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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 530pm  NBC  February 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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violent rampage is being held here in jail. but today one of the victims is speaking out for the very first time about his injuries. >> landed a blow, and i'm 81 years of age. >> reporter: black and blue bruises and 18 stitches all over his fa, douglas is grateful for his life after he was attacked out of nowhere. surveillance video shows the elderly man being hit over and over by a man holding a shelving pole. >> he came towards me, with his hands behind his back. i didn't know he had anything. he just struck me over the head. >> reporter: it happened inside a shellll gas station early sunday morning. his brave wife even tried to step in. >> when you see your husband being attacked, it's the only thing you think about doing. > reporter: cops say this man, 22-year-old devon walker was
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he was arrested on monday and after a mtal evaluation, is expected in court monday. surveillance video shows walker grab a sword from a display booth and then started swinging like crazy. he doesn't let up as the victim tries to fend him off. that victim was injured, but is expected to be okay. meanwhile, broucher said he forgives walker and just wants him to get help. >> i want to see him get better. >> reporter: riht now, walker is also facing charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault and battery. possession of marijuana and carjacking. reporting live from broward county jail, nbc 6 news. new tonight, detectives are hoping a stolen atv will help solve a murder. alfredo was killed in homestead at 199th avenue and 360th street.
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yellow atv was stolen from the scene and then recovered the next day. police are asking anyone with information about the murder or the theft to call crimestoppers. new tonight, police say williams said she drugged a man and stole his cash and belongings. keith jones is live outside the jail in miami with the serious charges this woman faces tonight. keith? >> reporter: yeah, police aren't sure she's acting alone. there are a number of these cases over the last six months to a year. police are suspecting perhaps there's some sort of crime ring at play here. nevertheless, this single suspect can't dupe any more unsuspecting guys from behehd bars. the charges are numerous and significant. >> placing poison in food or water, strong-armed robbery, grand theft, and another charge of grand theft with a firearm.
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accused of chatting up an older gentlemen january 6th caught on camera, in the r dress. she goes on the fly and convinces him to take her home >> he remembers taking her home. they had another drink. and then heakes up the next morning and his property has been stolen. >> reporter: turns out according to a doctor's report the man was slipped xanax. a rolex stolen, $800 in cash and a gun. because she's not a pllar of the community, her past caught up with her. identifying her. >> our detectives put out the law enforcement bolo with the surveillance pictures. and a detective from mii beach recognized her. she was in court for two other cases for the beach. and they revoked her bond. >> reporter: coincidentally on the same night, another woman is accused of doing the sameme thing. this time in hillstone. she meets a man, goes home with him, drugs him and takes off with the goods. detectives are trying to find
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are confident there are more victims out thehe. >> this is an embarrassing thing to have happen. but we need to stop them. victims need to come forth and say, i need to prosecute her. >> reporter: if there a a more victims out there, police are hoping they swallow their pride and comee forward. as for ashanti, she remains in jail on no bond, that's one charge. four other bond charge total $32,500. she's beenrrested for doing the exact same thing in other states. reporting live at the county jail, keith jones, nbc 6 news. a local fire department says a final good-bye to one of their own. chopper 6 was over the funeral procession right here as a fire truck carried his casket from hollywood to north miami beach for the service. he began his career at pembrook pines before he ended his career in davy. no word yet on the cause of death.
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here's a live look from man chaster, new hampshire, where it looks like turnouou is good, as republicans andnd democrats and that state's large groro of voters are casting their ballots. the polls point to a big win for republican donald trump and democrat bernie sanders. steve handelsman is in manchester with the very latest. >> reporter: you could see the big turnout at ward 3 in manchester. >> it's really steady. very good. >> reporter: some new hampshihites made up their minds today. >> i totally decided when i hearar ted cruz speak himself. that's who i voted for. >>i believe in what bernie stands for. and i felt that i need to go with my liefs. >> donald trump. he's a businessman. he tells it like it is. >> in new hampshire i feel very good. >> reporter: trump could score his first-ever election win. he promised today --
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or just before you get to b b president, the attitude would change very much. >> thank you very uch. >> reporter: chris christie, marco rubio, john kasich, ted cruz and jeb bush hope to be ump's runner-up today. >> i'm the only guy anding up to the guy. >> reporter: democrat hillary clinton is hoping to get within single digits today of bernie sanders. >> we're going to keep working literally until the last vote is cast. >> reporter: sanders was confident enough to relax. >> usually i like to take nice quiet was. apparently not today. >> reporter: if the vermont socialist senatot wins big, he will rlck the democratic establishment. >> beautiful day. >> you will know the relative strength going forward of democratic front-runner hillary clinton. and note who's become the chief challenger to republican front-runner donald trump. from manchester, new hampshire, steve handelsman, nbc 6 news.
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hampshire covering the primary. coming up at 6:00 p.m., steve % talks to political tourists, and be sure to follow his twitter page. there you'll find behind-the-scenes look at his trip to new hampshire and the primaries. a second carmaker promising repairs after dashboard started melting in the hot florida sun. dan is here now with a preview of the next chapter of this investigation. dan? >> adam, this dashboard right here, it is a rare one. it is melting under the florida sun. it's sticking in some places, cracking, over here it is even peeling. why it makes it so rare is this just one of a handful that has been replaced. almost two years ago, johnny longo noticed the dashboard of his mazda three started to melt under the hot florida sun. >> when it's a bright sunnyday,
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especially if the sun is right above you. it's a very bad glare. >> reporter: it sticks right to him. this month he finally received this letter inhe maleil at his ft. lauderdale home. saying they will replace his dashboard. mazda following toyota's lead, the nation's largest carmaker, promised repairs for melting dashboards more than a year ago. who here has a melting dashboard dashboard? >> we all do. >> reporter: who is still waiting to get it fixed? more than a year after toyota announced a free fix, many are still waiting for their dadahboard to be repaired. why people are still having to drive with danrous dashboards, and with a carmaker admitting to the nbc 6 investigators, coming up tonight at 6:00. >> dan, thank you. an update on the tumultuous situation in haiti regarding the delayed elections. the current head of the
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calling for a second round of voting at former president michele stepped down on sunday. he left office without anyone to succeed him. all of this following weeks of unrest over the first round of elections which critics labeled fraudulent. a group of eight losing candidates from round one rejected the notion of parliament choosing the interim president and instead are calling for a supreme court judge to lead that process. the stalemate has inspired street clashes. elections are now set for april 24th, and the winner would take office in may. still to come, a wild prank. really wild, stuns workers at a south florida fast food joint. a guy tossed a live gator through the drive-through window. it's true. why a judge said it's no laughghg matter. also, the plan to c cean up the water crisis that's plaguing flint, mihigan. there was a groundbreaking event for the hispanic market. i'll tell you all about the
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we'll have lingering clouds all the way into tomorrow.
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temperatures? the death toll continues to go up after a head-on train collision after trains in southern germany. ten people are now dead, and some 80 are injujud. the locomotives on the same rail slammed into each other on a curve after an automatic braking system apparent failed. emergency crews were on the
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the mishap, but a river on one side and a forest on the other side took hours for workers to reach the injured in that wreckage. new details now on a man accused of shooting and killing a texas deputy last august. after a psychological evaluation, a judge found shannon wild incompetent to stand trial. state experts have agreed the 31-year-old is mentally unstable. the court will send him to a mental hospitl. lawyers argued he's a schizophrenic and doosn't understand the legal proceedings. the houston native is accus of kig deputy goforth at a gas station. could face the death penalty if convicted. the mayor of flint, michigan, unveiling an aggressive plan to remove lead from the city. it will replace all the city's water pipes. the process will begin within a month. homes where people e deemed high risk will get the priority
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the contamination began after they disconnected from detroit's water suly and started using the flint river to save money they assured the water was treated properly and lead from the pipes did not lead into the water supply. the miami heat honoring a basketball legend. the team announcing today they're going to retire shaququle o'neal's jersey. he was a mentor for dwayne wade when he was ju starting out his career. number 32 will be hng up in the rafters next season. the heat hosting san antonio, hohing for a little makeup after sunday's tough loss at home against the clippers. right now, whiteside still questionable for tonight's game. stefano is live with the latest there. >> reporter: adam, the final game with the heat before the all-star break. before they get the much-needed rest, they have to face a team
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beat them two years ago in the finals. 4-3-8, and second in t western conference. for the heat, though, it will be a much-needed break. the plers are tired the past few days. since january 1st, they've played 15 of their 21 games on the roa@d. it's going to be back at home. they'll hope for a better performance than their loss on sunday. a frustrating one against the clippers in thisbuilding. tim duncan and manu ginobili won't play tonight. the five-time champs find themselves making noise in the nba as always. how do they consistently compete among the elite in the league? >> i don't think nobody knows. no one has the answers for it. a good team. they're well coached. they play the game every possibility with the offense. they're a very good defensive team.
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players around. a great system that everyone ally feeds into. >> reportete well, like adam said a few moments ago, oh whiteside is still a game time decision. if you follow his famous snchat account, you can see he's been getting work and treatment donon for that ankle to get ready for the game. live from the aaa, nbc 6 news. the denver broncos basking in the adoration of their fans today. the team celebrating their super bowl victory with the parade through downtown denver. the victorious players riding in fire trucks as a sea of blue and orange cheered them on. the city also put together an outdoor concert and rally. we have breaking news to tell you about right now from southwest ranches, where two people have been injured because of this construction site
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here's the scene happening near 201 griffin road. 201st avenue? >> 201st avenue and griffin road. chopper 6 is over the scene right now at this momoent. we know of two injuries, both nonlife-threatening. one person fell off of a ladder, and then some heavy equipment fell on another person. we'll continue to follow this on our nbc 6 news and weather app. now, first alert weather with meteorologist john morales. >> i mentioned that for the metro area, it would be our longest streak without any rain for the dry season.n. that's not the case across the entire viewing area, in thh lower florida keys right now we have a couple of very, very tiny littlee showers moving through. many of them remaining over florida bay. as we look outside, though, across miami beach, and fort miami, the current temperature
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right now. i wouldxpect skies to remain cloudy much of tonight, and changes in the offing beginning as early as tomoow. our wind speeds have really picked up as a front has moved through south florida. a front that in the lower keys has not produced any rain, but it certainly has brought us these gusty winds, at times up to33 miles per hour in gusts. that's why tonight, even though the low temperatures are mostly going to be in the 50s, many people will feel colder due to that windchill. we'll have the wind combined with the temperature, causing it to feel in spots like it's in the 40s. 61 is my forecast for the overnight low in key west. 52 degrees key biscayne miami, as well as kendall and homestead homestead. in broward county, coral springs, 52. my forecast in ft. lauderdale is a low temperature of 52 degrees. again, it will feel colder due to the presence of the wind. if you have plans for this evening, temperatures won't be quite as cool as 52 degrees, at
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it will be in the lo 60s. those temperatures will reach the 50s, as we head into the 11:00 hour. no rain is expected tonight across the metro are out the door tomorrow morning, clouds start to break apart a little bit. so partial clearing excted early tomorrow. again, overall, on average, temperatures 51 to 55 degrees. one more thing about tomorrow morning, the wind won't be as strong as it is right now. whatever windchill we're going to b b bfeeling, we're going to be feeling it during the evening hours, because things will get better by tomorrow morning. here's the future tracacer now. i told you the keys are seeing a couple of spotty showers. through the evening, and into the hour past midnight, you can still expect maybe in the keys a shower or two.% then look at tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m., still mostly cloudy in t keys with no rain. but the sun starts to come out across miami-dade and broward with a northerly breeze. is right now. but it will keep us feeling a bit on the chilly side. through the day tomorrow, clouds
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you saw in t t lower keys, maybe another spotty shower might be possible. because of the threat of rip currents, some swells that are arriving at our coastline, will keep t tracker at yellow. no rain expected in the metro area. we jump ahead to the weekend, highs in the 70s. mostly sunny /n saturday. spotty showers expected on sunday. back to you. >> john, thank you so much. a groundbreaking event in the hispanic tv market. telemundo will soon have a brand-new home. executives broke ground on what will be the global headquarters right here in miami. nbc 6's kelly tells us what it means for our community. >> reporter: after a record year coming out of 2015, today nbc universal telemund enterprises broke ground on 21 acres of land here in miami-dade. >> a very exciting day for the
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enterprises and the corporate parent as well. >> reporter: they'll invest more than $250 million to bring all of the different businesses of telemundo into one incredible facility. >> we're going to bring togogher under one roof all the different parts ofour business that program, that produce content and programming for hispanics all across the country. >> reporter: the headquarters will include corporate offices and production studios. this building will also house all news and sports. the state of the art facility, the first of its kind inouth florida, will be built right here on northwest 25th street and the turnpike, and will create about 3,000 construction related jobs. >> construction will pay off, all those jobs will pay off. this state is on a roll. >> reporter: this will be south florida's largest investment ever in a multi-media production and broadcast facility which will also be designed to be energy efficient. this new hub of spanish language
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first quarter of 2018, just a couple of months before the 2018 summer wod cup. in northwest miami-dade, kelly blanco, nbc 6 news. nbc universal, of course, is the parent company of nbc 6 and >> looks beautiful. >> it does. one of the stories you'll only hear about in florida. a man's fast-food prank lands him in trouble after he tosses a live animal into a drive-through window. on the nbc 6 news tonight at 6:00, a mother's message to a broward teen who vanished months ago without a trace. why detectives are now turning their focus on that boy's father. people are spending hours
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i'm steve litz, pope francis will b riding in style for his upcoming trip to mexico. the pontiff got to customize the pope mobile himself. his special request, that the windows aren't bulletproof. pope francis will be joined by the bishops at each of the catholic headquarters. he's set to land in mexico on friday. his fourth visit to latin america. she's a modest muslim
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storm. she's the instagram creation of a young nigerian medical scientist. the 24-year-old started styling a barbie several weeks ago as a way to explore her creative side. she wanted to see the world's most popular doll dressed that would boost muslim girls' confidence when they see a toy resembleing their appearance. employees caught by surprise when a customer throws a live gator into the drive-through window. it's one of the top click stories on the nbc 6 news and weather app. accordinin to the man's family, he did it to get a good laugh, and now he's paying a hefty price. gator wasn't on the menu, but one did make an appearance inside a wendy's in jupiter. it wasn't by choice. >> assault with a deadly weapon --
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making his appearance in court tuesday morning for hurling a live alligator through the drive-through window. back in october, florida fish and wildlife officials say james pulled up to the drive-through for his order and after a server handed over a drink and turned around, james reached into the back of his truck and tossed the 3 1/2-foot gator inside. his mother says she's not surprised her son would do something like this. >> just a stupid prank that he did that's now turning into this. >> you definitely believe this was a prank? >> oh, 100%. because 's a prankster. he does stuff like this because he thinks it's funny. >> reporter: james admitted to picking up the gator on the side of the road and bringing it to the fast-food restaurant. >> he's not a bad kid. he's a stupid kid, he did a stupid prank. >> reporter: the judge set the bond at $6,000. and ordered the 23-year-old to have no contact with animals, wendy's, drugs and alcohol. as for the gator, he was
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for some reason, these outrageous stories seem to happen so oten in the sunshine state. we have an entire section dedicated to only in florida headlines. check them out at the nbc 6 news and weather app. >> something about us. >> we're interesting, aren't we. >> yes, we were. that will do it for the news at 5:30. >> don't go anywhere. more news straight ahead. don't put away your jackets just yet. after a few cool days, an arctic blast is going to drop the degrees even more. amother of two murdered in a high-rise, and sources tell n 6 the man who killed her now also dead. a mother makes a desperate plea thousands of miles away as she begs her missing son to surrender and come home. dashboards melting in the
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it's not being fixed. news on nbc 6 starts now. a m mher makes a heartbreaking plea to her son from thousands of miles ay. good evening. i'm jawan strader. >> and i'm jackie nespral. police say he was deserted by % his father, who's now behind bars. nbc 6 reporter aris live from the broward county jail where his father is being held tonight. >> reporter: jackie, this story@ literally spans the global. the 16-year-old has been missing since december. his dad is here inside the broward county jail. his mother sent plantation police a plea from her home in palao, a tiny pacific island nation near the philippines. she hasn't seen her sonn in years, but obviously wants him to be safe. >> i love you.
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>> reporter: a mother's plea
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