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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  February 5, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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>> happy super bowl. breaking news, happening right now. a huge crane comes toppling down in new york city killing one person. welcoming winter weather again. south florida chilling out again but will it last through the week? pope francnc taking a major step to bridge a 1,000-year rift and he's making that historic encounr today. a live look over downtownv miami this midday. south florida waking up to winter. thank you for joining us. i'm sheli muniz. >> i'm eric harryman. if you like the cool weather, it's going to stick around for a few ys. what a drastic transition guys after several a aternoons into the 80s. this time around, waking up to temperatures in the 80s. the cloud cover won't break. weve got thick clouds out and
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a live look at everglades park here. the front through the area while you were sleeping and now at this point just breezy north to northwesterly winds drawing in that coolol and drier air. eventually we'll shake slew the cloud cover. it's going to take a few more hours to try to work through this cloud deck. you jump over to collier county and middle and lower keys, the sun is out. it's cloudy start. we're rain-free. temperatures struggling to get out of the lower 60s. temperatures are only at2 for ft. lauderdale and oakland park, 63 in miami. at least the winds have come down and the air drying out quite a bit. dew point in the 40s. a slow climb into the mid 60s. more clouds than sun but don't put your umbrellas away just yeye showers, more cool weather to come for the week.
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forecast coming at you in minutes. we're following some breaking news happening right now in new york. that's where first responderers have troushed a chaotic crane accident. we're join live from the breaking news desk with the latest information coming out of manhattan. >> we're hearing one person dead and three others seriously hurt. those injuries appear not to be life-threatening. new video. you can see it's a active scene in lower manhattan, specifically in the tribeca area. the crane landed across several parked cars, trapping people. more than 100 emergency workers are on scene right now. the heavy equipment fell straight on too the street, it also scraped some buildings on the way down now their structural integrity is now in question. on top of all of this, there's a
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new york city mayor bill de hour ago. securing the crane. they got to the work site at in the 20 miles per hour rge and were proceeding to secure the crane, to bring it down to a safe and secure position when this incident`occurred. >> and that was mayor bill de blasio of new york city taking a look now at social view 6, people posting be pictures a a videos showing how big the crane is and the victimswho are affected by it. the personilled in the car was a man. we'll get his identity later today. we'll give you breaking news on it and on line on our news and weather app. thank you so much. nbc 6 also following breaking
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chopper 6 was over the scene of a warehouse fire a few minutes ago. this is happening in the area of northwest 84th avenue and northwest 66th strert. crews are on the scene working to put out those flames. no word yet on what may have actually sparked this. police say they have arrested half of the duo responsible for car jacking a man and he leading police on a high speed chase. we're live in d dntown miami with how all this played out on the streets of south flrida. >> good morning, eric. we're the only crewn the ground. the victim positively identified one of the car jacking suspects, but right now police tell us they are still looking for a second supspect who may have bailed with the weapon used to commit this crime. >> a police chase came to an end friday morning on a busy highway ramp that connects the julia tunnel to i-95. miami police say the 19-year-old suspect shown here car jacke a man just before 7:00 a.m. in the
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he led police on a chase that lasted five minutes roughly. the vctim flagged down an officer who was driving by moments after the car jacking and pointed out the car which he told investigators belonged to his mom. the suspect then took off in the victims car and police say a second suspect riding shotgun bailed in t overtown area, possibly with the gun used in the car jacking. as the chase made its way north and on to the highway, police say the 19-year-old suspect lost control on the ramp connecting i-95 to 195 and hit a guardrail and tried to keep going. but detectives say a police sergeant moved into position making a tactical stop. the suspect then tried to bail out of the passenger door but was stopped by officers who had their guns drawn and was thrown in the back of a police cruiser. the victim who police haven't according to investigators. police brought that victim to the freeway ramp, positively the suspect who was later booked.
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identifying the suspect who was arrested. the suspect they are lookokg for or the victim involved if you know anything, you are asked to call police immediately or crime stoppers. for now, we're live in downtown, miami, michael peers. the hunt is on for whoever shot and killed aouth florida father. here's a new picture of aaron parish. neighbors woke up to shots being fired. one of them told nbc 6 he walked outside a a saw the body lying on the ground there. parish lived with his wife and four kids in an apartment. a scary day on duty for a broward county sheriffs deputy as he was transporting a priner in his cruiser. it was slammed by a red light runner. from what we understand, it wasn't st the police cruiser and the vehicle. it was also a third car that was involved in this accident, is that right?t? >> reporter: three cars and i
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victims in that third car. they survived that crash that blocked th intersection until just a few short hours ago. they tell me that they are getting some rest and they are still stunned that they walked away from what happened here. back on his feet, this broward sheriffs deputy is out of the hospital and his father is grateful. >> it's not a callllyou want to get at 5:00 in the morning. it's nerve-wracking. >> reporter: investigators say around 3:30 this morning, the deputy was driving a dui suspect to jail but when he reached second street on andrews avenue, a man driving this dodge charger ran a red. the dodge charger charge the crash, as simple and basic as ignoring a red light. they spun into a third vehicle. brice powers silver mazda. >> i was trying to make a rht and boom, without me ever having i got nailed.
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walked away with nothing serious. they say the injured deputy offered to help them. >> he asked me if i was okay. if i needed any assistance. very professional, and i s very fortunate that everyone in the accident was okay at the end result. >> reporter: hours later, not just that deputy, but his injud prisoner returned to the intersection too to speak with investigators. four people riding in the charger went to the hospital as well, but they are expected to be okay. the crash blocked the c cnter section for some six hours and that deputy's dad tells me his son is a goodman and he's been with broward sheriffs office for about a year and a half. live in ft. lauderdale, julia bagg. nbc 6 news. nbc 6 is everywhere in the courtroom at a resnsing hearing for a man accused of stabbing his best friend in middle school goes into its third day. michael hernandez took the stand
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gave a tearful apology. the 26-year-old apologizing for the murder of his friend when they were 14 years old. it looks like somebody is testifying there. the hearing isexpected to wrap up today. the judge could reduce his sentence based on a supreme court decision that minors cannot be sentenced to life in prison without parole. the bodies found in southwest miami-dade are those of a couple. we reported it all week. yesterday afternoon, this happened. divers pulled that red toyotaco role la from a lake. investigators say that it's the same car that brandon arana and alexandra picon were last seen in on sunday. broward county under the same health emergency as four
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miami-dade which is also on that list test -- have seen an up stick in the number of service calls. they just this wednesday, they got at least 56 calls. it has been a trending topic on the nbc 6 news and weather app as wewe as many of you posting comments and a lot of you have a lot of questions on our social media pages. to help, we're bringing in an infectious disease expert to address your concerns, ansoer those questions you have for them. she will be live on the nbc 6 facebook page to answer your questions that starts at 5:00 p.m. go to facebook and search nbc 6 south florida. meantime, six months from today, the summer olympic games kick off in brazil but the road to rio has not been an easy one. the country has been dealing with the zika virus but the games will go on according to brazil's sports minister. organizers say they have no intention of canceling the festivities because of the
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the brazilian government is fully committed to ensuring all athletes and fans are safe. pope francis is expected to do something that no popeas done since the year 1054 and cuba is set for the backdrop for all of it happened. steve joins with key -- details. the year 1054, maybe some people are thinking q misspoke. the year 1054 was the last time it happened. >> it has been a while. the announcement coming out of the vatican overnight. it could be an hstoric step to healing the eastern and western wranches -- branches of christianity. the vatican announced he will stop in havana on february 12th on his way to mexico. church officials said private talks will last several hours at
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the two will deliver p plic speeches and sign a joint statement, a senior orthodox cleric saying longstanding differences between the two churches would remain but they would be put aside so they could work together against the persecution of christians in the middle east. the meeting was brokered by raoul castro. he will greet the pope and preside over the signing of the joint dedearation. new unemployment numbers are in and it's pretty good news. the labor department says the number of people without a job has dipped under 5%. it is the lowest in eight years. the number of@ people working or searching for jobs went up last month and the report also said that more jobs were added and the average wages jumped as well. coming up on nbc 6 news this midday going head-to-head. take a look. >> enough is enough. if you've got something to say,
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>> those hoping for fireworks in last night's democratic debate in new hampshire definitely not disappointed.d plus the thief who police say tried to make a quick buck leaves a lasting impression on detectives. and warning from the cdc meant to caution women about the over 3 million people have silky smooth feet that you can't help but touch. the new amopefoot file wiwi diamond crystals and extra coarse roller head removes callouses effortlessly. feel it yourself! amope pedi perfect. lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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over 3 million people have silky smooth feet that you can't help but touch. the new amopefoot file with diamond crystals and extra coarse roller head removes callous effortlessly. feel it yourself! ope pedi perfect. we've got breaking news to pass along out of a miami courtroom.
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of killing his girlfriend and posting video has just been sentenced here. trina with the update. >> yeah, sheli what we know is derek medina has been found guilty of murder and he will serve at least 25 years in prison and as you said he killed his wife, shot her in their kitchen when they were arguing and posted that dead body on facebook. there he is in the courtroom and he has been found guilty of first degree murder. he will serve at least 25 years. he said jennifer al fonso struck him and he was operating in self-defense. the jury did not bieve that. today, he's been found guilty of first degree murder. back to you. >> thank you so much. nobody ever said that a crook. nobody ever said that a crook was smart, that is for sure. take a look at these pictures. definitely forgetting to say cheese. this guyaided a photo booth. the crook did get away with about $75 from that booth but
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booth automatically takes pictures of anyone who tampers with the money drawer. turning now to zigs 2016, the democrats are campaigning in new hampshire after thirst one-on-one debate. >> hillary clinton is way behind in the polls and she came out swswging. we have a recap this midday. >> enough is enough, if you've got something to say, say it directly. >> hillary clinton is pushing back on the idea that she can't be tough on wall street because she's taken so much money from them. >> you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donation that i ever received. >> what we need to do is to stand up to the big money interests. i am very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pac, who is not aising huge amounts of money.
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and health care. >> i do not accept the belief that the united states of america can't do that. >> the numbers just don't add up from what senator sanders has been proposing. >> on foreign policy, the democrats disagreed on how quickly to normalize relations with iran. >> you don't rush in and open the door and say here i am and let's make a deal. >> those are exactly the people you have to talk to and negotiate with. >> united in inciple but drawing destinations on how to get things done. >> that's not the last time we'll see them together. the next debate for the democrats is thursday in wisconsin. tracie pott nbc news washington. first alert weather. ryan phillips, south florida's most accurate forecast. >> 18 past 1. dry, first alert doppler. overnight showers give way to cloud cover out there right now. i think we go through our friday afternoon looking good but maybe
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back in our first alert forecast. here are the headlines. clouds, very pesky into the afternoon hours. waiting on a break in the clouds to maybe try to warm us back up. won't be much. the showers, they will return, maybe as soon as late evening or overnight tonight. here's the good news if you are looking for winter weather. a winter feel back in the air as soon as monday morning. the breeze has been very persistent here. first alert camera, you see the flags flapping in the breeze here. the breeze will ease up later on this afternoon, but this deck of clouds very persistent. i thought we would see some breaks at this point and we are across western broward coin but not necessarily in the core of the metro area. key west, 7 mile bridge,all sunshine looking good there. low clouds taking over the metro
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it's true. miami shores, boca raton, west palm beach. winds continue is 10 to 15 miles per hour from the north, drawing in that cool dry air. feels good in terms of the humidity, it would be nice to have temperatures warmer than 62 in miramar as well as ft. lauderdale. 63 in miami. 65 in marathon. when we compare where we were at 11:20 yesterday to today, we are 18 degrees colder in ft. lauderdale. that's a big change for we south floridaians. it's 20 degrees cooler than the in the last 24 hours. we're waiting for the clouds to break. with the north wind bringing in the cooler, drier air, only 67 in the first alert forecast. we're right back in the cloud cover tonts and we bring in some late night showers.
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northeast, we will begin to see temmratures come back up through the 60s. i think we should bottom out maybe around 61, 62. as we turn the winds to the northeast, all the wind out there, the concentrated clouds associated with the front but the wind speeds and the wind direction will dictate the weather h@re for the weekend. thick clouds move back in late tonight with shower chances on and off tonight even into our saturday. if you are looking for the cooldown, let's wait until sunday to see improvements. by sunday afternoon, we're into early showers, afternoon sunshine. let's lay it out for you. it's a cloudy, cool day here. today, friday, 67, 76, on and off, showers on saturday. sunday, sunine returning. 48. that's a cool day on monday. sunny skies and highs in the % middle and upper 60s all week long next week. something to look forrd to. >> thanks, ryan. mcdonald's might be in hot water over their mozzarella sticks. a new lawsuit says they are using deceptive practices to
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they have advertised the sticks were 100% real cheese and mozzarella the company says there's no basis for those accusations. a new warning from the cdc causing a stir on social media. the new report emingly suggests that all women who could potentially be pregnant to not drink any alcohol at all. some woman took offense saying the recommendations are suggeses women are not in control of their bodies. the cdcays the recommendations are based on studies that show there's no safe leel of alcohol use during pregnancy and typicly don't know they are pregnant until about 4 to 6 weeks into a pregnancy. maybe you've noticed that shell and myself and ryan phillips are wearing red today. it's not for valentine today's day but it is a different matter of the heart. the american heart association has declared it national wear red today.
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they are doing it in an effort to talk about heart health. now the association is hoping that the extra awareness will save a life. >> it's all about making ood. director kevin smith turned a pretty scary situation into a very sweet one for his daughter. >> here with details is "six in the mix" host roxanne vargs. >> she showed two men whoried to kidnap her who pretended to be an uber driver. >> sorry menenuccess, it looks like dad really cheered her up. she wanted toltell her story as a warning for everyone to stay safe out there. she filed a police report. coming up at 11:30 we're excited for the big game this weekend. the puppy bowl! we have star players in studio with some of their adorable power plays right from our own
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in this dramatic video of
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in manhattan just outside of new york. >> it actually hit a man who was parked in his car in that area, killed him.
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