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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  February 8, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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weather, mid 40s on the drive in. a slow climb to 59 by 11:00 a. 56 is our high today. at the bus stop let's think about this forhe kids getting ready. talking mid to upper 40s, bright sunshine, sunrise coming in this morning at 7:01. we are cool and dry, let's see how the drive is looking. sheer kelly blanco. >> drive is not looking bad at all. thank you for starting your work week with us. i-95 southbound and northbound lanes around northwest 103rd street. no construction. express lanes are about to reopen. we did have an accident on 95 northbound near northwest 62nd street. that accident has clearar up. 826 drivers, southbound and northbound no issues making your way towards the 836, the gratigny or i-75. one accident to talk about. it's on miam gardens drive, eastbound lanes at northeast 9th court.
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northbound at hollendale beach boulevard block two lanes and causing some delays, th accident has finally cleared up. >> thank you very much. tumbling temperatures, south florida bundles up. >> bundle up the kids as they head out to the bus stop. some neighborhoods waking up in the 40s. julia bagg is live in miami beach. we know you're talking to some people to think it's south florida the 40s? that's like arctic for usv we're ready for igloos or something. >> reporter: it certainly is arctic even for people who came here expecting warmer weather. check this out. south beach pretty lonely this morning on occn drive and 5th street. a few people walking around. all of them wearing very heavy jackets. to get ready for the cold, the salvation army, they had been making preparations to be able to shelter people from the cold. right now it is about 49 degrees
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certainly one of the coldest if not the coldest people waking up to here on southbeach. let me give you another look out live here on ocean drive. you know, the people we have been talkng about, people we've been talking to brave enough to go out in this cold, they've been from out of the country. you'll hear from some of them coming up in the next half hour. live on south beach, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. breaking overnight, on a royal caribbean cruise ship, passengers are safe and home after theirruise ship sailed into rough waters. this happened sunday afterfoon, royal caribbean's anthem of the seas was caught right in the middle of big storm. watch these angry waves making the ship rock back and forth. scaring some passengers. anddhen look here at some video, just posted on twitter. the inside of a restaurant completely destroyed. you can see how hard the ship is shaking, terrifying people.
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the coast guard was not needed for assistance. the ship is on his way back to port canaveral. the ship left new jersey and off the coast of carolinas when it hit rough weather. nobody was hurt. we've been tracking this story on social media. you can see some video taken by passengers on that ship. we have been following tweets, instagram posts showing some damage on the ship. stay here for the latest details. you can also stay up to date using the nbc 6 news weather app. it was good night for the denver broncos in santa clara, california. they're leaving califoia as super bowl 50 champions. they dominated the panthers 24-10, winning the vince lombardi trophy. hundreds of fans took to the streets of downtown denver to celebrate their win.
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but things didn't get too out of control in san francisco or denver. police did did make a couple of arrests but nothing major a victory parade is expected to be held tomorrow in denver. keep it here on nbc 6. we'll have full coverage of last night's game and the halftime show. a lototf people talking about that, and the commercis. lots of chatter about that today. we'll sprink we are right in the middle of campaign season's version of the super bowl. it's the last day before new hampshire heads to the polls. tracie potts is tracking all of that from manchester. >> reporter: trudging through snow, wet alleys and up stairs and pounding the pavements. we caught up with hillary clinton's trying to make up their double digit deficit here. >> people here they have not really made up their minds. >> reporter: the indecision even
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>> we have to win this election. weave to. we will. if you vote for me, if you nominate me, we will win this election. >> reporter: more than 4 in 10 republicans told the university of massachusetts they could still change their minds. >> people are looking for people to make decisions. they're trying to analyze who is the best person to make those decisions. >> reporter: the most solid republicans here? trump voters. >> i don't need your money. i need your vote. >> i feel like he's real. >> reporter: ted cruz now polling third here, slammed other republicans for saying yes selective service. back to the democrats, bernie differences. clinton voted for the iraq war. he didn't. >> i was right on that issue, hillary clinton was wrong. >> reporter: tomorrow the voters decide. now that university of massachusetts dailyracking poll, it shows that democrats
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this point are likely to stick with the person they're supporting. tracie potts, nbc news, manchester, new hampshire. >> thank you very much.h. nbc 6 what you covered. steve litz will be live in new hampshire to bring you the latest updates on air and line. look for his live reports starting today. friends and family are calling for justice after a horrifying video. it's hard to wach. this shows you the moment a driver plows into five people and then just takes off. thankfully everyone survived this. michael spears is live at jackss memorial hospital where the victims are recovering. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we learned from family members that two of the five victims have been released from the hospital. the others still recovering as police look for the driver who they're now identifying as 30-year-old jose calzadilla. look at this surveillance video. you mentioned it's hard to watch. police believe jose was behind the wheel of the white mercedes that you see plowing into the
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the 30-year-old then took off from this accident. this happenedaturday morning on northwest 17th avenue and 43rd street. two of the five victims are pictured here. the group stopped at a liquor store, they were illegally parked in the street when the suv did hit them. police found that meeedes a few blocks away at a nearby home it had d green blanket over the hood of it where the damage was. investigators say the suspected driver was nowhere to be found. when theytried to talk to people at the house they were less than cooperative. all the victims are expected to live. when we talked to family members, they say they're in a lot of pain. >> it's hard for her to breathe. when she gets up,,she can't breathe. she has a broken leg. >> reporter: in a couple hours will check in with detectives who are working to get more information on this suspect including a picture to show everyone and get this person into police custody.
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about the warhereabouts of this suspect, came police immediately. 305-4 305-471-tips. michael, thank you very much. residents in o o little havana nehborhood are frustrated after someone vandalized their cars it happened saturday night. the windshields of five cars were smashed. one neighbor told nbc 6 he saw the culprit and tried to chase him but he got away. still a lot more ahead. coming up, haiti without a president. here in south florida, local haitians are taking to the streets. we'll tell you what they're demanding. >and super bowl sunday has come and gone. next up is valentine's day. find out what the most popular gifts are this year to get your special someone. 5:09, still focused on this very cool morning. 49 now in ft. lauderdale, temperatures still falling.
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40s, about 46 as we get underway with the morning drive. upper 50s at lunch hour.
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the beginning of a cool >> local haitians taking to the streets of little haiti after
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stepped down from office. the country has no president is morning because no one has been chosen to take his place. protesters marched on north miami avenue demanding a new election. they're upset about the provisional government set up in haiti. in haiti, people clashed after martelli's firearewell speech. >> the people expect the opposition, senate to work together to have a good election where the people of haiti can pick and choose their own leader. >> haitian prime minister evan paul is in office for now until a provisional president is chosen by parliament in the next coming days. a gay rights activist is keeping a close eye on an anti-discrimination bill. the bill will be heard first --
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today the state senateudiciary committee will vote officially on that bill. gshlgs gay rightsactivists say it is a sign that republicans have a changing attitude towards gay rights after f fhting for years agnst same-sex marriage and gay adoption. we are settling in to a dry pattern here across south florida. more like the dry season should be. it's been a very wet dry season and it hasn't always been cool. but now we finally settle into winter weather that we've been expectinfor weeks now. nice trend that we're heading into. live first alert doppler staying clear. no rain in my forecast for the next several days. let's talk about cool weather, clear skies, didn't air masses moving in that will fluctuate
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matter how much they do warm up or cool down, we're still in a round that we're below average but not record breaking. we'll show you the trend in a moment. going t be nice see so much sunshine day in and day out. no rain shower activity to get in the way. we'll caion you, we're looking at one of the coolest mornings we've had this winter season. money. one chilly day in the mid 40s in january. gettingglose this morning. sunrise at 7:01. not until we get some sunshine in our skies that we'll begin the warm process. it will takesome time to warm up. mid to upper 40s at the bus stop. the winds are not that strong. trending out of the west-northwest this morning, less than 10 miles per hour, so we do have that going in our favor in terms of no windchill no worry about. 47 now in pembroke pines, 49 hialeah, opa-locka. miami the lone location where we still have 50 degree reading.
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cooo all the way through. 5 to 8 degrees cooler than we were at this point on sunday morning. if you were out early on sunday, you thout that was cool, wait until you feel this morning. we level off into the mid and upper 40s. then it's just a very slow clili to even hit our high of 66. 56 even by 10:30 in weston. 57 in opa-locka. down to the homestead and florida city area, 57 before the lunch hour. 65 there this afternoon. you see we're balanced. mid 60s this afternoon. heading into the evening and overnight hours, maybe not quite as cool, into the mid 50s by the time we get to tuesday morning, reinforcing shot of cool air will come and keep this nice trend going.g. first alert weather, lots of sunshine, boy, just chilly. about 46 for most of us. that's our average temperature. that will vary community to communiti by a degree or two. 59 before the lunch hour. 66, that's our afternoo high.
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heading home, maybe just a few clouds. again, bright skies all the way through. the low tonight that's warmer, stiti on the cool side of 55. normal low at this point in february is about 62. in and out of cloud cover overnight. wow, wild weather here from the great lakes and northeast. this is a storm system that was plaguing the anth of the seas there, the cruise ship off the carolina coast. look at this trend we're settling into. 67 today. 68 tomorrow. still cool on wednesday at 65. we have thehe 40s this morning. they'll be back here by midweek. here you go with the seven-day forecast. up to the mid 60s each and every day. a reinforcing shot of cooler air will take us back to 48 wednesday and thursday. right now warming up into the mid 70s by friday and saturday. here's kelly with traffic. >> good morning, south florida. thank you very much for joining us. a brand-new accident on i-95 southbound at griffin road.
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first alert camera at griffin road, doesn't mean it's not there. it has been reported to be blocking one lane. northbound and southbound lanes looking nice. chafk moving up to speed. let's take you over to our first alert traffic maps. miami garden eastbound drivers at northeast ninth court, that's where the roadway is blockeded off with injuries. that's not cleared up. that accident i told you abobo in broward county is the only accident in browardcounty. we had one on hollendale beach boulevard and one at centering ingsterling road, those have cleared up. turnpike, coral reef drive to tamiami drive, traffic moving up to speed at 60 miles per hour. 826 not seeing any delays. traffic moving at 55 miles per hour leaving you with a four-minute ride from bird road to the dolphin exessway. as you were waking up on this monday morning, gas prices ke plunging. if you have to fill up on the
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nice way to start the week. prices dropped almost a time, down 8 cents over the past two weeks. now averaging $1.82 a gallon nationwide for regular. we found cheaper prices in south florida. 1.72 at a costco in kendall, 1.75 at a bj's in ft. lauderdale. analysts says prices could continue t/ fall if crude oil costs keep dropping. with the super bowl under our belts, it's time to get ready for the next big sunday, valentine's day. it is time to make those dinner reservations and order those flowers. valentine days is less than a week away. celebrated simply, most places around the globe, americans are expected to easily spend in excess of $20illion on that special someone. dinner out is what one-third of those surveyed by said they will be doing on valentine's day, over half say they want flowers.
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>> would you like to have candy, flowers, jewelry, dinner, or all of the above? >> i would love to have all of the above. >> i an -- >> i'll be honest, all of the above would be great. >> wouldn't everybody say that. >> better come through with that. >> that's where the $20 billion comes from. the average american will spend pore than $150 on valentine's. your pets need some love, too. include them in your valentine's day shopping. millions of americans could be hiding a financial secret from their significant other. what a way to ruin the valentine's day. >> this has nothing to do with valentine's day. but still it's an issue. one udy involves everything from hidden bank accounts to secret spending, does that include when your wife buys things and hides tem in the nivan minivan for a week? a study says 13 million people haveve hidden bank account or hidden credit card account. are you one of those people?
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spent more than $100 without their spouse's knowledge. about that same amount of people have said they wouldn't care if their loved one spent that money without talking to them first. >> i think we just saved somebody $150. >> happy valentine's day. your time now is 5:20. much more ahead coming up. super bowl 50 was filled with good performances, commercials and celebrity appearances. we'll show you the best from last night coming up next. and the miami dolphins own dan marino makes an appearance at one of last night's
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it may have social media is still buzzing this morning over the performances at the super bowl. >> there were some impressive performances. lady gaga getting major praise yesterday into today for the national anthem. here's a piece of that. the rockets red glare the bombs burst inging in air >> she belted it out. she did it with class,, too
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powering through the star spangled banner. mother monster brought her bold, patriotic style wearing that red littery jumpsuit, red eye shadow. ryan thought maybe she should go to the eye doctor. i think it was supposed to be that way. and her blue nail polish. ce to see. >> and do we expect anything else from beyonce? porhouse, stealing the halftime show headline for her performance. coldplay started it off with a look at the past, strength and future. beyonce then had a sing off with bruno mars to "uptown funk" and at the end beyoyoe announced her world tour. where does it kick off? marlins park.
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tickets go on sale10:00 in the morning. >> she lit up that stage. it's safe to say beyonce was awesome, lady gaga was awesome, but betty white killed it, stole the show before the game started. social media going crazy when the actress did the dab in the super bowl opening. yes, she did. white tweeted out this screre shot. the 94-year-old insisted she taughtam newton everything he knows including the dab, mind you. newton does that move every time he gets a first down. you don't mess with betty. >> i believe it. >> she has the answers. >> she does. >> to everything. >> the super bowl ads also trending on social media especially mountain dew's puppy monkey baby. the creepy creature getting mixed reviews. some people tweeting it was the best thing they've seen during the super bowl. others say it's something from nightmares. >> you know what?
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an interview with betty white. >> it was one of the greatest interviews. she is everything you think she is. she's that way in real life. she's fantataic. >> one of the all-time greats dolphins players, eats some wings and gets his groove on. >> dan marino appeared in amazon's first ever super bowl commercial. and he poked fun at himself along theway. >> wow. >> breaded wings? you're blowing it, bro. >> how many championships has dan marino won? championships. >> how many oscars has alec baldwin won? >> stop. >> alec baldwin calls marino out for his super bowl performancece or lack of it, check out all t t
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conviction with his chicken winin with hoho competitive he is, we wouldn't expect anything less from thehe dolphins great. >> i did see some of them. doritos had onef the best. still ahead in the next half hour, cameras rolling as a speeding suv comes flying through and slams into a gro of people. who police are looking for. and we're getting our first look at this quartet of armed robbery suspects who led police
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