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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 530pm  NBC  February 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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what's it like to guard some of it was a senseless killing. >> now on 6, a father ambushed. his family left searching for swers while police hunt down his killer. neighbors say they heard a barrage of gunfire and then foundim dead on his porch. >> the scene unfolding on northwest 30rd street. any words at all on leads. >> reporter: no, there are no leads as far as we know of. this is the second shooting in the city of miamin less than 24 hours. the man's family pleading for answers and for the publbl's help. >> if it was their husband or if this was their son, they would want justice for this because this man didn't do nothing to nobody. >> reporter: 44-year-old aaron parish gunned down outside his
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were inside. they shot >> they shot him in the back eight times and then once in the head. it was meant for somebody else. he was face down on the ground. >> reporter: the shots rang out in this apartment complex around 1:30 this morning near northwest 22nd avenue and 36th street. >> he was a good father and a good sband. >> reporter: family and neighbors baffled why anybody would kill a father of four. >> great father. took care of his kids, takes them to school. had no problems with nobody, nobody. we don't understand. we don't understand what happened. >> reporter: and anybody who has any information could be eligible for a cash reward. you've got to call crime stoppers. tonight, there will be a vigilil for the victim. reporting live tonight from the ami police department, nbc 6 news. a broward sheriff's deputy is back on h feet tonight after a scary morning commute. investigators saythis deputy
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jail when the driver of a black charger ran a red light smashing rightnto him. both vehicles then spun into a third car. this all playing out along andrews avenue and southeast 2nd street in ft. lauderdale. six people including the officer and the dui suspect were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. >> it's not a call you want to get at 5:00 in the morning. it's nerve-wracking. >> it's unknown forxhe driver of the charger was cited with a ticket. clouds of smoke billowing out of the roof. you see it there. it happened in the area of nonohwest 84th avenue and 66th street. one person was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. according to miami fire rescue, an explosion involving heavy machinery sparked that blaze.
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the real life bonnie and clyde ends in a deadly shootout right here in florida. an exchange of gunfire between the suspects and the deputies left them the man dead and the woman wounded. it was a five-hour pursuit that began with a robbery of a famous footwear. theextent of the womanan injuries are unknown tonight. now in tonight's decision debrief, still stung by a second place finish in iowa, trump says he's stepping up his ground game in new hampshire. jeb bush also tweaking his strategy in the granite state. he former florida governor bringing in his mother, former rst lady barbara bush, to help his lagging numbers. mrs. bush praising her son as a
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once he is down in new hampshire, donald trump is coming to florida next week. he's planning a rally at the university of south florida a the sun dome february 12th. the event however hasn't been officially announced yet by his campaign. on the democratic side bernie sanders will be making a cameo on "saturday night live" this week. the show will be hosted by larry david who has played bernie sanders. it's unclear what sanders' role on "snl" will be. just four days until the new hampshire primary. nbc 6 has gotou covered. steve litz will be live in new hampshire to bring you the very latest updates on air and online. you can look out for his live reports beginning on monday. an exclusive look inside detention camps a a guantanamo bay, cuba.
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what should happen to some of the world's most dangerous men, malik mohammad will return to the courtroom putting the focus on him and others who are there. a r re look inside the camps and what's ahead for these men behindbars. >> reporter: bomb makers, terrorist trainers, body guards to osama bin laden, we can't show you their faces, but that's how the united states government describes the men being held at guantanamo bay, cuba. cameras show the detainees talking,, gesturing, even getting water from guards ding an afternoon meal. >> we can't forget that the detainees that are here at one point had fortheir objective to kill americans. and given the opportunity, they would continue to do so. >> certain detainees will
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urine, feces, vomit. and if they can get that opportunity to throw that on a guard, they will. >> reporter: there are about 2,000 members of the joint task force, men and women, assigned to watch the detainees a around the clock. the number assigned to gitmo has stayed the same in the last decade, but the number of detainees has dropped to 91. at a cost to taxpayers of nearly $400 million a year. the president has called for guantanamo bay to be closed since h h came into office. and protesters recently near u.s. southern command want it shut down too. we want show you this man originally from jorn, who now works as a conduit between detaineesnd guards. he says many of those approved for release now speak english,
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return to fighting against the u.s. >> their views have changed. okay. i'm not discussing if they're going to go back. we have seen that change. >> reporter: commander clark knows the possibility exists that gitmo could close and troops will continue to do their duty until a decision is made. >> we are preparing, we are looking ahead, of what the feasibility would be of doing any of available options. >> reporter: alleged 9/11 master mind and others are not going anywhere. they wentill go to court this month. >> incredible access. we have the l test on the zika outbreak for you. two more cases of the virus have been confirmed near orlando and
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number of cases to 14 in the state. nbc 6 is here to help. we brought in pediatric infectious disease expert to address your concerns. she's in our newssom as we speak doing a live facebook chat to answer all your questions. if you want to get involved, just search nbc 6 on facebook. you can post your questions and get answers immediately from the doctor right there. >> so many questions folks have. >> it't' hard and very confusing. that's why we brought in the expert. still to come on 6, unlikely suspect. >> a jaw-dropping robbery caught on camera too. >> give me the effing money. all of a sudden i'm so shocked. >> why this one isn't so much about the actual crime, but more the you suspect. trapped for days. a daring rescue in washington state where a man is stranded on
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how he survived. parents line up to honor a fourth straight state title in miami.
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cloudier we're back with disturbing developments in the murder of a
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prosecutors say the killing of nicole lovell was a cold calculated plot hatched by virginia tech students david eisenhauer and natalie keepers. keepers planned that murder because she was excited to part of something secretive. she helped her classmate pick a spot for the slaying, bought a shovel, and helped dispose o o the body. the teamen overcame serious medical issues only to be murdered. >> she fought so hard to g to this point in her life and then you have people like that just take her innocence from her and it is just artbreaking. >> eisenhauer is charged with first-degree murder and kidnapping. keepers is charged with accessory to a murder before and after. the zinger to the story, the suspect caught on camera just 8 years old.
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i'm still shock. >> reporter: this store clerk didn't want to go on camera, but he's still shaken up by whate saw just days ago. in the store's surveillance video you can see a little boy wawking into the store. >> he went through the ery door and very quietly and very calmly walked in and demanded money. he was wearing like a motorcycle helmet and a sweater on top of his mouth. he was only showing his eyes. >> reporter: what happened next stunned everyone. the boy approaching the cashier and pointing a a gun he had hidden underneath his sweater. >> reporter: he >> he told the cashier give me the effingg money. my priority is to take the gun away from him.h i just turned his wrist and took it out from his hand. the other co-worker of mine grabbed him. >> reporter: you can see the 8-year-old tries to escape the
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the 8-year-old stole the gun from his mom. he was hospitalized for his own well-being. he threatened to hurt himself. >> so shocking. i feel like you have to be careful about everybody nowadays. you can never be too careful. >> that child could have faced attempted armed robbery charges. however the state decided not to press charges. one crook forgetting to say cheese. police are looking for the thief who raided a photo booth in chicago. he got away with $75. the booth automatically takes pics of anyone who tampers with the money drawer. caught on camera, a daring rescue in washington state for a man who spent days stuck in a mountain. you can see rcue crews balancing on the side of a helicopter hovering hundreds o
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the rescuers went down to the stranded man below. the local fire department didn't get a 911 call until thursday morning. he planned to set up camp there but later rlized he couldn't get out. days without little food or water, the man only had minor@ injuries. video shot in clear water here might provide some answers. check out these gators. they're battleing it out. this video is in slow motion. the two gators wrestle around for a while before one lands the final blow. man.. now at 5:30 -- [ cheering ] -- a victory parade today. a feat that seemed nearly
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the football season. the booker t. washington took home their fourth consecutive state title this year making big history. the today was about the boys and orangend black. >> reporter: there's plenty to cheer about at booker t.. washington senior high school. >> i'm so happy they won. they're state champs. >> reporter: oh, myy god. this is my element. it's all about children, right? >> reporter: this parade is all about recognizing their football players. >> i'm so proud of everybody. >> reporter: they are the class 4a state champs, a title they've carried since 2012. they still say this experience and celebration never gets old. before jumping on the double
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it wasn't always easy. >> we didn't win two in a row in some seasons. >> every time we lose,e,we work even harder for the next me. >> reporter: during a season faced with adversityies and changes. this year also caa with a pretty important life lesson. >> use your abilities to get your education. >> reporter: in overtown, erica glover, nbc 6 news. well, the front that brought us this cool weather here to south florida produced rains last night. everything ended before dawn today, except in the florida keys. right t w, you can see live first alert doppler radarr not showing any precipitation out there. it's cloudy there as well. late tonight and into tomorrow
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return to our area and eventually tomorrow evening the rain could be in spots pretty heavy, so we still have rain in the forecast. then we've got even colder air coming in later this weekend. right now it is 66. we have spent the whole day in the 60s here in south florida. the state in general is pretty cool today. orlando sitting at 57 degrees. the 5:00 p.m. temperature there. 53 in jacknville. 65 for key west. the weather map shows the front that cam through is actually off to our southeast across th northern bahamas. this front is starting to stall. there's a chance it comes back tonight. that will bring us tha first chance of rain beginning late tonight. rain chances are relatively low through midnight. i think they start to creep up a little bit after midnight. temperatures will be steady stayininin the mid 60s just about the entire night. don't expect very cold weather tonight.
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and we'll keep the sky tomorrow mostly cloudy. you might see a little more sun than today. rain chances increasing as we head into the late hours tomorrow. short term here is your future tracker for tonight. still cloudy. a spotty shower or two mainly in the florida straits and perhaps near biscayne bay. here's the end of the day tomorrow. rain starting to congregate near us. the threat tracker is yellow for your saturday here in south florida if you're boating, marine conditions wind east to northeast at 10 to 14 knots. waves occasional up to 8 feet with a moderatechop. there is a small craft advisory. mostly cloudy, not quite as chilly tomorrow. temperatures up to 75, so it t will be comfortable, but the front comes through with rain,
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then the rain clears out late saturday night. sunday no rain. it's super bowl sunday, keep in mind, but it will be chilly for our standards with a high near 64 degrees. the third day of testimony in the trial of a convicted murderer who is the focus of a popular podcast. he argued he deserves a new trial saying his original lawyer did not represent him properly. he was convicted at the age of 19 of strangling his high school girlfriend and leaving her body in a wooded park. the hearing will resume on monday. it's the mostownloaded pcast of all time. caitlyn jenner continuing to
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the cover was shot by famed photographer annie liebowicz. still to come on 6 -- >> coming up, the quest for gold in rio starts right here for one of south floridids own. then all new tonight on the nbc 6 news at 6:00. >> this is sterling velasquez. 911, what's your emergency? >> it was a nightmare. we just could not get there fast enough.
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on "datelinee tonight." tangled web is a case of
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outside of sarasota. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that dodo that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i coulul't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share yoyr story.
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the countdown is on to the road to rio. it appears the olympians are ready. social view 6 capturing t tets and videos from contestants going for the gold inclling ryan lochty. this time around, he's switching things up a bit. >> he hopes to make history with own special move on the parallel bars. he's betting it all. >> reporter: born in cuba, raised in south florida, and gunning for gold. the 24-year-old is already an olympic medallist.
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be the olympic champion. >> reporter: he's training seven signature move. >> nobody else is doing it. >> reporter: it has swings and turns that finish on a single rail of the parallel bars. >> you're coming out of a full turn, so you have to control the speed of the rotation in the handstand, find that balance, hold that handstand, and then readjust. >> reporter: he and alvarez debate over getting it just right. sometimes they're at odds over technique, but not politics. reflecting on the warm up between washington and havana, neither one thinks things will
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regime changes first. leyva's stance is a little softer. he left cuba with his mom when he was only a year old. >> i really want to go back and see my roots and see where i'm from, so i do hope things will change for the better. >> reporter: but his biggest hope is an american one, taking home gold for team usa. >> whatever happens, i'm going supporting him. >> reporter: things are a little different. no medals necessary. >> no matter what i'm so happy and proud because he's super good son. >> reporter: he also has a super good chance of bringing home more olympic glory to south florida.
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>> nbc 6 is counting down to the first olympic games in south america. check it out and stay up to date with all the olympic news. six things you should be watching now with six months to go until the big games. >> i hope this is leyva's year. >> he's just a sweetheart. >> that'll do it for the news at 5:30. >> don't go anywhere. the news straight ahead. a tae kwon do instructor behind bars accused of molesting two of his students. are there more victims? the facebook killer derek medina has some choice words for a judge before he is sentenced. swag, that's the name of our new series, students working at greatness. this kid is our first feature.
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tonight, a tae kwon do instructor is behind bars facing charges ofmolestation. >> the accusations coming from two of his former students. stephanie bertini joins us now. >> reporter: we just spoke with police. ey tell us they believe there could be more victims out there, so right now two victims identified and tonight detectives say their work continues. he's behind bars without bond. the 64-year-old is accused of sexually abusing two children. the two victims are sisters. one 10 and the other 15. >> do not have any contact with these ehildren either directly, indirectly, in person, in writing. >> reporter: they say he was their tae kwon do instructor for
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