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tv   ABC Eyewitness News at 530 PM  ABC  March 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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they were found dead at the block of unity drive. there was also a toddler that was thankfully not heard. tara wilson has been charged with after the fact of murder. the sheriff says his deputies have worked around the clock to solve this case. lgbt activists are calling on state lawmakers to not interfere with charlotte's new nondiscrimination ordinance. >> that new law allows transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice. we have more information for you outside of the state legislature. there has been a lot of talk about this controversial policy.
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state lawmakers are not making sure whether they plan to call a special session, all they are saying is they do plan to block it when they get back to work at the end of next month. that is why lgbt advocates are taking a stand now. erica was born male but has spent much of her life as a woman, using women at restrooms when out in public. >> i would rather be judged in court and run the risk of getting my face beaten. reporter: standing outside with other lgbt activists, she raises concerns about being physically assaulted. these protections would make it legal for her and others like her to use the bathroom of their choice. >> anytime i would raise a
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cause ripples, we just want to feel safe. reporter: republicans vowing to block the measure they say is an eminent threat to public safety. a senator released this statement, calling on the attorney general against to stop what he calls an illegal and unsafe policy. reporter: he says it's similar ordinances are already in place in 200 cities across the country. his son owns a raleigh gift sho p and says he has always kept the bathrooms in his store neutral. >> that is going to keep people out of my shop. reporter: he hopes state leaders will change their minds. >> i do not feel i should be
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reporter: his office is responding tonight saying it would be up to district attorneys to enforce the state criminal law, that ordinance is set to go into effect on april 1 in charlotte. >> andrea, thank you. president obama's pick to fill the empty seat on the supreme court made this trip to capitol hill today, but only democrats were willing to meet with
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the republican in november. >> thank you. now to the stories in raleigh, durham and fayetteville, including how that supreme court fight in d.c. is playing out here. >> details on a crash that took out a utility pole and is some animals rescued from an animal shelter, now just hours away from going up for adoption. >> thousands of petitions today, landing on the desk of the senator. other senators calling to work with president obama feeling that supreme court vacancy.
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garland to fill in the open seat, however senate republicans say they will not hear it. >> three people are recovering after a serious crash. one of them had a pole. the doorjamb to in the to open it. >> hundreds of adorable animals rescued from an animal shelter, now checked out by veterinarians and ready for a forever home. we have the abc 11 story and the huge adoption event that begins tomorrow. reporter: after weeks of medical care and recovery, over 600 animals are ready for a new home. like this puppy, named lola who
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and this cat named huggy bear because he is always resting his head on someone. all of the animals have been spayed and neutered. they have their current shots in the paperwork is ready to go. >> you are going to get information about their behavior, their medical history. have that pet in your home. reporter: folks at the aspca says is this amazing that they have recovered after facing harsh conditions. >> the ones with special needs, they have been even bigger impact. reporter: all 600 animals here deserve the love after where they have come from. >> we are very hopeful that this community and surrounding communities are going to come in numbers and we are ready for them. we are ready to receive a lot of people here. there is something for everyone inside the shelter. reporter: if you are interested in making the adoption, all you
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issued id and a proof of address. we have all the information for you on our website, just look for the story. >> thank you, stephanie. rescued animals make the best pets. >> they love you so much. those are going to transition well to go home with families. just ahead, the new technology added that could save lives. >> it is not everyday you see a car inside a north carolina hospital. an update on this wild story. reporter: a hospital in the triangle implements new restrictions. we will examine those coming up.
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than others and that race is a factor. the details in the reaction. >> big things coming to rvus
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what it means for the price you >> today's commitment means it safety is not just for those who can afford it. all of these vehicles will get new technology and they will save lives. reporter: this system uses sensory to protect an imminent crash and the wanted to the driver and apply the brakes automatically. >> this could be a very important step in finding new ways and new models of working with more safety and technology. reporter: 20 automakers, representing 91% of the auto industry has made this standard equipment. >> the car will react, react for you, will see the situation.
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in with the future ought to be. reporter: the insurance industry says this could reduce rear end crashes by 40%. the technology now setting the stage for the creation of our economy. carmakers have agreed to make this the standard in cars in mid-size suvs by 2022. trucks will be equipped by 2025. anna: thank you. get ready for march madness. thousands of people needed life-saving transfusion. they are looking for donors between 18 years old and 44 years old. all it takes to register as a swab with a q-tip.
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anna: now to a look at stories making headlines across the state, including a car crashing into a hospital and injuring several people. joel: a car plowing into a home with a couple sleeping inside.
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where a car crashes into an emergency room, injuring four people. the car ran into the medical center this morning. police say the driver was headed to the hospital. because crash into a sign and went into the emergency department's lobby with several people inside at the time. the driver and three others were hurt. joel: now to another frightening scene in east asheville. take a look at a car that crashed into a home late last night, near missing a woman inside. troopers say the 37-year-old hit the home belonging to julie and frank brown. they went to bed 15 minutes before the crash happened. he was driving without a suspended license. anna: we are learning more about the 18 kohl's stores that are planning to close.
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in several different states, including north carolina. the store in charlotte will close june. support your local kohl's if you like it. joel: we have been having jim like temperatures throughout the week, but we are about to take a dip. chris: by this time next week, we will be back where we are right now. we have to roll with these changes. we have a nice st. patrick's day evening coming up. it is been a glorious day with sunshine, temperatures cooler than yesterday but still well above average. we were in the mid-80's yesterday, the mid-70's today. if you are going to be out celebrating st. patrick's day, the night is going to be fantastic. no need for a jacket unless you are really cold natured. it is going to be a really nice evening. durham, 77. freeway going in both directions
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76, rdu. lake county, report of a brush fire. 25 mile-per-hour gusts at rdu. dry air and vegetation has not greened up yet, so that is the perfect condition for it rush fire. a good idea to avoid this area altogether. 80, fayetteville. 79, southern pines. 80, clinton. nothing of any signs of resembling anything cold. there is some colder air in canada, and that will get here as we make our way into saturday and especially sunday, and combined with a storm system off the coast, that can produce a chilly rain for uss on sunday. we have one more of pleasant friday.
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mid and upper 40's, clear skies and mostly sunny for your friday morning, and that will translate into a really, really spectacular friday afternoon again. 71, rally. -- 71 raleigh. 73, fayetteville. upper 60's near the virginia border. those changes coming our way as we head into the weekend. saturday will not be a terrible day. we will square off with some sunshine at 8:30 in the morning, but clock coverage increases very quickly. as we got to the day, still dry. toward the evening, some rain coming in, and i would not be surprised if the rain is getting closer to us by late in the afternoon. then we go to the early morning hours sunday, and the rain really spreads through the region, fairly widespread rain as we work our way into saturday
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sunday, moving quickly, so it will get in sooner but that will mean it will get out sooner as well. as we head into the afternoon hours, after he went to start, we will see a little bit of clearing southwest of the triangle, especially up the coast, and that will make for a pretty impressive snowstorm for philadelphia, if not there, new york city where some areas could see up to six or seven inches of snow for the first day of spring. for us, it is going to be rain. clouds increasing saturday, 58. the rain moves and is not late in the afternoon, then evening and overnight. a wet start to your sunday, and then the rain will and near the southeastern -- end near the southeast. this is not unusual, but things are a couple weeks ahead as far as the blooming out there.
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anna: you warned us about not planting those plans early. chris: yes, temperatures running 10 degrees above normal. joel: thank you. anna: we all grew up riding bikes, but a young girl with special needs needs your help to make that dream come true for her and others like her.
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does not get muchjoel: new at 5:00, we are highlighting the community. several special needs children around the triangle need our help. kids with special needs can win a bike. anna: these are life changing for these kids, but for most is where you come in. we can vote and donate helping our local kids when a bike. i was able to speak with one of the girls. she loves her mom. aurora is the apple of her. >>the two come to the park all the time. aurora loves to play.
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and also has rheumatoid arthritis. the pain in her knee can be so severe, she cannot play outside. one day, she rode a therapy bike. >> it was so cool because you can see this joint light up in her face. this completely happy kid. anna: adapted, it has two wheels in the back for balance. it has special handles for steering, but it costs more than $1000. in organization started a platform to raise money for the bike to give away to children with special needs. several children in the triangle are involved in all of them could win a bike if they get enough votes and money in a donation. like daniel who cannot walk on his own.
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the same town. a vote from you and that bike can give these kids so much. >> freedom. freedom. the ability to go forward and have adventures, but more than anything, it gives her the ability to be just like everybody else. anna: this contest runs through march 30. you can vote for all seven of the kids in our area. each of them want a bike. eventually, all of them could win a bike if enough money is raise. we have a link on her website. i also put them on my facebook page. share these links with your friends on social media and maybe we can help this go viral engine change so many children's lives. joel: eyewitness news continues.
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durham police under the microscope. steve: african-american males are getting pulled over a lot more than white males. you will see what they are saying tonight about allegations of racial profiling. tisha: living in fear, demand who was sucker punch is speaking out tonight with his lawyer at the donald trump rally. steve: how you can share your thoughts on a popular rally road
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>> see what is happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. tisha: driving while black is a reality for black males in durham. steve: a new report reveals african-american males in durham are getting stopped i police at a higher rate than white males. tisha: the durham police department is taking steps to address the findings. we are joined now live with more. reporter: the police chief says they want to know that the public has been heard. in a conference, he said they listen to complaints of racial profiling and asked rci to be


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