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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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she's a former reality tv show star making history. west broward high school. the students behind me are in a simulated ambulance learning what it is to be a paramedic. much more when we brag about this school. we continue to follow breaking news out offt. lauderdale where a thief has stolen a car with this little babyinside. good evening, i'm jackie nespral. >> and i'm jawan strader. we want to bring you the very latest on t ts developing story. let's get you out to marissa bagg. what can you tell us? >> reporter: thelorida department of law enforcement has just issued an amber alert for this little girl. just 10 months ld. she apparently was in the
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here in this parking lot just before 4:00 when a man got inside that car and took off. apparently stole it according to police. her mother was just insidehis laundry mat for a few minutes from what we hear when this happened. officials say this all happened just before 4:00. police saying they do have a suspect description. a black man about 20 years old apparently stole this car and was last seen heading westbound on sunrise. officers are still activevey questioning the family, who is inside the laundry mat at this hour. they're talking to people in the neighbor to see what they can learn about the suspect. this is what neighbors told us just few minutes ago. >> i hope they find the baby. i couldn't see his face right. >> you didn't recognize him? >> nope.
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laundry mat you can see the ther. she's just inside a chair. we also just got a description of that suspect, what he was wearing, when he took off he from west sunrise boulevard. apparently wearing a dark long-sleeved jacket, blue jeans, and timberld boots. a 2014 green chevy cruise. the tag number is bps 7436. the little girl saidd to be wearing a blue long-sleeved shirt with a red heart in the middle with some pink pants. you are courageencouraging to call police as soon as possible if you have information. right now, the owner of a white suv meeting with police about an ongoing investigation concerning a hit-and-run crash. >> that accident injured five people after a white suv smashed
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the driver took off just moments later. we are live at jackson memorial hospital tonight with those injured are still recovering. >> reporter: jackie and jawan, good evening. two of those five injured still here at the hospital. one step closer to justice for them. police say that the man that they would like to blame for this came into one of their stations and met with officers. do you have anything to say about what haened? >> i'm sorry. excuse me. >> reporter: he and his attorney silent as they made first ntact with miami police at a substation this morning. he is, in fact, the owner of the white mercedes-benz that barrelled into five people saturday morning and then took off. at this point,t,olice say he's
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he's our man. >> reporr: right now, he is not under arrest. >> he was not read hisrights. >> reporter:: nor was he willing to speak. >> he was not asked any questions. >> reporter: the benz smashes someone immeeately got out of the suv. this is ruby english. her daughter fran brown suffered a broken leg. >> when he hit him, h said, what is this. what is this? >> reporter: then he took off. to him. >> reporter: coming out of the station, his attorney told us this was merely cooperation. faith thqt we're cooperating with the investigation. >> reporter: when i asked him point blank was this your client, his answer was no. driver? >> i'm saying right now with this information that we have there's no reason to believe that he wasshe driver.
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the victim's car, that blue@ chevy that was smashed into, was parked illegally on the street. that could play a factor in how the driver of the suv is charged, but those are all details we'll have to wait for as this case moves forward. nbc 6 news. one of the world's newest and biggest cruise ships is cutting its latest voyage short after mother nature rocks the boat and then some. passengers caught video and photos on the anthem of the royal caribbean seas. the storm was so severe the captain ordered everyone to stay in their cabins until the storm passss this morning. the ship has cut its seveveday cruise short and is now heading back to new jersey.
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statement saying the weather was unexpected. right now, deputies are looking for a creepy intruder who riddled a car with bullets. detectives say that a woman snuck into the pompano beach resort lighthouse cove about a month ago in the dead of night. grainy surveillance video shows her firing severara bullets into an unoccupied heavy volt. the owner of the car was staying atthe resort at the time and told a deputy that he doesn't know who would want to harm him. if you know anything about this crime, call police. another woman is on the run tonight. the fbi is looking for her after a bank robbery in ft. lauderdale. this woman entered the chase bank at 1800 north federal highway before noon and demanded money from an employee. the female suspect took off with an undisclosed amount of money.
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well, in just a few hours the first primary in the nation will open in new hampshire and no one -- one of the most watched races is a republican one where senators ted cruz and mamao rubio find themselves in a three-way tie with florida governor jeb bushh for second plce. some of the candidates spent the day campaigning. >> reporter: hi, there. 19 degrees snowing, incredibly windy. i'm sure it's much different than the weather you are enjoying down there in miami, but the candidates still stuck to their schchdules up here. we caught up with senators marco rubio and ted cruz and also with a very young new yorker, who i here in new hampshire just to say that she was involved in the first in the nation primary. >> michael steel, chris christie.
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collecting autographs. >> i'm watching ted cruz so i can get his autograph and a picture with him. >> reporter: the 8-year-old from new york saa she doesn't get to see the presidential candidates up close like we do in new hampshire, so she asked her mom to make the trip. >> this year she asked if we could co up because she was so conflicted over who to vote for. >> who is your favorite so far? >> marco rubio. >> reporter: senator marco rubio is tied for second place with senanaor ted cruz. the two trail donald trump by more than 20 points. candidates made it to their campaign stops to try and sway voters in thes final hours before the primary. >> i have a proven record each fighting to defend the constitution, the bill of rights, and our individual
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>> the 21st century can be the greatest era in our history. it can be a new american century. it starts in 2 256. it starts tomorrow. >> i'm almost glad to not be from new hampshire because this is a tough decision this year. >> reporter: as for lily, she's checked another candidate off her list and to her new friends in new hampshire. she says it doesn't matter who you vote for. just make sure you vote. voter turnout hugely important tomorrow. and odd outburst at this afternoon's event. two protesters claiming that senator ted cruz is possessed by the devil. they were escorted out of the building without any future trouble. we're live nbc 6 news.
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steve litz will be reporting live from new hampshire for tomorrow's primary. you can look for his live reports beginning tonight at 11:00 p.m. there's a brand-new reality for a former reality show star. she has a brand-new job and she's making history all at the same time. florida rocks. look at this beautiful sset here behind me. you saw all that snow in new hampshire. i know it's chilly, but it's beautiful. i'll the forecast coming up. plus, we're bragging about a school that's going to the dogs and taking the students with them in a very special program. we continue to follow breaking news out of ft. lauderdale where police are searching for a stolen car with a child inside. police are searching for a dar green chevy cruise with tinted windows. a 10-month-old child w inside at the time when the car was
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all right. welcome back. to fans of reality television, she's known as bernice, the tough as nails no nonsense tow truck driver from the show "south beach tow". now she's making state history. >> reporter: as the sunset on the athletic fields at miami's jackson senior high school, it brought with it a new day in
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the new ed football coach for the male team at jackson is a female, a first for the state. >> at this time, i want to introduce you to our new head football coach, coach bronson. >> i want t change the atmosphere around here at miami jackson and get some "ws" on the board. >> reporter: she's been, wo working as a physical education instructor. this was no stunt. >> there's a woman here. there's going t tbe a lot of everything going on, but guess what. i'm going to show you we can do it just as much as anybody else. >> in the neighborhood, she's a gend. she's always been the girl in the neighborhoo who will play football, semi-pro, with all the other boys. >> reporter: the student
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us they believe in her. >> she makes sure you're working hard. >> reporter: brunson's message to her new team and the jackson community? >> my objective is to be here to help these kids. >> reporter: brunson told us her days as a realily tv star are now over. her focus solely on the students here, proving them in the classroom and on the football field. she wants to see more victories next year and improvement on the 6-3 record the team had in 2015. nbc 6 news. well, this week we're finally going to be living rough days we should have been living through throughout much of this dry season but we never really got into that weather pattern that will keep us dry with low humid and cool temperatures. but we're there now and we're
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the week. our first alert cam across thehe everglades holiday park. it's just spectacular. i'm seeing some rays right now. it's just a beautiful. i could just stand there and watch this for hours, but we this weather. let's get on with @hat. temperatures this morning did drop down to as low as 43 degrees in kendall. it was 44 in pompano beach. i also saw a 45 degree reading out of ft. lauderdale executive airport. certainly warmer at miami as well as in the florida keys staying in the 50s. current readings now are in the mid 60s. 66 degrees right now in key west. here are your weather headlines. yes, as i told you off the start here, dry season finall arrives. it's been here officially since october, but it's never really felt like it throughout this
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where we get to enjoy dry weather day in and day out with low humidity. there will be a series of cold fronts moving ththugh, but they don't have enough moisture to work with, so no rain is expected. they'll keep us cool throughout the week with below normal temperatures. you see how the rain tails off and pretty much ends by the time youuet to the panhandle. no rain ifn the gulf of mexico. this front won't cause rain. and the next one that is in missouri, that will take a couple of days to get here, but still not expected to produce any precipitation. skies today in the afternoon were for the most part clear. you have seen some clouds now arrive towards sunset. tomorrow will be slightly cloudier because of that front moving through. a matter of fact, i'll show that to you in the future track trackertrack tracker tomorrow.
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then, except in the keys. a lot of these are high clouds. the sun will filter through the high clouds. we'll still see shadows out there. 54 early in the morning. not as cold as last night was. 67 in the afternoon. that's about the same number that we had today. then we'll end the evening in the 60s. take a look. three more days of temperatures in the 60s. one night in the 40s. the rest will be in the 50s. back to you. today, we are brcaagging about a school where students are getting a firsthand experience in helping others. >> taking care of patients while others want to make sure your four-legged friends' tails are wagging. police are searching for a stolen car with a child inside. here's pture of her and that car. police are searching for a dark green chevy cruz with tinted windows.
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welcome back today. we are bragging about a school where student are already learning to take care of you and your four-legge best friend out there.
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of programs, including a veterinary program that gets students ready to work in a clinic or salon once they graduate. >> they have a first responder program with a simulated ambulance serving as a classroom. >> reporter: you could go traditional when describing west broward high school. the marching band is topnotch, but you might be barking up the wrong tree. the home of the bobcats has gone to the dogs in a good way. they have a full-scale training veterinary hospital. >> it is such a great opportunity because our kids really get hands-on learning. they get prepared to become a vet assistant afterwards or animals as a career. >> reporter: west broward has enough elective programs to feed
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television production to early childhood education. these students learn the art and science of teaching preschoolers and their teacher was once in their shoes. >> so you graduated fromhis same program. now you're the teacher. how does that fee >> it's really cool. it's a great experience. i love this program. i discovered my passion of working wiwh kids through this program. i prepared me for the real world. i loved it so much i had to come back a as a teacher. >> reporter: a lot of the schools are medical training programs. west broward has a simulated amamlance so students can see what it's like to work inside this confinee space. this is an elective program. students who finish it are on the way to careers as paramedecs, firefighters, and first responders.
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eight years ago, but it has earned statewide recognition for several programs. the bobcats are already on the map. nbc 6 news. tonight from new hampshire, interview with marco rubio about his widely slammed republican debate performance and who is suddenly nipping at his heels. if you take heart burn medicatio, there's a new study out about potentially serious risks. we hear from passengers whose
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nightmare in 30-foot seas. we continue to follow breaking news out of ft. lauderdale where police are searching for a stolen car with a baby inside. >> let's go back to marissa bagg live on the scene. >> repoter: police just released some surveillance pictures to us from inside the
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away in case you recognize this man. again, he's a black man. about 19 to 20 years old. we're told he was wearing a dark long-sleeved jacket or shirt, blue jeans, and timberland boots. he was apparently inside the laundry mat before he stepped outside and stole the green chevy cruise that belonged to a woman who was also inside at the laundry mat. now, that vehicle license plate is bps 7436. there's a 10-month-old little girl apparently in the backseat of that car. she was wearing a blue long-sleeved shirt with a red heart on it and some pink pas. now she was apparently inside that chevy crui parked here at the parking lot just before 4:00
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away, stealing the car. again, an amber alert. they did that just about an hour ago asking anybody to call police, call crime stoppers, as soon as you can if you recognize that vehicle or the child. this scene, which is still very active, west sunrise boulevard and northwest second avenue, the mother still sitting in the same seat she has been in since this all happened at about 4:00. police still out here. that's the latest from ft. lauderdale. i'm marissa bagg. stay tuned nbc 6. that's it for us. thanks so m tonight, breaking point. bill clinton on the attack unloading on bernie sanders again as the campaign erupts hours from the first votes here in new hampshire.
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can donald trump turn big poll
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