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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 8, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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one of the best players of all time and from the gridiron to the granite state a mad scramble for votes as candidates fight for their political lives plus the northeast braces for anonoer ststm. "early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm gigi stone woods. peyton manningot the storybook ending to a career that many argue makes him the a greatest quarterback to ever play the game. his underdog broncos did what few thought possible as denver's defensemanaged to shut down superman cam in the 17-1 panthers. the b bncos opened the game and scored again in n e first quarter. >> in the end zone. >> the panthers got on track to start the second. cutting the lead to just three. both teams gave the ball away
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return led to another broncos field goal. a halftime that started with coco play and ended red-hot with bruno mars and b bonce joining the show. in the second half the teams traded f eld goals and later in the fourth with the panthers down by six they turned it down again their fourth in the game. th broncos then pushed the ball across the goal line securing the franchise ice third super bowl win and a second super bowl ring for peyeyn manning. jay gray, nbc news, santa clara. > following the game a dejected cam newton had this to say before walking out on the media. >> they just plad better than us. i don't know what you want me to say. >> hard night. the broncos' linebacker miller
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richly rewarded by being named super bowl 50 mvp. so have we seen the last of future hall of famereyton manning? >> i've got let this sink in. it'seen an emotional week, an emotional night and a night that's just beginning. i look forward to celebrating with my friends and family, and i think i'm take some time after that. like i said, i'm going to enjoy the night, take it one step at a time. . >> and as broncos fans celebrated back in denver police managed to keep the crowd lalaely under control with just a handful of arrest. the broncos parade will take place tuesday at denver's station. it seems it's still anyone's race. the lates monmouth university poll came out. it has donald trump on top, but get this. only 49% of gop primary voters
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appears marco rubio has the biggestt bull's-eye among all candidates. nbc's gabe gutierrez reports. >> reporter: with his political future on the line, marco rubio doubled down saying so what if he stis to a script. >> it's interesting that right now after last night's debate, all of you said the same thing three or four times. >> i'm going to keep running that clip. >> reporter: but rubio seemed rattled repeating the same rehearsed line four times. >> let's stop once and for all with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doink. anybody who doesn't know that he's doing what he's doing on purpose doesn't know what he's doing here. >> reporter: the all out assault by chris christie. his opponents are branding him an inexperienced robot. the #rubioglitch trending on social media.
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changed la night. you know there was a march among some of the clash. >> reporter: hoping to gain ground governors christie, jeb bush, and john kasich pounding exexutive experience but it's still donald trump still leading by a wide margin after his latest jabs through repeated boos. on ""meet the press,"" he described how he'd fight terrorist. >> i'd bring back waterboarding and i'd bring back a helluva lot worse. >> what's the worst? >> i'm not going to bring it up on this show. the ground game in new hampshire intensified for the democrats as well with bernie sanders holding a lead. we get more on the democrats from nbc's kristen welker. >> reporter: secretary clinton
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church in largely african-american flint, michigan, impacted by a toxic water crisis. >> this is not merely unacceptable or wrong, though it is bothth what happened in flint is immoral. >> reporter: clinton's visit designed to resonate with her base in south carolina critical if she loses new hampshire. bu the clintons aren't giving upton granite state. volunteers are going door to door. her surrogate in chief bill clinton back in the state where he was labelled the comeback kid that catapulted him to prez denlcy. >> this is 1992 on steroids. you need to respond on sxeroids and you'll never regret it. >> reporter:.trails bernie sanders. women on the attack trying to pin sanders as weak on foreign policy.
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of foreign policy network that is supporting and advising senator sanders. >> reporter: sanders firing back on the trail i new hampshire. >> war in iraq, i was right on that issue. hillary clinton was wrong. >> reporter: hailing from neighboring vermont, sanders is leading clinton by double digits in the latest polls but clinton has proven experience here waging her own comeback in 2008 beating barack obama. saturday senator sanders made a quick detour in torks a peer on "saturday night live" alongside the host, his doppelganger, larry david. >> madam ail bright was doing a interview with secretary of state. she said there's a special place in hell for women who don't help
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>> that's unfortuna i think women should help women, men should help men. we're now talking about the president of the united states and people should make their decision based on who could do the job best. >> you've been taking criticism. >> this is what i say. i say, a, it's nonsense, and, b, it's the same argument used against barack obama in 2008. who is this young senator? he doesn't have neany sense with foreign policy. thirdly, the most important foreign policy issue was the war in iraq, okay? not only did i vote against that war, which was the right vote, i helped leaea the opposition to that. >> hold on. wawa a second. >> we were just talking about "saturday night live." >> she gave me a cough and shake. >> are you sure there wasn't a cough and a wipe and a shake? >> no, no.
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your enthusiasm?" >> oh, yes. i think it w w one of the best shoes around. >> you used to watch it. >> yes. >> it must have been surreal to have larry david play you. >> it would be an understatement. they held a rare emergency meeting on discussing the next step on what to do with north korea. pyongyang claims it was just a satellite but it comes one month after they conducted an underground nuclearattack. all 15 security council members pledged to expeditiously adopt sanctions against them. >> with each action they move one step closer to its declared goal of developing nuclear tips and intercontinental ballistic
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not allow this to happen. >> o north korea's weapons capability. it's been nearly three days since a powerful magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck southern taiwan and people are still trapped i be neath the rubble. this morning two p pple were pulled from the rubble. so far more than 170 p pple have remaining. according to t "associated press," the death toll now stands at 37. n for a look at the weather, hero's meteorologist bill karins. >> wve got two big blizzards to talk about and a rail cold air mass is going to take over the east. this is a huge monster storm off the coast. brought sleet to north carolina yeyeerday. we're so fortunate in many areas that this is heading along the ast and out to sea but it's going hit areas up into new england. there's this storm in w)sconsin
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cape cod is going to be a full-fledged blizzard. you can see the heavy rain band invading the cape. some of this is trying to move out to long island and eventually providence. we have blizzard warnings to nantucke winter storm warnings all the way to montauk and islip. new york city under an advisory along with all our friends in new hampshire and much of maine. how much snow are we talking about, the higher the totals closer to the ocean. up to cape cod, a foot of snow. new york city may get nothing but 2 inches. very light and minim effects there. out on long island, 6 t10 inches. the blizzard is taking place. there it's blowing and drifting. not so much blowing and falling. here's a closer look at the day ahead. well, you can see the temperatures aren't all that cold yet. it's after these two storm systems move out. that's when the cold air will
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our friends in minneapolis already a high of 14 degrees and a cold day in st. louis with some snow showers. i think when we start to tell you how close it's going to be toward next weekend, people are not going to like it. >> we're going to run from you. >> yes. >> you were dead right on the storm last time. we'll see, bill. gas prices dropp begun, and which one of those $5 million super bowl ads score the best, we'll let you know. a frightening scene in london alarms many but not the authorities. we'll see. you're watching "early today.:oday." everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas, all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit card to stay warm and toasty during the heat of competition. that's the comfort of rewarding@connections. apply online or at
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imagine a hugee sinkhole swallowing your car with you and your family sti in it. thatat exactly what happened to a couple with their 2-year-old daughter in peru last week. it ee believed that heavy rain in recent days caused the sinkhole. cranes were used to pull out the car. incredibly no one was hurt but i
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oh, my god. the sight of a double-decker bus exploding yesterday terrified witnesses. they were not aware it was actually a stunt for theh upcoming movie "the foreigner" starring jackie cam. some thought it was a terrorist attack and complained the public was not adequately warned. do you t tnk they could have put up some signs or something. raiding isis. they're suspected of sending guns and explosive materials under the guise of humanitarian aid. they also try to recruit women to marry isis fighters in syria. this friday pope francis will land in mexico city to begin his week-long trip. supporters are asks thousands of worshippers to create a wall of lighand prayer by holding up
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millions of people have flooded the beaches in rio de janeiro. last night the famous parade featured some prerey spectacular floats. let's get down to business. if you bet the denver broncos would win last night's game, your winnings are actually taxable income. americans bet about $4.2 billion on super bowl 50. nearly 4.1 billion of those bets are wagered illegallll the super bowl is the most country. gas prices have dropped weeks. the average is $1.82. the price drop m m continue if oil prices continue to slide. >> warning. here comes your ticket. >> so many ryan reynoldss. it's not the super bowl without
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more than 60 ads aired. expensive ones. they featured many celebrities including one and only ryan reynolds, steven tyler. the best ad voted by viewers was hyundai's first date featuring comedian kevin hart, the weaner stam pooed by hines and ultrasound by doritos. soch of the worst ax, skittle ss. >> plus, one of the all time a a greats is retiring. not peyton manning. can you guess who?who? because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol 8hrrthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. whatou do with it is up to you.
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let's end this. and this morning on "today" dylan dreyer has an inside look at last night's big game and what went on behind the scenes at super bowl 50. in sports even before the broncos can can fully celebrate their underdog victory the west gateteuper book says asset and pittsburgh a already favored to win next year's super bowl but if seattle does return they'll likely be without marchandmar marchand lynch. he tweeted this photo. he has, indeed, hung up his cleats and intends to retire. later they offered thanks and congratulations to lynch. as saw today knows peyton
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season of any super bowl winning quarterback. it included two touchdowns set up fwi defense and manning had the fourth worst passing rating of any quarterback at 56.6. dissing an american hero isn't necessary. just ahead, cold play, beyonce, and bruno mars. you know you saw it and were bowl. plus, elton john and james corden killing it. you're going to see it next.t. i think we shoululve taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excusme, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do.
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news, lady gaga blew everyone way. she kicked off super bowl 50 with a very impressive rendition of the "national anthem." the fans went wild. wearing my favorite jumpsuit. later cold play and beyonce a bruno mars playing during the halftime show. it was fierce. sorry "good wife" fans. delivering a shocker. the show only has nine episodes left before the series finale. they're running out of story lines anyway. it's time. this is first initial announcement of the drama's impending conclusion. and the stars of "zoo lander" stopped by "saturday night live" to discuss what else, fashion.
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next we've got tom cruise. he's totally let himself go. >> guys, that's not tom cruise. that's ted cruz with a "z." >> ted cruz? >> then james corden had fun with elton john last night on "the late late show." >> you have had some amazeg looks over the years. >> you know, i was never a lead vocalist not like jagger. i was on the piano and i wasn't a sex symbol, so i had fun with
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leading the news on, colombia alone has 20,000 cases of the infection so far. pregnant women have been taking precautions by constantly spraying themselves with bug repel land, fume gating their homes and minimizing timspent outdoors. in "the new york times" chicago offir citing emotional trauma sues a state over a teenager fatally shot. this is a terrible story all the way all. the officer has filed a lawsuit seeking $10 millionollowing the shooting death. the incident is still under investigation. i'd like to know more about that. in "usa today" florida's powerball jackpot is still unclaimed. it was drawn last month. come and get it. the ticket is one of three to split the larger $1.5 billion.
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in the next 60 days to cash the ticket. divers have found the wreckage of a small plane and two bodies off the coast of southern california yesterday. they were searching for the remains from a midair collision between two small aircraft friday. now, according to authorities, a woman and two men are believed to have been killed. somali authorities have released airport security video allegedly showing two men handing ore what looks like a laptop to a suspected suicide bomber. that's after he passed through airport security. the suspect is believed to have blown a hole in a somali plane last tuesday. at least one of the men handing off a laptop was an airport employee according to government officials. more than 200,000 people in germany tried to break the record for the most people dressed as smurf. why not. who knew this was a record that peopleleere trying to accomplish. >> which smurf are you goi to be?
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as? >> who would by? >> that's true. >> i have always felt close to her, smurfette and i. >> i gould with andy smurf. >> i see it. i see it definitely. a look aheading all chipotle restaurants will be closed until 3:00 p.m. today so employees can attend a meeting focused food safety changes. of course, the chain is tightening procedures after recent outbreaks of e. coli and noreau vie lis. happy birthday to "saturday night live" cecile strong. she turned 32. john grish only turned 62. i'm your heaea loves omega-3s. but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared.
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