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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  February 2, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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about it all morning. for rye yarn phillips, groundhog day is nothing more than a rodent in the ground. >> the city is making money off of it. so be it. we'll look for the weather pattern to only improve after a cloudy, rainy day yesterday, we saw some break ms. the clouds late afternoon. we'll see more sunshine today. we've got one thing to get to, it's not the rain. live doppler -- the fog developing over the kwours of the early night and morning hours. visibility is reduced under a mile into the west kendall area. opa-locka executives 2 1/2 miles of isibility. there's patchy fog across the area,. if you're heading deep interior, that's where the real problems are. i think we'll have patchy dense fog.
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70s. today briter skies will take er. up to 80 this afternoon. 5:01. let's eck traffic. >> good morning, south florida. hope your morning is off to a good start. right now we're accident-free on the major roadways, 826, 836, the turnpike, i-75 without any problems. 836 westbound, the ramp to northwest 72nd avenue completely blocked off. 395 drivers westbound at walton lanes, one lane blocked off. no need to take the causeway. i-95 at miami gardens drive, construction with a right lane blocked off. in broward county, i-75as completely shut down at pines boulevard. starting to open up those lanes. have a great day.
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breaking news from overnight out of iowa, the results are in. nbc news is reporting that hillary clinton is the apparent democratic winner of the iowa caucuses. on the republican side, ted cruz came out on top, but there is no time to celebrate here. new hampshire, their primary is officially only one week away. nbc's tracie potts reports for us this morning from des moines. >> as i stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of relief -- thank you, iowa. >> reporter: early this morning after counting all night, hillary clinton was declared the apparent winner in what the iowa democratic primary calls an historically close race. >> iowa, thank you. >> reporter: less than half a percentage point, just a few delegates separate clinton and bernie sanders. >> what i will have begun tonight is a political revolution. >> reporter: ted cruz holding
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victory ever in iowa caucus history. >> tonight iowa has proclaimed to the world morning is coming, morning is coming. >> reporter: donald trump landed in second place, barely ahead of marco rubio. >> we will go on to easily beat hillary, bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. >> reporter: rubio, a close number three was the firs to declare victory here. >> this is the moment they said would never happen. >> reporter: all the candidates pledging to battle it out in new hampshire and beyond. there was strong turnouou especially here in des moines. at one point one of the caucus sites ran out of r rgistration forms there were so many people trying to register on the spochlt t tcie potts, nbc news, des moines, iowa. >> team coverage continues with
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more on marco rubio. >> more on that in a moment. fresh from the clinton campaign. i want to shareart of a statement just into our newsroom. it reads in part, hillary clinton has won the iowa caucus. statistically there is no outstanding information that could change the results. feeling pretty confident. here is another look where she beat bernie s sders by a nose. martin o'malley babaly registered and has decided to drop out. on the republican side,ed cruz sweeping to victory ahead of donald trump. rubio landing a very strong third place as you see there, how close he came to donald trump. both trump and rubio spinning the resultsts as positive for their campaigns, and that surprisingly strong showing from the floridada senator could propel him to popularity as you move to new hampshire in more than a week. have a look at how he and trumpp see these results.
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to tell you something, i'm just honorere i'm honored. >> wle grow our party and we will defeat hillary clinton or bernie sanders or whoever they nominate. >> there were also big losers on the republican side. ben carson garnering 9%, rand paul 5%, jeb bush, 3%. mike huckabee has decided to suspend his campaign. eric and sheli, we're tracking reports t tt others could be following suit on the republican side. stay close to your nbc 6 news and weather app to find out >> we also have full coverage of decision 2016 on that app. tre you'll find in depth stories from the campaign trail. >> we see these videos often. crooks caught on camera committing a crime. this video is a lite different. it shows o burglar bumbling and clumsy at a laundromat. >> michael spears is there with the tale of the tape. michael, some would say this is
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the morwe play this, the better it helps police. >> reporter: all m going to say is this man extremely determined. look at the video here. we've sped it up to give you more of the video in a short time. in the video, you can see the man at the wilton hills coin laundry trying to climb into the ceiling. as you see right there, his first attempt doesn't go too well. he crashes to the ground. as i said, this man is extremely determined. he gets back up and tries again. on his cond attempt, he makes it, crawling his way into a locked office according to staff here at the laundromatat >> drops down from there, falls from here, gets , goes to the register. the motion detector senses him. the alarm immediately starts going off. he panics, climbs back up, crawls back over there. >> reporter: his trip back doesn't go too well either. staff tells us he actually got away empty-handed, didn't get
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you see in the video, he left quite a mess behind. you can watch his antics on the nbc 6 news and weather app. police are still working to identify this man. they say it happened monday around 5:00 a.m. they're asking anyone out there who knows who he is, where he is, to give him a call. as always, you can call crime stoppers, 305-471-tips. >> in an interesting twist of events, a driver who took off after hitting a pedestrian crashes in a canal on to be helped by the victim. police say a woman hit a pedestrian last night on west 28th avfnue and 68th street and then just took off. then that woman and her car ended up in a hialeah gardens canal blocks away from the accident. soon after the pedestrian got hit, he followed her. when the victim went plunging
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who helped rescue the driver. damion lal's mom found his body inside his home. he report a burglary at h apartment a couple days before he was killed. the 40-year-old had been a miami-dade corrections employee since 2000. police aren't saying much other than they have an active way. police in miami beach searching for a man who disappeared on new year's eve. guzman was last scene in the 68 0 block of new versailles. guzman suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. if you've seen him, call police. nine minutes past the top of the hour on this tuesday. a lot more ahead including this.
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placing a bet on a new project, a big one. find out how the hard rock will be adding more rock and roll. it's groundhog day. we're looking to see if phil will be seeing his shadow, deciding if six more weeks of winter are coming. looking forward to the patchy fog. not immediately out east or in downtown miami, but out west is rather thick at times.
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is it could the president of france is using a state visit by raul castro tooall for an end of the u.s. embargo. castro's visit is the first european visit by a cuban leader in more than two decades. it comes after a break-through deal to ease the debt to france and other nations. it's groundhog day. will we be getting another six more weeks of winter or an early spring? >> what's the difference in south florida, some would ask. the people of punxsutawney, pennsylvania, are set for their annual eventntan event that draws thousands of people to watch ass a large rat decides how much more winter r ere would be.
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>> makes a lot of money. celebrations, fireworks, marching bands, the whole deal. unds like "brag about your school." they'll do that a little later this morning in pennsylvania. there's also chattanooga chuck. >> did they put them in a pot and decide what happens. >> bottom line is spring starts march 20th. wheel look forward to that. our concern is actually some fog. otherwise moving ono very nice weather for the next few days. once we get through the sunshine, we'll set ourselves up for ree nice days of weather. gone, the nuisance showers that were laying around to start off the workweek. second day of february looks so much better than the first. sky cam now as we take our first alert camera down in downtown miami. clouds building above.
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go deep west, inland into southwest miami-dade county along tamiami trail or broward, that's a differenen story. 70 right now at mia. a light east wind at 3 miles per hour. visibility about 2 1/2 miles at pbroke pines. and to oakland park. boy, less than a mile of visibility still in homestead. about to see the readings drop under a quarter mile. that's usually our threshold for the advisories here. bottom line, it's a warm, humid -- warm in some respects. 72 in ft. lauderdale, 70 in miami. the humidity high, temperatures now are starting to bottom out as the overall air temperature reaches the dew point. we'll be on guard for patchy fog in the school zones. sunrise at 7:05. that's key because once we bring on the sunshine, we'll scour out any remaining fog and get back
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here is one more thing to throw at you. with a light southeast wind, we could see, and i think the models are e little overdone. we could see isolated showers, maybe a sprinkle or two sweep by. i think all this activity, overblown in the model. a live look in ft. lauderdale. no fog problems out towards the beaches. we'll see the sunshine burn through that fog and get back to mostly sunny skies. temperatures up to 80 this afternoon. a very warm night tonight. the ocean breeze still hanging on. lows only at 73. we should be in the lower 6 os. the continuation of this wawam weather pattern. three dry days before our next shower chance comes by on friday. next weather story across the nation, blizzard conditions across nebraska and into north central kaas.
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for us, we'll keep things on the mild side. miami checking in at 70 on this map. not overly cold but active weather across the heart of the nation. not seeing a big sheup in the weather pattern any time soon. our only problem again, as i mentioned the fog, first alert forecast filled with sunshine, 82 as well. wednesday,xthe best day of the week overall. partly cloudy skies and 82. more clouds on thursday. friday we have a shower chance. as soon asp we get back to the weekend, warm and dry, partly sunny with highs in the upper 70s no matter what a groundhog will tell you. here is kelly with traffic. >> we had an accident on i-95 and northwest 62nd street that happened around 4:00 a.m. you no longer have to worry about it. also another on the palmetto southbound at northwest 74th street. that has cleared as well. as far as construction, another 15 minutes or so 395 westbound at alton road, one two to two lanes blocked off.
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see from the first alert traffic map. all nice and green. no need to take 195 instead. the i-95 northbound at miami gardens, a right lane partially blocked oo. broward county, accident-free. i-75 southbound theremay be construction at pines boulevard. at 5:5: everything should be cleared. how does a guitar-shaped hotel sound to you? the seminole tribe of florida tting on a $1 billion project. it wouldstretch 34 stories and have about 80 rooms. seminoles say the expansion will create about 20,000 jobs the $1.8 billion expansion depends on the legislature's approval. thtribe and governor rick
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december. the house has passed legislation cracking down on unemployment fraud based on identity theft. the practice of applying for benefits under someone else's name is spiraling well out of control, especially here in florida. since 2014, an investigative unit detected 146,000 fraud claims totaling more than $600 million. >> focused through our anti fraud measures to keep those criminals out and to keep the trust fund healthy so make sure the money is there for those eligible for the benefits. >> the bill would give state officials access to the driver's license database, and it would increase the penalty for crimes similar to this. >> checking the clocksn this tuesday morning, 5:18. much more ahead. not sure what to buy f f valentine's day. we'll tell you where you can
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fluorescent bulbs. general electric announced it will end production by the end of the year. the curlicue bulbs were the first widely used, but criticized for their lighting quality and burning out too soon. ge will focus on high efficiency l.e.d. bulbs. if you're looking the go shopping, here are the best bargains for this month, according to consumer reports, february is one of the best months of the year to buy indoor furniture as retailers discount their current lines to make way for incoming models. also a good deal, mattress sales. if you want tol save money on winter clothes, now is the time to buy them. >> aren't mattresses always on sale? >> allegedly. t miami international film festival has announced the official lineup for its 33rd edition. this year the festival will take
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the 13th at the olympia theater in downtown miami. a total of 129 films from 40 country also be exhibited during that ten-day run. the film's screenings will be held at the e wer theater, coral gables and win wood as well. tickeke go on sale to the public anyway the 12th of february. nfl fans have to wait until sunday night to get their football fix on nbc 6. >> you know they're frothing at the mouth. nbc 6 struck a deal with nfl to air five thursday night games between 2016 and 2017. >> nbc thursday night games will be during the second half of the regular season. the first game is set for november 17th. don't worry, nbc 6 will still be your home for sunday night football. >> appointment tv, that's what it's about. >> it is 5:24 now on your tuesday morning. a whole lot more ahead for our next half hour including this, iowa has voted and it was very close on both sides.
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bagg and "meet the press" moddator will have the results. a bumbling burglar caught on tape at a laundromat. michael spears is live at wilton manner with the taped tale. patchy fog still lingering, especially out west. even opa-locka down to a mile visibility. it's rathethick here in some spots, but out towards the beaches, all is clear.
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stick right now at 4:30, tight races on both the republican and democratic sides of the iowa caucuses. hear just how close up next. a bumbling burglar.
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