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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  February 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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now on 6, teaming up to take down terrorists. drill teams like this one are taking place across the magic city, in case of the worst. plus scouring the wreckage for clues in the deadly crane crash in new york. get ready for another dip in temperatures. how long about the warm-up? first, parking lot chaos. four people were rushed to the hospital after a speeding car comes out of nowhere and plows looking back. good evening, i'm keith jones. tonight please are gaining ground on finding the driver who sped off. nbc 6 reporter bobby brooks is live outside jackson memorial hospital where the victims are being treated tonight. bobby? >> reporter: good evening. this was a nasty, nasty crash.
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now, all of the people hurt, young people in this accident. two here remain at the hospital. both of them have broken gs. this is a 21-year-old woman. instead of being young and enjoying the weekend, she's one of four others rushed to jackson memorial hospital this morning. >> when she get up, she can't breathe. she has a broken leg. >> reporter: her mom rushed to the hospital to see her. she and the others the victims of this horrendous hit and run accident in miami, just outside of a liquor store on northwest 13th avenue. we're told one person was already in there blue chevy and the rest were about to get in when a driver drove onto the sidewalk and smashed into everyone. you say he got out of the car, then got back in the car and took off? >> yes.
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away from the liquor store, police say they found the vehicle matching the description of the crime. custody. it's a white mercedes-benz suv. it su looks like this was a car in a crash. it was parked at 1370 northwest 43th street. residents there didn't cooperate with police nor with us when we tried to speak with them. ma'am, do you live here? >> reporter: you don't have >> no. >> reporter: n n word from police on who they think was behind the wheel. as for the young victims at the hospital. >> i know them but i don't know their names. the other two guys went home and the young lady in the hospital has a broken collar and a broken leg. >> reporter: back out live here, the mom says to the person who did this, they've got your car, they know where you or your
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for you to turn yourself in. live at jackson memorial hospital, bobby brooks,bc 6 news. right now chilly changes are on the way here in south florida. we'll give you a live look at our first time alert camera in fort lauderdale. wet weather moving in tonight, then the cooldown. nbc 6 meteorologist adam berg has our first look. looks like a wall water on its way. >> it's colorful. keith just asked me has it started raining yet. yes and no. light showers across extreme northern broward. this is the bulk of the steady rain. we'll get a few hours of it, then the chill. and look at that rebounding from this chill. here's some of thee showers up towards northern broward into deerfield beach. our camera sitting right in fort lauderdale looking southbound. there's rain certainly off
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as we zoom on in clososr, we'll put this into motion, you'll notice right away it's only a matter of time when these brighter colors begin to creep in, working closer and closer to us through deerfield beach, pompano seeing some of the light stuff. out west certainly a little bit heavier. we'll go little farther to the south, next batch of heavy rain, no lightning with any of this, but a few hours of steady rain beginning as early as 7, 8:00, probably continuing through at least 11:00 p.m. after that time frame, future tracker will take you through it, it looks like things will calm down a bit. you notice through 8, 9, 10, socked in. but once we get 11, 12:00, it pushes on through. a couple of light showers. the wind really picking up as well. and you're not going to believe what some of the temperatures will be doing once we go through the day on sunday and sunday night.
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with the 50s, as early as 1:00 a.m. as the front pushes on in. low to mid-50s across broward and miami-dade. again, it's all about monday morning. that one is going to hurt a little bit, keith. maybe a little cooler air than we're bargaining for. we'll talk about it coming up. >> thank you, sir. on our nbc 6 news and weathe app you can see what's happening in your neighborhood 24/7. police and fire rescue squads banded together today for operation heat shield, a drill to see how ready miami-dade is to respond to potential terrorism. the exercise began bright and early near the government center in downtown miami then weaved through the city during the day.
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at marlins park, where nbc 6 stephanie bertini is live tonight. stephanie, this drill was pretty intense, right? >> reportervery intense, mimic mimicking real life scenarios should terrorists strike miami-dade. the exercise is about to get under way in about 45 minutes inside marlins park. the purpose of all this training, to prepare different agencies to work together should terrorists strike in our backyard. law enforcement and first responders from several agencies participated today, including miami-dade police, miami beach police, miami fire and rescue, and the u.s. coast guard. >> i've said many times that given the evolution of the
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involves terrorist-inspired actions in addition to terrorist-directed actions, many of which involve the home-born, so-called lone wolf actor who could strike at any moment, anywhere, it is important that those of us at the national level, at the federal level, in the department of homeland security, in the fbi, work more and more with state and local law enforcement, like you see represented here behind me. >> reporter: now, the emphasis is on the fact that this is all about national security. so it's very important to have all agencies on guard and ready to go, officials say, because we're seeing these acts of terror more and more across the globe nowadays. the shooting exercise about to go under way here basically will mimic an active shooter scenario. that means response time will be key. that's another thing officers,
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working throughout the day. response times integral as we're dealing with something like this. live in miami tonight, stephanie bertini, nbc 6 news. still a lot of unanswered questions after a shooting outside a jcpenney department store. an injured 19-year-old man ran towrd the store entrance and collapsed. another 20-year-old was found outside shot, later died in the hospital. investigators say they don't know if the shooting involved just these two men or someone else was involved. police also investigating another fatal shooting, this one at a strip club in tampa. a $3,000 reward is being offered for information. one person was killed, seven others injured, after someone opened fire in the middle of that club. a witness says there was a stampede after thehots were fired. the shooter or shooters are
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a wynnewood martial arts teacher is charged. rafael negron is being held without bond tonight, accused of sexually abusing a pair of sisters who were students at the tae kwon do studio. the arrest i've says the instructor fondled the 15-year-old's breasts over her clothing and made advances toward her. detectives believe negron could have more victims out there. family and friends will say their final goodbyes to a woman and her boyfriend found dead in a submerged car. alexandra picon and bran dannar anna was any heard from after they left the cadillac ranch at the town and country mall on
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on thursday, the dreadful discovery was made. a nearby guardrail was damaged. debris was also found in the area. new tonight, the trayvon martin foundation paid tribute to the teen. martin would have turned 21 yesterday. to celebrate his birthday, the foundation held several events including a peace walk and remembrance dinner. tonight's dinner will be held in miami. the foundation benefits inner city youth. the republicans' turn in tonight's decision debrief. a couple of minutes away until the gop candidates square off in new hampshire. tonight's debate crucial for donald trump. is looking for his first win. nbc 6's steve handleselsman is live from new hampshire. >> reporter: despite polling first in new hampshire, donald
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this snowy new england state. he was in south carolina last night. >> my total focus now is on new hampshire. then next week my total focus is going to be right here in south carolina. >> reporter: evangelical conservative texas senator ted cruz got no boost in new hampshire polls from his iowa caucus win. but senator marco rubio's polls are surging. he figures i will be targeted tonight by governs christie, kasich, and bush, only one of whom might have a shot in new hampshire. jeb bush's polls are trending down. >> who has a record of not cutting and running but solving problems? you're looking at him. >> reporter: john kasich's polls are rising fast. he's tied for third here with cruz. and the debate could be critical
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after he ducd the iowa debate. a win in this state on tuesday could help erase that and reestablish donald trump as the strong gop frontrunner. aides say trump himself figures this debate could be the gateway to a win. steve handelsman, nbc 6 news. >> tomorrow morning on "meet the press," democratic rivals hillary clinton and bernie sanders will talk about the contest in new hampshire. also on the show, gop frontrunner donald trump, on "meet the press" with chuck todd right here at 10:00 a.m. nbc 6 has you covered. steve litz will be in new hampshire and will bring you the very latest updates on air and online, look for his live reports beginning monday. still to come on 6, investigators in new york scouring the site of a fatal crane collapse. >> i don't want to set expectations too high. >> what investigators hope gives
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word tonight six people were arrested in connection with the
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jet liner to land on tuesday. an official says it was bomb that blew a hole in the airbus 321, it was meant to bring the airplane down. instead it made an emergency landing in somalia's capital. a man who was missing is later confirmed died. no word on the identities of those arrested. leaders in haiti have reached an agreement to install an interim government. an interim president will be elected by the haitian parliament. a new president will be installed may 14. its constitution requires the current president to leave office on sunday. protest gripped the island nation after runoff elections were cancelled last month. a group of cuban migrants left mexico yesterday under an
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migrants to enter the u.s. they are now heading north by bus thanks to a special humanitarian visa. an estimated 8,000 cubans haa been stucuc in limbo in central america since nicaragua closed its borders in november. it could be weeks before officials know what caused a deadly crane to collapse in new york city. investigators say they have recovered the crane's computer and it could help them connect the dots to figure out why this huge boom collapsed. over the weekend crews will cut the crane into as many as 35 pieces so experts can study how they failed. investigators believe high winds could have played a factor in this collapse. threother people were hurt by debris. miami children's museum camera showing things smooth right now. gloomy out there, but no rain
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let's flash up live first alert doppler. bouncing around a few different places now. a lot of places flirting with the action, the heaviest of the rain right now pushing across mainland monroe, and into parts of southern miami-dade. already parts of the southwestern miami-dade feeling the heavy stuff. a few showers across the middle keys. here's one little batch of showers pushing through pompano beach. that has pushed out. a lot of rain, nothing too heavy, in lightning but certainlyteady rain. it was warm today, 79 degrees in miami and fort lauderdale. still quite mild with winds out of the south. a little cooler, a sign of things to come. the cold front just about on us.
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florida, bring us 70s. can cooler still, 40s in places like jacksonville. we might be seeing 40s before too long. area of low pressure developing will continue to move off towards the northeast. as it develops more it will pull in pretty strong north and northwest winds. a blustery day tomorrow. certainly a little cooler, 50s and 60s out there. with that wind it certaly will feel a little bit on the nippy side sunday morning. the extended forecast shows the real chill begins to work in on monday. we'll be flirting with some of the coldest air of the season. miami, fort lauderdale, we'll make a run at some of the coolest of the season. then snapping back to the 50s before you know it, and 70s for a high this sunday.
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with that breeze, at times 25, 20 miles per hour, 64 if we're lucky, after a morning low of 54.
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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welcome back. the panthers look to seal their two game home stand tonight against the pittsburgh penguins. the two teams had an overnight thriller in october. penguins came out on top 3-2. the florida squad were rusty, stagnant at 3-3. now they're 16 games over 500 and lead the atlantic division by 5 points. pittsburgh doesn't rank as high but is still a playoff contender. the way they've been scoring, four goals in each of their last five gas, may not be too difficult.
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finally getting used to playing his hometown team. >> the first few times i played against pittsburgh, it was in pittsburgh, my family was there. i had a lot of jitters going to those two games, because they were my hometown team, i grew uprooting for those guys. now it will beeasier. >> miami heat finally back home after 15 of the last 19 games on the road. they had a two-game win streak. in charlotte they had a dramatic horde fought win harrfought win over the hornets. dwayne led the scoring with 22 the biggest impact off the bench. 10 points, 10 rebounds, led to
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will he accept coming off the bench with his impending free agent summer looming? >> i'm going to just come in and try to play the best. >> we're about 24 hours from the country's biggest national sporting event, super bowl 50. in one corner, the broncos, led by peyton manning. he has a foot injury, this may be his last hurry ray. he'll certainly give it his all, of course. panthers defense is right up there with him. in the elite category, led by last year's player of the year.
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mvp of the league this year in cam newton who is everythg peyton is not. on "sports final" we'll have a real recap. that will do it for sports. keith? thank you, sir, appreciate it. so the rain is on the way. it looks like it could train on through, maybe? >> yeah, i think it's going to be pretty steady, 11, 12:00. then it kicks out. behind that, you'll know the cold front has arrived. 54 for sunday morning. 46 monday morning. that's flirting with some of the coolest temperatures of the season. then we're still having a hard time getting out of those low 50s, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. i'm thinking it's at least thursday before we start seeing highs maybe get out of the 60s. nds will be lighter so it will feel more comfortable.
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on this saturday night, desperate hours. rescuers dig through
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