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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  February 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good friday morning. i'm shiz. >> i'm eric harrymam. your time is 6:00 on the nose on your frida february 5th. a weekend cooldown is on the way. ryan, that cooldown has already started. >> we're seeing temperatures fall first thing this morning. i want to assure you we are drying out after overnight showers which between 20 and 4:00 this morning, you may have heard a little raifalling, knocking on your window outside this morning. we've got drier conditions moving quickly in across the area. live first alert doppler painting a different picture as we get into heart of the friday morning commute. even the showers lingering across the upper keys moving away. you'll want the free mobile app through the weekend. we're not quite finished with the rain. the initial line of showers
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our problem this morning will be the lingering cloud cover which morning. as eric has alluded to, the temperatures tumbling ten to 12 degrees justpin the last four hours. 61 oakland park and pembroke pines, 61 in miami. drying out. cloudy and cooler. a breeze in place this morning for the northwest on the drive in. looking for temperature in the low 60s, only managing a high today of 07. it's warmer tomorrow but more showers to talk about, your weekend forecast in just minutes. right now first alert traffic with kelly. florida. good news, we had an accident blocking two lanes, but if you're still joining us at home nice and comfy, having your breakfast, you don't have to wroir about the accident any longer. this is all we have left o that crash scene. road ranger off to the right shoulder, this is i-95 southbound at griffin road. over to the maps, we have a traffic alert on andrews avenue
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deputy involved accident there has all lanes completely blocked off in the intersection right by broward boulevard. julia bagg will be live from the scene and give us all the details. we have a broken down bus on 195 westbound west of alton road. you can stick to 395 instead. kelly, thank you so much. two minutes past the hour. breaking right now out of ft. lauderdale, nbc 6 reporter julia bagg in the car on the way to that deputy-involved accident that we were telling you about. julia, if we can pull you up here -- do we still have you? it looks like you just go there in ft. lauderdale. >> reporter: eric, can you hear me? >> we understand a prisoner was being transported when this happened. what do you know? >> reporter: there was a transport -- a prisoner transport going on. that's how this started. it ended up at this interstion here where somebody hit that car. let me spin around for you and give you a look at the
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there you see the deputy's car. the deputy and the prisoner being transported. they're now at the hospital. they are expected to be okay. have a look at some of the other cars. this one right here smashed up in the front. if you can look to the passenger side of that car, you'll see where the air bag deployed. we know one of these cars had four people in it. there's a third car involved that smashed up against this light pole at the intersection here at andrews avenue and southeast 2nd street. we know some people were treated for minor injuries. again, that deputy and the the hospital now. this is, of course, blocked off. tell you about that. be sure to stay close and we'll keep you posted with details. what i'mm finding out here in t next few minutes. i'll be back with more on that. julia bagg, nbc 6 news. a car is pulled from a canal fearing the worst.
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towards theheiami-dade medical examiner's office as they work to identify the bodies inside. nbc 6's michael spearss live. the vehicle fits the description of this missing couple. >> reporter: police did confirm that. family members, it's important to knono are saying the two people inside that car are their loved ons, but official confirmation still has not come. you mentioned the medical examiner's office working to identify the bodies. this is where the bodies and the car was taken yesterday. police are investigating what appears to be a traffic crash. this morning it's not clear what caesed the crash. this is video of the guard rail that the car crashed through moments before it plunged into the area. this is a remote area near thee homestead air babae. police not identifying the bodies inside the car. the car does belong to the missing 21-year-olds, alexandra picon and drandon arana. they have been looking for those
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when they vanished. relatives saying in a facebook post yesterday saying, again, it apapars those are the two people. the couple who had been datiti for two years was last seen leaving the cadillac ranch in the kendall area. picon tol her mom she went to have a drink after work. family and friends are grieving this morning but still, as you can imagine, awaiting answers. >> we don't really have any details of how the car ended in the water or a athing else. >> everyone is just being there for each other, all families should be in these tough times. >> rererter: as far as the couple's relationship, mom said there was nothing unusual aut their two-year relationship, that it would be out of characteristic for her daughter to just go missing. again, it's not clear who exactly the two bodies are, no id officially, but that official id could come later this morning. for now in miami, michael spears, nbc 6 news.s. we're now waiting closing
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accused of killing a new york rabbi. 15-year-old deandre charles still trying to get out of jail on bond despite allegations he kikiled rabbi joseph rackson. investigators say the rabbi was walking to tellable back in august of 2014 when charles shot him in a botched robbery. a decision about whether the teen will get bond is expected in out two weeks. a man charged in an execution-style murder will await his trial behind bars. the judge ordered dontrell posey, this man, held without bond on several charges including first degree murder and kidnappppg. policeceay posey shot and killed omar wallace three monthsago in northwest miami-dade. wallace, this man was hanging out at a convenience store in the area of northwest 17th avenue and 83rd street. that's when police say posey put a gun to walace's back, walked
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shot him several times. it's exactly clear what triggered the shooting. a lauderhill family is homeless after someone crashed cnto their home. the house is boarded up and the damage inside is so bad the city building department has deemed it uninhabitable. this is how it looked before the honda accord was removed. we showed you these images in our breaking news coverage yesterday morning. the car crashedinto the master bedroom and pushed the kwoum who were in the bed several feet into the home. the couple and their daughter we understand suffered minor % injuries. zika has turned deadly. colombia confirming three people with the virus have died. each of these patients also contracted a seemingly related disease called guillain-barre syndrome w wch attacks the nervous system and causes paralysisis also, broward county is under the same heal emergency as
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the governor. miami-dade has seen an uptick in the number of service calls for mosquito control. the county usually gets three or four calls a day. at least 56 came in just on wednesday. in our facebook page we noticed many of you have been commenting when it comes to zika posts. a lot of you have a lot of questions about the virus. so be sure to watch or set your dvr to "impact" this sunday morning at 9:30. we go in depth for you to answer those questions. it's eight minutes past the top of the hour. asas we speak, preparations for the miami international boat show are elwell under way. a big show out there, beautiful yachts, boats, sail boats and boating accessoriesesis starting today at the miami marine stadium park and basin. thisear's show will take place in virginia key, a new and controversial location. a lot of people worried about the environmental impact. the miami boat show officially kicks off next thursday, february 11th. i do not accept the belief that the united states of
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>> the numbers just don't add up from what senator sanders has been proposing. >> one-on-one. the democratic candidates face off in the last debate before the new hampshire primaries. nbc 6 is live in washington with a look at how the campaigns are reacting this morning. a gun safety class gets very personal when a south florida family shares their story of tragedy. breaking right now. here is a live look at a deputy involved accident in ft. lauderdale. this is a live look here. the broward sherififs office telling nbc 6 the deputy and a prisoner he was transporting have been taken to the hospital.
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welcome back. we're waking up to breaking news about wikileaks founder julia assange. a unitetenations group says he should be allowed to walk free and compensated for being detained by britain and suite sweden. he faces expedition to sweden over a rape claim which he denies. he claimed asylum in london's ecuadorian embassy. the uk says it will fight the group's opinion. a european arrest warrant remain remains in place because the ruling is not legally binding in the uk. 6:13 now. red light cameras could soon be a thing of the past here in florida under a bill approved by the senate transportation committee. yesterday the committee approved the measure with a 4-3 vote after it was arguedhe devices have no benefit. the man who represent it is area around st. petersburg argued
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intersections with these cameras while increasing money for the general budgets rather than for safety where he thinks it should go. the proposed law, even if it douse go through, would not take effect fully until 2019. aafety class got personal when their family shared a heartbreaking story. last year in cooper city a 14-year-old boy died. yesterday the parents of charlie martin talked about the accident and this is the first time they other ear doing so publicly. dozens of families showed up for the gun safety class and heard this very, very powerful message. take a listen. >> today marks six months and four days since i lost my son to gun negligence. he was shot by a friend at the age of 14.: what hurts the most about losing charlie is this was preventadle if the gun was stored and secured properly, my
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>> it is absolutely moving. two middle schoolers were also honored,d,redited with spotting a bb gun on the way to school and reporting it. the broward sheriff's office hosted this gun safety class about twice a year. the tampa area man accused of landing his gyro copter on the grounds of the white house is free to travel for his congressional campaign. douglas hughes plans to challenge south florida representative debby wasserman schultz for his seat in congress. because of his pending court case, a judge ordered him to stay in the county where he lives. he is now allowed to travel only for campaign purposes. >> the best part about the morning forecast is we have the rain through the area. that happened between 2:00 and 4:00.
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wet at all, will dry out with the northwest wind you'll encounter. we'll watch the showers move away from sth florida on live first alert doppler, all out across the aantic waters. now we bring out the clouds, the breeze and the cooler air. here are your headlines on this friday morning at 6:16. a brisk start to the day. temperatures much cooler than this time yesterday morning.g. the breeze we witnessed, a series of cold fronts one having just gone through, seven more to come over the next seven days. it will put winter across the forecast. at the bus stop, cloudy nditions, breezy at times. not a whole lot of sunshine to be had initially. we'll have more sunshine progressively as the day goes on. you'll see cooler readings, lower60s this morning. here is the brisk northwest wind. the cooler, drier air settles in on a 10, 15, 20-mile-per-hour breeze. temperatures have been falling
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they won't rise herere they'll continue to stay steady. we have pocketet of upper 50s into northwestern broward county, park land, coral springs, tamarac flirting with 59-degree mark. bottom line is low 60s across the area this morning in the two-county area. mid 60s through the keys. what a change from this time 24 urs ago. we're about 10 to 15 degrees cooler. that in and of itself will get your attention. then we add in the brisk northwest wind. will we rebound today? not really. cool, dry air continuing to settle in even before the lunch hour. a lot of forecast models are keeping us into the lower to mid 60s. i think we should peak this afternoon around 67 or so. tonight we dial temperatures back into the lower 60s. a return of a northeast breeze will keep temperatures moderate tonight, but also bring in shower chances. i think we're finished with the rain today. cloudy skies this morning, breezy and brisk. highs onlyat 67 this afternoon.
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a brief warmup tomorrow to 76. with that northeast wind, showers on the breeze for your saturday. we get the rain out of here early sunday morning. sunday afternoon, not much of a warmup, 65. partly cloudy skies, then early monday morning, lows in the 40s. highs only in the 60s all next week. let's check the roads with kelly. good morning, happy friday as you're making youray out the door. the accident we had on i-95 southbound at griffin road has completely cleared up. you hane nothing to worry about. we have a broken-down car off to the left shoulder, but nothing to worry about at all. your southbound and northbound lanes looking good in broward county. we do have a traffic alert this morning out of broward county. chopper 6 is on its way. let me take you to the maps and show you where it's at, andrews avenue and southeast 2nd street. that's an area you'll want to avoid. we're accident-free on the major roadways, a broken down bus on
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you can take 395 to avoid that. your time 6:19 on your friday morning. we're following breaking news right now out of flaurd. >> nbc 6 julia bagg just got to the scene. you just learned new information. what can you tell us. >> reporter: eric and sheli, i've been speaking to two people involved in the crash. alex, thank you for joining us this morning. i'm looking at this car right now, you were riding and your friend bryce was driving. tell me what happened? >> i'm not too sure exactly. we were driving down this way, and there was a cop car and another car turning left i guess at the exact same tim all of a sudden they were both going out of nowhere and they both hit us out of nowhere. i smashed into the front side window. >> you smashed into the front side window.
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>> we're good, yes. >> didn't need any medical treatment? >> no. air bag did the job. >> were you guys drinking at night? what were you g gys up to? >> no. we were out just hanging out with some friends, but no. >> so it appears the deputy's car crashed into your friend's car that you two were riding in. what did you think when you realized it was a depepy transporting a prisoner inside that car? >> i didn't realize tt until later. i looked at him, but he seemed okay. i'mure he was fine. >> the deputy seemed okay? >> no, the guy he was transported. >> the prisoner seemed okay. you said at one time, did they put one of them on a stretcher. >> he was on a stretcher. he seemed fine. >> who does it seem to be responsible for this crash? >> i have no idea. i don't want to point any fingers. >> okay. we're glad you're okay this morning, alex. heading back to miami, but stuck here after this crash.
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the deputy and the prisoner were taken to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. we're obviously gathering more details for you, talking to more people involved in this crash and we'll bring you new information as soon as we find out here. stay close, also on our nbc 6 news and weather app. live in ft. lauderdale, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. >> this is so fresh for him, he's probably trying to process whate went through. >> you heard him say that he actually hit the windshield. obviously a lot to figure out. julia bagg will stay on the scene because of an officer involved accident with a prisoner the back. there's still a lot to figure out. how it went down and who is responsible. >> how much money do you think facebook is costing you? we break down the numbers, and it turns out just 20 minutes a day on the social media site could be costing you a lot. the south florida man
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at just 14 years old i don't know what m doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to wk. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing t it made me smile
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made my day share your story. publix. were shopping is a pleasure.
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6:25 now. what if i told you that as you browse through facebook on any given day, you could be actually losing money? would it get your attention? with more than one billion users, facebook makes just der $4.00 each. users spent that time working fofo minimum wage, each would pull in almost $900 extra a year. that's based on a calculation. imagine if every user replaced their 20 minutes with work, collectively they could buy zuckerberg's entire company two times every year. we know that guy is rich. work productivity is what it's all about. 6:12525. the super bowl is about 48 hours away. a lot of americans will be hitting the market for a brand new v, the latest and greatest flat screen. ultra hd offered as 4k offers
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tvs, but it's tougher to notice onsets smaller than 60 inches. you've got to go for the mac daddy. 4k is not a factor this weekend because the game is not going to be broadcast in 4k so it doesn't matter. certain lcd or could pose a problem because the viewing angle is narrow on those tvs. screen size is also a consideration. >> 65 inches you start paying a big premium for that larger screen size. we're seeing more affordable 55 to 65-inch tvs. >> if you get a really great deal on one of those tvs, avoid all the up-sells that they sometimes prompt you to buy along with the tv, plus the money you save on the tv means kore money for snacks. who doesn't love snacks during the game? stay tuned, we'll have a live report coming up from san francisco a little later this morning. >> you'll have another portion
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their phones our ipads. >> exactly, wave of the future f. you miss the game, there's a problem. your time now 6:27.
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bernie sanders get heated in a broward sheriff's deputy andh his prisoner both in the hospital after a crash at this intersection at southwest 2nd street and andrews avenue downtown. have a look at some@ of the damage. three cars involved including that police car, the deputy's unit right there. we just spoke with two men riding in that mazda. they tell us they're the victims, they were here parked -- rather here making a right when they were struck. we'll tell you more about what
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a few minutes. we're live in ft. lauderdale, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. right now we're taking a look at new video from the turnpike. a lot of storms overnight made for a soggy ride. the good news, the rain itself has moved out leaving the roads to dry out. nice for your friday morning to haha it a little drierment you can see the live radar looking clear. the showers have moved offshore. ryan, with the showers moved offshore t big weather story is the fact we're dealing with temperatures that have dropped significantly since yesterday. >> dropping in a hurry all morning long and still falling even as we speak this morning. northwest winds bringing in the drier air, chasing the rain away. live first alert doppler drying out. it was between 2:00 and 4:00 this morning that the rains moved through. the roadways will dry out with the northwest winds. a problem will still be the cloud cover, rather extensive. here is the satellite and radar, that line offshore falling apart, as a matter of fact, low clouds inplace.
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initlly not a lot of sunshine. the blustery northwest winds here at about 10 to 20 miles per hour, our temperatures falling into the lower 60s will likely get your attention. by the way, about 18 hours ago we were at 81. that was our high yesterday. now the 61 is quite a ching. dolphin expressway moving along just fine, breezy and cloudy. temperatures in the low 60s. even with south florida sunshine this afternoon, not much of a rebound. forecast high today 67. 6:32, back to traffic with kelly blanco. chopper 6 over the golden glades interchange. we saw emergency crews fly by this area, that's because an accident has been reported on i-95 northbound near the golden glades interchange. heading southbound, $1.50 is how much the exess lanes are. you want to avoid andrews avenue
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broken down car on 195 westbound after alton road. kelly, thank you so much. it was a democraric fis-off last night. hillary clinton and bernie sanders toe to toe. tracie potts isp live in washington. tracie, hillary has some work to do in new hampshire. chef came out swinging? >> reporter: she needed to. she's 20 points behind. i don't went into this determining what bernie sanders says she is not a progressive democrat and that she's not being controlled by the big banks on wall street. >> what we need to do is stand up to the big money interest.
6:28 am
candidate up here who does not have a super pac. who is not raising huge sums of monene >> they debated paying for campaigns and paying for free college and free health care. . >> i do not accept the belief that the united states of america can't do that. >> the numbers don't add up from what senator sanders has been proposing. >> on foreign policy, they disagreed on how quickly to normalize relationships with iran. >> you don't just rush in, open the door and say here i am, let's make a deal. >> those are exactly the people you have to talk to and negotiate with. >> united in principle but drawing distinctions on how to get things done. this was not the last time you'll see those two go at it in a debate. they've got another one coming up thursday in wisconsin. we'll be covering it for you. live from washington, tracie potts, nbc 6. okay, tracy, thank you so much. look for more coverage on our nbc 6 news and weather app.
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live from new hampshire on monday ahead of tuesday's primary. back to the breaking news out of ft. lauderdale. we've been talking with julia bagg for the last half hour, 45 minutes, a crash involving three cars, a a sheriff's deputy and a prisoner that was in the back seat. julia bagg is live for us right now. we know obviously there was a priiner being transported in the back seat. that adds a whole other layer in terms of the investigation and what happened. >> reporter: ererc, we know a whole lot more from talking to two people who walked away from this crash. you heard from one of them first right here on nbc 6 just i our last half hour. you can see deputies shining flashghts here, trying to get a better look at the damage. three cars including that deputy's car that has some front end damage there. we know he and his prisoner were taken to the hospital. when we spoke to two other men who walked away without any serious injuries, they tell us that those -- that the deputy and hi prisoner, they were
6:30 am
appeared to be okay at the time. two men we spoke with said they were making a right, they said they had a red light and at some point -- they're not sure exactly what happened next but they ended up colliding with that sheriff's deputy and another car here on scene, a dodge charger. this has been blocked off here. ft. lauderdale right in the heart of downtown, southeast 2nd street and andrews avenue. we're talking to deputies about this andd will bring you news. stay close to yournbc 6 news and weather app and you'll hear more from the two men who say they were the victims in this crash. more breaking news literally a thousand years in the making. i didn't misspeak. we learned just within the last coupleminutes pope francis will meet the head of the russian orthodox church. this will happen february 12th, and it's going to happen in cuba. as you can see, social media very much alive with this news break overnight.
6:31 am
all over the world. watch them as they continue to flip across this board. this will be the first meeting between the heads of the catholic and russian orgt documents churches since the split between eastern and western christianity a thousand years ago. a vatican spokesperson is calling this, quote, beautiful news. we're working to post full details right now on our nbc 6 news and weather app. we're following breaking news from overnight. this is closer to home. we learned one man is dead after being shot. it happened earlier around 1:00 this morning. neighbors around the yar of northwest 21st avenue and 31st street woke up to multiple shots being fired. one of them even told nbc 6 he walked outside and saw the body lying on the ground. the victim we're told lived with his wife and four kids in a nearby apartment.t. this morning the families of two people are waiting for confirmrmion from the medical examiner's office after a car was pulled from a south florida
6:32 am
you're looking at them right there. nbc 6 reporter michael spears is live outside the medical examiner's office. this discovery leaving little hope for the families. even though it's not confirmed it was thisissing couple we've been talking about all week, most people believe it is them. >> reporter: that's right, eric. it pretty much is all but confirmed. we know it's their car. and also the family has come out and said it's them. but that official confirmation you mentioned, won't come until the medical examiner's out here makes a determination. it's clear that the body and the car was taken yesterday. have a look at this. this is video of the guard rail the car smashed through yesterday momentsefore it plunged into the water. again, this is the same car that relaives and investigators have been looking for. 21-year-old alexandra picon and brandon arana. the couple was last scene leaving the cadillac ranch at
6:33 am
where this car was found in the water, a really remote area in southwest miami-dade. in a facebook post yesterday afternoon, picon's aunt said the bodies were,e, in fact, her niece and her yfriend. >> they're devastated. >> everyone is just being there forrach other, all families should be in these tough times. >> reporter: right there you see some friends, family members gathering where the car was found. as you can igine, extremely difficult morning for them, this morning as the medical examer works on its part of the investigation. police are looking at the crash, looking at what caused the crash. why the car was in the area. because as of now, that part is not clear. still many unanswered questions including an official id of the two bodies. >> live in miami, michael spears, nbc 6 news. recovering aftere was shot while riding his bike.
6:34 am
we know the 15-year-old boy was taken to jackson memorial hospital where he is in stale condition. it happened near northwest 64th street and 6th avenue in miami. after the shoogtd, miami-dade county superintendent alberto carvalo took to twitter once again saying quote, tragedy strikes again with a 15-year-old child shot while riding his bike. another south florida county under a health emergency. what you can do to help stop the spread of that zika virus. ththt's coming up in the six stories you need to know before you leave the house.e. sflord, as you're making your way out the door, chopper 6
6:35 am
where it needs the super sunday around the corner. manynyut there still hoping the
6:36 am
>> for nbc 6, jay gray is in san francisco. there's kind of a where's waldo, if people can find you, you're going to buy them a ticket. that's whatwe understand is happening. is that right? >> reporter: no, i cannot confirm that at all. but, nice try, nice try. eric and sheli, good morning. if you want to get a ticket to the game, you can. it's not that big a deal. it's just about $5,000 right no, a price that's going to go up, brokers say, as we get closer to kickoff here. the party has already started. in fact, going on for several days and building each day. now it's friday morning. we're officially in to super bowl weekend. hundreds of thousands still pouring into the bay area. ticket. the brokers say the price is $5,000 and going up, as we talked about, and could be, when it's all said and done, the highest-priced super bowl ticket ever. it's a supply and demand issue. a lot of people not giving up tickets.
6:37 am
to see what could be peyton manning's last game or cam both. you compa that to the cost of ticket to super bowl. 50 years ago, ten bucks. wll play that game, but if you find me, i'll give you t%n bucks and a cup of coffee. ticket. >> sorry, jay, that's not going to cut it. jay, thank you so much, live for us in san francisco. one piece of good news to the other. that is, in case you didn't know it, national weather persons -- groundhog? >> no. he was disqualified a couple days ago. you either love me or hate me this morning because for some, out early, it's a brisk start to winds and temperatures cooling off in quite a hurry.
6:38 am
right now we're at 61. for south floridians, that's a big change. we go up and down in the weekend, b settle into beautiful weather. let's look at the radar. live first alert doppler which you can get any time o our free mobile app. the rain showers having moved by between 2:000 and 4:00 this morning. i think with these northwest winds, our roads will be quick to dry out. not worried about shower activity creeping back in today. it's tonight we'll bring back the shower chances. all the showers offshore. now it's a matter of getting rid of the pesky cloud cover up above. first alert camera looking down towards the aaa. a little extra moisture around the lens, low clouds, but the rain out of the ft. lauderdale and eastern broward county areas. the front is past us and quickly moving through. we had a quick wind shift to the
6:39 am
thqt's drawing temperatures now down to about 60 degrees, and our winds are coming up at about 15 to 20 miles per hour. we'll deal with the wind for the first half of our day, but we're ing to use the wind to bring in some cooler and drier air. at least we are drying out. rain-free, cloudy and 60 in west kendall. 61 in miami, 61 in ft. lauderdale. 20-degree drop in 18 hours, pretty significant across south florida. here ishere we'll compare things to 6:35 thursday morning. we're about ten to 14 degrees cooler as you head out ear this morning. so change in the way you dress today with temperatures only rebounding into the mid 60s. a cool, breezy day. i know it's very cloudy out there this morning. progressivily sunshine sneaking in. those northwest winds will not let us warm up much at all. tonight, the winds shift to the northeast, and that will bring in shower chances. lows at 61. when i talk about a roller
6:40 am
shift in the jet stream early next week will set us up for several nice winter days where at least the sunshine will be with us at that point. for the weekend, we will contend with shower chances. we'll finish for the rain for today. first alert forecast high 67. that's about 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon. cloudy with showers in and out of our skies on saturday. 76 and 65 on sunday. lowshis weekend into the 50s. we're talking 40s early on monday morning. that's going to be a cool change as we start a newworkweek. a lot of sun in your first alert forecast. monday through thursday lows in the 5 5s, highs only into the middlend up per 60s. so something to look forward to. let's see how the drive is shaping up. >> national weather person day. today would be a good day to bring back the hash tag, not always blue skies but always blue eyes. >> too long. >> it's amazing.
6:41 am
>> as you make your way out the door, andrews avenue remains completely blocked off at southeast 2nd stre. you want to take federal highway a couple blocks south of broward boulevard. julibagg has been bringing us the latest details on an accident in that area. a broken down bus on 195 westbound. we have a brand new crash on i-95 northbound near atlantic. that's blocking one of your lanes and causing heavy delays. don't forget you can follow me on twitter. i'll be posting updates all morning long. i'm about to tweet an accident so you can see how busy it is in that area. >> police are confident speed most likely played a key role in a deadly accident inkendall. we were right there yesterday morning showing you the devastated pictures. look at the car the smashed into a box truck. the driver of that car died immediately.
6:42 am
figure out exactly how fast that car was going. the resentencing hearing for michael hernandez, the south florida man accused of stabbing his best friend to death at school, that is expected to wrap up today. for the first time, hernandez himself took the stand yesterday. he testified, even gave a tearful apology, the 26-year-old expressing remorse for the murder of his friend, jamie gough. >> i had to learn whati did and how much pain i caused here. i'm soroy. >> the defendant later defended himself after the prosecution presented some evidence of prison recordings, recordings that they believe he should stay right where he is. you can hear some of that recording using our nbc 6 news and weather app. today some parents hope their message doesn't land on deaf ears.
6:43 am
that's the messagag from parents who lost a child to violence. they are coming together to demand criminals stay off the streets, asking for police to get involved. the chants are aimed at katherine fernandez rundal. the group wants criminals to stay behind bars so they can't do anymore harm. there are six months left to the rio olympic games. one local medalist has his sights set on rio. we are wishing him the very best. 24-year-old daniel slava has been training seven days a week preparing for the olympics and getting therapy, unfortunately for his injured left oulder as often as he can. he's hoping to be at 100% when the games roll around. the gymnast won bronze in london in 2012. if you ask him, there's only one home from this year's olympic games.
6:44 am
into anything in life with that ultimate biggest drooef, then i just don't think you'll be able to make it. so leyva is even working on his own trademark move to throw at the rio judges. you can find out exactly what that move is tonight only on nbc 6. if you see a bunch of people wearinged today like we are in the studio, it has absolutely nothing to do with any kind of an early valentine's day celebration. >> it does have to do with the heart, but a different matter. the american heart association has declared today national wear red day, an effort to get women and men to talk about heart health, basically making your heart health a priority. women are starting to see increased rates of heart disease. now the association hoping the extra awareness, people weararg red, people talking about it will save a life. >> now the big six stories you need to know.
6:45 am
in the hospital this morning after the crash that happened that you see here. look what it did to the front of that deputy unit. also in the last two minutes, paramedics showed up to help another victim who is walking around. we know at least three people are being treated here the scene. i just spoke with traffic homicide investigators. they are telling me that deputy is expected to be fine. the prisoner is expected to be okay as well. stay with nbc 6 and our nbc 6 news and weather app for the latest uates on what happened. live in ft. lauderdale, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. about 15 mines ago pope francis making a stop in vana cuba later this month. the official tweet from the vatican news service. he's going to meet with the head of the russian orgt documents church on the 12th in cuba. the first meeting between the churches in a thousand years. we're waiting foror an autopsy
6:46 am
car in southwest miami-dade are that of missing couple alexandra picon and brandon arana. their car was found in water in a remote area in southwest miami-dade. a teenager waking up in the hospital today recovering from gunshot wounds. the 15-year-old was shot while he was riding his bike in the area of northwest 64th street and 6th avenue in northwest miami. so far police don't have a description of the shooting. lalar today, derrick medina, the man found guilty of killing his wife andosting pictures of her body on facebook will kn his fate. he was convicted of second degree murder in the killing of jennifer alfonso. he faces 25 years to life in prison. zika has turned deadly. colbia confirming three people have died. broward county is on the list of counties under a health emergency. be sure to watch "impact" this sunday morning at 9:30 as we go into a lot more detail as to how you can help stop the spread of zika.
6:47 am
as you make yourur way out the door, we have a couple accidents in broward county. what you're looking at is i-95 northblund south of atlantic boulevard where we have one of your left lanem completely blocked off. not causing major delays on the southbound side. it's northbound because of the crash with injuries blocking the left-hand lanes. let's take you to the maps. andrdrws avenue is blocked off at southeast 2nd street. you want to take federal highway instead as far as miami-dadad no major accidents, 6:55 a.m. a lot of folks out there. ral reef to sammy am many trail, 17 minutes with traffic moving at 26 miles per hour. 826 not looking too bad, bird road to the dolphin expressway four minutes. golden glades to downtown, 12-minute drive. traffic moving at 44 miles per hour. an ugly morning out there with all the low clouds in place. northwewe winds kind of breezy.
6:48 am
lower 60s to begin our day. sunrise around the corner at 7:03. initially not much in the way of sunshine to be had. theood news, the rain moving offshore. we're left with the lingering cloud cover which over time we'll get through. here is a check on the radar, all the showers across the atlantic waters. i'll see clearing across interior south florida and the west coast. take time to sweep this through the area as we get towards midday with a little sunshine. we'll slowly climb into the mid 60s. how about this, updated readings into the 7:00 a.m. hour. it's 58 at oakland park and ft. lauderdale. this front pretty potent, bringing in cooler air. it stays with us through the day. mostly cloudy and 67. tomorrow, some showersround at 76. but the big story, only 65 on sunday, low ms. the 40s by monday morning. temperatures taking a dive.
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