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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  February 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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plus, a south florida laundromat trapped by a clumsy crook and the whole thing caught on camera. > it's that time. the 2016 caucuses are under way and could provide a traumatic finish. all are eager to participate. thanks for joining us. >> ted cruz is the projected winner with 28%. donald trump is second with 24%. marco rubio rounds outhe top three with a close 23%. >> on the democrat side it's too close to call.
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clinton and bernie sanders are in a virtual tie. 50 to 50. let's get more. >> i saw it was 50/50 for the democrats. about ten mines ago i believe hillary was on top. that one way too close to call at this hour. donald trump was expected to win, but he did not. i listened to speak he gave to iowa voters. i stead of bashing ted cruz, he congratulated him on winning iowa. by 10:25, nbc theired ted cruz the projected winner edging out@ donald trump and marco rubio. this is how the caucus works. people gathering and talking up theirirandidate and when voters fell into the undeclared
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with supporters trying to win over the undecided voters. surrogates spoke for candidates and at a few locations surrogates made their own appeal like donald trump at this site early in the evening. >> i'm funding my own campaign. it's called self-funding. >> voter turn out was impressive with thousands showing up for their chance. ted cruz and marco rubio dominated the night. hillary clinton and bernie sanders about split the vote. later in the evening, a republican candidate threw in his towel. former arkansas governor mike
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running for president. florida senator spoke. >> the people sent a clear message. after seven years of barack obama, we are not waiting any longer to take our country back. these top fin inishing candidates will take their momentum. . this is live picturesut of senator ted cruz's campaign headquarters right now.
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at any moment. he's the projected winner. we'll take that speech ve. ncht we're moving on. ensure your vote by registering by february 16th. early voting runs from march 5th to march 12. it will be moderatedy chuck todd and rachel maddow. all three presidential candidates and the two now clinton and bernie will be there. martin o'malley is suspending his campaign. you'll find in-depth stories from the campaign trial.
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police are investigating a hit and run accident. the accused driver in a predicament as her car ended up in the canal. we have the exclusive tonight. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we're on west 28th avenue and 68th street. police say just blocks away from here, a driver struck a pedestrian. he ended up in this canal behind me. you can see the tire marks are >> it was pretty crazy. >> reporter: a hit and run driver ends up in a aanal. >> driver was truck by a woman. he jumped inin the tow truck and followed her. she continued drivin and drove
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brother. sgr are. >> it was a guy that jumped in the water. >> he jumped in to rescue be woman. his arm covered in band ages from breaking thewindow. >> reporter: i saw the woman ream skrooeming in the car. i took m clothes off and she told me she did not khow how to switch. the victim's towing company recovered the suv from the canal. the female driver who struck the man and thep ended up in the canal survived. police are now investigating the incident. they siay the female driver face
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a couple is facing charges home. they convinced the victim to go home with they recall. rls say the next day the hostage tried to leave but they wooubt let her wouldn't let her two. the woman was kept inside against her will. the woman was weld in captivity for five days. a brow the walls were ground zero for the graffiti. you come to school and see slurs pointed on the wall. that's what the students at archbishop high school saw today.
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>> they painted oaf the picture. >> mature in tleed. being a sorlt, i was offending. sf you're putting two and two together. it must be them. >> they said the initials a couple reasons. in the big rifl rivalry game. >> we were in the game and seeing a whole bunch of snoek everywhere. he's not ready to place blame. >> it's not my place. . >> reporter: police have confirmed nothing.
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who might be behind this. >> i would expect more from them because they are catholic school. it's wrong. hall's mother says he reported a burglar just days afterhe was killed. 40-year-old had been an employee since 2000. police aren't saying much excement they have an active homicide in the way. they're searching for a man who fannished. he was last since in the 6800 plok.
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if you see him, call police. the americas have considered an international emergency. >> l lst time emergency designation was used back in 2010. the france of chance is using a state visit by skro, he was dumped in. he later attended a state finer with french president. the trim comes after breakthrough deal in december to ease the foreign death to frans
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looks like cubans will go online from hoes. the governor says it will allow ka fees. no word on when it will cost or when cuba expect to have it up and running. cuba says it hopes to bump the number of to 60% by 2020. one of the wettest places. will tomorrow be as rainy? i'll have the report next. it's all op vied owe. you don't want to miss it. we are taking you live to the des moines iowa where the iowa ka kuss have it. you're looking at catch for hihiary clinton. she's still locked in a dead heat with bernie sanders.
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a burglar caught on camera at a south florida laundromat. nbc 6 reporter is joining us live from what matters on this botched plaer ri. hey. the suspect's burglary soaked in failure. started with him grabbing a chair and trash can to try goat into the panel and his whole criminal cycle was gone on that small camera. the man sitting on chairperson gets up and carries it to the front and sets it down. it looks like he's trying to place it for a burglary. as you'll see nothing he does is
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>> i find it lilhilarious. >> the man trying to jump into ceiling pane. his first attempt is wash. he falls and takes a piece of the ceiling with him. >> we caught him with the camera. >> he puts the chair back and finds a trash can or bubbbbe i stead. this time it works. now he's inside the office. >> then the motion dector senses it. alarm goes off. hepanics. crawls back over there. >> the suspect chose not to use the door on the way out. he fell through it on the other side, tangled in wire.
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neck. difference. if you think you recognize that man you're asked to call brow ward crime stoppers. that man got away with nothing. thank you. tonight police are looking for a triof armed robbers accused of robbing a south florida woman. they were armed with a gun and a knife at the time. think jumped over the fence. this all happenedear south 83nd avenunu police nip out there with anymore is asked to call miami ime stoppers. now to video that can be labeled sickening to watch.
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director abusing a 4 year old. that director strikes the child with a stuffed animal and her hand. the video catches her picking up the child and dropping him face down on the mat. look at this. a co-worker reportedarrested and charged with child abuse. alphabet has the most valuable company in the world. apple's current market value is about 535illion dollar. this is not the first time the two kaens have watched. >> we're going live now to camp ted cruz. he's won in iowa tonight. >> all right.
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the stage fp do you see people with their camera phones out. expected to here haze face. we heard from marco rubio earlier. here is ted cruz in iowa. >> donald trump coming in second. tromp congratulated cruz and didn't give any jabs or sholts. marco rubio also con garage lating him. tecruz is winning the most votes in the iowa caucus and he will go onto new hampshire as the front-runner. for a moment it looked like trump would put it out. it was a very close race. still on both sides that not been caught on the democratic
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pictures from des moines, iowa. this is only the beginning. you heard from marco rubio saying pe will back. it's going to be interesting to ee what senator ted cruz. you see 28% for 2ed cruz. 24 for domd trump and 23. >> people say it was due to his grounding he spent two nights in iowa. tread a -- they are working door to door going to diners and homes talking to people individually. that paid off tonight. let's listen in to the texas senator, ted cruz, who is the
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caucuses. >> god, bless the great state of iow let me say, to god be the glory. tonight, is a victory for the grass roots. tonight, is a victory for
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cross way and all across the nation. tonight, the state of iowa has spoken. iowa has sent notice that the republican nominee and the next president of the united states will not be chosen by the media. will not be chosen by the washington accomplishment. will not be chosen by the lobbyists, but will be chosen by the moo incredible p per force where all kovrpty resides in our
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>> you're lynning live from des moines iowa. he's giving his trick vi speech saying tonight is a victory for the grass roots. toint the state of iowa has spoken. >> we're getting the numbers from the democratic side. 94% of the precincs have issued
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hillary clinton is the a first alert doppler radar showing the rain has finally din diminished across a good part of south florida. take a look at the accumulations. i did see an inch and a third in homestead. inch and a half in the floriri keys. pembroke pines saw over an inch of rain. browarar points north. this comes on february 1st after what's beeee deemed the wettest january since 1932. we have 476% of normal rainfall. another inch o o rain today. it will clear out tomorrow. it will be mainly quiet for the rest of the week.
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kendall. temperatures are not expected to dip much below 70. probably in the upper 60s before the night is done. dry air for the most part has settled into the state of florida. at's why i believe tomorrow we will see sunshine in our area. rain chances are really not going to returned in friday when another front approaches our area. you can see daytime temperatures will be in the low to mid-80s. above normal temperatures for much of the week. when this front arrives on friday we're expecting it to bing showers. the front slides to our south on saturday.
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. dwyane wade had his best season. it was 33-year-old amarie stoudemire who shocked fan last night. he had 12 rebounds. not bad for a guy who didn't play in 25 of miami's first 28 games this year. last night he had four dunks. his teammates enjoyed the throw back performance. >> it's been years where i was in dunks for several years. now they watch me.
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i really enjoy my success. >> heat at houston tomorrow night. first place panthers back to work. the players admitted they had dead legs. the panthers will see their best effort. >> i know nothing at all. >> i don't want to see it's what brought us completely together
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welcome back. we continue to follow the iowa caucus results. right now you're looking at a live picture from hillary clinton campaign headquarters. we don't have enough time to listen to her. it's still too close to call. hillary clinton at 50%. bernie sanners at 49%. we have a picture of bernie sanders.
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about 95% of the primaries still
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