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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 530 AM  ABC  March 7, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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barbara: new this morning, fire forcing evacuations, what investigators are saying about this overnight blaze. john: crime alert in raleigh. a teen tied up during a home invasion, police searching for suspects. barbara: and the road to the white house running right through north carolina, the big names making stops in our hour this week. good morning, carolina. welcome on this monday, march 7 . john: thank you for joining us. weather and traffic together on this monday morning. don schwenneker is talking about spring-like temperatures. good morning. don: good morning to you. that's right, spring-time temperatures here and may stick around throughout the week. a live look at temperatures as we go through the day. we'll jump quickly from 30's this morning into the 60's this afternoon. by 1:00, current numbers, 32 in roxboro. 32 in chapel hill.
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37, southern pines. 32 in roanoke rapids. today, 37 right now, mainly clear. by lunchtime, 59 degrees, lots of sunshine. through the late day, mostly sunny skies, 55 degrees. this morning is the last morning in the 30's. after that, you see lows in the fourts. we'll talk more about that in the complete forecast coming up. right now we talk weather and traffic together. for that, we go to amber rupinta. amber: as you head out the door, patchy fog, but nothing to write home about, especially to the east of i-95, rocky mount. you can see that's the orange on the screen over there. meantime, a lot of green coming back, and that's our live return showing everything this is just overnight construction, so if you're traveling along i-40 between exit 293, u.s. 64 and exit 301, the shoulder might be closed due to some construction.
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up by 6:00 this morning. no problems, no delays here, light volume heading into the city of madison, and drive times are starting out on time as we head into this monday. no complaints. john? john: thanks, amber. new this morning, fire forcing people out of their homes in wake county. eyewitness video showing heavy smoke pouring from this town home in morrisville. the fire started just after 11:00 last night in a section of town homes behind the wal-mart off of morrisville carpenter road. one home was destroyed, five others were evacuated. no one was hurt. the home where the fire started was unoccupied. the cause of the fire is now under investigation. barbara: crime alert in raleigh. police are looking for two men who tied up a teenager during a home invasion. police responded to a call just before 3:30 yesterday afternoon at this home. the homeowners say two men broke into the back door and tied up the 17-year-old daughter inside with duct tape. the girl was able to call for a friend to help.
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the home was taken, and police say they don't believe there's a threat to others in the neighborhood. coming up in our next half-hour, more on who police are looking for in connection with this crime. also this morning, authorities in what are net county looking for four men involved in a shooting. two people were shot outside a home just outside the arena. they're now in the hospital. deputies are looking for four men who left the scene in a tan or brown chevy malibu. the race for the white house is heating up. north carolina's primary is a week from tomorrow, and some people are already casting their ballots during the early voting period. john: that has presidential candidates putting more focus on our state. two of those candidates will be making stops here this week. anthony wilson is live in downtown raleigh with more. good morning, anthony. anthony: good morning, john. we're talking about the front runners whige to get the north carolina voters on board. first up today, it's the clinton campaign coming to town. not hillary, but we're going to
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clinton in raleigh this morning for the first in a series of early voting events across the state. clinton will appear at market hall in city market, speaking on half of his wife, hillary clinton. she will be in the state on thursday. no word yet on where she will appear, but we do know that donald trump had a campaign stop confirmed in fayetteville on wednesday. that is where people speak at a rally inside the coliseum at 7:00 p.m. that day. tickets are limited. we are told bring is on a first come, first serve basis. the doors there opening at 5:00 p.m. now this morning's appearance by ex-president bill clinton starts at 10:15 here at the market hall in city market here in raleigh. the doors open at 9:15. the event starts at 10:15. we will keep you updated on what's happening here with updates on your abc 11 mobile app, on twitter, on
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we are live in raleigh, anthony wilson, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders cutting into hillary clinton's lead with another victory. sanders, the winner of sunday's democratic presidential caucuses in maine, his eighth win in the nomination process. the tight race leading to some fireworks at last night's democratic debate. mr. sanders: excuse me, i'm talking. mrs. clinton: if you're going to talk, tell the whole story. john: the two candidaeading in the polls there.
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republican presidential contest held sunday in puerto rico. he had all 23 delegates from the u.s. territory. it was his second win of the primary season, but he trails far behind the front-runner, donald trump. this morning, flags are flying at half-staff at the u.s. capitol in remembrance of former first lady nancy reagan. she died yesterday. she was 94. president obama and first lady michelle obama saying she redefined the first lady's role during her time in the white house. we have a whole section of our website devoted to former first lady nancy reagan. right now, photos of the reagans before and after their time in the white house. more on the lasting legacy she leaves behind, plus reaction to her passing. john: 5:37 right now. it's been a week since the officer-involved shooting in raleigh. barbara: coming up, reactions to where it happened are taking to start the healing process. john: plus a warm-up is on the way.
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we've got dry conditions across the region.
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don: welcome back. you're going to start the day with mostly sunny skies, blue skies, and it's going to warm quickly. we'll get near 60 by lunchtime week. 31 in rocky mount. 32 for you in roanoke rapids and roxboro. 36 in louisburg and raleigh. 35, bloomington and fayetteville. 37 in clinton. 39 in pinehurst. looking ahead, a little bit of fog now, 37 by lunchtime. we get near 60. through the late day, mostly
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we'll talk about tomorrow, plus the complete seven-day forecast too, and that's all coming up. barbara: the warmer temperatures expected the sign that spring is on the way, and the governor wants to you prepare for another sign of spring, and that is severe weather. the governor has declared this week severe weather preparedness week. he wants everyone to put together an emergency kit and listen for weather alert. schools and government buildings statewide will hold tornado drills on wednesday. john: today marks one week suspects a shooting that divided a community in raleigh. one man was shot and killed by a police officer who was serving a felony warrant. police say jenkins had a gun. the incident is under investigation. one week later, members of the raleigh community where this happened say it's time to heal. on sunday, more than 50 members of christ the king church stage this had prayer walk through jenkins' neighborhood and ended near the memorial for the 24-year-old. the group says the city has been broken and it's time to
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>> we feel like the city needs to be healed as a whole and that the community needs to be healed as a whole. we can't think in terms of these are our neighbors and family members. it's one thing to say that you were thinking about people and say that you're praying for people, but there's nothing like seeing it is in action. john: parishioners prayed for an end to the high crime rate in the southeast raleigh neighborhood. barbara: the shooting and debate over police body cameras could come up today in the state of the city address in raleigh. the raleigh mayor is set us an update on where raleigh stands and also a glimpse into the city's future at 12:30 at the raleigh convention center, and the public is invited. a warning from north korea made against the u.s. barbara: coming up, what the
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barbara: good morning. welcome back. 37 degrees on this monday morning. an overnight fire in wake county is now under that's one of the stories making headlines this morning. that fire started in a town home complex off madras lane. no one was hurt, but five units had to be evacuated. the unit where the fire started was unoccupied. raleigh police are looking for two suspects who broke into a home and tied up a 17-year-old girl with duct tape t. happened sunday afternoon on glade astor
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that teen was able to call for help. police do not believe there's a threat to anyone else in the neighborhood. former president bill clinton will be in raleigh this morning to promote his wife hillary clinton's presidential bid. he'll be at market hall downtown. hillary clinton is expected to visit our state on thursday. john: breaking news this morning, a new threat from north korea aimed at the u.s. amber is in the breaking news center, and she has details. amber: a pretty serious threat. a preemptive nuclear strike in response to joint military exercise that has began this morning. north korea calling the drills a "invasion rehearsal" and threatened strikes on washington, d.c., and seoul. the threats have been a staple of kim jung un since he took power after his father's death in 2011, but they spike when the u.s. and ally south korea stage what they call annual defensive spring-time war games this. year's war games will be the
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300,000 south korean military personnel and 17,000 from the united states. there's also considerable debate about whether north korea is even capable of the kind of strikes it threatens. many experts say its arsenal may consist only of nuclear bombs. barbara? barbara: a small town in massachusetts saying goodbye today to a police officer killed during her first day on the job. ashley guindon was shot and killed responding to a demeff call in northern virginia last week. she was sworn in as a police officer only 24 hours earlier. her body was flown to her childhood home in massachusetts. a funeral is planned for today. a pastor in idaho is expected to recover after a shooting in the parking lot of his church. the pastor was shot six times, but he survived. his shooter is still on the run, the motive is not clear. he delivered the opening prayer saturday, and police say they're checking to see if
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john: former wrestler hulk hogan is taking on a new opponent outside the ripping, taking on the news website gawker in court. opening statements start today in hogan's trial against the website, for publishing part of a sex tape in 2012. he filed a $100 million lawsuit against gawker for invasion of privacy. gawker's defense maintains, since hogan is a public figure, the tape is considered newsworthy. ultimately it will be up to the jury to decide. barbara: actress lena dunham is in the hospital this morning, scheduled to undergo surgery for a ruptured ovarian cyst. she's been open about struggling with endometriosis. last month she took to her facebook page to update fans on her battle with this reproductive disorder. much more on dunham and the condition she shares with millions of women coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. john: we turn to meteorologist don schwenneker. you all have a good weekend? barbara: very much so. don: it was crazy. my son turned 18.
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zoip we got his voter registration card in the mail. we also got his service card in the mail, and that was a tough one for my wife. barbara: he's an adult. he doesn't have to do anything you say anymore. don: i told him, he's welcome to get his own place, his own car, live his own life, and he certainly can. it's my house, my rules! barbara: yep. don: it was a blessing, and lots of birthday wishes for him, so thanks for that. let's show you what's going on today. we've got a pretty nice day shaping up. got to burn off the fog quickly and give us blue skies. we go to 59 degrees, and then this afternoon, mid 60's, more sunshine and warming up. we'll show you what's going on now with a live look in downtown raleigh. 37 right now, that's 89% humidity. winds are calm. looking in to downtown durham,
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humidity is at 83%. numbers from across the region. 32 in roxboro. 36, chapel hill. 35, fayetteville. 32, folds grow and smithfield. 31 in wilson. clear across the carolinas this morning with clear skies. one or two little patches of fog show up, nothing major. back to the west, look at the rain. i wanted to show you movement of the rain. rain through missouri and illinois, and it's pushing northeast. this big dome of high pressure is going to act like a wall and shove all the moisture up to the north. we're going to see the moisture moving out of our region. we'll just have off and on clouds. by lunchtime, mostly sunny skies. this afternoon, partly sunny, and more clouds coming in, and then by tomorrow, back in the sunshine. tomorrow, a few high clouds work through, and then more sunshine as we go through the day on wednesday. the high pressure dominating our weather the next several days. today, mostly sunny and warmer temps going into the 60's. even warmer tomorrow. for the rest of today, temps
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by lunchtime, 59 degrees, mostly sunny. this afternoon, a few more high clouds, warmer temps going mid 60's across the region. mostly sunny skies today, and temperatures in the mid 60's in holly springs. garner, 65. 65 in sanford. i've got a bank thermometer in cumberland county that says 70 today. 63, roanoke rapids. 64, wake forest. tonight, patchy fog again. 45, raleigh. 44 in durham. first alert 7-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow back into the 70's. still warm up as we go through the day tomorrow. 74 degrees, mostly sunny. wednesday, more sunshine and 70's. thursday, 77. i think you'll see some 80's show up down in the sandhills on thursday. friday, mid 70's. saturday, st. patrick's day parade, and at this point it
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until the afternoon. sunday could see rain. we'll have to keep an eye on the timing of the rain on saturday. the next several days, dry, warm, feeling like spring. bring it on. barbara: have a little green beer and you won't care that it's raining. john: i've heard that. amber: time change this weekend. barbara: oh, wow! amber: i know, i just ruined your week. we lose an hour. barbara: we don't need to lose any hours. john: still not winning me over. barbara: thanks for that. amber: thanks a lot, debbie downer. yeah, but it is saturday night. john: i'll put it on right now. amber: let's head out on this monday. happy monday, getting through it, at 5:51, still have very light volume, and you may see a little fog this morning. we're mainly seeing it on the road to the east of 95 and rocky mount. this is 40 at u.s. 70. that clayton bypass, and we are
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delays, everything is moving on time. lights. that's one of those spots that starts to slow down every morning. but you can see our road weather index, that's the fog, the orange that you see just east of rocky mount and i-95. construction going on. it should all be picked up by 6:00. this is just south of rocky mount. exit 138 down to exit 132, they do have one lane closed at construction that they have going on there. so just want to give you a heads up for that. and then also, the shoulder is closed here due to construction on 40 both corrections between u.s. 54 and 440. and then we look at glenwood avenue, looking very nice here, sun is starting to make its way up. the freeway northbound, all clear, six minutes, i-40, no problems into the city of medicine. and then to 270, a quick four-meant ride. john: amber, thank you. barbara: 37 degrees at 5:53.
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barbara: welcome back. 37 degrees at 5:06. john: a small road bob in the effort to move two historic homes in durham. yards away from their destination, the truck carrying the house sank in soft ground, and that led to a delay. the homes are going back to the morehead hill neighborhood, where they originally stood before construction of the durham freeway.
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place, they will be renovated and sold. both date back to the early 1900's. barbara: abc 11 has highlighted the good deeds. local chefs and donors teamed up for an evening of food, drinks, and friendly competition. this is the 30th year for this event, which raises money for the center for developmental disabilities. they support hundreds of triangle families. steve daniels served as the honorary chairman. john: looks like a good time. 5:56 now.
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conditions are getting a second the son of a civil rights attorney josh stein learned early about justice, equality and doing what's right. senior deputy attorney general, one of the "most effective" state senators, josh stein fought to make schools safer, cracked down on domestic violence, and stein took on scam artists who prey on seniors. stein: we need an attorney general with the independence to stand up to the special interests and who will always put the people of north carolina first.
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>> see what's happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. john: the race for the white house headed here this week. list of names campaigning here just a week before the primary. barbara: plus a mother finds heritage daughter tied up in a closet, what she's telling former president ronald reagan. good morning, carolina. welcome on this monday, march 7. 6:00, 37 degrees outside. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. thank you for joining us. we'll have more coming up. but first, time for weather and traffic. don, good morning. don: good morning to you. john, good morning to you, as you head out the door this morning. dry conditions, patchy fog in spots, and the temps will jump quickly. look how fast they go up today, only in the 30's this morning. 50's by 10:00. 60's this afternoon. current numbers from across the region. we do have a 20 on the board. 28 in stanford. 32 in roxboro.
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3 , smithfield. 36 in fayetteville. looking at your day ahead, 37, in the clear. mostly sunny skies. through the late day, temperatures in the mid 60's today. for today, the last morning where we'll see temperatures in the 30's. we're going to warm it up and 70's over the next couple of days. right now we talk traffic, and for that we get amber rupinta. amber: not a whole lot getting morning. we have very light volume still around the viewing area. overnight construction that was linked all should be picked up now that it is 6:00. we do have a little bit of fog coming back. you see the orange just to the east of rocky mount, i-95. as john said, you might see a little patchy fog or two this morning as you head out, so don't let that catch you by surprise. this is just overnight construction, actually ongoing construction. it's 40 both directions between


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