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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  WTVD  February 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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announcer: see what is happening this instant, abc 11 eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. correct democrats -- >> the democrats turn. voters casting ballots. good evening everyone, i'm heather waliga. hillary clinton hoping for a big win to solidify her status as the democratic front-runner. polls close in just about an hour, and results already streaming in. one week after she beat bernie sanders and nevada, she is looking to reverse the result of 2008, went president obama captured 55% of the vote, over her 27%. south carolina has more than 3 million registered voters, and candidates are trying to capture as many of those last-minute votes as they can. marci gonzalez, leading off our votes 2016 coverage is live in columbia.
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marci gonzalez: right now clinton only has a one delegate lead over sanders, she hopes tonight is the night to widen the gap. >> democrat all my life. >> the democratic party gave me some good options. marci gonzalez: even as they cast valid -- even as they cast ballots today. candidates looking ahead to super tuesday, campaigning in texas, minnesota, and alabama. consonant they are moving forward. bernie sanders: if all of you come out to vote and you bring your friends and your neighbors, and your coworkers, we are going to win here in texas. marci gonzalez: and watching the republican race closely. donald trump campaigning today with chris christie who endorsed the front runner yesterday.
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dust person in this race that has created jobs is the guy right there. marci gonzalez: they are focusing on marco rubio. ted -- donald trump: marco rubio is worse than ted cruz. >> donald trump will never be in the party of lincoln and reagan. >> i don't like seeing candidates behaving like -- schoolchildren bickering. marci gonzalez: both clinton and sanders went after trump today, saying if they are the gop nominee am a they are confident he can be defeated. first they are focused on the polls close in one hour. live in columbia, south news. heather: across the state and right here in raleigh, hillary clinton's campaign staff is they are calling a weekend of action. supporters went door-to-door in a neighborhood on persimmon
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on the republican side, front office in our area. volunteers cut the ribbon on gillespie street today. over the next few weeks, several more officers -- offices will open. donald trump picked up an endorsement from former governor, jan brewer, she is famous for signing a controversial bill on immigration. new at 6:00, durham police stabbing. the investigation is focused on the oaks at northgate apartments. officers did not have many details as to the mother -- number of victims or injuries. will stay on top of that story, and bring you new information on the mobile app. new at 6:00, a third arrest in a double shooting on capital boulevard. friday garcia is in custody, charged with assault -- freddy garcia isn't custody, charged with assault by a deadly weapon.
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right is the suspected gunman. officers say callie helped write steal garcia's while it. witnesses say they heard three or four shots go off. garcia and another victim were taken to the hospital. developing right now, i wake county woman caught in the crossfire. tonight the wake county sheriff says she is recovering from a shooting on arrowhead drive. we are there live with details. elaina: there is crime scene tape here. the victim was inside that barn. ecb -- you can see the smoke billowing. she was hit by a stray bullet. >> a 56-year-old woman is in the hospital. she was injured when gunfire erupted on this property. the sheriff's office says three cars pulled up, there was some sort of altercation, and shots were fired.
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>> a bunch of them. elaina: it happened yesterday at 6:00. he was with the victim. >> i did newman know she was here. she kept saying, i am here. heather: he said he has no idea who is on his property, putting lives in danger. some folks in the neighborhood saw the car speed away after the shooting and gave the sheriff's office the description. >> it was a pickup truck. a small green sedan, possibly involved. a red charger. if anyone is listening, saw something, we need to know. heather -- elaina: the eyewitness says the victim was hit by a bullet. she is at the hospital, and is expected to be ok. heather: thank you. without warning, coming up on eyewitness news, the problem
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after this deadly tornado in virginia. what did not happen in the minutes before the twister hit? the message from the naacp to voters in north carolina on this primary night. and after a beautiful sunny saturday we have some gorgeous weather on the way for sunday. liz: clear skies on a satellite and radar.
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the son of a civil rights attorney josh stein learned early about justice, equality and doing what's right.
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one of the "most effective" state senators, josh stein fought to make schools safer, cracked down on domestic violence, and stein took on scam artists who prey on seniors. stein: we need an attorney general with the independence to stand up to the special interests and who will always put the people of north carolina first. josh stein for attorney general. wannouncer: abc 11 is keeping you connected. find us on facebook, like our page, and click get notifications for the latest eyewitness news update.
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as is the tribute to mary lou nine. she was one of four people killed in a cracker barrel parking lot. most recently she worked and a program at the church. they say she was removed at for having a smile on her face and being loved by the children she worked with. people did not get the alert, minutes before a tornado slammed in virginia. county officials are trying to figure out why the automated system failed. it notifies verizon landline and tornado warnings and other severe weather events. one man died, seven others were hurt. more than 100 structures were destroyed in the ef3 tornado. on a day when thousands of people are casting ballots in south carolina, here at home, leaders of the naacp have their own message for north carolina voters. anthony wilson now with what they have to say ahead of next
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clicks -- >> was blind but now i see anthony: gospel music echoed inside the abundant life christian church. naacp leaders gathered on saturday. they had training on the civil rights groups get out to vote campaign. >> in a democracy, to target black people and keep people from voting, and target latinos, and target poor white people is a form of political wrongdoing. anthony: they mention the legal fight in what they call the voter suppression laws, created by the republican lead general assembly. >> in the march primary there will be out of precinct voting. [applause]
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be the option to register on the same day. [applause] anthony: they say obstacles remain. the people challenging the laws say what happens on johnson street reminds her of the attempt to keep her from the polls 50 years ago. >> i went through this, some of it, not all of it. i didn't have to go through as much then, as i do now. i think it is a disgrace. anthony: that is what motivates the people who organize ways to motivate registered voters. they insist they created those laws to prevent voter fraud. reporting from raleigh, anthony wilson, abc 11 eyewitness news. heather: north carolina's presidential primary, another statewide election on tuesday, march 15. for congressional races it is june 7. coming up, how abc 11 together is helping to inspire a new generation of journalists.
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live look at the raleigh skyline on what has been a gorgeous, springlike weekend. the warming trend continues tomorrow. liz has the forecast in three minutes. and remember on all scars night, we will have you covered online and on tv with all of the action. we already have an on on the red carpet section to get you ready. we are you -- your front row seat.
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heather: to a story that has had so many of you concerned on the facebook page. we are happy to say, charlie, the stolen puppy, is back home. is owner telling us around 1:30 this morning, two girls from durham called him a saying they found her dog. they did not reveal how she escaped the car, but said they realized charlie did not belong to them when they saw the story yesterday. the owner says she can sleep easier knowing the puppy is with her again. klatch is safe at home. abc 11 together celebrating black history month. eyewitness news and not all of today for the town's black history month parade. the past eight years the unity organization put on the event. there are bands, cheerleading teams, motorcycles, and old cars.
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he tweeted, this photo with the police department. abc 11 together with the kids miss them -- museum to inspire the next generation of journalists. kids headed to the career fair. steve daniels, elaina athans, liz horton and i showed them around the pop-up studio. the kids also got the chance to learn about other careers. they met a wide variety of professionals from architects to dentists. the career fair encourages children to test drive their future, and pursue their interest in school. we had a lot of kids show up. a lot of smart kids. liz: i was surprised at how many scientists there were. i think they want my job. heather: i think they are gunning for our jobs. liz: a lot of sunshine today, tomorrow will be a lot warmer and more sunshine on the way. good news there. the active weather day is
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both of those days we are looking for the chance of showers. will take you through wednesday and show you the front approaching from the west and pushing through wednesday during the day. that will bring us some rain chances than on friday. it looks like we could see a decent amount of shower activity there as well. let's take you to another time, between now and wednesday to show you what to expect. first things -- let's talk about the big weather headlines. most of those are showing it should not be half bad around here. a lot of sunshine expected for tomorrow. we think things will be nice and sunny out there. most of us will see nice, improving conditions in the day ahead. my computer here is frozen. i'm trying to get it back on track. we certainly know that we will see 60's going through sunday, and also monday and tuesday. certainly welcome news for quite a few people. here are the headlines -- not only are we warming up on sunday, but notice on monday and
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for cloud cover on monday, but by tuesday, more sunshine in store for you. let's take you to the satellite and radar -- clear night ahead. clouds pushing up to the atlantic. out in the west, clear real estate, nothing to worry about in terms of rain. most of the east coast is nice and clear. back after the northwest, nothing that would in -- impact as. the sun has officially set. wind from the southwest at seven mile per hour. love that color you get in the background. 46 in roxboro. 50 in smithfield. 49 in clinton. over the next few hours temperatures will drop. we will not be nearly as cool as we were the previous united. we will drop to the -- previous two night. we will drop down to where it is chilly for a lot of you. the winds turn southwest at about five miles per hour. notice tomorrow afternoon, they southwesterly flow will tap into a warmer air mass.
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64 in durham. 63 in roxboro. a nice conditions are due to high pressure pushing down from the south and east, continuing that warm flow. watch as changes approach monday. this cold front moves down over our area. it will be a week cold front -- weak cold front. not too much rain with that front. as it moves out tuesday, it does not look like we will see much rain monday. some of the northern counties could see a sprinkle or two. the chances will arrive wednesday. also again friday. it looks now about a 90% chance of rain. the temperature will be warming for the next few days. once that cold front arrives on wednesday, we will see things shift. this is the upper-level winds, you can see the blue and purple. that will stick around for a few
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this is powered by accuweather, showing highs on thursday will be in the 40's. until then we will have a nice, warm stretch for the days ahead. it does look like shower chances on friday will a sure another round of cool air, 50's for the high on saturday. i cannot believe it, i knew month of march. by the end of the month are highs are typically in the upper 60's. hopefully no major snowstorms. heather: it wants to be spring. thank you. joe is here with sports, a couple weeks away from selection sunday. joe: speaking of spring -- the
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before the tar heelsannouncer: now, abc 11 eyewitness news sports, sponsored by your local toyota dealers. joe: statistically speaking, n.c. state is one of the worst teams in the country at
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of the 351 teams, onlyose 12 threes. 75-66.
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just a few minutes north carolina will tipoff against virginia. the tar heels need a win to stay a game ahead of miami and standings. the cavaliers are super tough at home, writing and 18 win streak. they are at john paul jones arena. >> i think it is more about who you have been where you are playing. obviously, playing at home gives them an edge. they are definitely thinking they need this game for the number one season tournament. we feel the same. something has to give. >> they put themselves in a pretty good position. they know you they have to
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the 73-65 when. n.c. central, on the road against the eagles. played by turnovers, committing 18. central falls to six and eight in league play. they wrap up the home schedule monday night against savannah state. , unc is against oklahoma state yesterday. cowboys jumping on the heels early. top of the first, williams ollie ollie all comfrey. that is a grand slam. good things happen for the heels in the third. he takes advantage.
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bottom of the fifth, unc with runners at the corners. simpson throws to second. he is off. he steals home to give the heels a one run lead. they get a second straight walkoff. unc gets the win, and the latter stages -- in the latter stages, 7-6. wolfpack also a winner. we have a huge one tonight in atc hoops. north carolina, virginia. tar heels if they win they have two games left and they can wrap up the regular season championship, knocking off the defending champs. highlights tonight. heather: let's hope they go all the way. we are looking forward to a really nice sunday. liz: it will be gorgeous. temperatures warming into the mid-60's. a lot of sunshine for sunday. monday, 68. more sunshine on the way for tuesday.
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heather: that will do it for us tonight, thank you for watching. we will see what 11:00. eyewitn (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it.
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seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. welcome to "world news tonight."
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south carolina up for grabs as democrats cast their votes. hillary clinton looking for a big win over bernie sanders, while her husband goes on offensive against a heckler. >> if you'll shut up and listen to my answer, i'll answer you. >> so, what set him off? a new republican tag team hits the trail. chris christie and donald trump together. the frenemies now doubling down on marco rubio. >> rubio stole from the republican party. >> the schoolyard taunts. and tonight, the new comeback line. >> we can't nominate a con artist to become the head of the party. the factory worker coming face-to-face with the gunman, a man he thought was his friend. what that shooter told him right before he opened fire. the new concerns about e-cigarettes tonight. they are exploding in pockets, setting cars on fire, and causing serious injury. one woman talking about her frightening ordeal. and, risky business. chris rock getting ready to rock the oscars, hosting in the


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