. the only place you can see the glitz and glamour of the academy awards on sunday is here on abc 11. our coverage continues at 7:00.
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app right now. then sunday night at 11:00 we will have a complete wrap up here on eyewitness news. tisha: it looks sunny and warm outside but not warm. steve: warmer is coming. chris: absolutely. a big change around here, it won't be as windy as it was today. tomorrow that lighter wind should make it through. the wind will continue to die down if you're heading out but temperatures will fall into the 30's as the sun sets. have that winter coat ready. many of us will be solidly into the 20's. it looks nice and bright and it is. it is not all that warm out there. when that the northwest at 12 in fayetteville. it has been a pretty day, a little bit on the brisk side for sure. 45 roanoke rapids. 50 at smithfield.
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47 in sanford. if you clouds today. a breezy cool day but very quiet compared to two days ago. a few flurries and snow showers around the great lakes. cool and quiet weather. look at the rocky mountains. it is dry in southern california. it looks like a sunny sunday. no worries with that. 47 at the noon hour. another sunny day. the wind will be much lighter. 51 by the time we get towards the afternoon hours. low 50's. high pressure over the deep south. we have a northwesterly flow of
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temperatures will be low and mid 50's. not as cold as tonight. the high goes offshore. southwesterly wind all the way up the east coast. a big warm up 10 degrees on sunday from where we will be tomorrow. this front will get here tuesday night and have some showers. until then, mild temperatures on the way. sunshine 50 in durham. carrie at 51. pinehurst 53. upper 40's, there is the dip in the jet stream. if this verifies it will turn
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first alert seven-day forecast down to 73 tomorrow night. maybe a little bit breezy. still very nice. 67 on monday. upper 60's tuesday. it could be a few showers. behind that front it turns cooler again. teacher and steve mentioned it's not that nice temperature wise but we were digging out 5-9 inches of snow from the triangle northward. it knocked out power all over the place. today was nice compared to that. >> i got one of those facebook memory reminders. this is much better. stalker the room next door to her.
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scalia a is having an impact on court cases. just ahead, the huge case dropped today. >> let's take a look at downtown raleigh, blue skies today. a little bit chilly. it is pretty windy outside. you have to grab your jacket if you are going to stream live. -- going outside.
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steve: a breaking testimony in the aaron andrew civil trial. the popular sportscaster is suing for $75 million after he recorded her undressing inside her hotel room. she claims negligence led her stalker find her and record
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andrews cried as the jury watch the video. om and the man who did prison for recording the video. the trial is expected to last 10 days. tisha: antonin scalia is that is already having an impact on the high court. dow chemical will pay to settle a long-standing class-action lawsuit. his death decreases their chances of prevailing now that the court is split for-four between liberals and conservatives. they were found liable by a kansas jury for conspiring to fix prices.
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a business office was to take a bite out of bullying. it is stand up to bullying day. the dental team is spreading the word. there are wearing pink shirts to raise awareness about the dangers of bowling. the campaign is called buddy's not bullies. young patients have filled out a paper tooth with kind words to hang on their wall. it doesn't matter where the message comes from as long as it gets the kids. steve: a good place to do it. so many kids come in. a great effort to see. there is a lot more to see at 5:30. tisha: a school closed due to a serious it illness. >> i'm 10, details on the massive effort to clean up this town after a massive storm.
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than>> see what's happening this instant. from the raleigh eyewitness news center. abc 11 eyewitness news at 5:30 starts right now.
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path of discussion. cleanup days after an ef2 tornado hit. good evening. i'm heather waliga. anna: and i'm anna laurel. tonight, abc 11 together highlighting good deeds in the community. reporter: when you see devastation like this, it can be hard to be hopeful, but people are rallying around these families to let them know they are not alone. the message on these decorative plates could not be more true for the survivors of the ef2 tornado. it's one of the few momentos she has left to cherish. >> that was mine when i was a baby.
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wayne overton from nc baptist men has been helping with the cleanup. next week more members of the faith-based organization will help the community rebuild. >> sometimes good things come out of bad things. >> [indiscernible] reporter: they have been working nonstop. >> try hard to l her know that home is where you make it. we will be here until the end. tim: and there is more help on the way. the department of agriculture is already here chopping down paris. we are here in randall county, -- granville county, abc 11 eyewitness news. anna: so good to see people coming together.


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