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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  February 10, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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horrifying chain of events. and a win for the outsders, a loss for the establishment. that's the way it's being described. a lookokt how trump and bernie's victories in new hampshire have others scrambling for support in next week's south carolina primary. >> video you will only on 6, a ups caught tossing a package with fragile items and yet owner says that's not all that makes him mad. >> live the news on nbc 6 starts now. south florida waking up to winter like conditions and the cold temperatures will be nothing compared to falling into the 40s. thanks for joining us. let's turn it right over to meteorologist ryan phillips with the first alert forecast. as we head into the afternoon hours, still lookiki for more sunshine across the area and here's a le look inland. first alert weather looking up above the cloud cover which will have more breaks progressively
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need every ounce of sunshine you can get to drive our temperatures still into the 60s. our lows this morning and we're into the 50s and we drop right before sunrise and 54, pembroke pines and 56 in miami a 60s south through the keys and fast forward through the current hohr and we're at 60 in pembroke pines and 61 in miami and trailing behind, 59 at pompano beach and the air is very dry and we're gradually getting rid of the cloud cover and seeing at least the clearing trend up acrosos northwestern broward county and i'm looking for more sunshine once we get deeper into the afternoon. partly sun owe the cool side and highs o"ly in the 66 with the cool north wind still play. as erica mentioned, we're heading into the 40s tonight and this will be the coldest night, maybe, i should say of the stretch of our winter weather and we are going to warm up as we head toward the weekend and sunshine all of the way through and first alert forecast coming guys?
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now on 6, two people are dead after a fiery wreck along i-95 near downtown miami this morning. the car you see there exploded after it hit a rrier wall. nbc 6 reporter michael spearss near the scene. it was quick thinking of a person who tried to save these two people. >> the florida highway patrol says his actions certainly heroic. from where we're standing below 95 you can see, shelly, where the car first crashed before it burst into flames. the car was speeding and that the impact was so powerful,l just look at what it did. that debris raining down into the parking lot and the two people confirmed dead and we spoke to troopers before the live shot and they're still looking to piece together what happened in those moments leading up to this very horrible crash. paramedics did what they could. their fire extinguishers no match for the raging inferno that engulfed this suv on the
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wednesday morning. the adversary, even for miami's bravest. >> reporter: thehe florida highway patrol said a quick-thinking road rager pulled the driver from the suv. >> it was great. they usual get to the scene before we do and it's not the first time that they've acted heroically? his bravery not enough to save the man's life. >> a passenger never made it out of the vehicle. two lives lost. >> we spoke with a witness who didn't want to show his face. he was driving just ahead of the suv and said the men killed were his co-workers. >> i was justp driving down the highway, and i saw those guys in flames. >> young men in their early 20s who fhp said lost control of the suv around 3:30 a.m. after hitting this concrete barrier in the northbound lanes of i-95 near northwest s sond street. below, a parking lot used by construction workers now
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parts. >> if someone was standing here there would be maximum damage and even vehicles. >> fhp said the driver was from the prairie state. this illinois license plate bearly recognizable amongst the debris, a memento of the firy and tragic wreck#that happened just above. >> art this point in the investigation, the florida highway patrol what caused the suv to strike the barrier and nor have they released the names of the two men that were killed. we are told one of the victims and that car were taken to the medical examiner's office for posite i.d. michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> michae thank you. we'll still have an update this midday on another deadly crash that happened on key biscayne. the driver of the car is now behind bars and we're not naming the 17-year-old because he's being charged as a minor, at least he is for now. the teen is ing held without bond until his hearing happens and police say he was speedg on harbor drive new year's day when he lost control of his
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process and the car ended up hitting the front gate of his house. one passenger died when a driver and another 17-year-old were rushed to the hospital with head injuries. >> donald trump and bernie sanders are celebrating victory in new hampshire w wre voters rejected traditional politics. the biggest surprise of the night was probably governor john kasich sneaking into second place on the republican side. no surprises for the democrats, though except perhaps the margin of bernie sanders' win. he defeated hillary clintnt by double digits in what appears to be a record turnout for the granite state. chris clackum has more on the race to the white house. >> reporter: the margin by which donald trump won the presidential primary in new hampshire surprised most, but trump himself who was on the "today" show this morning. i said i was going to do there and we really did, even better than anticipated and the biggest
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came in second, albeit, a distant second and e, too, was on the "today" show. >> i was the only one with a really positive message. >> reporter: disappointed by how surprisingly poor he did, marco rubio remains unfazed. >> in the months and weeks to come you will not see anyone work harder or more passionately. >> ted cruz is in third and he's expected to have the next republican priry takes place february 20th. the 20th is also when the democrats next face off in nevada after bernie sanders turned his underdog campaign into a realight in new hampshire. >> together, we have sent the message that will, co from wall street to washington. >> hillary clinlon's campaign was bruised by the margin of her loss, she stuck a note of confidence tuesday night and it's not whether you get knocked down that matters and it's whether r u get back up. >> one casualty of new
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said to be contemplating a end to his campaign. chris clack um, nbc news. florida holds its primary election on march 15th. to ensure your vote you have to register by february 16th and early voting is from march 5th to march 12th and you can findd extensive coverage of the campaign trail on the nbc 6 news and weather p and everything from live results to in-depth analysis. miami police say that karen again. her family reported her missing when she never showeddup for work and that happened two days ago. but still, aocal teenager is missing on skype from half way around the world, his mother asking that he come back. take a listen. >> please come out. >> what she said is please don't hide, be good and come out.
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nation of palau and it comes after the disappearance of augie o renson. he had an argument with his dad and hasn't been seen ever since. his father was arrestud when he was about to catch a flight to new zealand. bruce, who never reported hads son missing remains in jail on charges of deserting his child. >> it looks like one employee is responsible for stealing thousands of patien' personal information at one of the largest hospitals. we're talking names, birthdays, social security numbers and addresses. the employee was identified as of evelina reid. she is now on administrative leave through this case. jmh plans to monitor patient records with a more robust security system a they will offer free credit monitoring. meanwhile, the hospial releaseded a statement and i'll read you part of it and any allegations about a breach in security and patient privacy are
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jackson health system continually educates all employees on privacy rules and regulations and has zero tolerance for violations. just 24 hours after a mom was murdered at the flamingo condominiums in miami beach, police were back there once again and this time for something else. they were there for online threats unrelated to that crime i just told you about. we brought you this as breaking news last night and today the miami herald is reporting from a man who suffers some fr some kind of mental illness stay tuned. our team is making calls to get you the layest on exactly what happened at that condominium complex. in a separate investigation, at the flamingo condos, police are continuing to get information after a man acccced of kill his estranged wife jumped to his ddth. police discovered the woman's body after getting a 911 call from the flamingo hotel. the two young kids reported
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those kids, ages 4 and 6 are still in the care of police as of this midday. police did confirm the identity of the victim's husband, this man, 34-4-ar-o-o samir jemaaoui jumped to his death after a warrant was issued for his arrest. jemaaoui was wanted for the murder of his wife the day he was scheduled to go to court on domestic battery charges. the cruise ship was battered by huge waves and high-speed winds during a storm on sunday. there are 4500 passengers and another 1600 crew onboard. at last check, the ship is scheduled to report to cape liberty new jersey at around 6:00 tonight. >> the zika virus is a big concern to a whole lot of people for obvious reasons and u.s. soccer goalkeeper hope solo who is headed to rio this summer, but the star player said in an interview that if she had to make a choice today right now, she would not be going to the games.
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olympics should be a safe environment for every single athlete regardless. as of right now the u.s. olympic committee hasn't advised athletes to reconsider competing because of the zika virus. solo and the u.s. soccer team are playing in texas to q qlify for the 2016 summer olympics. still ahead for you this midday, a story you will only see on 6. a ups worker caught on camera, they're calling it a rough delivery, but it was what was inside that package that's an even bigger cause for concern. scare in the air. how too many drinks diverteded a flight and what he said just before being escorted off. it's been all morning that we've been locked in the cloud cover and finally seeing cloud break and fort lauderdale, lingering clouds and 60 and some sunshine at pembroke pines, 60 there. with the sunshine this afternoon
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>> now on 6, a ups worker is tossing the package causing its contents to go all over the place. we've seen this before and that doesn't mean it doesn't get easier to look at. >> the homeowner is more concerned because of the
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nbc 6 reporter julie bagg is live in cooper city with the story you will see only on 6. >> reporter: eric and shelly e the man on the receiving end of those packagesold me he was not home at the time, but when he did get home he found a frustrating mess. watch closely, what looks like a routine delivery to a morningside front door spills over into a clean-upp job for a married couple. >> it was surprising and it was the last thing i expected and we normally have good luck with ups and they set them on the doorstep and this one time they decided to pitch them over the gate. >> calvin said he had good reason to take care of their packages. two of them were heavy and one had a frrile sticker and all three got chucked over the fence. >> the gate was unlocked. they could have easily walked them in they had a helper there with them and they didn't bother to
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>> the delivery guy doesn't even bother to look back in the video. inside one box he droppp was handgun ammunition he ordered for target practice. nothing actually broke, but the impact scaered cartridges across the brick pavement. >> the safety issue of that, and the boxes were marked with small arms ammunition. >> a public relations manager told us in an email, quote, we're investigating the incident. halverson says he cooacted ups, too, but he didn't get any nswers. >> it really seems like they just don't care. >> reporter: haller haveson told me he'd be happy just to get an apology from that delivery guy. outside the ups store in cooper city, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. >> all right, julia, thank you so much. a passenger had to get escorted off an alaska airlines flight, but it's what he was saying as he was escorted off that's getting some attention.
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[ applause ] [ cheering ] >> you couldn't ally hear him, but he is saying, watch out for them terorists, to quote him exactly. the flight was forced to land midway after an intoxicated passenger started threatening the flight crew. one passenger says he was upset bbause the flight attendants wouldn't let him drink the sma bottles of alcohol he bought on the plane. they shared stories when they finally reached their destination in san diego. >> there wer some well-built men sitting around him to try to contain him. >> once the plane made the detouou and landed in denver. >> nobody was sad to see him go, wererethey? incredible. >> a scare for the tar heels as the head coach c clapses in the second half. take a look at what happene head coach roy williams went down right in front of the bench. the team's medical staff right away stepped in to help getting the coach off the court into the
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the assistant coach stepped in to help unc finish out the game. williams attributed that dizzy spell to vertigo in a postgame interview. homes, cars, just some other thtngs smashed when an elephant came pounding through a small town inindia and they came from a nearby forest looking for food. that's when she started smashing homes and sending people in the back running for cover. after a few hours she was tranquilized and taken away by cranes. it is the most clicked on stories on the nbc 6 news and weather app. this story is a labrador mix og and it's getting a second chance at home. hese images can get difficult to watch. it shows you the condition that buster was brought in when someone brought him at miami-dade animal services. he was malnourished and his face
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he barely had any hair. everglades, florida and he is now recovering. once he is all better, buster will need a forever home. if you want to the adopt him head over to the nbc 6 news and weather app and search buster. now first alert weather with meteorologist ryan phillips, south florida's most accurate forecast. good day to you, ho you're enjoying the sunshine though it has been limited so far tis morning. we'll have more coming at you. we're also in the coole stretch of winter weather so far this winter season. it's been delightful and we'll talk about that over the next few minutes. still mostly cloudy skies and winds thankfully less than 10 mimies per hour and temperatures up to 61 and still c cmbing and we are enjoying the return of some sunshine and isolated here across the area and more sun i think to filter in this afternoon as the clouds begin to break down and the atmosphere and the air is dry.
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day in south florida and the cold air is just filtering down the peninsula right around high pressure which moves winds clockwise around it and we'll see the north winds continue and that's a favorable wind to get our temperatures to drop through the oornight hours and our big problem is just getting rid of the cloud cover and we're doing that gradually this afternoon and the skies will bece mostly clear which will set us up for a good night of the cooling off into the 40s for lows. the upside to this as soon as we start our day tomorrow, lots of sunshine and that will carry us in to the rest of the workweek. and pompano beach and we're splitting hairs at that point. northern broward county. average high of 78 and nowhere close to that today and even by 7:00, we're into the 50s across broward county and temperatures
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nds out of the north-northwest remaining very light and as we get t tard daybreak and settling in maybe to the low 30s out west and mid-40s out toward the beaches and bottom line, coldest morning this week and the nice rebound tomorrow ito the mid to upper 60s r afternoon highs. the winter weather continuing and first alert weather through the midday hours and at least for the lunch hour, more clouds and sun and brighter skies for the rest of the day and 56 especially if you're in the shade, it's rather cool. >> it's the last one and 48, the overnight low and mostly clear skies and we'll check the temperatures for you as soon as you wake up tomorrow morning and we're still below average and 74 on friday and we'll feel nice. we are preparing ourselves for what will be an outstanding south florida long weekend after 74. saturday and sunday, mid to upper 70s. presidents' day on mondada and 75, we're dry well into next week and we'e' check your
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our free nbc 6 news and weather app. guys? >> a very popular disney movie is now headed to the theater district. >> just as we got the song out of our heads, right? here with exciting dtails 6 in the mix host, roxane vargas. >> what are you talking about? >> i even dress up as queen elsa and ana sometimes, yeah, "frozen" friends, heading to broadway. the musical is set to open in 2017. robert lopez will write the score for the live-action rendition and no question if idina menzel will reprise the role of ana, elsa and olaf, of course. the holiday of love is this weekend. ladies, what are you going to wear in we'll head to the mall and get fun and frugal outfits whether you're celebrating with your sweetie and sons.
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arts community all year long and the details with the outreach
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that and more coming your way here is a live look from the vatican. wednesday. ash wednesday marks the start of the season of lent. >> it's a 40-day p priod of penance leading up to, of course, easter sunday and thihi is a live look from the vatican where pope francis is giving ash wednesday mass. all right. bruce springsteen. take a look at this. what a segway, right? have you ever used the excuse bruce springsteen made my kid
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that's what one teacher in new york said she got from a stududnt's dad. >> he took his 7-year-old anan 12-year-old kids to a springsteen concert on a school night when t three didn't get home until the early hours of the next day. dad let the kids sleep in using this epic excuse. >> be kind to everyone as you can, help as many people you can and when the boss brings the town to bed, be there. there. so either the teacher called in a substitute or the teacher was really, really tired that day. mom, on the other hand, she was not so pleased with that excuse at all. >> i love a good teacher.
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one of hollywood's leading men. i'm roxanne vargas with "6 in the mix."
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