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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 5pm  NBC  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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there was some confusion as to whether a student was hurt, but a student ran away from those gunshots and fell and sustained some minor injuries, some scrapes. again, at this hour still very active. there's caane units out here. i'm trying to track dowow who was in that car head eastbound on 183rd. two windows of an office hit with bullets, but apparently again nobody hurt. we did talk to some students who told us about running away from those gunshots. >> i heard a pop pop pop. security and everybody told us to get inside. it was quick. everybody just started running in reaction. >> they said it was a red alert. all students must go inside and stay there.
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lockdown still under way heree for afterschool programs right now, but we're told that'sut of an abundance of caution. there's no more danger here. several officers here. 183rd street still shutdown east and westbound 132nd avenue. those programs cararrying on as normal. we're waiting for a little bit more information from the public information officer, but that's the latest we have. an apparent drive-by shooting here right outside carol city high school. nbc 6 nbc 6 news. south florida is bracing for anothererlast of wintry weather. a live look outside where you may think it is cold now, but we're going to be feeling the 40s later tonight. >> john morals joins us now. >> it's currently 60 degrees in kendall and miami.
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a little bit warmer in the florida keys. the wind, which makek us feel a little bit colder, is not that strong today. winds between 5 and 10 miles per hour heading into night will drop closer to 5 miles and hour, give or take a few. it will feel colder than my projected low temperatures for tonight, but not that much colder. 57 in key west is what i'm forecasting. 50 degrees for the overnight low in key largo. y biscayne, 45. coral springs, 42 tonight. pompano beach, 45. broward, 43 for you overnight low. quite a chill in the air. back to you. >> be sure to keep the nbc 6 news and weather app handy as the temperatures start to
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you can make the weather tab your default page. if you drive i-95 during your morning commute, you might have seen this wreck. you can see the flames fro it here off of the highway. nbc 6 crews were on the scene moments after the car burst into flames, trapping the passenger inside. stephanie bertini is live. >> reporter: tww men died and officials say they believe speed could have been a factor. in the light off day, damage still visible, but this sight is nothing compared to the flames that surrounded an suv early this morning. first responders said two men re killed. >> i was just driving down the highway. i saw those guys in flames. >> reporter: we spoke with a witness who d dn't want to show
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he was driving just ahead of the suv northbound on i-95. the florida highway patrol told us they were in their early 20s. the driver lost control of the vehicle around 3:30 a.m., hitting this concrete barrier of the interstatata. a road ranger pulled the driver from the suv, but it s just too late. the passenger never made it@out of the vehicle. over all, the flames were just too much for firefighters. by the time the sun came out this morning, you could see pieces of the vehicle and cocorete littering a parking lot under i-95. in the middle of it all, a destroyed illinois license plate. illinois is where the driver was from. troopers have not released the identities of the names of the men who were killed in the wreck. right now, the matter is still under investigation. although they do believe speed was a factor, it's too early to
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i'm reporting live in downtown miami. nbc 6 news. right now, you can help police identify a woman accused of endangering a child's health by stealing. surveillance video shows a woman walk up to a corallables home, pick up a package at the front door, put it in her purse, then walk to a waing silver honda accord. it apparently happened just seconds after t package was delivered by u.p.s. coming up 6:00, we'll have the latest on the police investigation and why this kind of crime is more common than you may realize. we have an update in a case. jose antonio is out on bond tonight. he exposed himself several times while dving around outside dade land mall. the incidents date back to late december. a witness was able to get the tag on one of the two vehicles he was driving.
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of indecent exposure. another republican out of the race for the white house. carly fiorinannouncing she's suspended her campaign on facebook that included direct message to young girls and women to, quote, always choose leadership. governor chris christie has also suspended his campaign. the new hampshire primary results reshaping the race for the white house as the candidates turn their attention we're everywhere. steve handelsman has the latest from manchester, new hampshire, tonight. steve? manchester. here in new hampshire, bernie support. that's not the case for him now in south carolina, particularly among african-american democrats. that's what he worked on today.
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for a photo-op with activist reverend al sharpton. sanders will get soap box attention from democrats. >> i don't know if they'll vote for him. people will give him a hearing. >> reporter: hillary clinton leads by 30 points in south carolina. she was stunned last night when young women and democrats rejected her fo sanders. on the republican side, donald trump's 20-point winowers him to the next contest. >> it feels great. the people are fantastic from new hampshire. i thinknk south carolina is going to be very similar. >> reporter: trump has a 16-point polling lead. john kasich rushed to south carolina. >> i'm starting to think we're
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>> reporter: carly fiorina quit the race. chris christie is reassessing. ted cruz, marco rubio, moveand jeb bush moved on to south carolina. chris christie is done reassessing. he's out. in south carolina, it's actually two different primaries. the republican scrum minus fiorina and christie is a week from saturday. a week after that sanders versus clinton. live in new hampshire, manchester, steve handelsman, nbc 6 news. >> a reminder, florida hosts its presidential primary election on march 15th. you have to register by february
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remember, you can find extensive coverage of the campaiain trail on our nbc 6 news and weather app. new tonight, more cban migrants making their way north through central america to get to the u.s. more than 100 landed in mexico's border city after a flight from costa rica. video capturedd elderly women and pregnant women and childre making their way. many have been stuck in costa rica because nicaragua closed their borders in december. u.s. sailors took off on the historic event aroun 1:00 this afternoon. they'll be on the cater at least 20 hours as they head straight across to cuba. there's a long history between havana and the southern racing boating conference that dates
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pope francis at the vatican marking the beginning of the season of lent. the pontiff smudged ashes onto the heads of catholics during mass to symbolize momoality. today is the today catholics hear the phrase from dust you came and to dust you shall return. it's a good time to train ourselves to be more sensitive and merciful to others. still ahead, a story you'll see only on 6. a u.p.s. worker c cght on camera making a damaged delivery. this package problem could hve been much worse. kwha ewhat elected officials want done to keep zika virus from spreading. a little bit brighter today, but still plenty of clouds out there. temperatures, though, the story.
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tonight. details on the forecast coming up. and we're following some breaking news right now. this is a a live picture off of cape liberty, new jersey, where the anthem of the seas is returning to port. the ship ran into severe storms earlier this week. it sustained significant damage there. more than 4500 people are on
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again, a live look here new video tonight of an enthusiastic kentucky fan who fell and took a woman with him. cameras were rolling. they cacaht the moment he decided to scoop up a female fan and carry her down the stairs. to the shock of the crowd, the man lost his footing and they both went down hard. luckily, the pair jumped up seemingly uninjured. there was scary. tonight a lol homeowner is asking for an apology after a u.p.s. delivery man mishandles a package with fragile contents inside. >> it was all caught on camera. laura rodriguez is live in the newsroom. >> the man who ordered the package says he was not home at theeime of the delivery, but when he arrived he found a frustrating mess. watch closely.
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delivery to a morning side front door spills over into a cleanup job for a married couple. >> it was surprising. it was the last thing i expected. generally they bring the packages and set them on the doorstep. this time ty decided to pitch it over the gate. >> reporter: the delivery guy had good reason to take better care of his packages. >> two of the boxes were marked heaa and one had a fragile sticker on it. they were all chucked over the fece. the gate was unlocked. they could have easily walked them in. they had a helper with them. >> reporter: the delivery doesn't even bother to look back in the video. inside one box he dropped handgun ammunition he ordered for target practice. nothing actually broke, but the impa@t scattered cartridges across the brick pavement. we contacted u.p.s. about what
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manager told us in an e-mail, quote, we're investigatingnghe incident. he contacted u.p.s., too, but he didn't get any answers. >> it really seems like they just don't care. >> he'd be able@to just to get an apology from that delivery guy. nbc 6 news. live first alert doppler radar behind me with no rain on it again as we are in the midst of our longest rain-free streak of ththdry season. this is going to continue definitely into saturday, probably into sunday, and maybe monday before we see our next rain showers here in south florida. take a look outside here as we'll see what's going on across port miamii and miami beach. it's bright enough. the sun, even though it is
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bright enough to cast shadows out there. ere's all those high clouds we've been seeing. here's your weather headlines this evening. this will be the coldest night so far this week. so even colder than sunday night into monday, which was quite chilly as well. full sunshine will return tomorrow. again, i already told you we're in the midst of the this very dry stretch, which we'll continue. miami and kendall at 60 degrees. homestead, pembroke pine oakland park at 61. statewide, we have readings at 5:00 that are in the 50s in the northern half of the state, including a 50-degree reading right now in jacksonville. 43 degrees in tampa. the weather map shows the one front that came through here with all these clouds. it's become a stationary front in the bahamas next to turks and caicos.
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yield any rain. it's bringing us a reinforcing shot of cold air. still some clouds out there. i think tomorrow those clouds will be gone. we're going to end up with a mostly sunny thursday here in south florida. the sunshine w wl continue to prevail for friday, saturday, before we see a few more clouds for valentine's day sunday. if you remember yesterday's forecast for sunday, we had included some rain. i think the showers on sunday will more than likely wait until the sunday evening hours into sunday night. monday and tuesday, some showers around as the next front starts to approach. short term we saw i'm broadcasting low to mid 40s for south florida. a high tomorrow of 67 degrees. plenty of sunshine for tomorrow. temperatures immediately start to moderate just a bit as we
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they'll be in the mid to upper 70s during the day. yes, we'll see 50s at night. you head out the door in the morning. you have to be ready to shed some layers as we get into the 70s. our best rain chance will be monday and tuesday of next week. we briefly hit 80 degrees before that next front approaches. coming up in just a few minutes, we'll give you more details of what to expect this upcoming weekend. well, "sports illlustrated" making big waves. it will feature 56-year-old nicola griffin. it's part of new branding aimed at being more inclusive. the magazine will also feature several plus size ladies with more curves. >> it's about time. next on 6, the zika virus is spreading.
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confirmed coming up. a special education on 6 report. >> reporter: the president says
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is just as important reading, and another live look off cape liberty, new jersey, where the anthem of the seas is returning to port. you might recall the ship ran into a severe storm earlier this week and sustained significant damage. >> more than 4500 people are on board.
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those passengers for that cruise and will receive 50% off a future cruise. all right, zika expanding its reach to the east. china confirmed its first imported case of the virus today in a man that had recently treled to venezuela. the 34-year-old is now recovering. his rash is fading and he's back to a normal body temperature. back here in florida, there have been no more travel associated cases of zika. the nationon top public health officials revealed new information on the zika virus and fresh evidence it might be responsible for a rare birth defect. >> they say the threat is mostly limited to pregnant women. >> brian moore has the update from washington. >>eporter: on capitol hill, top public health officials told congress what they know and don't knon about the zika virus. the director of the cdc revealed
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brazilian newborns with micro microcephaly microrophaly, who died hours after birth. >> this is the strongest evidence to date that zika is the cause of microcephaly. it is believed to cause no symptoms in approximately 80% of the people infected and mild symptoms in virtually all of t t rest. >> the flash infection. it comes. it's a few days and then it's gone. >> reporter: well, the disease poses little more than convenience to most people. it's rapidly spreading across south america, especially brazil, the host of this summer's olympic games. members of congress are concerned about the inevitable spread here in the united states. >> the lack of clarify on the virus and its effects and treatment make it important that
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aggressively aggresesvely. >> reporter: oregon joined other states in confirming a travel-related zika case in addition to combatting the mosquito that spreres the disease, public health officials are hoping to spread information, even as they search for a cure. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >> it's stillot clear whether zika causes birth defects, but they warn women who are pregnant to avoid travel to zika areas. it's been more than a month since an 18-year-old college student was killed. tonight, the driver of the mangled porsche is facing the fallout. why authoriti say the deadly crash could have been prevented. and a central florida teenager dead tonight. how investigators are linking his case to a hover board of all
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now on 6, we continue to follow breaking news from miami gardens. that's were shots were fired outside carol city high school today, forcing students into a lockdown. good evening to you. i'm adam kuperstein. >> and i'm trina robinson. luckily no students were injured. let's get over to jawan strader.
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all afternoon. >> a lot of information still coming in. the good news here is that no one was hurt, but things were tense for the last few hours. miami-dade superintendent said a drive-by shooting on the street outside the school caused the situation. the shooter was aiming at a person on the sidewalk outside of that school. students tell nbc 6 that people started running toward campus for cover. school police are working together with miami gardens. there is an office window that was shot out at the high school, but most importantly no one was shot. there was confusion about whether a student was injured earlier, but that's because a student fell while running away after hearing the gunshots and got some minor scrapes in that fall. we're talking about carol city senior high school. now, we'll continue to follow this story on air and on our nbc 6 news and weather app.
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another live report at 6:00.
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