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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  January 22, 2016 4:30am-4:59am EST

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i'm gigi right now nbc 6 is everywhere. rigig now at 4:30, thoands of flights canceled all across the country because of a blizzard expected to hit the rtheast. it is on its way right now. see how that is impacting some local travelers. plus, the pair of lady thieves are targeting their dates. the pricey items police say they stole after a night on the town. >> and only on nbc 6, the uber driver in this now viral vidid is speaking out. what he told us exclusively about that violent attack. and a good morning to you, everybody. time 4:30. i'm eric harryman. >> and i'm sheli muniz. it felt better than it has been all week. >> you'll be hit with warmer air. meteorologist erika delgado,
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winds shifting out of the southeast now and that's all it took r temperatures to be on the warmer side. take a look at our live first alert doppler radar. the reason i want to show you this, we are expecting showers to return to the forecast as early as this morning. right now broward county, you're in the clear. well. surge of moisture from the south already affecting much of the this will be the trend throughout the day tay. unfortunately all good things did come to an end. mentioned the warm temperatures. 71 degrees in miami. 72 ft. lauderdale. 70 degrees in the kendall area. yesterday we were waking up to the upper 50s and mid-60s across some areas. a warmer air mass is in place. we'll keep it cloudy and we're going to leave the showers in the forecast at least for the first half of the day. let's check on the roads now wwh first alert traffic reporter ms. kelly blanco. >> hapy friday to you, south florida. take a look at your drive in broward county. we'll check that out later. we'll talk about the accidents now.
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approach northwest 37 avenue, we still have that accident off to the shoulder but three of your lanes were blocked off. so luckily if you're headadg out the door soon, you no longer have to worry about three lanes being blocked off but you will find that accident scene off to the shoulder as we can see from our first alert traffic map, no real delays. all green on them. 836 westbound drivers at northwest 1th avenue, that's where you'll find one right lane blocked off. is one not causing anydelays either. right now on the turnpike, a nine-minute drive. traffic at 66 miles an hour from coral reef drive to tamiami trail. four-minute commute to the dolphin expressway. the east coast is in for a massive snowstorm with meteorologists predicting it could be historic. here in south floorrida travel troubles have already started. flyers rushing to get to their east coast destinations. nbc 6 reporter julia bagg is live at miami international airport. it's friday. people are trying to get out. how is it looking?
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>> reporter: sheli, not that bad. we've spoken to a couple ravelers heading for new york trying to make it out of here before the storm. let me show you the good news for the most part atlanta, boston, this morning you're fine on american airlines. here e the trouble spots, though. it's charlotte, two flights canceled on american airlines this morning. i spoke with another man heading fo new york and let me show you there is one cancellation into jj so far this morning. you can expect more cans cancellations to happen but still on time flights to washington, d.c., which is the heart of where this winter wallop is heading. more than two feet of snow predicted to fall in the nation's capital. and between last night and this morning, travelers in miami hoping not to get stuck. here, o o course, not a bad place to get stuck if you have to get stuck. check with your airlines to make sure your flight is getting out. we are seeing flights leavivig, at least the very early flights so far this morning. we'll keep an eye on it a a i'll
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ahead in our newscast. live at the miami international airport, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. julia, thank you so much. following breaking news out of northwest miami-dade this morning. that's where we're hearing reports of a house fire. nbc 6 reporter michael spears is on it for us. you're still gathering information, but what do we know so far? >> reporter: so far we know, first and foremost, no one hurt, which is good news. just got here and just got some cell phone video. the fire is out but look what it looked likeot even an hour ago. it's incredible the flames just shooting up into the night air here in northwest miami-dade. the fire is out but you can see the aftermath, northwest 101st street and 36, northwest miami-dade. firefighters responded, as you stau saw by the video fully engulfed in flames. we are hearing this is apparently a vacant home, so no
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that's why there are no injuries today. we talked to one man who said he went out to smoke a @igarette, saw the smoke, saw the flames, and then tried to ge neighbors out from the homes just right next door because people were home next door. people were asleep. so we are still working to find out more information about this. again, we showed that you video. we'll have another update ahead on the nbc 6 news at 5:00. michael spears, nbc 6 news. caught on the other side of the law, a miami-dade pd detective who stole jewelry from a suspect's ho could learn his face today. he is set to be sentenced in a few hours. he pled guilty last month of stealing more than $20,000 worth of jewelry. thik as dea agents were searching the home. he could spend up to 15 years in prison. new information about what happened moments befofo a city of miami police officer was stabbed in the face. chaos unfolding at the magic
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and you may recall s se of these images from our breaking news coverage yesterday morning. witnesses are saying it alll start eded in the card room when casino workers called police to escort a man off of that property. that's when that guy turned aggressive and stabbed that officer in the face. police say the officer then shot that man in self-defense. they are both recovering this morning.g. nbc 6 making calls thisis morning trying to get more details on a deadly shooting at a miami recording studio. it happened right outside of a warehouse near 191st street and 3rd court. police say four men were sitting in a car when someone just drove by and started shooting at them. bullets flew through the car, hit the walls of the recording studio. one person died. another was rushed to the hospital. the chaos forcing peo@le nearby to run for their lives. >> bullets just coming through the studio. we were getting down on the ground. it was crazy. >> this was about to happen anytime.
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because a lot of people there and a lotf commotion. >> and right now we still don't know who died in this or who police are looking for. this morning police need your help as well finding three men who they say beat up a security employee in high lealeah. they say it happened during an armed robbery at a window tinting business there just near west 84th street. we're told three armed men beat up that employee and stole a safe from that business. it's not clear at this point exactly how much monene was inside that safe when they made off with it, and no word on the condition of the victim, not yet this morning. take a look at this, caught on camera, these two women allegedly drugged their dates. take a look at this. and then stole from them. this morning the search is on to figure out exactly who they are. nbc 6 reporter laura rodriguez has more from sunny isles beach where they apparently met up with their victims. >> reporter: coincidence or collaborators? these are images of women who police say are preying on men
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>> it's deplorable. >> reporter: the most recent reported case occurred at a home in hollywood after two men in invited a pair of women home from the porter house in sunny isles beach. once at the residence, the male victims tell detectives they ank some alcoholic beverages the women proepdd!epared for them. they only realize waking up the next morning, their relex watches removed from their wrists. >> the total loss from this grand theft was approximately $70,000. >> reporter: the alleged heist didn't end with the watches on their wrists. the homeowner checked his safe and discovered five more watches had been stolen. >> to thinkk women would -- to feel compromised by a man, it's not right. >> reporter: only a day before this hollywood case on january 7th, two separate incidents were reported with a similar m.o. the women struck up
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men, apparently drugged them and then took off with their rolex watches. >> we always check with other agencies to see if they have something similar, and that would be part of our detectives' investigation. >> reporter: innecember a man says he also fell prey to a similar scheme.. the victim recalled the woman persuading him to drink out of her glass and now hopes she and anyone she may be working with are caught. >> it's a crazy thing. i could never expect something like that to happen to me. it could happen to anybody. >> reporter: if you recognize these women, give police a call. you can call crimestoppers anonymously 954-493-tips. reporting in sunny isles beach, laura rodriguez, nbc 6 news. all right. let's go outside, shall we? a live look from our first alert camera. eric, here is what you don't see, how warm it feels compared to all the other days. >> it does. it is a very, very nice morning. what day was it, sheli, i
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it's friday. erika delgado, we were talking about this. you are well aware what day this is. >> you should automatically know what day it is. we've been waiting for this. happy friday to you. it is early, it is dark and is warm and humid. it is friday as eric mentioned. taking a look at our live first alert radar, a few showers across extreme southern miami-dade. i want to take a zoomed out look and put things into motion for you because we are dealing with some showers in the forecast right now. it remains over the florida straits, moving to the north and towards the east. some of those showers are expected join us throughout the morning hours. have your umbrella handy today. mperatures are much warmer than we saw yesterday. 72 degrees in miami right now. 71 in miami and 72 degrees in the ft. lauderdale area. the reason it's so warm is we have that southeast wind now and take a look at this, not only moisture across extreme southern portions of our sunshine state but also showers and thunderstorms across the
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the forecast for your friday. temperatures in the 70s. we can expect rain throughout the morning and a few storms later this afternoon. all right, keli, i hope you have good news for us. >> only 4:41 and we have two accidents. 836 northwest 107th avenue is only blocking your right lane. you will get by fine. another accident and if you're heading out the door it's good news because three lanes were blocked off and now it's finally off to the shoulder. you'll find that accident scene eastbound as you're approaching northwest 37th avenue. take you outside and see what's going on there for your morning commute. i-95 southbound and northbound lanes around the area of northwest 75th street. those express lanes have not reopened. once they do in 125 to 20 minutes, 50 cents for a few minutes at least. i-95 southbound and northbound lanes, this is griffin road in broward county. we'll talk more construction in broward in a couple minutes. >> all right, kelly, thank you so much. 4:42 on this friday morning.
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assaulted in this video is talking exclusively to nbc 6 and this morning we'll hear why he says that he was attacked. >> some lucky south florida students getting exposed to the world of photography with one of the world's best wildlife
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only mucinex dm relieves bothwet and dry coughs for 12 hours with two medicines in one pill. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. welcome back. this morning the 12 u.s. marines missing after two of their helicopters collided near hawaii are now being considered dead. marine corps officers personally notified ch family member. the coast guard called off the search for the missing marines on tuesday after five days of search and rescuedefforts. the victims ranged in ages from 21 0to 41 years old. some newly released dash cam video shows how quickly things can go wrong if distracted drivers are behind the wheel. thankfully that was not the case here. you can watch the video closer on our nbc 6 news and weather app. gett better view. it shows the moment an oregon deputy stops his car when he
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middle of the street. things could have been much different had that officer not been paying attention to exactly what was in front of him in the vehicle. the child got out after community center while his parents were inside cleaning the plac no charges were filed. now first alert weather with meteorologist erika delgado. south florida, 4:45 on this friday. temperatures are definitely a little on the warmer side than we've seen the past few days. temperatures in the lower 70s. yesterday at this time we were waking up to the upper 50s and low 60s. so definitely some major changes heading our way, already beginning to feel it. let's get you out the door so we can see what your friday is looking like. we're seeing some of the shower akctivity moving through extreme southern portions of miami-dade county. we're expecting rain in two batches. batch number one across the
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miami-dade countythroughout the early morning hhrs. batch number two will be coming from the west ahead of a cold front that will bring major changes in the next 24-48 hours. a look at temperatures again, 71 in miami. 70 degrees down into the kendall area. taking a look at the winds, this is why we're waking up to warmer temperatures. winds have shied out of the southeast between 10 and 20 miles per hour. i mentioned this yesterday. anytime wove the or shore flow. your first alert forecast on is friday, finally friday, temperatures reaching in the mid to upper 70s. winds will be on the stroenger side between 15 and 20 miles an hour but gusting between 25 and 30 miles an hour. keep those umbrellas close becauseseere is batch number one affecting portions of southern portions of our sunshine state, but then the second batch, as you can see, will be ahead of
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to push towards us througugut the next few hours. we could see a few thunderstorms later this afternoon. because of the breezy conditions, the main threat will be the marine overhe atlantic waters. high risk of rip currents. that thunderstorm threat we will leave in the forecast especially for this afternoon. once we get through this rain and the thunderstorms andn once everything is said and done we're expecting nice changes for our weekend. temperatures will cool down. a cool and blustery day saturday. strong winds for us and cooler into turday, just in time for the miami marathon. we will be rain free al weekend long. first alert traffic coming up. erika, we had a couple accidents on the 836. one was westbound around the area of northwest 107th. that accident is now to the right shoulder and then also 836 eastbound around northwest avenue had three lanes blocked off and now it's finally off to the shoulder as well. if you're heading out the door
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a nine-minute ride from coral reef drive to the tamiami trail. maybe above speed at 66 miles per hour. take you over to the palmetto expressway where traffic is moving at 54 miles an hour. no delays on first alert traffic map as you can see, all nice and green to the dolphin expressway. a four-minute ride. on the 826 to okeechobee road a five-minute commute with traffic moving ang at 61 miles an hour. this morning we're hearing exclusively from the uber driver who was seemingly attacked. a resident at jackson memorial hospital has gone viral. nbc 6 reporter jamie guirola has the interview you'll see only on 6. >> what are you doing? >> oh, no! oh, no. >> you've lost your mind.
4:49 am
i'm a 5 foot girl who weighs 100 pounds. i'm getting really belligerent right now. >> reporter: an irate woman jumped into an uber and unleashed this violent and vile behavior. [ bleep ] get the [ bleep ] in the car. yeah, i'm attacking you. you have bruises all over you.u. >> reporter: the driver, igor belic, says she wasn't even his customer, demanded a ride, ripped out his keys and at one point even hit him. >> she was erratic. she was screaming, cursing, you know, calling me names. she scratched me. she scratched me when i was trying to get the keys from her, and hen she use edd her knee to kick me here, and i got bruises here. >> reporter: belic showed us his scratches, bruises, and the damage she caused to his rear-view mirror. >> oh, my gosh. that's destruction of property. you're crazy. >> maybe she did have like a bad day and someone said she's
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>> reporter: the woman is a doctor and a fourth year neurological resident at jmh. she's now on administrative leave. >> if she's a good doctor, she can help people. i wouldn't want her to lose her license. >> reporter: the driver didn't want to press charges and wants something positive to come out of this viral video. >> and all the riders, you know, have respect for the drivers because itit a hard job and it's t easy. driving all day, dealing with people, it's hard. it's hard work. >> i guess i ill leave the crime scene. good night. >> reporter: again, the driver does not want to press charges. jmh is investigating the incident to decici her future. also her uber rider profile was disabled. jamie guirola, nbc 6 news. a teenager takes police on a wild ride. take a look at this. that chase ending in dramatic
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this teen suspect slamming a police chief's patrol car. the chief was actually trying to get the teen to stop when all of this went down. instead he got sideswiped and sent flying. the driver andtwo other teenagers were arrested after crashing into@yet another car. a former broward county deputy is using florida's stand your ground law. an attorney for former officer requested his medical records to get deeper into miss health. mcbean's family believes these are tacktics to try to blame this on the victim. they claim he was wearing ear buds as he was walking through oakland park with a newly purchased unloaded air rifle, and because of the ear buds, he had music on, apparently did not ar commands to drop the gun. as soon as today we could learn if a suspected peeping tom will get out of jail on bond. he is accused of lurking outside women's bedrooms, peeking in, touching himself while he watches them undress. his sister took the stand
4:52 am
that she was actually with her brother the day he's accused of stalking these women in the pembroke pines neighborhoooo his alleged victims were there. they were actually outside of the courtroom but none testified. >> your time 4:52 on your friday morning and still ahead, south florida students are taking their best shots in one special class. we're going to show you how they're combined nature and fine art that's in our education on 6 report this morning. >> and then coming up at 5:00, now this is something we do not see every day. find out what happened to this crocole that was found
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in today's education on 6 report, lucky kids are learning to stay focused and give it their best shot. we're talking about them learning the art of photography. >> and the nation's only conservation biology m mnet school located here in south
4:55 am
basisilly it merges the art with nature. education on 6 reporter ari odzer shows us why kids are flocking to this course. >> reporter: tenth graders in class. >> when you move your settings, the only thing that moves is the shutter speed. >> reporter: taking wildlife photography means your classrorm is zoo miami. >> what a beautiful thing, your classroom is nature, the world. light is th paint brush. >> reporter: an accomplished wildlife photography expert is on hand to share tips with students. making sure they get their ducks in a row. >> now he's in the sun! you're listening to me. you get a little reflection, adds depth. right? >> reporter: biotech high, an all magnet school focused on conservation biolo is unique
4:56 am
this is the only wildlife photography class in the district. the kids learn how to think for themselves. >> with science and math, there are definite answers and they're used to that. they always want a certain answer f fm me. everything c culd be right or wrong depending on how you look at it. >> obviously photography is a form of art but this is more than an exercise in creativity. it teaches kids how to look at animals. >> it gives you different viewpoints and it forces you to observe the wildlife. ou're learning their behavior, more about it and in turn how to appreciate it. >> reporter: some of the kids had never picked up a camera before the school year. now they're even skilled at editing their pictures back a school. it's all part of the process. maybe they'll be inspired to follow mcgill's path. >> you always have to be ready.
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nbc 6 news. >> follo] ron magill's path. such a great guy and some lucky students there. next week we are bragging about plantation high school. going to great heights with the design program. love that. higher education agri-business newscast. >> they have some brilliant kids. >> nbc news at 5:00 starts right now. now at 5:00, we're live at the scene of breaking news where firefighters are investigating a massive house fire. >> also, poelice are on the hunt for two steaming victims they say stole from their tes after drugging them. >> and what was going on inside two local homes that landed nine
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live, nbc 6 news today. i'm eric hairyman. >> and i'm shelly muniz. itit a little warmer. drastically different. >> you're getting tired of the cold, a little break for your fryiday. let's get you over to meteorologist erika delgado with a look into the weekend forecast. >> eric, sheli, we'll take a break from the cold. the system moving through today will bring us some major chges for this weekend. taking a look at our live first alert radar. broward county, a few showers are moving through that goes through the homestead area. the majority of the showers have remained over the florida straitspso far and as they move towards us they've been breaking up. definitely want to keep the umbrellas close throughout the day. we will be needing them as the day goes on. and as sheli mentioned, feeling different out there. 72 degrees this morning in miami as well as in ft. lauderdale. 70 degrees in the kendall ara. a few clouds will stick around
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the showers will remain around most of the day. a second batch will move through. because of that first alert forecast, the showers in the forecast. keep the umbrellas close when dropping the kids off at the bus stop. all right. kelly has a look at the roads. good morning, erika. happy friday. right now roads are looking good. this is i-95. southbound anan northbound lanes here at northwest 151st street. right oututof the golden glades, you can take a look all the way to the left-hand side. we see a couple cars getting bb those express lanes are 50 cents at this time. a 12-minute ride from the golden glades to the airport expressway. over to the maps and show you what's going on there. 836 drivers. eastbound drivers, if you're getting ready to head out the door, this accident was blocking three lanes approaching
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accident scene but no longer


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