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tv   Today  NBC  February 9, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EST

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surprise up their sleeves tonight? with passions high at a rally, a trump supporter uses a vulgar term to describe ted cruz, and trump repeats it into the microphone. >> terrible. meanwhile, bill clinton tasing the gloves off with bernie sanders and sounding like he wishes he could go at it harder. >> when i'm on a stage like this, i wish i could say what i really think. >> former new york mayor says he's disgusted with both sid and may jump into the race. the cdc, for the fourth time in history, activates the highest alert. >> we need to scale. >> thehite house turning to congress for help, to the tune of $2 billion. bad choice? angry cruise ship passengers criticize their captain's decision to head right into a powerful
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weree in this to begin with? >> the ship slammed by hurricane force winds and 30 foot waves as new video emerges, showing how bad it got, today, tuesday, february 9th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today," new hampshire votes, with matt lauer, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, and savannah guthrie, live from nchester, new hampshire. good morning, everybody. welcome to a special split ition of "today" on this tuesday morning. it's primary day here in new hashire. matt is back in studio 1a. people are out voting early already. >> yeah, you've got a couple savannah. one in the weather and the other that's a political storm. as you mentioned, they don't waste any time up there. >> ass eluded to, hillary clinton is already out at a pollinglace this morning here in manchester.
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trying to get her supporters out in force. we have early results, matt. what has become tradition, voters in three small towns cast the first ballott at midnight on the dot. on the republican side, nine votes each for ted cruz, john kasich and donald trump. bernie sanders leads hillary clinton, 17-9. the voting is just getting started. a lot is going to happen before the polls close tonight. coming up, we'll talk to the candidates and also look at how the results may change this race. let's begin our in-depth coverage with peter alexander, who is with me here. >> they're expecting a record turnout across the state. consider this, a campaign that only six months ago, few people took seriously, is onhe verge of making new hampshire history. donald trump sounding increasingly confident in recent days. the man who hasas never been politically correct, repeating language that some people may find offensive.
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straight polls here since june, donald trump is offering new embrace. >> this is our final love fest. you have to get out and you have to vote, no matter what. >> reporter: the front runner feeling good and speaking out, making headlines overnight after pretending to scold a crowd about ted cruz. then repeating it into the microphone. she said -- i'd never expect to hear you say that again -- she said, he's a [ bleep ]. terrible. terrible. >> reporter: later, taking a swipe at rubio's debate debacle. >> i'm watching marco sweating like a dog on my right. after the fifth time, i'm like, what is going on over here? >> reporter: rubio trying to turn it into a rallying cry. >> i'll keep saying it over and over again. >> reporter: while turning heads fornother repetitive episode.
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families raising their children in the 21st century. we know how hard it's become to instill our values in our kids. in the 21st century, it's become harder than ever too instill in your children the values they teach in homes. >> reporter: the race for second, wipe open. john kasich braving a snowstorm, celebration. >> it's the phone calls, the volunteers, the knocking on doors. [ applause ] it's not going to stop. >> reporter: chris christie urging voters to give him a taiai wind to the next primary state. >> i have a flight scheduled for south carolina on wednesday morning. i intend to take it. >> reporter: jeb bush, blasting trump onh twitter as a loser, a liar and a whiner. the former governor now reenergized. >> i think we're going to beat expectations. it's a low bar, so to pitchbich obituaryies were written a day ago.
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>> we want somebody who has a chan to win in the general. >> history shows 20% of new hampshire voters don't make up their mind until today. until primary day. remember, independents can decide which party to vote for at the last minute. one new hampshire ver don't john kasich monday, i think five% times the person said, i'm deciding between you and bernie sanders. >> got to love new hampshire. some people decide the minute the curtain closes behind them in the booth. matt, up to you. in the democratic race, hillary clinton is hoping to narrow the gap that twists between herself and bernie sands. we're also hearing from former new york city mayor michael bloomberg about his chances of jumping in. andrea mitchell is i i manchester with more on all of that. good morningng to you. >> good morning, matt. at the polling place this morning, hillary clinton told voters she's going to continue
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if the polls are correct, with new hampshire, which has been good to presidents in the past, may deliver a setback to clinton today. a new surveymonkey poll shows she holds a substantial lead over sanders nationally. >> reporter: in the middle of a snowstorm, bernie sanders and hillary clinton making their final pitch to the voters. >> i think being a progressive means you want to make real progress. >> you tell em, bernie. >> i am. >> reporter: the c cllenge for clinton, how to attract young women voters flocking to sanders. >> i'm sure she's intelligent4 and can add a lot to the country, i don't tru her. >> reporter: bill clinton has been leading the attacks on sanders. something he's called disturbing. >> has he been unfair to her? >>unaccurate. >> reporter: the former president chasing at the chance
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>> sometimes when i'm on a stage like this, i wish i could say what i really ink. >> reporter: trailing by double digits, the clinton camp is reportedly considering a shakeup after new hampshire. >> we're going to take stock, but it's going to be the campaign that i've got. >> reporter: hillary clinton addressing the reports with msnbc's rachel maddow. >> we're moving into a different phase of the campaign. 'd be malpractice not to say, what can we do better? >> reporter: nbc news confirmed michael blmberg, doubting clinton or sanders' chances to win in the fall, is seriously considering jumping in as a third party candidate. speaking to the financial times, bloomberg says, voters deserve better and he is, quote, looking at all the options. >> although clinton has trailed bernie sanders for months, new hampshire voters are famously late deciders. more than 40% say they're independent. classic swing voters who have
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that's what hillary clinton is hoping for this time around. savannah? >> andrea, a lot of candidates hoping for that this morning. as we mentioned earlier, heading into today, marco rubio has been at the center of the discussion in the republican race. lester holt caught up with him on the trail yesterday. go morning. >> great to see you. rubio came under fire during saturday's debate, with opponents like governor chris christie taking aim for rubio's repeated use of the exact same attack lines against president obama. rubio defended his comments, as we tked over a cup of coffee at a local diner. >> let's dispel the fiction, that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. >> you repeated the same thing four times. >> i'll say it again. barack obaba is trying to change america and is doing damage to the country. >> by repeating it, it played to the notion that you are a bit contrived, rehearsed. >> that's silly. understand, people when they're
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whatever they need to say. >> called marco robot. a headline that said, you choked, it didn't bother you? >> it can't affect you. on our website, we raised more money on the first hour of that debate than all the other debates. >> chris christie said, let's not make the mistake we made eight years ago, of electing a first-term senator. you and president obama. what do you and president obama have in common, in terms of what you represent? >> i have different experiences than he had. i served in the third largest state in the country for four years. we had real achievements in florida. in the senate, i had achievements. >> is your youth an advantage or disadvantage? >> i embraceit. it's who i am. i haven't lived as long as some people running for president but i've done more than most of them. >> your third place showing in iowa, strong third place, has put a lot of expectations on you, in terms of going forward here. what does that mean in terer of what happens in new hampshire?
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election. i think it'dde a mistake to judge this election by any of the metrics of past elections. we've never had six or seven well-funded, credible candidates running for president on the republican side at the same time. i think the nomination is going to take a little longer and be a different process than in the past. we're going t t do well here. >> but he is looking ait past the primaries. rubio says he would beat the democratic nominee, whether it be bernie sanders or hillary clinton. savannah, he is owning the repetition of the attack lines against president obama. >> ster, thanks so much. i know you'll have more on the latest twists and turns on "nightly" tonight from new hampshire. let's bring in chuck todd and mark, manager of "bloomberg politics." first, donald trump repeated a vulgar term used by a supporter at a rally last night.
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>> any other candidateho did that, the staff would say, we can lose the primary over this. trump and his team loved it. the crowd loved it. this symbolizes the trump campaign. different and not politically correct. >> donald trump said something offensive to somebody. >> for him, it doesn't impact anything. >> let's talk about the race. i won't move to who places second right away. let's not miss who may place first. donald trump. if i told you that six month ago, what would you have said? >> the combination of trump and sanders. we talk about the upsets in the history of the new hampshire primary. when the country is aangry, the first place to tell u is new hampshire. they'll hand us donald trump and bernie sanders. the establishment of both parties are frightened of. the more they express their fear, the more some voters want to rally around them. this i i a huge, symbolic message
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>> the people of the establishment say, they can win new hampshire but they'll never win the nominee. they've been underestimated the whole cycle. assume they win big tonight, they'll speak to the e ggest autd audiences they ever have in the context of becoming the presidential candidate. whoever is second, third and fourth for republican, hillary clinton has to make a case, here's why the other states shouldn't follow suit. >> for anyone hoping new hampshire w wld provide clarity as to the trump alternative in the race, no longer going to happen. is it all because of what happened on saturday night with marco rubio and the debate? >> it is all because othat. rubio doing the face plant at the debate, it wa an opportunity. he had the opportunity to seize the nomination. he had an opportuty -- there were people ready to rally around his campaign. you would have seen a flood of endorsements. a flood of money. a flood of -- and probably a whittling of the field.
7:13 am
think, hey, rubio has a glass jaw. >> they all say they're going to south carolina. every last one. >> they have no reason not to. saturday night, another debate. if you're chris christie or you're marco rubio, whyhy not go? get on the debate stage and try again. marco rubio wt from having, as chuck said, the nomination, or at least the establishment wing part of the nomination in his hands, to now potentially having his nomination in mortal danger. he could finish second tonight and turn it around again. clinton. she expects to lose here. the only issue for everyone, it seems, is by how much. what will these next days be like for her if she does, in fact, lose here? >> if the polls are right, and it's double digits, it is going to be stories about joe biden, michael bloomberg. bernie sandede is already outraising her and will with more money. nevada will suddenly look like it's in play. the national polls will show
7:14 am
this is going to be the most painful three weeks before the uth carolina primary for her since she's had in february 2008. >> thank you so much. wewel have more from here in new hampshire coming up, including live interviews with jeb bush and chris christie. for now, matt, up to you in new york. >> we'll be back with you in a couple minutes. we want to turn to the fight against the zika virus. the obama administration now asking congress for $1.8 billion in emergency funding. health experts are once again warning americans considering trips to latin america and the caribbeans. tom costello is covering this outbreak for us. >> we have 51 cases of zika in the united states according to the cdc. people who returned to the country, they've contracted zika abroad. we know of 16 in florida alone. while we don't yet have any known cases of mosquito transmitted zika in the u.s., thousands of amerins travel south of the u.s. border every day. >> reporter: with spring break
7:15 am
for anyone traveling to thee caribbean or latin america is suddenly taking on added urgency. millions of people in the region are expected to contract zika this year. already in brazil, 4,000 babies diagnosed with abnormally small ads and brains. >> we're not cancelling spring break. we're telling people who are pregnant, you know, you may not want to go. >> reporter: with 30 countries and territories now included on the cdc's list of zika areas to avoid, the cdc's emergency operation center has gone to the highest level of response. now with the olympic games six months away, the u.s. olympic committee is reiterating the guidance for pregnant women or women who could become pregnant, to avoid the zika hot zones. also, the cdc would not and will not prevent athletes from competing forheir country should they qualify. the white house is asking congress for nrly $2 billion in the fight against zika.
7:16 am
development of a zika vaccine. a widespread vaccine rollout could be years away. >> we have the capability to get a vaccine candidate into phase one clinical trial to determine if it's safe. >> reporter: on the grounds in florida, the state is wrapping up mosquito control efforts. residents told to get rid of standing water. it can be a breeding ground for mosquitos. >> researchers say there's a lot about zika they don't understand. whether the virus can be transmitted through saliva and urine, and which trimester of baby might be most at risk. the mosquito likes to bite during the day rather than a dusk. if you travel to the areas and you're not pregnant but concerned, wear repellant and try to cover your arms and legs. >> you mention td olympics. the international pressure is mounting every single day on the
7:17 am
control befefe the games start in august. >> this morning, we heard from the kenyans who say, if the brazilians don't get it under control, the kenyans may not send their own team to the olympics. the kenyans are supposed to do very well. >> tom, thank you very much. we've got breaking news in germany overnight. at least n ne people killed. more than 100 injured after two trains crashed head on. several hundred rescue workers were called to the scene. injured passengers we carried away by helicopter and boat. the rail line is used mainly by ly bily by commuters going to munich for work. at home, a new storm is moving into the east this morning,g,aking for a very slippery commute. mr. rocker is here wh that. >> we have more to talk about. system. we have a double barrel low. upper level low in the great lakes and pressure off the carolina coast. storms.
7:18 am
some sort of winter weather advisory this morning. early day, snow in the mid-atlantic. snow will build into the appalachians. today and into tonight, periods of snow from new york city, washington, d.c., baltimore. we look for heavy lake-effect snow to cover and develop into tonight and tomorrow. new york city, maybe 1 1 to 2 inches of snowfall, at best. erie, pennsylvania, 8 to 12.
7:19 am
to 3 inches. . tuesday morning cloudy skies the rule, not the prettiest morning. give it time, get back to sunshine later this afternono. you'll notice the winds on the increase as we go through the morning hours. our temperatures right now into the upper 50s and lower 60s. maybe not quite as cold as it was on monday morning but definitely a cool start to our morning and a very slow rebound. because of the cloud cover and northwest winds, we're stuck at around >> that's your latest weweher. matt? >> al, thank you very much. coming up, new questions about the cruise ship nightmare off the coast of north carolina. why did that ship sail right into a huge storm? savannah? plus, from herer in new hampshire, we're behind the scenes with the candidates s they make their final pushes. why it could be good to come in second place here. there's precedence for that.
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first on a tuesday morning,
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7:25 am
new out of sunny isles, a death investigation after somebody found a body on the beach. chopper 6 over the area of 167th street and collins avenue. no word on exactly how that person died. >> the search is on for the man who police say stole a car from ft. lauderdale with a baby inside. it happened at the laundry max on sunrise boulevard. the man ditched the car in pompano bea with the baby inside. if you have information call police. a death investigation, aa security guard found a body at flamingo apartment bubuding. two small kids told security there that their mom had been attacked inside the apartment. police say this could be a domestic situation bpt at this point they are ruling out nothing. >> a mild start to your d. let's head over to meteorologist ryan phillips. >> cloudy start as well. we've got the breeze picking up as we can clearly see. looking back to ft. lauderdale. first alert temperatures 59 oakland park, 61 ft. lauderdale,
7:26 am
don't look for rapid warm-up, temperatures lay low in the 60s with cloudy skies a breezy day but brighter this afternoon. highs at 69. >> we're still seeing delays southbound because of an earlier accident here. this iss approaching 103rd street. get out of the way. you can see flashing lights to the right, right lane blocked ff. take you to the map, if you're headed out the door in the area, traffic moving along at a busy 11 miles per hour from the big curve to okeechobee road. you have a 19-minute commute ahead of you. >> kelly, thank you.
7:27 am
>> "today" show continues. > it's 7:30 now, tuesday morning, 9th of february, 2016. polls are open here in new hampshire.
7:28 am
already in the first in the nation primary of the 2016 presidential race. live look at aolling place here in manchester. coming up, we'e' going to look at why second place is sometimes the coveted prize in the begangranite stat first, let's go back to studio 1a. let's take a look at the other stories making headlines today. 41 million americans are under winter weather advisories this morning as the second storm in as many days rolls east. snow expected from the mid-atlantic to new england later night. new steps are being taken to control the spread of the zika virus here in the united states. the cdc's emergency operation center now moving to its highest level for the fourth time ever. president obama is asking congress to free up more than $1.8 billion to fund research of the virus and mosquito-control programs. scientists say 2015 was a record-setting year for shark
7:29 am
98 reported worldwide. the majority, 59, were in the united states, including 30 in the state of florida alale. the previous record was 88 back in the year 2000. let's go back to savannah in new hampshire. >> matt, than. we're going to begin this half hour with the new hampshire primary, as you'd expect. with nine republicans still in the race, the fight for voters remains wide open. we're going to talk to republican hopeful chris chririie in a moment. he's here live. first, a look behind the scenes at the critil battle playing out here today. revolution >> reporter: with donald trump's poll numbers looki like he's a lock for first place tonight. >> it's been incredible. no matter where we go. >> reporter: the real race to watch in new hampshire is the scramble for second. >> there we go. >> reporter: with seven candidates hoping a silver medal to separate them from the pack, just as the primary calendar starts to ramp up. >> i hope i can earn your vote and support. >> i don't want to leave any doubt in new hampshire residents' minds, i'm asking for
7:30 am
>> i didn't ask what the rules were. i did what was right. that's the leadership we need in washington, d.c. >> the media are not going to pick the republican nominee or the next president of the united states. >> reporter: the politicians are making their final pitches to voters. and mega-don knorrors as an establishment alternative to donald trump. >> the polls suggest you may be peaking at the right time. >> people s snd their money being negative. i haven't done that. everything has been positive and 're rising. we'll see if there may be actually a new day inpolitics. >> how do you reconcile that feeling and that experience you're having in new hampshire with the rhetoric you're seeing in this primary, and the candidates who seem to be going far -- >> wait a minute. first of all, i'm rising more than anybody. secondly, there's more enthusiasm enthusiasm. >> what have you learned through this process, running for president?
7:31 am
down and care about people. there are too many people today who feel disconnected. they feel like nobody cares about them. >> reporter: a second place finish in new hampshire does have some precedence for presidents. >> how is it going, new hampshire? >> reporter: then-senator obama played runner up to hillary clinton in 2008. george w. bush lost out to john mccain in 2000. >> second chance. >> reporter: bill clinton used his second place in the granite state to gain national traction. a second place finish may be beneficial in new hampshire. a state where 44% of voters are independent or undeclared. in many cases, undecided until the last minute. >> i'm down to two now. >> i'm close to making a final tonight. >> we're joined now by one of the candidates vying for a strong showing he in new hampshire. christie. good to see you.
7:32 am
>> is it do or die tonight? >> i don't't think it's do or die. i think saturday night changed everything. it shook this race up in a significant way and gumable. we want to do well, but i don't think anything is do or die after the performance we had at the debate saturday night. >> do you think donald trump is going to win like the polls suggest? >> he's been ahead in 73, 74 straight polls. if he doesn't win, it'll be the biggest story o othe evening. it's who is competing behind him. any of us could come from second to sixth. i can't have a prediction. i don't know. only the people of new hampshire know and they're making it happen now. >> what message will you take? you've poured yourself into this state. i think you've been here more than anybody else. you spent all your time. all your eggs are kind of in the new hampshire basket. if you don't get a message from new hampshire voters saying, hey, we like you, what are you going to do? >> i think i will.
7:33 am
prepare for the worst. we're prepared for whatever happens tonight. i feel good where we arar i think the momentum from saturday will be good for us. in 2009 when i ran for governor, i got outsnt 3:1 in a democrat state. nobody thought i was going to win and i won. >> there's no question that you shellacked marco rubio in the debate. it may have hurt him. did it help you though? >> i think it did. when i've seen the turnouts at our events and people want to say, the debate made up my mind, i think it makes a big difference. 13.5 million people watched. it makes a difference. >> i was joking with you earlier. i said, you have your lawyer on. you seem to like the prosecutor we remembered. did you enjoy that? >> i'm ready to be president and senator rubio is not. i'm ready to beat hillary clinton and he is not.
7:34 am
foreign policy experieiee of anyone in the race. >> well -- >> is that a fair characterization? >> he's never had to make a decision about anything. >> he has more foreign policy experience than you. >> listen, i've read just as many briefings as marco rubio. that's his experience. ading briefings prepared by senate staffers. i'm making decisions on the ground every day. i spent a lot of time in the last few years learning the foreign policy business and talking to some of the smartest people in the world to advise me. i don't think there's any difference. there's no difference until you get in the chair. then you get real difference. >> trump is number one in all the polls. looking at what you did to marco rubio saturday night, some might wonder, why didn' you train your fire on trump? he's the one poised to win the ce. >> i think senator rubio was the a a a anointed one.
7:35 am
first in a lot of ways in new hampshire to pick prqsidents. i talked about the person i thought i needed to talk object to -- about to inform the american people. we can't have another first-term senator as the nominene hillary clinton will eat him ale. she won't eat me alive. >> jeb bush will join us in a few. matt, back to you. >> mr. rokerith a check of the weather. >> don't put away the cold weather gear yet. >> considering it is february, i won't. >> it's been mild. we have a real change coming, at least here in the east. big, big bunch of cold air coming on down. zero for tomorrow morning in minneapolis. 11 in chicago. 24 in charlotte. orndo, 34. by wednesday afternoon, it's only 42 in charlott 59 in orlando. 44 in memphis. tomorrow morning, frost and freeze warnings go into northern florida.
7:36 am
the temperatures stay cold. by compmpison, you want it a little warmer, head out west. by iday, it's 60 in denver. 85 in phoenix. los angeles, 87. san francisco, a high of 66 . tuesday morning cloudy skies the rule across south florida. nonothe prettiest morning but give us some time we'll get back to sunshine this afternoon. you'll notice winds on the increase as we go through the morning hours. temperatures spot upper 50s and lower 60s. maybe not qui@e as cold as it was on monday morning but definitely a cool start to our morning and a very slow rebound. because of the cloud cover and northwest winds, we're stuck at around 60 for >> that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thanks very much. want to save your phone's battery life? why you might want to delete the facebook app and get it online instead.
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only the lindor truffle. fall for strawberries this valentine's day... try our lindor strawberries and cream truffle from the lindt master chocolatiers. we're back now. 7:43. we have an date to a story we told you about on monday. one of the world's largest cruise ships and the thousands of passengers on board battered by a massive storm at sea. this morning, as that ship turnsns around and h hds back to port, we're hearing from some of the passenge. natalie has more on that. >> rather than continuing south, the captain decided the passengers had endured enough. when you see the new images of
7:42 am
>> reporter: flying furniture, ceilings collapsing, shattered glass. waves as high as 30 feet and hurricane-force winds morerthan 150 miles an hour, all part of the harrowing journey more than 6,000 passengers and crew won't forget any time soon. the captain telling passenger passengers -- >> yesterday turned out to be, prably one of my worst days i've seen. >> reporter: passengers aren't arguing with that. >> seeing what we were seeing outside of our windows, the 3030oot waves, you know, andnd we're at a 30 degree tilt. it was insane. >> you'd roll out of bed if you didn't hang on. >> i realize it was really seriouss at the point when i was sitting at the chair on the bar and the four legs came up and i was on two. i fell off the chair, essentially. >> reporter: despite their fear, most passengers say they felt the captain did a great job of keeping them informed and are happy to be alive.
7:43 am
you know, it was terrifying last night. truly terrifying. >> i'm really happy that everyone is safe and there were minimal injuries. you know, thankfully, no casuals. >> reporter: others, angry they were put in danger at all, since a storm had been forecast. >> they're angry because they feel somebody should have known. >> thehe think there's the question of, why were we in this to begin wiwi? >> reporter: royal caribbean's response, the weather the ship experienced was greater than forecasted. while the weather was unpleasant, the ship remained seaworthy at all time. the cruise line promises to give everyone a full refund and 50% off any future cruise. though some may never take advantage of that deal. >> whether or not we ever go on a cruise again, that, i'm not sure ababt. >> the ship expected to arrive in new jersey tomorrow morning. al, we were talking about this during the story. this was a storm that was well forecasted ahead of him. >> royal caribbean's claim this
7:44 am
feathers, basically. the national weather service forecast, this was put out on thursday. it was for 23 to 31 foot seas. in fact, if you look, theuoy out there had 30-foot waves. look here, the forecast, this was out on thursday. sunday nit, northwesterly winds, 40 to 50 knots. about 45 to 56 or 57-mile-per-hour sustained winds. not counting gusts. they had plenty of knowledge. somebody made a a decision and it was the wrong decision. >> thehell have to answer those questions. al, thank you very much. coming up on pop start, a change coming to the oscars. what's being done to liven up this amy thinks you have to be super smart to not mess up your tax refund. so we flew in super smart mathematician, maria chudnovsky, to help her. i have a lot of student loan debt.
7:45 am
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7:49 am
coming up, from a snowy new hampshire, more on primary day. tom brokaw on how this state seems to shake up the presidential race. and jeb bush joins us live. plus, two big stars. ben stiller and katie holms, there's something to be said for exploring the world around you. for seeking out the new; for trying the untri; for doing the undone. why should snacking be any different?
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7:53 am
alexa, will you order another pair of brescianis. reordering bresciani socks. okay listen... can you send some lawyers or something? (moaning) ...alec? >> announr: live, this is nbc 6 south florida, news now. >> good morning to you, i'm sheli munoz. >> i'm eric harryman. e time now is 7:56. the search for the man police say stole a car from a ft. lauderdale woman with a baby inside. it happened at the laundry matt. the man ditched the carin
7:54 am
the back seat. if you have any information about what happened you're asked to call police. detectives searching for a person who stabbed a man in miami beach as he was leaving work. officers detained a man for questioning but the person has been released because there was not enough evidence. the victim remains in the hospital. he's expected to be okay. >> attorney general loretta lynch taking a stop in suth florida. she's taking a tour for role model law enforcement offices across the nation. the first stop miami-dade, so portland, los angeles and a couple of other cities along the way. >> nice start to the day. meteorologist ryan phillips checking first alert forecast. >> temperatures locked in around 60. mostly cloudy skies. sun will do the best to break through cloud cover. later on this afternoon we'll see progress there. lower 60s. it's going to be a very slow climb today fromabout 60 to 62 initially this morning to a high of 69. we will see brighter skies this afternoon though breezy.
7:55 am
>> same problems o othe palmetto expressway southbound broken down car northwest 122 street approaching that area. we still have the accident, changes source and take you to 123rd street. tiup on southbound commute. >> thank you very much.
7:56 am
>> st it's 8:00 on "today." new hampshire voters head to the polls.
7:57 am
state's historic role in picking the nation's president. >> it changes the political picture for 1968. show heart today. we give back to one of the country's bravest. >> i think he'll feel overwhelmed with gratitude. >> a deserving veteranets a special surprise. >> hi. >> your wife put together a little surprise. double star power in studio 1a. ben stiller back on the big screen. >> now! >> with a "zoolander" sequel 15 years in the making. he's still really, really, really, ridiculously good looking. then katie holmes on making her directorial debut. today, tuesday, february 9th, 2016. >> moing, minnesota. >> celebrating my birthday in new york city.
7:58 am
carolina. >> good morning, canada. unbelievable, you ain't seen nothing yet >> good morning, new orleans. happy mardi gras. >> it's tuesday, mardi gras. > good morning. this is a split edition of "today." we're live in new hampshire, today's battleground in the presidential race. matt, natalie, al and sheinelle holding down the fort. >> we have wind and snow in the air. it's chilly weather, savannah. >> we definitely had weather to talk about here. unclear if it will affect the polls. there's so much at stake today. voters are already streaming into the polling sites across the state. the candidates getting in last-minute jabs at one another. we'll talk to jeb bush in a moment. first, peter alexander sets the stage.
7:59 am
>> good morning. the first primary votes already being cast across the state. bernie sanders dominated the last 40 polls in new hampshire. donald trump,the last 75. assuming those hold, new hampshire c send a message tonight, that americans are angry and want dramatic change. >> reporter: the political novice donald trump looking to lock up his first win in an unpredictable race. even leaning on his pregnant daughter for help. >> if she has the baby in new hampshire, it guarantees vicicry tomorrow. please, ivanka, have a baby tonight. >> reporter: blasting rivals, including cruz. a description was yelled out from t crowd. >> she just said a terrible thing. shout it out. i don't want to -- she said, he's a [ bleep ]. it's terrible. >> reporter: fending off attacks from his opponents, marco rubio hoping to rebound. here with lester holt.
8:00 am
who cover politics, not from voters. >> reporter: rubio's challenges see ann opening. three governors hoping to capitalize tonight. >> people are looking not only to understand what's in your head, but they also want to know what's in your heart. if all you are is scripted, i'm not sure peoe respond to that. >> reporter: among democrats, bernie sanders supporters see the granite state as the senator's best chance to change the momentum. >> millions of us will have to stand up and be loud and clear in saying, our government belongs to all of us, not just the 1%. thank you. >> reporter: meanwhile, hillary clinton is aiming to slow sanders in a state he's expected to win. >> we can't quit. we can't get discouraged. we can't give up. we can't let the bad guys win. we have to be on a path that will take us where we know we can go together. >> reporter: her husband also
8:01 am
with his own, unique pitch. >> sometimes when i'm on a stage like this, i wish we weren't married. then i could say what i really think. way. >> voters are famously late deciders. can't tell you how many people told me they'll make up their mind today as they head to the polls, it explains the tough talk. this morng, john kasich criticizing our next guest, jeb bush. insisting he's taken a low road, he says, to the highest office in the land. >> peter, thank you very much. thanks for the segue. jeb bush is here. governor kasich saying you took a low road. i guess he's talking about negative advertising. what's your response? >> i don't know what it is, to be honest with you. your super pac spent money on negative ads against kasich. >> i didn't even know it, to be honest with you. comparing and contrasting the part of this. wait until the general election
8:02 am
the nominee, will try to scrape off the bark. this isn't the most difficult campaign in american history. it's tough. we're running for the presidency of the united states. i have a proven conservative record that matches up really well against governor kasich's. particularly well against senators that have never done much because they've basically been stuck in the gririock in washington. >> i'll stick with the advertising a minute. i know in any official way, your campaign is not talking to your sur pac. >> right. >> however, one presumes they have your blessing. you' not saying, don't do that. don't run the native ads. you have spent more money on negative ads than any other candidate. >> i'm being attacked by the other candidates, as well. it's how politics works. the reason we're doing better here is people want someone with a proven record. my record is what i talk about on the stump. it seems to be resonating. we'll see. there's a lot of undecided voters, as you all know. at the last moment, they makee up their minds based on a lot of different things than wt the
8:03 am
>> people think you have your groove. you had your best debate on saturday night, you're hitting yo stride now. do you feel that way and why is it happening now? >> frankly, because in new hampshire, they challenge you and test you. you get better as you go along. i did. 100 different meetings where i'm asked crazy and important questions. i got better. >> are you nervous about tonight? >> i'm anxious, not nervous. i've been around the track a few times. looking forward to being in south carolina tomorrow. today is a new hampshire day. >> no matter what happens tonight, you're headed to south carolina? to come. >> some say if this goes on, if the so-called establishment politicians are still in this glut, and then you@have donald trump, the clear front runner, at some point, these guys have to unify around one person. terms? like if there comes a point for the good of the party, maybe i ought to step aside? >> i would like to see the support of all the other
8:04 am
we're now in the second primary out of probably, what, 53o go, counting the territories. there's a long, long process ahead of us. i intend to be there at the end. >> donald trump and you seem to have a little relationship on twitter. he seems to get under your skin and, perhaps, vice versa. yesterday, you tweeted he's a loser loser, a liar and whiner, which that could be out of trump's vocabulary book. >> giving him a taste of what he gives. that's what bullies need from time to time. he has gone bankrupt four times. he whines when it doesn't go perfectly for him. he insults his way to the nononation. it's not going t t work. i don't think people believeve that. >> if he wins tonight, as polls suggest h might, what are new hampshire voters saying? >> people are angry with washington, d.c. my job is to say, i agree. let's fix it. don't just prey on people's fears. give them a solid agenda on how to fix it. it's what i did when i was
8:05 am
>> your mom said maybe you were too polite in the campaign. do you agree. >> after that last tweet i did, she probably doesn't necessarily ink that anymore. we'll see. >> governor bush, thank you. appreciate it very much. coming up, tom brokaw explores the importance of the new hampshire primary and how it shapes the presidential race. first, natalie has a check of the other top stories. officials say all survivors have been removed from the mangled wreckage of two commuter trains that crashed head on this morning south of munich, germany. nine people were killed. it took rescuers hours to reach all 150 people injured. many had to be cut out of the crushed and overturned train cars. not clear how fast the trains were gogog, but officials say the speed limit on that stretch of track is about 80 miles per hour. four people were hospitalized in critical condition overnight after a charter bus traveling from new york city to a casino flipped on
8:06 am
about 30 others suffered injuries, ranging from cuts and bruises to broken bones. snow was falling when the accident took place. investigating. lunar new year celebrations turned violent in hong kong with clashes between protesters and police, leaving 100 people injured. the unrest started when authorities tried to shut down unlicensed street food vendors. police fired warning shots but itit caused the violence to escalate. one person was hurt when the canopy at a california gas hant maintenance workers were on the roof and noticed cracks. one didn't get down in time. it landed on a pair of cars. fortunately, the drivers were inside the gas station at the time. federal marshalls caught up with a man wanted for assault with an alligator. 23-year-old joshua james pulled up to a drive-through window at a florida wendy's in october and
8:07 am
the gator was captured and released. james is charged with assault and illegal transportation of an alligator. his mother says it was a harmless prank. hou after speaking with us live on "today," peyton manning carried on his super bowl celebration monday at disney land. manning and his family were the guests of honor at a parade. for his rumored retirement, even mickey couldn't get a peep out of him. we tried. mickey, you know, he keeps memorandum on atmum on that, too. >> it was great. up next, an update to one of monday's trending topics. what was up with eli mning in that expression during his brother's super bowl victory? we'll have the answer. >> something he ate? and the story behind salma hayek's unusual outfit during a trip to theer.
8:08 am
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announunment: this storm promises to be the biggest of the decade. with total accumulation of up to three feet. roads will be shut down indefinitely. and schools are closed. cacabell's soups go great with a cold and a nice red. made for real, real life. 8:14. let's find out what's in trending this morning. everyone doing okay with the new year's resolutions? >> completely broken. >> when did that happen? >> 12:01. >> a week or two in, you lose it. >> today, tuesday, february 9th, is supposedly the day people give up on their fitness resolutions. that is the conclusion from the nation's largest gym chains. it's even called the fit nessness clip. after today, gym check-ins will drop off sharply and won't reach the same levels for the rest of
8:11 am, we posted tips to keep you on track, including using the buddy system. writing down your goals and embracing technology. >> today you can get on a treadmill without having to wait. >> that's right. >> today is a good day. so many people have the facebook app, of course. question is, is it draining your phons battery life? the "guardian" claims uninstalling the company's app saves up to 15% of your battery. that's significant. facebook faced similar accusations in the past. you can access facebook through the safari browser. he says it's much more effective and won't drain the battery. facebook hasn't responded. a spokesperson told "the guardian" it is looking into the matter. says? >> i looked at my battery usage an facebook was 2%. i'm not a heavy user of it and i
8:12 am
it's not constantly updating. >> everybody i know has a poable battery they bring with them, and other methods to recharge phones. >> my phone is drained by the end of the day every day. >> let's get to the super bowl expression now. it didn't exactly feel like the thrill of victory. we talked about this on monday. the look on eli manning's face, the brother of the winning quarterback peyton mannnng. we talked to him live yesterday. the game is not officially over, but the whole family erupts into celebration. everyone except eli. what was he watching? one tweet says he was trying to ocess the puppy monkey baby commercial. eli is explaining himself. he was focusing on the next play. probably not wanting to celebrate prematurely. as a quarterback -- >> he knows. >> -- he knows anything could still happen. intense. >> you were on it. >> i said that. you're his brother. you're thinking, we're almost there. not there yet.
8:13 am
>> exacy. >> we all need a little help from mom every now and again. prepare yourselves for the cutest video you're going to see all y. baby pandas getting help from mom. this is bei bei trying to climb national zoo. mom is there with the assist. instantly coming to the rescue. she gives him a little push, little judgenudge up that tree. helps to get down again. >> giving him a verbal lashing the entire time. i told you not to go up the tree. >> yeah. >> big change to this year's oscar ceremony and the inappropriate shirt selma hayek wore to the er. >> the oscars will look and sound d)fferent this year. producers are planning to blow up the traditional acceptance speech. this year, all nominees will submit a list of people they'd like to thank. during the speeches, that list
8:14 am
screen so they don't have to worry about forgetting anyone. the producers hope it will allow winners to give more entertaining speechess instead of >> i like that. >> i think we all get tired of hearing name after name. i think it's going to be weird. >> i think they'll thank the mom. >> probably. that's one of the changes announced at the oscar nominees luncheon on monday. take a look at this. 155 nominees posed for this class photo. you'll spot jennifer lawrce, brie larson and mark ruffalo, as well as lady gaga, leonardo dicaprio. but the star was jacob tremblay. he posed with jennifer lawrence and delivered a knockout punch to stallone. in the new issue of "rolling
8:15 am
beyonce wasn't always keen on collaborating. he sent her a song called "hook up," and beyonce called eded him down, quote, in the sweetest way. i like you but this is awful. david bowie once gave simimar feedback on a different song. salma hayek on the inappropriate shirt she wore to the er. yes, she is wearing a shirt. >> oh, my gosh. >> it's designed to make her look topless. it's part of a costume she was wearing while filming a movie in new york. she explained she was rushed to the hospital after suffering a minor head injury on setd and didn't bother changing. she's fine and the doctors looked happy, too. >> i bet. rushed to the hospital. take a couple of pictures with the doctor. >> maybe after. >heinelle, thank you very much. as we head into the 8:00 hour, temperatures pretty much at a standstill.
8:16 am
61 pembroke pines as well as we're at 65 in marathon, 66 in key west. mostly cloudy skies in play. likely to be the case until the afternoon hours when we send the cloud deck ou it will be a breezy forecast for today and only a slow warming trend. brighter skies this afternoon, highs of 69, but this cool weather pattern will stick around for the next several days. >> that's y yr latest weather. the smucker's birthdays are coming back in the next half hour. >> that's right, the passing on of the torch. been a great tradition. hampshir >> guys, thank you. as the host of the first srimary in the nation, new hampshire relishes its role when next president. tom brokaw has more on that. you know this state well. >> i do. as you indicated, new hampshire cherishes its reputation as a fiercely independent state that plays by its own rules.
8:17 am
a reputation for surprises. often, big surprises. >> reporter: new hampshire is a battleground of predictable successes and huge disappointments. >> boy, did new hampshire come up with a surprising finish3 >> because of new hampshire independents, there may be more characters per capita in new hampshire than other places. you get unexpected questions or unexpected confrontations. >> it changes the political picture in america for 1968. >> reporter: mccarthy finished a strong second in 1968. his student crusade against vietnam was enoughh to drive president johnson from a second term. >> i will not acct the nomination of my party for another term as your president. >> reporter: jimmy carter, a little-known southern governor, won honnew hampshire hearts in 1976.
8:18 am
after a showdown with george bush 41, who had beaten reagan in iowa. bush got his turn in '88, defeating an angry bob dole. who had beaten him in iowa. >> voted for tax increase 600 times in your career. can you defend that? >> back in your cave. >> senator dole, anythin you'd president? >> stop lying about my record. >> reporter: in 1992, bill clinton lost new hampshire amid rumors of womanizing. the voters gave the man hope, just enough hope. >> new hampshire, tonight has made bill clinton the comeback kid. >> reporter: by '96, pat, with almost no money but a populous touch, called his campaign, peasants with pitch forks. stunning the gop establishment in new hampshire but faded later.
8:19 am
brimmed with confidence and lost the state to mccain. the straight talk express couldn't keep his momentum going. eight years ago, barack obama rolled into new hampshire after beating hillary clintononn iowa. >> i don't think i'm that bad. >> you're likle enough, hillary. >> thank you. >> reporter: senator clinton was written off. until she beat obama handily. enough toeep her campaign going, but not enough to get to the white house. >> please, come out. >> reporter: eight years later, navigating new hampshire is just as treacherous. mcquaid publishes the manchester union leader newspaper. >> i'm proud of voters who read, watch television and make up their own minds. >> reporter: new hampshire voters know their own mind but
8:20 am
hand. >> savannah, don't ask me who is going to win tonight. i've been coming here since 1972 and i've been surprised almost every cycle. that's part of the appeal of new hampshire, obviously. >> it's the graveyard of pollsters here in new hampshire. imagine if the polls are correct, new hampshire would be sending a huge message if it nominates bernie sanders and donald trump. >> right. then the question is, which of the polls are correct? they're all overrhe place. those two stayed in number one. i think a big part of the issue, what will happen today, is who survives? not just who wins. and who has to get out of the race. it's the kasich race, also the bush race, also the christie race. it's the jeb bush race. those peoplpl downstream have other hopes beyond new hampshire. new hampshire, take it seriously. >> we'll see how tickets out of here there are tonight. tom brokaw, thank you so much. >> glad to be here. >> back to matt.
8:21 am
savannah,nd we'll see you here tomorrow. nice job and thank you very much. coming up, ben stiller on why it was time to bring derek zoolander back to the big screen. much more ahead. first, your local news. goododorning to youou i'm sheli muniz. >> i'm eric harryman. 8:26 and the search is on for the man police say stole a car out of ft. lauderdale with a
8:22 am
it happened at the laundromax on sunrise boulevard. the man didtched the car at pompano beach leetching the baby safe in the back seat but if you know that person, please call police. detectives still looking for a man who stabbed a person leaving work in miami beach. officers detained someone for questioning but that person has been released because there is not enough evidence. the victim is in the hospital and is expecteto be okay. attorney general loretta lyncmaking a stop in south florida fl on a tour of what she is calling a role model foraw enforcement operations across the nation. her first stop is in miami-dade county this week. she'll visit portland, l.a., and a couple other cities. >> kelly has the traffic. crash on i-95 northbound and pembroke road in broward county causing some delays. as far as miami-dade, about a 12-minute drive from coral reef drive too tamiami trail. no accidents on the turnpike. northboun826 drivers, northbound bird road to the dolphina four-minute ride.
8:23 am
way east bound, a 14-minute
8:24 am
i-95. 8:30 now on a tuesday morning. 9th day of february, 2016. we've got a chilly crowd out on the plaza. bundled up with a little snow in
8:25 am
flurrying. you know what? we're happy to be outside and say hello. >> we had some original wrangler-inspired art. >> really well done. >> we'll have to hang it up in the orange room. >> you want stars? we've got them. inside the studio right now, we have ben stiller. derek zoolander himself is here to talk about -- there it is -- >> he broke it out already. >> didn't even wait. talk about bringing the character back after 15 years. we'll talk to ben about that. >> that was intense. katie holmes also tackling an intense role in her new movie. what one magazine is calling her ultimate second act. >> looks good. cholate and think poetchipotle. opposites do attract. first, mr. roker, how about the weather? >> for today, we're watching snow across the great lakes and
8:26 am
northwest. toasty in los angeles. high of 88. windy and chilly through florida. tomorrow, we have freeze warnings in northern florida. rain in the pacific northwest. snow through the northeast and new england with snow around the great lakes. fairly chilly temperatures moving in, as well. that's what's going on around the cotry. wrangler, what do you think of as we head into the 8:00 hour, temperatures pretty much at a standstill. the area. miami. we're at 65 in marathon, 66 in key west. mostly cloudy skies in play. likely to be the case until the afteron hours when we send the cloud deck out. it will be a breezy forecast for today and only a slow warming trend. brighter skies this afternoon, weather pattern will stick around for the next several days. >> that's your latest weather.
8:27 am
>> joshua. >> you played at carnegie hall? >> w at'd you play? >> tuba. >> fantastic. the tuba? >> yeah. >> you know how to get to >> yes. >> practice! sorry, a little joke. i'm an old guy. that's fantastic. >> thank you. >> good for you. let's head back inside. >> announcer: show heart today is b bught to you by campbell's, real life. >> one of our favorite times of the morning. more of our series, show heart today, where we share acts of love and kindness. of course, leading up to valentine's day. jenna bush hager is back. what do you have today? >> this tale took me back to my hometown in texas. an army of people ready to give bravest. >> reporter: marrying a military man wasever the plan. with jay, outgoing, witty, handsome, she couldn't help but
8:28 am
>> am i ready to jump off the with him? i'm glad i did. >> reporter: a few months after their wedding, jay was deployed to afghanistan for the first time. sierra, more than 8,000 miles away, was pregnant with theirir first child. in august of 2006, on their one-year anniversary, sierra got a call from jay's mom she'd never forget. >> she said, i need you to hear three words. jay is alive. i was like, oh, this is it. that's the one call you don't want to get. >> reporter: jay's vehicle hit an ied. nearly halal his body, burned. tlie killed. six days later, sierra gave birth to their daughter. >> not the way you want your husband to meet your child but it was better than nothing. that's for sure. >> reporter: jay has made a steady recovery. in the sweltering texas heat,
8:29 am
fully enjoying his passion, the outdoors. >> froro the fingertips to the shoulder on his left side, it's completely burned. when you get the new skin, you don't sweat out of tha so it's easy to get overheated. >> reporter: jay's storyaught the attention of the organization that's helped more than 15,000 veterans. they teamed up with the home depot to surprise jay with a backyard he and his family could enjoy. with sierra's help, they swooped in while jay was away on business. >> what do you think his reaction is going to be? >> i think he'u going to feel overwhelmed with gratitude. i think he'll be like, i can't believe people are doing this for me. >> it makes you want to get >> yeah. that's what soldiers fight for. it's'sor these amazing people to do things for others. >> reporter: witit more than two days of work down, word arrives that jay just landed at the airport. >> lesg than an hour to wrap
8:30 am
let's get moving. >> reporter: after a final push, there was one thing left to do. >> hi. i'm from the "today" show. >> yeah. >> and your wife has put together a little surprise. here we go. [ applause ] >> wow. >> what do you think? >> thank you. i mean, this is amazing. >> there's misters here. they put lights all the way around so you'll can play football at night. >> reporter: and a hot tub to help jay with his joint pain. >> a whole new fence. >> new patio furniture, new isolating fan. >> horseshoes, cornhole. >> wanted to do a little somethin special to remember the ones that didn't make it out of the accident. a memorial garden. >> that's pretty cool. that is really cool. >> one morething.
8:31 am
>> one more thing. a brand-new garage. >> no way. >> come on! >> everything you need out here to build whatever it is you want to build. [ applause ] >> is this like a dream? >> yeah. i had to pinch myself a couple times. maybe i'm asleep on the airplane right now. you know? it's pretty special, to have that memorial thehe put in there. a lot of the guys that i served with, they're the real heros. i really appreciate you coming out and doing this @or me and my family. from the bottom of my heart, i want to say thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you. i appreciate it. thanks a lot. >> sierra was the main person in charge of the surprise. she told me jay is the cornerstone of their family. of course, he said the same thing about her. it's a great love story, but
8:32 am
some of them drove from three hours away to make it happen. you know what jay said? he said, i'm here. i'm working. you know who really is the hero, are the guys gettiti off the airplanes. he thanks them when flying around forwork. he thanks the guys coming home. he was a true hero and it was so much fun. >> touching story. >> great story. >> jenna, thank you very much for g ging us. up next, we'll catch up with mr. ben stiller on a tuesday morning.
8:33 am
nbc. 8:39. ben stiller's 2001 comedy "zoolander" became a cult classic. it introduced us all to the really, really, ridiculously good looking model, derek zoolander. >> what is your trademar if you have one? >> the look i'm best known for is blue steel.
8:34 am
>> then there's ferrari. and there's a softer one, more of a catalog look. i use it for footwear sometimes. >> can it see that? >> 15 years later, derek is back in "zoolander 2." can his famous looks still stop flying objects? >> flash me that beautiful look, give me the incredible magnum. >> no. >> think fast, magnumum >> wait, no. >> magnum, now! come on. you've got this. you have to focus. come on! >> stop! >> you've got this. >> maybe we can try a washcloth. >> tequila. >> no! it's not working. >> does it make sense when i say sometimes i feel guilty i'm laughing. >> no, no, no. >> you understand that? >> of course >> welcome back. good to see you. >> good to see you, matt. >> did you@slip right back into this character after 15 years, or was it a little more difficult than that?
8:35 am
just because it had been a while. once we started doing it, started to feel more normal. once i got working with owen and familiar. >> i know you wouldn't have brought derek back to the screen unless he had evolved considerably. >> yes. it was hard to get derek agree to do the movie. he thought the first one didn't reflect well on him, thought it was a d dumentary. trying to make a deal with him on this one, you know, he's a model whoho thinks he's an actor. >> you asked a lot of famous people to do cameos in the >> yeah. >> i just learned something three minutes ago. you asked jenna's mom, barbara bush, the former first lady. >> laura. >> you asked her mom? i thought it was her grandma. you asked her mom laura to be in the movie? >> yes. no. >> what did you have in mind for her?
8:36 am
that i was going to ask her to be a part of. she wedeclined and i was glad i didn't have to ask her to be a part of. >> lauraush to be a part of an or or scene in "zoolander 2." >> that is correct. you come with the hard-hitting questions, matt lauer. >> what were you thinking? >> i realized it was insane when it came out of my moh. >> you kindly asked me to be in the movie. >> yeah. >> what surprised me is you came yourself. i thought you'd send an intern or something. i really did. >> to work with you, matt? >> i didn't believe you'd come here and do the directing. >> you were nice enough to do it twice because we had to come back. >> did i mess ittp the first time? >> no. you were wonderful. we had a line that changed and i wanted you for the opening sequence. you morphed into derek.
8:37 am
become -- one good looking guy turns into another incredibly good looking guy. >> is it a relief to you tonight that this remooer is hereprememre is here, and then you're off on your own? >> once it comes out, is done. you're working on it until the very end. even when we were showing it, we had our first screenings in australia last week. weere dropping shots in. you keep going until they pull it out of your hands. >> 15 years from now, will you be back with "zoolander 3"? >> yes, with a walker, probably. >> it's great to see you, ben. it was a fun process. congratulations. >> thanks, man. >> thanks for bringing derek back. "zoolander 2" opens on friday.
8:38 am
we are back now att 8:46 with katie holmes. she stars in the new movie "touched with fire," playing a disorder. take a look. am. like myself anymore. even when i go off the medication, i don't feel like >> okay. you know what, honey? i think we need to get dad. >> i'm sorry. i shouldn't have yelled. >> you're right. sit down. i have a really good plan. you're going to spend the night tonight, and tomorrow morning, first thing, wll go to the hospital and get your file. you can ask anything. we'll figure all this out. >> i hate it when you look at me like that. >> how am i looking at you? >> like i'm crazy. >> katie, welcome back. nice to see you. nice to see you. >> intense. i watched it yesterday. it's an intense movie. you play carla, who suffers from these massive swings of emotion. incredible highs and incredible lows. i would imagine, it's a tough
8:39 am
to make the m mds seamsterem em stereotypical. >> it is. it's a huge challenge, and one i felt pressure to create an authentic character. so many people do suffer, and i wanted to bring a realistic portrayal to the role. >> you can't just read about something like that. have you had people close to you,u, family, friends, who have had this condition? >> you know, i have not had many experiences, no, with knowing people with this. but when i met with paul, our director, he told@ me this was his story. and shed more light on what he's gone through and why we were making this movie. and how important it was to him. you know, this movie, the cast, the crew, everybody was insnired by him, that there was this energy on set t create something very authentic and very real. >> it asks some really big questions.
8:40 am
the brilliant and creative people throughout history. like hemingway and van gogh, elliott and f. scott figerald, who suffered from bipolar disorder. it asks, was it a curse for them or the source of their brilliance? i thought it was fascinating. >> i thought it was fascinating, as well. paul, our director, you know, he talked about how it was soard for him when he was diagnosed to suddenly go from being a person to then being just an illness. he found such comfort in these great artists who also had this. so it does raise that question. however, he isvery, you know -- treatment. >> it also asks the question, is it beneficial to treat these >> right. >> you and i both remember a heated discussion i got into on that subject here in this studio. how do you think the movie comes down on that?
8:41 am
viewer? >> i think that what i thi our director did a wonderful job with is this movie kind of just shows, this is it. these are the two characters in a love story, which he's saying is kind of its own mania, to fall in loveve really, he puts the question out there for the audience toake that decision. >> they can live their lives when they're on the medication, but they don't feel like they are living full lives. >> right. >> on the medication. >> right. >> it's a delicate balance. >> right. >> i was reading a magazine article about you last night, and it talks about you living theltimate second act right now. is that how you feel? >> i think that was, you know, what the lovely interviewer kind of gathered on her own. i feel very lucky that i've had wonderful, creative experiences recently. doing this movie was, as an actor, really lerating because
8:42 am
the freedom to find these characters every day and to improvise. you know, it s challenging because there were the highs and the lows of these performances. really trying to get it right. he allowed us to play. you don't often get that, especially with a small movie on a budget. but we had time. >> as i mentioned, it's intense. it "touched with fire." katie, thanks. >> thank you, matt. >> good to have you. it opens in new york and los angeles on friday and nationwide on february 9th. just ahead, a recipe guaranteed to spice up your valentine's day celebration.
8:43 am
nbc. this morning on today food, treats that will turn up the heat for valentine's day. we have the host of "top chef mexico" on our sister network nbc. it's based on bravo's hit series, "topchef." good morning. >> good morning. >> besides being in spanish and mexico, how else is "top chef mexico" different? >> people can see a different side of mexico. positive, friendly, delicious, of course. it's a level that's above and beyond -- >> you're making a special treat for us. this is brownies but with a kick, right? >> with a chipotle powder kick. >> we have our grid here with the ingredients. >> yes.
8:44 am
dark chocolate, eggs, flour, butter, cinnamon. we'll start by melting the chocolate and mixing it. >ith dark chocolate, right? >> yes, dark chocolate. i love that. mix it with the melted butter. you can never go wrong with butter, right? >> double boiler so that way, it doesn't burn t t chocolate. >> while you help me with this -- >> explain what yououave going on there. >> we're going to be -- we're going toout eggs here and pick the chocolate in here. >> right. that's the mix going in there now. >> yeah. with the melted butter in. >> we don't have much time but we'll show you to speed up the process. flour. >> flour here. then we mix it. we have it all ready. >> cinnamon and nutmeg. >> you c put almonds, you can put walnuts, pecans. >> chipotle powder is the key ingredient, right? >> of course. it'll give it a kick to it.
8:45 am
>> 35 minutes. stick. >> these are nice and hot. amazing. >> they just came out. >> perfect for valentine's day. ice up your valentine's day. >> chipotle powder on top. >> perfect. gracias andhank you very much. "top chef mexico" premieres on nbc. they're cool. natalie, thank you very much. willard scott retired in december. as promised, he's passed the smucker's birthday baton on to mr. roker. we could not be happier about that. >> thanks so much. i am so honored to be taking over from willard. as we tip our hats to the special folks from all over, we want to make you proud, willard.
8:46 am
loves to ride lawn mewers. slaughter is 100 years old. here's declerck from new jersey. didn't get her first cavity until 99 years old, happy 100 bibihday. seymour seymour's secret to longevity, eat one piece of dark chocolate a ay. millie is 100. she loves spending time with grandkids and great grandchildren grandchildren. happy 75th anniversary to victor and norma from florida. your secret to a long, happy marriage? patience.. they've never had a fight. do you know someone turning 0 or celebrating an anniversary 75 years or more? share their photos and stories on our website, >> it's like you were bornrno do that. >> i know. >> willard would be very proud. >> love it. >> as a kid, when i was grorong up, my favorite part of the
8:47 am
smucker's good morning to you. i'm sheli muniz. >> i'm eric harryman. the sometime is 8:56. the search is on for the man police say stole a car out of ft. lauderdale with a baby still in the back seat at the laundromax on sunrise boulevard. that ma ditched the car in pompano beach with the bay si safe inside. chopper 6 over the telemundo global headquarters on the corner of northwest 25th street and 121st court in miami. the groundbreakg ceremony will be starting in about half an hour and governor rick scott will be in attendance. also, attorney general loretta lynch will be making a south florida stop. she's taking a tour of what she calls the role models for law enforcement departments all over the nation. the fifist stop in miami-dade county later this week, she'll visit t rtland, l.a., and a couple other cities. your forecast with
8:48 am
area. we've got mostly cloudy skies and a fresh northwest breeze. 60s. lit take some time to get into the upper 60s later on. the cloud cover working against us but the sunshine sneaking in. brighter skies later this afternoon with the cool weather sticking around for several more mornings, 52 by wednesday
8:49 am
thanks so much. this morning on "today's take," zoolander 2, the biggest name in fashion is back and we've got one of the stars. nightmare at sea. cruise passengers speaking out after sailing into a storm.
8:50 am
delicious desserts for valentine's day. all that and more coming up right now. >> announcer: from bc news, this is "today's take," with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. 2016. last y to feast before the start of lent. millions of christians observe for 40 days. look at st. patrick's cathedral there. it ends on easter sunday. >> today is the day, we feast. then we have ash wednesday. i'm al roker along with dylan and natalie. in new hampshire. minute. but this is your mning jam. >> of course. >> i had to pick "formation." beyonce's new song. appropriately released the day >> right.
8:51 am
i was on the field live as she was performing this. >> i was going to say, when you pick third-degree song pick this song, you have to do the "formation." >> no one wants to see that. i have the head. >> the head bob. >> it sounds awesome, right, to be on the field? >> yeah. >> when you're 5'4" and in the back, you can't see anything. basically, i saw maybe some people in the distance. not sure if it was beyonce or not. >> jumping up and down. >> yeah. i'm sure you had a better view at home. >> i think so. it was such a performance. >> i missed the whole thing. >> screens all around though, right? >> the screens weren't working during the performance. >> i've been to a couple super bowls. while it's a great thing to go to, the fact is, to watch it all, it's so much better at home. you see better angles and get the commercials. >> i know. >> i heard there was the monkey -- >> puppy monkey baby. >> all the rage. >you didn't see the baby pop
8:52 am
>> i saw that. we were in a media works space and i caughth that one. >> you didn't miss too much. now you have bragging rights. i was on the field. >> could have been worse. you could have been on the caribbean cruise. >> we told you yesterday about the royal caribban cruise ship. it was hit by rough waters after leaving its new jersey port on saturday. it was on a seven-day cruise to the bahamas. as it was making its way there, this huge storm hit it off the coast of south carolina. we're hearing from the passengers and seeing some incredible images. some of theeamage on board, as well. anthem of the seas had about 6,000 passengers and crew on board. al they reported waves as high as 30 feet. hurricane-force winds. >> yeah. >> sometimes over 150 miles per hour. all of this was forecast though. >> it was. i know royal caribbean issued a statement, which was --
8:53 am
unpleasant thth ship remained seaworthy at all times. >> they claimed it wasn't forcastfor forecasted but it was. as of thursday, there were reports the forecast for the seas, 30 feet, winds minimum at 40 and 50 knots, about 57 miles per hour. that was thursday night. the forecast got worse in the next day or two. they had plenty of warning. they made a decision, i don't know if it wassor money or what -- >> they thought they'd beat the storm. every day they're out of >> right. never done it. the forecast -- >> look at the flying furniture. the damage you see on board. and we have some passengers describing how it all went down. >> i'm sure there's going to be some sort of investigation. >> 30 foot waves, you know. it's like a 30 degree tilt. it was insane. >> i was hanging on because you
8:54 am
>> i realize it was really serious. i was sitting at inggting on the chair at the bar. four legs came up and i fel out of the chair, essentially. >> i love it, while the weather was unpleasant, the ship remained seaworthy. that's like saying, godzilla was come on. >> one of the passengers said the ship was almost a a a 30 degree angle, with the waves. >> it probably felt like it. >> would you go on another cruise if you experienced something like that? >> i would have hard pressed to go back. but they are -- royal caribbean is offering passengers a full refund for this trip. also, 50% off of a future cruise, if they so dare or choose. i think there is going to certainly be an investigation into it. no doubt.
8:55 am
famous transitions. can't catch a cruz in new hampshire. hampshire. >> maybe you can. >> there's a port there. >> oh. >> i think it's why it was named portsmouth >> anyway, we have willie and tamron in new hampshire. it's primary day. ware watch they're watching it all for us. >> you can catch a ride on a long-haired -- >> scottish -- >> high landerr beef cattle. we have a couple co-hosts with us. >> a child is riding one. >> they got the day off from school. it's snowy. >> hi, cutie. >> kids are outside and parents are inside voting.g. >> let's size up this race a little bit. let's go to the poll and see where we stand. voters go to the@polls right now.
8:56 am
ted kroousz,cruz and marco rubio, 13%. jeb bush and john kasich, 10%. there's a bunch of peop who come in second. >> donald trump's quote, no one remembers second place. it won't hold true. the second place is a headline coming out on the gop and democratic side. bernie sanders has a significant lead. 56% over hillary clinton's 40%. she closed the gap slightly. predictions are right now that bernie sanders likely will pull out a victory here. in the democratic race, you have the talk of hillary clinton. how does she recover? is south carolina her fire wall? who comes in second? a three-way tie in the gop. that would be a long night, number one. number tt, you'd have to see who can take their ground game to the next step and whether or not they'll eventually take on trump. >> if you get the pack of second place among republicans, i don't
8:57 am
unless they run out of money. a lot of people can make the case to move on. last night, donald trump across the streett the hockey arena. 5,000 people were there. what's getting attention is what he repeated from a woman in the crowd right in front of him. he amplified it and repeated it. talking about ted cruz. thing. you know what she said? shout it out because i donon want to -- okay. you're not allowed to say, and i never expect to hear that from you again. she said, i never expect to hear that from you again. she said, he's a [ bleep ]. that's terrible. terrible. >> even by donald trump andards, that was a word we had not seen him use in public that way before. >> has a presidential candidate ever used that? >> i'm going to say no. meanwhile, bill and hinllary
8:58 am
the former president introducing secretary clinton with maybe a little too much honesty. >> somimes when i'm on a stage like this, i wish we weren't married. then i could say what i really think. and i don't mean that in a negative way. >> that was interesting, also, to see bill clinton on the campaign trail with his wife. this is the second day -- yesterday was the second day in a row that bill clinton was the big dog as he's referred to in the world of politics, going after bernie sanders in this very aggressive way. you heard him there say, i'm hope holding back, really, because i want to say some other things. among the things he did actually say, the bernie sanders campaign is being sexist and accused the campaign of being hypocrites regarding the ideas sanders posed. willie and i have been out on the streets talking to different people in new hampshire. the live free or die motto is
8:59 am
undeclared. between 4% to 5% of the people, indendent. if you want to get a person from new hampshire riled up, say what is undeclared? no one owns me. you won't know my vote until i walk in and cast the vote. today, they'll decide. >> there's a famous line new hampshire voters use. i've got my top three. i won't telel you who it is yet. today, the top three becomes the top one for most people. there's already been voting. returns are in from three small new hampshire towns. tpey y t things going at midnight. trump, kasich and cruz are tied with nine votes. >> nine votes. >> senator sanders leading secretary clinton, 16-7. this is a cool place to come witness democracy. you go to the little halls or big rallies like donald trump had, and see voters listen to the answers and make their decision today. we've been leading up to iowa and new hampshire for more than a year.
9:00 am
>> absolutely. guys, o o a more honest and serious note, the only thing i care about, as mr. democracy sits here, the best dunkin doughnut rs indoe doughnutdoe donuts are in new hampshire. >> we don't feel any. we're left out. >> you go on the road and never bring us food. he's at an event and we say, i bet that's delicious. >> tamron, you've been there so long now, you can start voting as a new hampshire resident. >> i've been here so long, i don't get on the scale anymore. i'll tell you, between the beef chili and the doughnuts, it's been a good time for democracy. >> democracy. >> america. >> thanks, guys. you guys will have all the msnbc. here we go. how are we on facebook?
9:01 am
facebook page. >> yes. >> it's day 10 of 25 days of prizes. this is a good one. especially if you are athletic. or know somebody who is. the prize for today is a pair of brooks running shoes. they're fantastic. valued at almost $200. you go to's take. we're trying to get to 1 million. so far, we're at 188,000. it would be great if we could break 200,000 today. go's take. like us. register for today's sweepstakes, a $200 pair of brooks running shoes. more snow in the northeast. we have upper level low over the great lakes. low pressure system off the east coast. snow in the mid-atlantic from philadelphia, baltimore. tonight, the snow continuing through the northeast. also into new hampshire.
9:02 am
heavy lake ef-effect snow around the great lakes. anywhere from 8 to 12 inches from eriie, pennsylvania, to northeastern ohio. 2 to 4 inches in new york ci. 1 to 3 in baltimore. in the washington, d.c. area, 8 to 12 in west virginia. that's what's going on into the 9:00 hour with a lot of sunshine trying to work its way in. we've got some breaks in the clouds, but for the most part it's high overcast and 63 in opa-locka and miami, 66 marathon and key west. holding onto that 60 in pompano beach. this morning it was not as cold as yesterday, but the bottom line is the northwest wind, a cool breeze for us, will continue. it's going to hold our temperatures in check. we'll see brighter skies later this afternoon, highs at 69. tonight lows at 52, tomorrow, 66. >>'s taue. oh, you guys are liking us a
9:03 am
>> we like it. thank you, al. coming up, are the foods in your fridge safe to eat? rossen is breaking down the sell by dates to keep you healthy and wasting hey, remember the game when i set the rookie passing record? i mean, you only mentioned what, times... how about when i had three events in one night? well, i've been working on my new superhero move all day! we're non stop, we've gotta have our extra protein. oikos triple zero greek non fat yogurt has 15 grams of protein. zero added sugar, zero artificial sweetener and zero f f. and zero holding me back! oikos triple zero. be unstoppable.
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plumpify your lashes with new plumpify mascara a ginormous lash boosts lashes to 50 times the volume and lifts lashes neplumpify mascara from easy breezy beautiful covergirl soup and sandwich and clean and real, and feeling good, sort of. and 500 calories or less. the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be. i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's,ppsmellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." i say "don't eat me now." i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this.
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with unique tendeded release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose coderm cq. there's a story behind the silver of philadelphia cream cheese. it always begins with fresh, local milk blended with real, wholesome cream. going fresh from the farm to our fridge in just sisidays. when it comes to fresh taste, nothing else tastes like philadelphia. if you have allergy congestion get relief, anything is fair game. introducing rhinocort allergy spray from the makers of zyrtec . powerful relief from nasal allergy symptoms, all day and all night. try new rhinocort allergy spray. muddle no more use by, sell by, best by. do you know the dates printed on food packages have nothing to do with food safety? many of us are tossing out groceries prematurity, resulting in 40% of our food supply ending
9:06 am
>> astounding. today, jeff rossen did a little digging. he's got tips for us the next time we go grocery shopping. jeff, gd morning. >> biggest fallacy. how often do you throw food o because you see -- i do it, too. >> my husband lives by the date. >> it has nothing to do with food safety. it is conjured up by the manufacture e r peak freshness. it's about the taste of it all. >> you're in the dairy section and go for eggs. >> you see the date on the eggs. look at it and throw it out that date. eggs will last in your fridge and taste delicious and be safe for three to five weeks after you bought them. >> okay. >> three to five weeks, you're good with the eggs. what you should do with eggs -- you'll put it in the basket, al? taking it aw? >> that's right. >> things are tough for al at home. >> there are times it goes past the date. how can you tell if it's fresh or not? >> this is a really cool ick. get a bowl of water.
9:07 am
if it drops to the bottom. that means, and this did -- if it sinks, you're good. >> probably needed a bigger bowl. >> sink is good. floating to the top is bad. >> what about cereals and crackers? >> good for 9 to 12 months opened r unor unened. >> wait a minute. >> doesn't taste great. >> give me a big bowl of that. >> you're shopping at the "todada show. nothing to do with food safety. it's about peak freshness. >> containers are so big. i feel liki i always throw them out. >> especially mayonnaise. the target thing in our head, we'll get sick from it. these are good a year and a half unopened. if you open them, mayonnaise, and i want to get this right, it'll last two to three months, even if it's opened. >> okay.
9:08 am
the date. >> mustard would last long? >> 8 to 12 months. >> you have to scrape off the crust. >> you can open this now and have it for your summer barbecue this summer. >> this is the one thing you need to pay attention to the date. >> the use by date on baby formula is the one date the fda regulates. therere a lot on the line with babies. this is only good on that day. it's good until that day. after that, it doesn't make your baby sick but it loses nutrition nutritional value. you think your baby is getting nutrients but the nutritional value falls after that date. >> the flavor is never there to begin with. >> you have baby formula? >> this has nothing to do with leftovers in the fridge. yours is an archaeologicaldig. >> my husband will not eat anything leftover. >> deborah is like you. there are things walking in our refrigerator. just in case. once it walks, i'll throw it
9:09 am
>> exactly. >> jeff, good advice. up next, we have sweet trtrts with a lot of heart. we have easy goodies to this is a body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage and clear skin in many adults. doctors have been prescribing humira for 10 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers including g mphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores.
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9:12 am
the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. you've only got five days left to think of something special for your sweetie. you can't go wrong with homemaidde treats. we have the host of food and wine's "mad genius tips." justin, good to see you. just in time for valentine's day. >> thank you for having me back. >> you have great tips for us, always. first, if you want to make this beautiful heart cake for your love, you don't need a heart-shaped form to do this, right? >> you don't. it's easier than you think. all you'll do is bake two cakes. a square and a round. we did 8 inch. you can do 6 or 9-inch. you cut your round cake in half, just like this. >> like a puzzle you get as a kid.
9:13 am
circle and make it into a heart? >> pop it on top. frost it. you're good to go. >> done. gorgeous. let's talk chicken noodl soup with a little extra love in it. >> a little extra love. valentine's day. i'll let you do the honors. we've cooked lasagna noodles. cut out hearts, just like that. look at that. >> love that. >> add it right to your favorite recipe, chicken noodle sop. >> my kids would love this, too. >> great task for them, to do the cutouts. you have your chicken and hea@rts. adorable. >> flourless chocolate cake is a way to everyone's heart. >> super easy. we have melted chocolate with butter. put it in the microwave at 20-cond intervals. i like semi-sweet chocole.
9:14 am
spoon the batter into muffin pans. all you do is invert it. you'll have -- >> loosen it first. grease it up first. >> take a little section of sugar. >> don't mind if i do. you'll show us how to do a beautiful design on top of the hot chocolate or coffee. >> you take some whipped cream. i like a lot. >> mm-hmm. >> just like that. take a knife or spatula. smooth the surface. take these awesome stencils and powder it up. cinnamon.
9:15 am
>> perfect. when your cold makes you wish... could stay... bed all day... need the power of... new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel better. if you have allergy congestion get relief, anything is fair game. introducing rhinocort allergy spray from the makers of zyrtec . powerful relief from nasal allergy symptoms, all day and all night. try new rhinocort allergy spray.
9:16 am
good morning to you. >> i'm eric harryman. the search is on for the man police say stole a car out of ft. lauderdale with a baby still in the back seat at the laundromax on sunrise boulevard. that man ditched the car in pompano beach with the baby safe inside. if you have any information as to who might be responvible, you're asked to call police. officers had detained someone for questioning in rels to a stab bug that person was leased because there was not enough evidence. the victim remains in the hospital and is expected to be okay. also, attttney general loretta lynch will be making a south florida stop. she's taking a tour of what she calls the role models for law enforcement departnts all over the nation. the first stop in miami-dade county later this week, she'll visit portland, l.a., and a couple other cities. your forecast with meteorologist ryan phillips. >> thank you. we have a northwest wind drawing in cooler and drier air, breez at times here at about 10 to 20 miles per hour. skies mostly cludy and temperatures stuck into the lower 60s. we're going to keep the cloud cover around. this afternoon eventually more sunshine, but still a cool day
9:17 am
highs today at 69. mid-60s for wednesday y d
9:18 am
>> thanks, ryan. taking a look at the headlines. for the fourth time, the centers for disease control mobile liezed to the highest level because of a zika virus outbreak.
9:19 am
mosquitos will gain a foothold in the mainland of the u.s. the 50 cases confirmed here so far involve people who have traveled to lin america, south america, the caribbean or central america. the previous level one alerts were more katrina, the h 1 n 1 virus in 2009 and the ebola outbreak. president obama is taking new steps to fight cyber crime. he wants to create a new positiono coordinate cyber security acrossgencies and to work with military counterparts. it includes a $19illion increase in cyber security funding across all government agencies. that's up more than 35% from last year. some important news about depression and young people. a panel of government-backed experts is recommending that children ages 12 to 18 be routinely screened for major forms of depression. best defined as feeling down, having little interest in normal
9:20 am
with adequate treatment, young people whose deprereion was identified in primary care had improved symptoms and daily functioning. just in time for valentine's day. a special treat for your loved one from starbucks. the coffee%chain is serving up three new chocolate beverages this week customers can order the molten chocolate latte, the cappuccino. it'll be available through this sunday. we're getting to the bottom of the super bowow mystery. it was the look on eli mannii's face in the final seconds of the big game that his brother peyton was abou to win. while most of the family is cheering, eli looks deadly serious. now he's explaining himself. he was focusing on the next play. probably didn't want to celebrate too early. we buy that explanation. let's get a check of the weather from al. mr. roker? >> thanks so much, natalie. right now, what's going on in
9:21 am
they're going to have scattered snow showers. temperatures will be hanging out in the 20s. wind chills chillier. weather should not be a problem. the rest of the country, we are looking at snow showers making their way through the pacific northwest. i should say sunshine in the pacificcnorthwest. gorgeous temperatures in the 60s. little low clipper will bring lake-effect snow behind it. windy and warm throughout the gulf coast. beautiful day in los angeles. our today's take facebook page,'s take, we're trying to get to o 0,000 likes today. go to our page. register for a chance toin a $200 pair of brooks running shoes. they're fantastic. let's see what we have. we're so close. if we could get 5,000 more of you, boom! 200,000. today's take.
9:22 am
that's what's goi >> 676 marathon and key west. beach. this morning not as cold as yesterday but the bottom line is the northwest wind, a cool breeze for us, will continue, check. we'll see brighter skies later this afternoon, highs at 69 tonight lows at 52. >> that is your latest weather. he's been making us laugh the last three years on "saturday night live" and online with his awkwardly hilarious man on the street videos t tt have since gone viral. >> now kyle mooney is bringing the laughs to the big screen in the sequel "zoolander 2." he plays the hottest new designer on the fashion scene, who has his own unique style. take a look. >> let me introduce these guys. i hate them. my man here.
9:23 am
he's a genius. the tattoos are so stupid. he did my colonel sanders. epic, right? it susuks. i don't like this. why would i do this? i wouldn't wanttt on me. i love it, dude. died. >> good morning. >> how are you? >> doing eat. you're doing pretty good. "zoolander"omes out and you were a teenager. did you think you'd be part of this oup, mixing it up with hans -- >> hansel. >> no, it was super surreal. when i was in college, we had the dvd. there was an outtake with will ferrell, where he's dressed up with a baby girl, licking a large lollipop. we'd watch it over and over again. it was the funniest thing i'd seen. >> how do you play your character across from will ferrell? he's so intense and in your face. >> right. well, i try not to cry.
9:24 am
it's incredibly intimidating. such great pele, that it's super easy. >> hearing the dialogue a little bit,ad-libbed? or is it, stick to the world? >> the script was already super funny. ben was really cool about letting us mess zblarndaround. >> you got that awkward sense of humor there. >> why do people say that? >> is that just a character? >> of course. i mean, i'm always keeping my cool. incredibly confident. >> i am the epitome of awkward. >> we embrace awkward around here. >> it's'shat we built our program around. >> i think you guys are doing great. actually, you're some of my biggest influences. >> that's high praise. >> especially al, the king of awkward. >> i am. last weekend, larry david. this week, \ou have melissa mccarthy, kanye west. >> sure. >> what is that like?
9:25 am
>> i do. i mean, everybody is cool. you know what i mean? everybody is usually easy to work with. there hasn't been anybody that's been tough or difficult. this week iss exciting though. with kanye on, i'm a big fan. i really wanted to get a photo th him at the 40th anniversary but i was too intimated to ask. >> will you try this week? >> i want to free ste battle him, i think. >> you're going right in? >> free style battle, wow. >> that's very gutsy. >> it is. >> good luck. >> can i ask you a quick question? is it true you have 800 vhs tapes at home? >> i have a lot of videos at my house. >> why? >> look how nice they look an the rack. >> i took that photo yesterday, and i think the composition is pretty good. >> do you have a vcr? >> no. that's the thing, i can't play them.
9:26 am
i watch the videos a lot. >> good. >> "zoolander 2" is in theaters friday. up next, you know him from "sons of anarchy." he's now producing and st lots of marketing going on in this aisle. fancy labels, slick designs; this one's got flowers on it, it's pretty. after the stomach flu ravages my home, am i supposed to believe that an ocean breeze is gonna blow it away? no. please. i know what clean smells like, bleach. the me bleach that knocks down dysentery. and cleans up crime scenes. you want to spend 3 bucks on liquid doubt, be my guest. you want clean, get a cleaner with bleach in it. clorox means clean you both have a perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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9:30 am
after seven seasons of playing on "sons of anarchy," theo rossi is juggling several new roles. >> not only is he a proud new dad, telling us stories during the break, but he's starring in and co-producing in "bad hurt." take a look. >> new in town? >> that vious, huh? >> i don't mean anything by it. just kind of a forgotten place.
9:31 am
>> thee yo roso rossi, g#od morning. >> thank you for having me. >> you haven't been here since "sons of anarchy," the series finale. >> yeah. >> does that follow you everywhere you go? are you happy to take a new turn? >> as "sons" has the great estefan base, so the reaper, juice, it'll never go away. you know, it's afforded me the right to come a a do these other things, which i'm excited about, that are coming up. >> "bad hurt" is a passion project of yours. you also produce it. you see yourself doing more of that? >> um, you know, i'm really excited for this to come out and put it out to the world. two years ago, almost this week, we'd just started filming in e second worst snowstorm in new york history in staten island, in the hometown i grew up in. i recently moved back to. yeah, it's amazing. producing and acting. producing has made me a million times better actoto in every way.
9:32 am
>> actors, they're a pain sometimes. you know, they are. >> you're less demanding now as an actor? >> i don't need anything on set. you want coffee? no, let's just shoot. >> i don't need a trailer. >> your new role as dad, your son, cain alexander, what a great name. >> thank you very much. >> he turned eight months yesterday. when he was born, i found out the reason why i wasalive. it's like, you know, the second he came in, my whole life was in like a clear -- it was fuzzy focus and then everything became clear. i knew exactly -- >> hearts just melted across america. >> i mean, i've never lived a day in my life without a dog. i have three huge dogs now, over 70 pounds, and he fit right into the pack. he crawls around the housese
9:33 am
>> you cuddling the dog and cain. >> my dogs howl at fire hydrants when we go by, and now he's starting to do it. >> here's a parenting tip, don't let him stick his head out the window. >> thank you. he goes for the water bowl, too, so i'll have to differentie it. >> what's the differences between living in l.a. and staten island? >> staten island -- the staten island ferry is amazing. >> listen, i grew up in staten island and left when i was young. it's changed a ton since i've been back. we bought the house three years ago and really moved back after "sons" ended last yeaea. staten island is the most unique place i've been in my life. the big difference is, you know, in l.a., ideas are like conceived in l.a. in new york, we execute them. >> boom. >> that's kind of the way it is. >> well said. >> being back here, it was like that hustle and that going.
9:34 am
>> congratulations. >> raised new yorker proud. thanks so much, theo rossi. the movie is getting great re i was not aware of how mucuc acidity was in my diet. i was so focused on making good food choices, i had no idea that it was damaging the enamel of my teteh. i wanted to fix it, i waed to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said that proname can make my teeth stronger, that it was important, that that is something i could do each day to help protect the enamel of my teeth. pronamel is definitely helping me to lead the life that i want to live. soup and sandwich and clean and real, and feeling good, sort of. and 500 calories or less. the clean pairings menu.
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silky smooth dark chocolate. revel in the pleasure of new dove fruit and nut.'s take. we're so close. please go like us to see if we can get to 200,000. one of the things we want to talk about is hope. having to endure cancer treatment is daunting for anyon when it's kids, the overwhelmingness, the tube the scariness of it. one teen came up with an idea to make the experience a little easier. >> reporter: in the 30 years that jim taught wood shop, he's never seen a project turn out quite like this. >> something that started out as a small little project, to be able to expand like this is just terrific. >> reporter: his students at auburn riverside high school are sawing their way through the weekend because they know their
9:39 am
it's a legacy. >> nick's concern last wihnter was the fact he hadn't made an impact. >> reporter: nick is 17-year-old nick. he likes working on cars and getting his hands doppler radarirty in shop. he wanted to help younger kids. >> i thought it was a great plann it would make a lot of kids happy. it is hard to have cancer when you're a little kid. >> reporter: nick faced health challenges his entire life. first battling a brain tumor when he was 4. then growing up with leukemia. his parents, vince and christina, remember the years spent in and out of the hospital, at the timeredthered to an iv pole. >> you're connected to the pole 24/7. if you have to get up to do anything, the pole goes with you. >> reporter: sitting was uncomfortable. it wasn't until nick saw a little girl having a hard time that he had his ah-ha ment. >> there was a little girl trying to walk, and she got
9:40 am
she'd tried to ride on her pole >> reporter: t hospital had one so-called lily pad. think of it like a skateboard easier. so nick told his folks he'd make new ones in wood shop, enougug for every kid in the hospital. nick died before he could finish the job. losing his fight with cancer last february. >> no matter what he was doing, he always had a smile on his face. always helping people and looking out for others. even when it was the hardest time for him and other people could tell, he'd always make time for other people. >> reporter: to honor the spirit, nick's wood shop class came together to finish his lily pad project. a dozen kids up early on a saturday morning. the art design class joined in, painting eac lily pad by hand. finally, delivering tem to the place where nick spent too much time. >> the simple thing means the world to patients and families.
9:41 am
passionate about. >> reporter: passionate about lping kids like this 3-year-old, who is battling leukemia. >> rigig now, she can't walk and can barely stand to support hersell the lily pad is her only way around. each day, we basically make laps and laps around the corridors. she loves it. >> reporter: that was nick's plan, to hp kids even when he couldn't be helped. >> i think is fun. to see the kids ride them. that's what he would have wanted. he would have wanted to see all the kikis, you know, out of bed, walking or riding the lily pad. >> it makes me so proud of nick. >> reporter: a teenager with a lasting legacy. no longer left to wonder about his impact. >> i kind of laugh. i want to go, nick, you we wrong. you made a big impact. but he's watching. he knows. >> absolutely.
9:42 am
first, this is "today" on nbc. suspense is killing us. did we make it? >> 200,000, let's go. >> boom! thank you, ladies and gentlemen.'s take. a pair of good morning to you. i'm immunity. >> i'm eric harryman. the time is 9:56. attorney general loretta lynch will be making a south florida stop. she's taking a tour of what she calls the role models for law enforcement departments a over the nation. the first stop in miami-dade county later this week.
9:43 am
a couple other cities. detectives are searching for someone who stabbed another person. the search is on for the man police say stole a car from ft. lauderdale with a baby in the back seat. the man ditched the car in pompano beach with the baby sfe in the back seat. if you have any information, call police. metrologist ryan phillips has your look at your forecast. >> as we approa midday, still looking for temperatures to warm up. beach. 59, 63 in ft. lauderdale, 63 in miami, 65 in west kendall as well as marathon. the cloud cover getting us down. we'll see a little more sunshine into the afternoon hours, probably after the lunch hour. righthtow partly sunny and area. our highsoday still below average. we'll say 69.
9:44 am
thanks, ryan. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound)
9:45 am
when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our ne president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
9:46 am
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