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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  January 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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bobby is life with the latest. >> the teenager just 15-years-old. not clear why this happened. let me show you, you can see where the car came flying off the road up over the embankment and landed in that little pond here next to this golf course. the car came barrelling on to the golf course. only one survive and that's the driver. >> the driver has been cooperative and been in contact with the investigators. no issues as far as coopetion at this point. >> police say he's 24-year-old desean france and he was able to swim to the embankment to safety and was frantic when help arrived. >> the driver's actions in and of himself indicates there was a clear intent to help those
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arrived on the scene he was screaming and yelling at people inside the car. identified. the others are 25-year-old nathaniel morgan and 22-year-old shaki rerks e the mother of his children posted this message. lost. i never thought the day i would lose you would be so soon. i still can't believe you're gone. >> reportr: back out live here,
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with the driver of the vehicle, that is desean. he started to tell me he was cut off by somebody and he was forced to lose control and quickly taken inside by a family member. you did hear from police. they need help with the investigation. any bit of little information can help them piece this together. now live in lauderdale, bobby brooks. >> and taking a look at the weather map we're 80 to 90s use to seeing have beenreplaced by cooler temperatures and looks like cooler weather isn't finished here in south florida. adam in is for john and tells us what to expect. adam. >> that's right. the winds are continuing for the next few days. temperatures not rebounding too quickly a day. i feel like i'm showing this map a lot. 59 degrees for us this morning in miami.
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winter shocking, especially when you consider average lows this time of year around 60s. you think we got to be a little bit below average from time to time. looks like we're flirting with the 50s the next few mornings. comfortable out there. 72 in miepami and winds back down to the north. if you're looking for cooler temperatures, ingredient number two would be the clear skies. we don't have the clear skies. as you look at future tracker we notice the cloud cover as we go through time, we're g gng to start things off by 7:00 p.m. you notice the clouds don't eak up. in fact, they may push further to the north. possible shower or two into the afternoon hours. clouds radiate and give off heat. that's the only reason why we're
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wednesday morning, the clouds go away. i'll let you know what that means. >> sounds good. police on the hunt for two dangerous criminals. investigators say an armed man forced his way into a business and roughed up an employee leaving him a bloody mess. steve is live in northmiami, steve. >> and adam, it was a scary and a costly day for this business. this is the wireless store here in north miami and the peopl@ who work here, adam, were looking forward to a routine monday and got off to a violent started and then they stay closed the rest of the day. >> blood droppings stain the sidewalk outside a store where inside two men robbed an employee and it's not the first time. >> it's crazy.
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way too uch. a man working at the barbershop next door declined comment walked inand interrupted the crime. the suspects then ran out. >> about 15 blocks away investigators say two armed men car jacked the victim right out of his own driveway. tonight detectives are looking for thoracic outlet stolen vehicle and looking to see if the same suspects are behind the violent crimes. >> police do say those suspects
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this store and police also tell us that those two gunmen used a gun to smash the car window of the man they car jacked. he was not hurt and not a great description of the vehicle except to say that police think it's a gold four door honda. >> detectives are searching for four people behind a violent attack in deerfield beach. cameras were rolling as a group beat up a man outside a clubhouse. deputies say he made off with the victims tablet and backpack. they assaultedim when he tried to fight them off. >> a south florida taxi driver shot on the job. it's been a rough couple of days for jose who was finally able to leave the hospital in a wheelchair. he's feeling much better tonight. he's beginning a new chapter. just over a week ago he spent
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life. surveillance video captured the moment where a young man robbed the gas station. you can see that here. he was shot in the leg and plans to go back to work. >> i have three kids. i need work for my kids, my wife and for me. >> tonight president obama prepares for the final state of the union address as president. marissa joins us live with more. >> they sent a letter to
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them to send a message tomorrow. >> tuesday's state of addre could be given to the largest group of americans ever. they want them called for members of congress tonvite a muslim american as their guest for the president's final address. >> the president of the united ates will deliver the state of the union address to highlight american value. >> the democratic party chair and first jewish congresswoman from florida said the invite stands as a response to the resent hateful rhetoric aimed at the muslim community. most notably republican presidential front runner donald trump who has suggested barring muslims from entering the united states. >> no better way to drown out
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all armed and stand agent as leaders in the country and push back hard and say enough is enough. >> the congresswoman is inviting the doctor from decades ago and now the wes ten. she argues trump is just trying to get attention. what we adapt is real. each member of congress is allowed one guest. reporting live in the studio, nbc 6 news. >> president obama's final state of the union takes place tomorrow night. you can watch it live right here on nbc 6 and streaming on our app and tuning into nbc 6 news
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>> well >>. >> the need to reach 683,000 next month for a poroposed constitutional amendment. now, the group has to reach that dead line by february 1st in order for it to get on. the temperature of the water being cooledused to cool the plant is concerned with the damage being done. today, environmental advocates ask the three judge panels to over turn a ruling of the staff. that ruling allows the plants to continue to operate when the water sees a hundred degrees. the issue will likely be appealed.
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italy and artist found strangled in her apartment. her friends and family now reacting to her death. the latest on this international murder mystery next. >> it's not your ordinary high school.
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police say they fled that area in a red important i don't care g 6. >> the father of a florida woman found dead in an apartment building made an emotional visit to her home. the father accompanied by several friends knelt down to lay flowers by the door. police say they believe ashleigh was strong led after finding scratched on her neck and as investigators wait for autopsy reports to give them for crews her friends are waiting on her tonight. >> actually, she's amazing and
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>> she remembers her best friend. an investigation is underway. olson grew up in florida and lived in italy. she was found dead saturday inside her apartment. her neck bruised and scratched. olson's boy friend reportedly told police@they fought and when he went to her home to check on her a few days later he found her lifeless body. >> i find it suspicious. >> a garage yut, olson's free spirit took her around the world traveling and living the life. last time they saw her in 2014. >> she would come down and party with us and have good times but you never skipped a beat with her. you picked right back up.
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last year and they never made it. >> there's now a new area called high street instead of a traditional enclosed mall. it will be close to a lincoln road style. many retailers have been making the suggestion to open the air and make an open air style. ground breaking is expected to take place later this year. a new survey is revealing florida's favorite place to shop and it should not be a surprise. florida shoppers sayublix is their choice for go to grocery shopping. the chain features the most total stores with 758 locations across florida. walmart was the most popular
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was the best place to pick up. >> a little crisp out there. especially when you get some of those winds 5-10 miless an hour. it doesn't take much. a breeze goes a long way from generally, rain free tonight. a sprinkle or two. the rain comes back overnight tonight into tomorrow. let's not worry about that yet. let's show you live first alert doppler. seeing some action out there. a lot of this isn't hitting the ground. getting some left overs through here and miami-dade. you're thinking it's raining and not. there's lots of reasons this could be happening. missing out on a chance to go over some of the forecast here rt. bringing the radar into motion, there's some of your false echos.
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of movement. this may not be hitting the ground across extreme southern miami-dade. but yes, it will be working north, the moisture. right now, it's a north to south wind. north wind. nothing too crazy out here. also a long wind when looking for cooler numbers, where do we stand right now? 69 degrees. upper 70s yesterday at this time. 65 in napples. i think we make another run and the 50s again tonight. last night in miami we dropped down to 59. first time since march to see temperature below 60. a couple of very light showers off to the south. computer guidance showing that moisture begins to lift north
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that's why we're talking more rainfall for tomorro for tonight, low rain chances. for overnight hours a few of those shower chances increase a little bit. notice the numbers locked into the 60s. down to 59 tend and clear skies and a north wind on wednesday, the coolest number we've seen in aaong time. mid-50s and boy, do we ramp up. the moisture returns, warmth returns and humidity returns as we get into next weekend. 60s for highs next monday. quick look at the future tracker for tuesday. there's the cloud cover for 7:00 a.m. though. i think once we get to noontime and beyond, the cloud kicks o. if we see enough sunshine, enough sunshine, i think we'll get to 72. if we continue, we might have a advertised. another one of those below average type days. temperature wise we have a few more of those to deal with.
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chance to do real world today we brag about two
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they serve adults and kids. this. the home of the pirates is home child could have. >> it prepares kids for college or you can jump right into the business world. nbc 6 reporter takes us inside. >> sounds like a regular high school. and with the pompom's waiving it looks the part but robert morgan educational center is much, much more. >> students at robert morgan have the freedom to enroll in one of five academyies covering
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arts. >> they have every phase of culinary art. >> they need to learn how to plate the meals and learn the customer service that goes along with it. >> how does it taste? fantastic. robert morgan has all the usual ap classes. >> there's so many opportunities here. >> did i menton the veterinarian program? how about this snake here? they even have a couple of sharks. >> getting hands on experience will be a lot of animals. it's a great experience. >> the emphasis isn't just on learning skills. it's on capitalizing those
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in kendall, nbc 6 news. >> ahead tonight we take you to the safe house where now captured drug lord hid out from authorities. why philadelphia police say their officers are still under
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a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion, or abnormal behavior. the most commoside effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. anti-flu? go antiviral with tamiflu. and finally tonight a quick look at totd's top stories. a juvenile is the third person to die after a car plunged into a car at a south florida golf course. the teenager following last night's fatal crash. two men who were in the car were pronounced dead last night. the cause of this inindictment remains under investigation. only the driver survived. >> police on the hunt for two dangerous criminals who robbed an employee at a cell phone store.
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north miami. tww black men pistol-whipped the employee and fled the scene. investigators are checking to see if the same two people were responsible. the two suspects fled with an undisclosed amount of cash. >> detectives still looks at three shooting scenes that rocked miami. now police are urging the community to find the people responsible. the crime sent t e to the hospital, killed another and claimed the life of another. miami-dade superintendent usualed the principal to keep high schools open until late. >> all right. that weather really connected cool this morning. >> we love it. we live here and we're tired of the 80s for highs and upper 70s for lows. >> looks like the next few days you got to be nice too. wednesday morning, 54. if that happen, the only time we were cooler than that, go back to last february. almost a year.
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