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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  February 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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hour. these wind speeds have stronger than i expected. if you step outside and the temperatures are in the low 50s, with the 14-mile-per-hour breeze it's going to feel cooler than we're accustoms top.ededaccustomsed to. now check this out. i've actually raised the overnight minimum tempeture forecast for miami to 46 degrees and i think key biscayne, you won't break 5037 homestead 46, kendall as well, broward county, 44, 45 pompano beach and 47 at ft. lauderdale. shots fired at school and tonight police are searching for whoever pulled the trigger. it was a chaotic city at carol city high school this morning. that's where we find marissa bag tonight. >> reporter: we do have an update for you. the person that police are looking for at this hour, here's
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stainly ragin, 19 years old was reportedly seen running away from the scene right and around 3 o'clock. now according to police, he's a known nang member with active warrants out for his arrestt and that he's known to be armed and dangerous. and has a violent history. certainly what happened this afternoon right out here was violent. gun fire created a chaotic scenene outside carol city high wednesday. bullet busted windows reveal where a drive-by shooting snfolded near what should be a safe space. >> i think we avoided tragedy in a dramatic way. >> reporter: investigators sas bullets came flying from a car headed eastbound on 183rd street aimed at one walking in front of
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the person targeted is a not a student but that person did fire back. it was 30 minutes after classes got out students who were still outside went running. thankfullu no one was hit. >> i heard like a shot, pop pop pop, a whole bunch of kids started running. surity and everybody told us to get inside. it sounded like fast and quick. they just said it was a realert. all students must go inside and stay there. >>reporter: surveillance video captured by neighbors across the street show police arriving at the scene lights flashing but it's th cameras on campus that could answer more questions. >> it appearsgain that the school got caught in the cross fire between two rival entities, that's being investigated, one in a car driving east, the other one walking west on the same street. >> reporter: after school programs were on lockdown during the investigation. officials are applauding how quickly school staff reacted to
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>> and the teachers acted courageously in protecting the kids. they got them inside. >> reporter: and again here's another look at the support. 19-year-old stanley ragin. if you recognize him or you know where he is, call crime stoppers here in miami-dade county, 305-471-tips. also wanted to mention that the school is requesting that crisis management teams be here first thing in the morning to helthe kids with everything that they went through today so they should be here on campus. i'm marissa bagg, nbc 6 news. the broward sheriff's deputy charged with manslaughter after a 2013 shooting will apapar in court tomorrow. today we learned what he said to detectives shortly after the deadly incident. laura rodriguez is live from ft. lauderdale tonight with more. laura? >> reporter: that's right. he will appear in court tomorrow afternoon. meanwhile, this case is the
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a police officer in broward county has been charged in a fatal shooting while on dutut sitting on the left side of the screen in a blue shirt and jeans, the deputy peter peraza is questioned in the dth of the oakland park resident. the interview wu conducted five days after the deputy shot mcbean in the summer of 2013. >> i'm walking north on dixie highway on the west lane, the west side ane, walking north hand. it looked like he was walking with it. >> reporter: in the case file there'sslso a comparison of the type of air rifle mcbean was carrying was an actual .22 caliber rifle. paraza told detectives he became concerned when mcbean went inside the apartment complex. >> what was your concern about him entering the apartmt complex? >> being the time of day, there's children and families that are in the pool areas, they're walking around their
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>> reporter: in a federal lawsuit against paraza, mcbean's family says jermaine was walking to his own home with an unloaded pellet gun he had ever right to carry, listening to music on his head phone, unable to hear anyone's command. but paraza told detectives mcbean should have heard him. > was there any noise in the area that you think would have precluded him from hearing you? >> no. >> there was nothing in his ears to show that he couldn't have heard anything you said? >> no. >> so when you approachehehim, did you see anything that would have obstructed his ability to hear? >> no. >> reporter: the family's attorney has posted a pto that we cannot show you on television but the family believes that picture supports its position that mcbean was listening to music. meanwhile peraza as p paded not
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stand your grounddefense. we have new details on the investigation into a hit and run in miami. police are charged a man they say ft a motorcyclist for dead. the suspect's name is lose sanchez and he's charged with leaving the scene of a crash and resisting arrest without violence. police say he was the driver of a toyota sienna that rear-ended the motorcycle driver friday night. police say suarez briefly topped before leaving the scene. he was caught a block away. other drivers did stop to help the driver who tonight is in a medically induced coma. >> before he had liquid fluids coming out of his brain from the swelling because of the accident. but now he -- the liquids have stopped and they're getting ready to do the surgery on his leg because he broke his fibula and his tibula. >> sanchez has since bonded out of jail. a man is dead tonight after
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trailer at port everglades. stephanie bertini is s fe from the port with the details tonight. >> reporter: jawan, investigators have been working through most of the evening.g. they haven't released the name of the man who dade died but they say he was an employee and was wrapping up his shift here at port everglades when he was hit by the tractor trailer. an economic powerhouse in broward county is the centerrf a deadly investigation tonight. port everglades, , e section of the seaport that handles cargo was taken over by yellow tape and flashing lights for hour. >> behind us is the entrance to sun terminals. one of themployees was leaving work just as a tractor was coming into the area, the yard. and he struck the pedestrian and at was a fatal injury. >> reporter: the sheriff's
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evening. it's unclear exactly how or why the man was hit. police haven't said if the driver of the tractor trailer will face any charges. >> tractor trailer with an empty bed. so the tractors comee into the yard to pick up a load and load the containers from the ships. >>reporter: investigators say the exact address was 4000 macintosh road. person who died has not yet been identified. officials say he was pronounced dead atat the scene. at last check officialsls were working to identify the man's family, specifically next of kin of his death. i'm reporting live at prt everglades tonight, stephanie bertini. the department of justice is suing ferguson, missouri after the city changes a deal to overhaul its criminal justice system. the city has been under federal scrutiny since the police-involved shooting of
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the shooting led to days of violent protests. the city ha had reached a settlement with the federal government. but last night the city council voted unanimously to change the terms of t t agreement saying that the city just can't afford it. the stice department lawsuit accuses ferguson of routinely violating the rights of residents and misusing law enforcement to generate revenue. the republican party now left with seven candidates running for the white house after carly fiorina and chris christie dropped out of the race today. fiorina made the announcement on her facebook page following her
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governor christie's race is over. hillary clinton making moves in florida. he's going the make a stop in rif rare ya beach next monday. and today clinton's office opened in broward county. supporters gathered there to support the opening of the office. this is her first organizing office for the march 14th primary. broward is an important battleground for clinton and bernie sanders. tomorrow is a democratic debate in milwaukee hosted by pbs. you can find extensive coverage on our app from live results to in-depth analysis at your fingertips. pope francis marked the beginning of lint seseon. well today is the da catholics hear the phrase from dust you came to dust you shall return.
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time to train ousts to be more merciless to others. up next, nbc 6 investigates -- >> the apps yourkids are using and how predators out there are using them. we'll tell you what to look out for to protect your kids. the anthem of the sea, the cruise ship battered by a storm arrived back in port. what the passengers are saying as u they disenbark.
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much worse as the u.p.s. well tonight nbc 6 investigates the predators who use social media apps to rget your kids. in fact they could be chatting with your children when y yu're in the same room. as nbc 6 investigator reports, the fbi says that the growing proboem could lead to a crime called sextortion. >> as active as the kids can be, it's hard to keep them away from
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>> every waking hour that uer up and home. >> irene keeps a close eye on who her kids chat with and at apps they use. >> at any time i can pick it up and see what they're speaking to. i also follow all of their social media feeds. >> the fbi says it's okay for parents to be nosey because predators are reaching out to kids through social medidi apps like instagram, kick, snapchat. >> we're seeing more andn more predators that are using the apps to target kids to coerce them to con them into sending images. >> fbi special agent investigates child exploitation crimes. >> they're certainly not telling kids i'm a predator looking to do you harm. they may thel them i'm another kid. >> daniel of florida targeted kids using kik and snapchat. ''s accused of threatening kids to send more pictures.
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across the country. >> we have video clips of these babies screaming and crying and begging him don't make me do this. >> he's in jail facing multiple criminal counts. he pleaded not guilty. the fbi calls this growing crime sextortion. >> the subject comes back and says if you don't do this or send a more explicit image or video for me, then i'm going to send this image to your parents. >> ashley reynolds told the fbi she was 14 when she was victimized. >> he was not going to stop and he wasas set on sharing my picture with whoever he could. >> chancellor pleaded guilty to child porn in 2014. families like this say cases like that have them taking steps to keep their kids safe. >> every day i'i' say who are you talking to, who are you
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>> the social media app tells us it takes security app seriously and says its users must be 13 years old. the average ageof a victim is 14 and they've investigated victims as young as eight. the fbi recommends to protect your chiren, don't charge mobile devices if their bedroom at night, set up passwords, downloading apps and talk to them about the dangers of communicating and sending photos to people they don't know. nbc 6 news. the anthem of the seas back in port tonight. you may remember the cruise ship ran into some stormy and dangerous weather and was forced to cut its voyage short. that team of u.s. coast guard inspectors will inspect the damage and recommend repairs before the ship sets sail again. more than 4500 people were on board the cruise.
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their scheduled stops and turned around. pasngers are getting a full refund and a certificate for 50% of a future cruise. police are on the hunt for a man who stole a baby or a car with a baby inside. crime stoppers is offering a $3,000 we regard. the little 10-month-old was sleeping in the back seat of the car that it was stolen outside a laundromat. it led to a statewide amber alert. if you could help, call broward crime stoppers. police now looking for a woman who stole a package containing a child's medication from the front door. surveillance video shows a woman walk up to a home, pick up a package, put it in her purse and walk to a waiting silver honda accord accord. it happens seconds after the package was delivered from u.p.s. if you recognize this suspect, call police. well a south florida homeowner asking for an apology
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that a driver handled his delivery. check it out here. kevin'some security camera captures the driver throw his packages over the gate. it spilled cartridges of ammunition all over@ the payment. nothing broke but he would have preed preferred for the driver to open up h gate. the company says it's investigating the incident. there's no rain worries in the forecast for the next few days. we'lll continue see a live first alert doppler radar wi no precipitation on it. the story tonight, the temperatures. right now they're in the low to mid 50 across the area. 53 being the coolest point there in pompano beach, 54 at oakland park.
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it's 55 in ft. lauderdale, 56 in miami riit now. again heading into the 40s for just about everybody here except the florida keys this evening. look at the current temperatures across the state. 42 in vero beach right now, 36 in jacksonville and 35 in tallahassee, orlando at 44. temperatures in orlando are headed toward the freezing mark too. pretty close to it. we've got freeze warnings from just north of orlando to jacksonville and of course in the florida panhandle. tonight, a very cold night for parts of our state. now what's been pretty persistent for south florida over the past couple of days are these high level clouds. and still tonight they're draped over the southern peninsula. that's part of the reason that i've actually raise my overnight minimum temperature forecast by a couple of degrees. i don't think it's going to cool down quite as quickly when we
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have the high clouds. overnight instead of forecasting 46 for miami, i'm going to forecast an overnight low of 49 degrees tonight and into tomorrow morning. tomorrow, in your future tracker here in deactualtail, you can see traces of the clouds at 7:00 a.m. in dade and the flori keys. we're expecting pretty much of a land breze here. that's what helps the temperatures drop into the 40s. if we had a northeast breeze instead, the i iluence of the ocean wowod prevent temperatures from being that cool. through the midday hour looking nice. check out as we head into the afternoon, the winds do start to have a bit more of a marine influence coming in more from the northeast. that's where you see a few clouds hugging the coastline here in the afternoon. but overall we'll see long periris of sun tomorrow, temperaturur will recover to reach 67 degrees in the ternoon and then 64 in the evening with the sun setting at 6:1 1 tomorrow.
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a low of 54. temperatures friday through sunday will be in theid to upper 70s during the daytime hours. rain chances begin sunday night io monday and tuesday when the next front approaches. check this out here. an eye-opening night at the univsity of miami. the united states holocaust museum sharing with the public an upclose look at the atrocities in iraq. thehe photos were taken on a recent trip to iraq. our very own adam kuperstein moderated the discussion and former miami heat star ray allen was in attendance with his wife. sports illustrated is breaking the mold. what you'll see in the 2016 swim suite edition.
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sports illustrated making big waves. the magazine will feature 56-year-old model nicole griffin in its upcoming swimsuit issue. aside from griffin who becomes the oldest woman ever to appear in the issue, the magazine will feature plus size ladies with more conserve zbloos a kentucky fan made a big slip and took a young girl with him. he danced in the aisles last
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moment that he decided to scoop up a female fan and carry her down the stairs which turned out to be a fan fail, ouch. the man lost s footing and they both went down hard. luckily the pair jumped up seemingly uninjured. still will are plenty of people hoping he won't try that move at the next game. i think he was probably embarrassed. >> he was acting all cool afterwards. everyone has an opinion, right?
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his objection yesterday has them (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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so i can't tell you what hassan whiteside was thinking after he got ejected from last night's heat game because the heat sent him home. but his teammates certainly has opinions about whiteside throwing this elbow in the fourth quarter that earned him an early show per. the miami 7-footer had 14 point and six rebounds. once he got tossed the team fell apart and lost to the spurs by 18 points. >> that's something he has to deal with. it's something he has to dole with with himself and with his teammates. so that's on him. >> i think the next step for him is just learning about reputation, you know, unfortunately, you know, he's taken a step back. >> you never turn your back on your teammate.
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but at the same time, you know, you're not always in a position where you can grab somebody's hand and walk them through every step of the way. sometimes you have to live with your decisions that you make. >> he sounds a little fed up, doesn't he? whiteside has a reputation in the league for getting tossed out. riley did an interview with tnt. the president made it clear he's not interested in sitting around taking his time. the way he sounded, there might be a big move coming with the heat currently in the fifth place in the conference. >> i want to win now. i'm getting too old. i want to win down the road. i want to win now. >> we'll be watching. last game for kobe bryant in cleveland tonight. gets a hug from lebron. king james throws a pass. maybe not so funny for russell.
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made 5 of 16 shots. 17 points for kobe, lebr 29. the cavs win easy. the usa women's soccer team won a world cup. this year their sights sets on the olympics. morgan scored 12 second in, she
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the usa rolling 5-0. lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get this 1.5-pint orchid for only $9.98,
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in tonight's can't miss clip, we've got a new way to slide into home plate. an olympic size rink is towering over the stadium. >> starting tomorrow, olympic skiers and snowboarders with takee to the snow for the big air at fenway. launking into acrobatic jumps to search of a big payday. the winner walks away with $150,000. how about that. >> wow.
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you can ski right oefver the green
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