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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  February 5, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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not necessarily over the two-county area. these showers went through about 2:00 and 3:30 this morning. they're breaking down as they head out over the atlantic waters. residual showers are into the upper keys. most of the florida keys looking good at this point. here is the big picture. the line of showers moving away. we'll contend with cloud cover to get you started. the front itself just squeaking through. behind that, winds pick up from the northeast -- excuse me, the northwest, and our temperatures continue to back down. we were about ten degrees warmer than this about three hours ago ininakland park. right now lower 60s, cloudy skies into downtown miami. as we get through the morning drive, progressively working through that cloud deck. a cooler start to our morning, lower 60s. not much of a rebound. only up to 67 this afternoon, though you will not need your umbrella today. we'll look for sunshine later this afternoon. let's see how the drive is shaping up. here is kelel blanco.
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thank you for joining us. we had an accident 595 eastbound. if you're getting ready to head out the door, you dodged the rain and the accent in broward county. these are 595 eabound around pine island road. it was approaching u.s. 1 whe all lanes were completely blocked off on the ramp to federal highway. that accident finally off to the shoulder. good news f@r you broward drivers. let's take you over to 395 eastbound. on your westbound lanes by watson island,,hat's where an accident is being reported, one lane blocked but not causing any heavy delays. you can see on the overhead sign, 836 westbound closed at lejeune road. that's because of construction. expect that to open back up around 5:30 a.m. just about two minutes past the top of the hour. right n we're waiting for an autopsy to confirm whether or not the bodies found in a car submerged in southwest miami-dadeare those of that missing couple, the young couple we have been telling you aboutut all week long. nbc 6 reporter michael spears is
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office with more on where that investigation stands as of right now. good morning, michael. >> reporter: good morning, eric. that's right. the car was taken here to the medical examiner's office where that work is under way. no id on the two bodies on side the car. what police are doing right now, looking at the possibility that this is the result of a traffic crash. however, what caused the car to crash, still unclear this morning. new ground video to show you of the guard rail that the car apparently smashed through moments before it plunged into the water. this is a truly remote area in southwest miami-dade. police have not confirmed e identities of the bodies inside thecar. it is confirmed it's the same carellives and investigators have been looking for after 21-year-old alexandra piconoand brandon arana vanished sunday morning. in a facebook post yesterday
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was, in fact, the missing couple. their car pinged at the kendall toll plaza heading south on the turnpike. we did catch up with family and friends who, as you kim imagine, are grieving this morning, still awaiting answers. >> we don't really have any details of how the car ended in the water or anything else. >> everyone is in the water for each other. all families should be in these tough times. >> reporter: as far as this investigation, given what we've heard through family members, social media and in person, that id coulddome later today. we're waiting closing arguments i i the case against a teen accused of killing a new york rabbi in rth meech. 5-year-old deondre charles is accused of killing rabbi joseph hacks ton.
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walking to temple back in august of 2014 when charles shot him in a botched robbery. a decision about whether the teen will get bond is expected in about two weeks. a man charged in an execution-style murder is awaiting his trl behind bars as we speak this friday morning. a judge ordered dontrell pey held without bond on several charges including first degree murder and kidnapping. police say he shot and killed omar wallac three months ago. wallace was hanging out at a convenience store in the area of northwest 17th avenue and 83rd street. that's when police say posey put a gun to walace's back, walked him to an empty lot and shot him several times.blank. it's not clear what triggered that shooting. police are still looking for a driver who ran off after an accident yesterday.
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the damage inside is so bad that the city building department has deemedd it uninhabitable. this is how it looked before the honda accord was actually removed from the home. we showed you these images in our breaking news coverage yesterday morning. the carrashed into the master bedroom, pushing the couple in their bed several feet into their home. the couple and their daughter inside the home suffered minor injuries. five past the hour now. this morning the preparations for the miami intnational boat show are well under way. the load-in ofhe boats and yachts and sail boats and accessories begi at the miami stadium park. this year's location is virginia key, a controversial location. a lot of people saying it could potentially be bad for the environment. it officially kicks off thursday, february 11th. while there is pllty of excitement building, the road to rio hasn't been a smooth one.
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problems the organizers are facing. >> that road really rocky for brazilian organizers. the mosquito borne disease is blamed for thousands of birth defects in the south american country. brazil has warned pregnant women to stay away. olympic organizers emphasized the games will take place inn an air of tranquillity. they're urging athletes and tourists to use mosquito repel lent, keep windows closed and wear appropriate clothing. one upside an olympic organizer points out in brazil is august is thth country's winter and that's when mosquito numbers drop. >> julia, thank you so much. adam kuperstein will be there for the entire length of the games. seven minutes past the top of
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and then there were o. hillary clinton and bernie sanders go head-to-head in their first debate without martin o'malley. plus thousands of college students' personal information exposed. how the university of central florida issnow handling that hack attack. weave had some showers move by first thg this morning. they're all offshore now and all we're really going to focus on, cooler air moving in, cloudy skies this morning. we've made changes to your first
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hillary clintoto and bernie sanders are going their separate ways this mornini after their first debate. nbc's tracie potts reports for us this morning from washington, c. >> enough is enough. if you've got something to say, say it directly. >> reporter: hillary clinton pushing back onhe idea that she can't be tough on wall street because she's taken so muc money from them. >> you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donation that i ever received. >> what we need to do is to stand up to the big money interests. i am very proud to be the only
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have a super pac, who is not raising huge sums of money -- >> reporter: they debated paying for free college and health care. >> i do not accept the belief that the united states of america can't do that. >> the numbers don't add up from what senator sanders have been proposing. >> reporter: on foreign policy the democrats disagreed on how quickly to organize relations with iran. >> you don't open up the door and say here i am, l l's talk and make a deal. >> those are exactly the people you have to talk to and negotiate with. >> reporter: united in principle but drawing distinctions on how to get things done. thehe democrats' next debate happens next thursday in wisconsin. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> look for more coverage of decision 2016 on the nbc 6 news and weather app. political reporter steve litz will be reporting live from new hampshire starting monday ahead of tuesday's primary. red light cameras could soon be a thing of the past here in
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bill approved by the senate transportation committee. this is what's going on with the cameras. yesterday the city approved a measure on a 4-3 vote after republican senator jeff bran disargued the devices have absolutely no benefit t. man who represent it is area around st. petersburg argugu that accidents increased at intersections where the red light cameras are while increasing the amount of monon cities use. one bill faces objections from local police chiefs and city and couy officials as well. the proposed law would not take effect even if it does go through until 2019. a lot of storms oernight made for a soggy ride. this video from the turnpike. the rain has moved outleaving the roads to dry out through the morning. i think it came in time for@ our morning commute. >> we got caught in it and then it went away. ryan, i know we're talking about a big drop in temperatur. >> quite transitional here, especially this morning.
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we bring the sunup and temperatures rise. this time around temperatures are falling. it will take time to warm up this afternoon. first and foremost, as sheli and eric were alluding to, wet weather overnight. quickly these roads will dry out. driri, cooler air is already moving in. that should help take care of our roadways this morning. not worried about a resurgence of any rainfall as head through the morning drive. live first alert doppler painting a picture of showers breaking down. he front is sliding through south florida allowing the winds to turn to the north and to the west. remember you can track the temperatures and check the radar at any time on our free mobile app. download the nbc 6 news and wther app to your smart phone or tablet. the showers are exiting now, at least across the upper keys. after that we're finished with the wet weather for now. i mentioned the app. you'll use it for the weekend. more showers chances coming back at you. let's talk about the bus stop forecast. last day of the school week for the children.
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definitely a hoodie this morning. maybe a sweatshirt, sweater, something to fight off the chilled. yesterday's highs were lower 80s. this morning it's in the lower 60s. that's a 20-degree spread. look at the low clouds hanging around over miami right now. we'll slowly push those out of here. i'm glad a lot of this is happening in the early morning hours. hopefully we get brighter skies in as we approach midday. glad the rn is not coming in during the morning commute. i think kelly is happy about that as well. here are the winds out of the north-northwest that. is the catalyst to drop the temperatures, drop the humidity and bring in the drier air. 63 in pompano beach, 63 in ft. lauderdale. two to three hours ago we were about ten degrees warmer. we're starting off our morning with temperatures falling anywhere from 10 to 12 degrees cooler at this point at 5:15 than we were on thursday morning. it's a cooler changegeith the front moving through. thankfully for t tay the winds
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northwest keeping us dry, but as soon as tomorrow, a subtle wind shift will bring in shower chances. we'll leave your first alert forecast dry for today but just a tough climb. we'll spe our day into the 60s, 67 is about as good as we'll be able t do this afternoon with partly sunny skies. so wha@ happens this weekend? kind of a roller coaster here. cool and breezy today, 67. up to 76 tomorrow. tomorrow we're in and out of shower chances as winds turn to the northeast. then the big chill comes in sunday into monday. highs sunday only at 65. then we're talking 40s for lows on monday. i think the best part is we spend several daysys with sunshine but cooler readings. highs struggling to get to 70 for the bulk of next week. how is that for winter, kelly? >> i'll take it. i don't like the rain and i on't like it when it's raining and chilly, but it's okay, it's friday. good morning south florida. an accident i-95 southbound. you can see the car facing the wrong direction.
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minutes ago. this is southbound i-95 right at griffin road. two right lanes blocked off. the left lanes ar getting by. no need for an alternate this morning. right now i-95 lightly traveled and moving up to speed despite the crash in broward county. again, it's i-95 ssthbound at griffin road where you'll find the accident blocking a couple of your right lanes. let's take you over to miami-dade where we're accident-free. turnpike drivers, coral reef drive to tammy am any trail, ten minutedrive. palmetto expressway southbound om the big curve to oak choke bee, fiveinute drive, traffic moving at 55 miles per hour. a data breach that could impact thousands of college students. university university of central florida says hackers got ahold@ of the social security numbers of 63,000 people. this includes current, former students as well as employees. officials say the breach did not include credit card information,
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ucf right now is notifying potentialalictims by letter and is planning to offer them one year of frere credit monitoring. investigators are working now to determininwho was behind the breach. a bond court appearance revealing the four teens arrested for trying to sell stolen pigeons are certainly no strangers to the law. a judge denied bond for the 14 and 17-year-old because of their extensive criminalhistory. in the last couple of days alone they're suspected of carrying out five different burglaries at five different places. detectives say they stole the pigeons and try to sell them to a hialeah pet shop. each bird is worth about a hundred bucks. a gun safety class got personal for a family who shared their heartbreaking story. last summer in cooper city a 14-year-old boy died when he, his brother and a friend were playing with handgun. yesterday the parents of charlie martin talked about the accident for the very first time publicly. dozens of families showed up for the gun safety class.
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message. >> today marks six months and four days since i lost my son to gun negligence. he was shot by a friend at the age of 14. what hurts the most about losing charlie is that this was preventable if the gun was stored and secured properly, my son would be here today. >> that's tough to listen to. two middle schoolers were also honored, credited with spotting a bb gun on the way to school and reporting it to police. broward sheriff's office hosts the gun safety class about twtwce a year. your time the 5:18 on your friday morning. still a lot more ahead including this. these gators ready to attack. what you're looking at israrere footage of two alligators caught battling it out. you know you want to see more of coming up. one in four people actually are in the market for a new tv game on sunday.
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welcome back. the voice behind the funky sound of earth, wind and fire, maurice white has died.
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he was 74 years old. we don't know on the specific cause of his death, but he did battle parkinson's disease for years. white was the founder of earth, wind and fire and they scored many hits like "september," "boogie wonderland." >> valentine's day is right around the corner. i hope you know that. a lot of us plan to spend cash on your loved ones or loved one. americans will spend jst under 150 bucks on gifts. that's abobo $4 boyne.50 more than last year. bringing total spending this year to record high of $19.7 billion. what is the gift that most people spend the most money on? it's not flowers, but it is delicious. >> candy. >> candy, chocolate namely. the super bowl is right around the cornerer
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market for brand new tv because you want to watch that game on the biggest, baddest tv that's out there. ultra hd known as 4kffers more detail, but tougher to notice onsets smaller than 60 inches. so you've got to go for@ the beast. 4k is not even a factor this weekend because the game is not going to be broadcast in 4k so it really doesn't matter. certain lcd or could pose a problem if you're packing tt room because of the viewing angle. it's a little narrow. so screen size is definitely a consideration. >> above 65 inches you start paying a big premium for that larger screen size. we're seeing more affordable 55 to 65-inch tvs. >> if you get a good deal on that brand new tv, avoid those upsells and all the accessories and add-ons that they try to get you to buy. the money you save on the tv means all for all those delicious snacks.
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we'll have a live report from san francisco, from super bowl city coming up i our next half hour. it's time to grease the polls on polls. several local ladies will oil the support polls at the royal sin necessary sta hotel, a traditionround for 46 years after hotel employees began oiling the polls to prevent people from climbing up during the carnival parties and parades. mardi gras falls on february 9th. i got so many looks off camera in the studio just now. >> what a way to start the party. >> we're trying to prevent people from going up the poles. >> right, right. mind you, you're getting tens of thousands of people that pack those streets for days att time. it d dsn't matter whether the
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they're out there and partying. >> no liquid courage. >> no liquid courage whatsoever. interesting in the way they want to prevent injuries there. a brutal brawl and apparently it was caught on camera. >> a pair of alligators filmed in a face-off as they fight in clearwater. this video is filmed in slow motion. the wrestling continues in the wart when one of the reptiles lands a final shot, tows both of them in the lake. it's not clear what they were arguing about. apparently it was enough to get the death roll going. isn't that what they call that, the death roll, when they start flipping over like that? >> it looks fake. >> looks like something from universal studios. >> meanwhile someone with a camera. >> 5:25 now. still a lot more ahead for your next half hour including this. >> a tragic end in the search formation couple. family members say the two were
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we're going to hear the latest from investigators this morning. also, the search is on for whoever shot a miami teenager as he was riding on his bike. how you can help police this morning. >> guys, as we approach 5:30, we're saying good-bye to the shower activity on live first alert doppler, moving offshore for the two-county area. residual showers in the upper
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we transition into a cooler now at 5:30, a tragic day for the families of a missing couple after their car is found submerged in the water. what investigators have to say about the case. also, the road to rio officially under way. we are six months away from the olympic games. find out how your favorite athletes are getting ready. speaking of games, it's almost super bowl sunday, how san francisco is getting ready for the big day.
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