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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  February 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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man with an air rifle. the miami international boat show celebrating its 75th year. not everybody is so happy about the new location. good morning to you, everybody. your time is 4:30. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli mumiz. thanks forjoining us. south florida seeing the temperatures dip into the 40s. >> we were just talking before the newscast started. you said the temperatures would continue to drop over the next couple hours as we approach everybody waking up and heading to school. >> heading into the mid 40s for most of us across the area. it's 4:31. skies clearing out overnight. that's working for or, against us if you don't like the cold weather. here is what we've got. 50 in opa-locka and miami. look at the host of 40s showing up this hour. 48 oakland park and pompano
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48 in the west kendall area, 49 in homestead. with skies clearing out that will yield a lot of sunshine once we get to sunrise. but this cloud cover, if it hangs on, it will serve as a blanket. we'll start off with everyone in the mid 40s. 7, a cold morning for us. we're on our way to 63 before the lunch hour. there will be a nice rebound. a lot of sunshyne to enjoy today. 68 is your first alert forecast high. looking good as we get into the weekend. warmer conditions yet and i think we'll be finished with this cold spell. right now the first alert traffic, kelly blanco. >> good morning, ryan. good morning south florida. hope your morning is off to a good start. we're accident-free in miami-dade and broward counun. good news as you make your way out the door. you can see the construction cones are no longer there. this is northwest 119th street, southbound and northbound lanes
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if you're making your way out the door on the palmetto expressway, traffic moving at 55 miles per hour leave ag four-minute ride from bird road to the dolphin expressway. 836, no issues from the palmetto expressway to i-95. you can fellow me on twitterer i'll be posting traffic updates for you all morning long. >> thank you so much. crisis management teams are headed to a high school this morning after gunshots hit the school's building and forced kidsto lock down. nbc 6 reporter erika glover is live in miami gardens. who are police looking for in this? >> reporter: this situation could have been a lot worse. thankfully no one was hurt. officers are looking for this man, 19-year-old stanley rain. officers sayay he has a criminal history and should be considered armed and dangerous. check out this video of the bullet holes in the windowsere
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inestigators say the bullets came flying from a car heading eastbound on 183rd street, aimed at someone walking in front of @ the school, not the school itself. the person targeted, not a student, apparently fired back. it was 30 minutes after classes got out. students who were still outside went nning. thankfully no one washit. listen to students describe the chaotic scene. >> i ieard like pop, pop, pop. security told us to get inside. it sounded real fast and quick. they said it was a red alert. all students must go inside and stay there. >> this morning educators say grief counselors will be here at carroll city high school on hand to speak with students. officers are asking anyone with information to call crimestoppers if you know anything about what happened. that number 305-471-tips.
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city, erika glover, nbc 6 news. the broward county sheriff's deputy charged with manslaughter will appear in court. we're learning about what he said to detectives shortly after that deadly iident happened. nbc 6 reporter laura rodriguez has that story from ft. lauderdale. >> reporter: sitting on the left side of the screen in blue shirt and jeans, the deputy is questioned by detectives investigating the death of oakland park resident jermaine mcbean. >> i'm walking north on dixie highway on the west lane, the west side lane walking north. he did have a rifle in his hand. it lood like he was walking with it. >> reporter: in the case file there's also a comparison of the type of air rifle mcbean was carrying with an actual 22 rifle. parasa told detectives he became
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the apartment complex. >> being the time of day there's a lot of civilians walking around inside. there's children and families that are in thepool areas, walking around their community. >> repororr: in a federal lawsuit mcbean's family says jermaine was simply walking to his own home with an unloaded pellet gun he had every right to carry, listening to music on his headphones, unable to hear anyone's command and posing no danger to anyone. the detective says mcbean should have heard him. >> was there any noise that you think would have prevented him from hearing the commands you gave him? >> no. >> no construction going oo nothing in his ears that would prevent him from heheing what you said? >> no. >> reporter: the family's attorney has posted a photo we cannot show you o television. that family believes the pictu
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mcbean was listening to music. reporting in ft. lauderdale, laura rodriguez, nbc 6 news. a broward county powerhouse is at the center of a deadly investigation. a section of the seaport that handles cargo at port everglades was taken over by yellow tape and flashing lights as you can see in the video. the broward county sheriff's office says an employee was leaving work when a tractor-trailer hit him. it's unclear how and why the man was hit. officials say the man who has yet to be identified died at the scene. a woman stole a package containing child's medication from the family's front doorstep. a woman walks up to the home, picks up the package, shoving it in her purse and walking away to a waiting silver accord. it happened seconds after the package was delivered by ups to the home. the homeowner says it contained
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you can get a better look of this woman they're looking for here. pope francis making a stop in cuba tomorrow for something that's not happened in 1,0 year. talking the year 1054. the holy father and the head of the russian orthodox church will meet in w`at could be an historic step in healing the rift. the leaders are expected to hold several hours of private talks at the havana airport with one of their main focuses being towards the persecution of christians in the middle east. why cuba is seen as neutral ground. nbc 6 is everywhere. julia bagg will be live from cuba starting tonight at 11:00. momo than 100,000 people expected to have boat show plans. the miami international boat show. it's no longer at the convention center. instead it's at the miami stadium park and basin in key biscayne.
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controversy. >> wouldn't it be nice to have one of those or maybe the extra money that would allow you to buy one of those. a live alert over downtntn miami. you're waking up to cooler temperatures. the cooler temppatures just going to get cooler as we approach the time everybody will be heading out the door. >> a couple more degrees to go, into the mid 40s across the area. positive trend here, clearing skies overnight. it will work to allow a lot of sunshine in your forecast for thursday. the fifth cool day in a row but also the coldest. the cloud deck has been plaguing the skies during the overnight hours. starting to see breaks in the clouds, cooling off in a uniform fashion. here is what we've gotafter the top of the hour. we'll update the readings in about 20 minutes or so. 48 oakland park, 49 ft. lauderdale. the northwest wind continuing. dew points in the upper 30s to near 40.
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beautiful day, though. a lot of sunshine. it will be warmer this afternoon because we'll make a subtle shift in the wind and see a lot of sunshine. on the drive in, 47 degrees. cold for us in south florida. lunch hour 63. first alert forecast high is 68. good news as you're making your way out the door, but we do have construction until 5:30 a.m. expect palmetto expressway northbound right at tamiami trail, all lanes completely blocked off i i that area. on the dolphin expressway westbound, the ramp to northwest 57th avenue completely shut down as well as a couple of your lanes. 826 drivers newspaper the ramp to 122nd is closed at this time. should be opened up by 5:00 a.m. aa ten minute right from coral
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826 not looking bad at all. 826 from bird road to the dolphin expressway a four-minute mmumu with traffic moving at 55 miles per hour. your time is 4:40 on your thursday morning. the cruise ship battered by that storm, there it is right there, anthem of the sea arrived back at port last night. what some passengers told us as they were getting off their nightmare location. a 13-year-old i i dead and police are linking the case to a popular christmas toy. how a hoverboard may have played a role in that. a florida man who admitted to throwing an alligator from the wendy's drive-through %
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we'll welcome back. breaking overnight out of or rekbon. the standoff at the organ wildlife refuge could finally remain. four remaining occupiers say
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only under certain conditions. one includes an escort out by son of billy graham evangelist. the fbi has that refuge surrounded as we speak at this hour. let's back up a little bit. all this started back in january last month when protesters seized the refuge to oppose federal land use policies. later that month in january, some members headed into t#wn and were stopped by federal agents. one of them failed to surrender. at one point he was shot and killed. also breaking overnight, officials arrested clive bundy regarding 2014 standoff grazing rights. his son ammon is one of those in the siege in oregon. there are reports that a north korean military chief has been executed. the reports come from south korean officials. the man was allegedly killed for
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if these south korean reports are true the execution could be the latest in purges, dismissal dismissals. details about north korean government are notoriously difficult to get. south korean officials have a spotty record of tracking developments in north korea. the anthem of the seas is back in court. you probably remember that's the royal caribbean cruise ship that ran into a big-time storm and was forced toto cut its voyage short. >> the ship was met at the dockck by the coast guard. as the more than 4,500 passengers disembarked. we talked to them. chucuie bedford has the story. >> reporter: shouts of joy as weary passengers set foot on land for the first time in four days. the massive anthem of the seas
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around 8:30 wednesday morning. >> amazing, amazing. we were first in line to get off like four hours ago. >> r rorter: passengers cheering from their balcony, an anthem to a dream cruise that turned into a nightmare. >> i don't scsce easy, that scared me. >> reporter: the boys were holding on too their beds like this. it was amazing. video shows chairs flying and state room windows disappearing over 30-foot waves when the ship sailed into the storm sunday. >> everything was blowing open, everything. the closets were flying open, glasses were breaking. it was unbelievable. it was a cruise from hell. >> reporter: elaine and frizz difficult mowsier of the bronx have been on 30 cruises but say they've never experienced anything like this. >> wealled the coast guard. i'm a diabetic and i started getting sick. >> reporter: royal caribbean admitted there were gaps in
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ntsb investigators were on scene and the coast guard expected the ship upon arrival. royal caribbean sayshey're adding more resources so they're better able to plan for situations like this one. they had promised customers they'd get a full refund as well as 50 off another trip. some passengers say they have no plans of getting back on board a ship any time soon. in bay i don't, new jersey, nbc 6 news. >> a long trip for a lot of people. cold weather obviously sticking around here in the state of florida. hundreds of manatees, these gentle giants are taking shelter ininhe warm waters of the crystal river. these sea cows huddldltogether at a refuge inside the three sters spring which is north of tampa on florida's west coast. the high number of manatees has closed the refuge to close altogether for swimmers.% those swimmers were hoping to take a dip with the animals.
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the good news is you can check themut and watch them relax in the waters from the boardwalk anyway. you know what time it is. time for the blalaet. time for the blanket. kelly doesn't have it out yet is morning, but it's likely that you do. this is doey fresh, too. we are settling in to the coldest morning of this cool snap. as soon as we get the sunup this morning, a beautiful day coming for you and a warmer weekend as well. all that said we continue, even though it's been cool on this live weather pattern. live first alert radar, looking nice. a live look outside into miami, port of miami into miami beach, the cloud deck thinning out. that is our blanknk on the atmosphere.
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you like that luis? >e're at 50 in miami. notice a report of clear skies at m.i.a. breaking the clouds and sending us in the direction of more sunshine. the clouds thin out. any warmth at the surface quicklyescaping. that in tan tell with a north and northwest wind, bringing in the 40s right now. 49 in pembroke pines and ft. lauderdale. temperatures still falling. generally into the mid 40s this morning. our winds not too strong. i'll tell you if they were light, our temperatures would be easily three to four degrees colder. bottom line, a beautiful weather pattern. look at the fact that we're mainly cloud-free across the sunshine state. this large ridge of high pressure building in. a nice pattern. the cold air beginning to retreat. on the west side of this area, upper 50s thi morning in houston.
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over into texas. the 20s and 30s reside in the southeast. again, we'll warm things up. we do start awfully cold for our standards. this is not record breaking. about 47 this morning. with sunshine a rapid climb to 63. first alert forecast high today 68. not as cool tonight. lows at 58. that will get you out of the workweek and into the weekend. a warmer trend. mostly sunny at 58. mostly dry tomorrow. 77 onsaturday. a good looking weather pattern. a chill in the air for the morning drive. >> why do you have to keep getting my blanket? you can show your snuggie on air. >> i'll bring it out soon. we had a couple lanes blocked off because of construction. nstruction crews have left the area in the southbound lanes of northwest 103 street. those express lanes are open. 50 cents at this time, leaving
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from the golden glades to the airport expressway. over r our first alert traffic maps, northbound at tamiami trail, construction blocking a few lanes there. 836 westbound the ramp to northwest 57th avenue completely blocked off as well as the ramp to northwest 45th. 826, the ramp to 122nd completely blked. this morning homicide detectives are trying to figure out exactly what happened in the tragic shooting death of a central florida teenager. this is what we understand happened. 13-year-old la barto fisher was playing an xbox when he was accidentally shot in the back of his head by his 18-year-old cousin.
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his hoverboard, he lost his balance ad that's when it went off. two maryland police officers killed in a shootout. the first officer was shot yesterday while he was responding to a disturbance call north of baltimore. the suspect took off and was later found by a second deputy who was also shot. the gunman was eventually killed by other officers. both officers were rushed to the hospital where they died from their injuries. police have not released a motive or a suspect quite yet. they do say he had mumuiple warrants out for his arrest including one right here in florida. >> as zika continues to spread in latin america, it will be the focus in congress. the director for the cdc is expected to testify during a senate subcommittee hearing tay. president obama has already asked for $1.8 billion to help combat the virus. work on a vaccine is already in the works. meep whle, the cdc continues to warn women who may be pregnant to avoid areas where zika is active. tonight there's going to be another debate between sanders
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they'll both be facing off at the university of milwaukee. it's going to happen at 9:00 to night. the candidates shift their focus to nevada and south carolina where voters will head to the polls latt this month. the republican field a little smaller as of this morning. two people we're talking about here, chris christie and carly fiorina have both called it quits. christie made the announcement yesterday afternoon. fiorina made her announcement through facebook. both candidates had poor showings in the first two primaries. keep it tuned here for a report on both candidates coming up at 5:00 a.m. soon lithium ion batteryies could end up on the no-fly list. when they overheat they cause a
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suppppregs system can battle. the n tfrmtssb is expected to make a decision on this soon. so far there's no talk of banning cell phones or laptops from passenger flights. what statted out as a joke is leaving one florida man criminal charges. >> it turns out he had to learn the hard way that a fast food restaurant doesn't accept live gat tors as a form of payment. james and his friend were hoping to prank one of their friends who was working at wendy's which is why they decided to throw a gator at their friend. even though the gator toss happened back in octobee jameses didn't know how much trouble he in. >> i was freaking out honestly because i figured out, wow, i'm really in trouble for this. i think my pranking days are over. >> james says when he pulled up
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working, they decided to, hey, let's do it anyways. he's facing a three-count warrant including assault with a deadly weapon. by the way, he knew it wasn't his friend. he said all he heard w w screaming. >> you can imagine. james, i think your prank days, might be a good idea that they're over. time is 4:54 on thursday morning. the president's new initiative to bring computer science to more schools. it's an idea south florida is getting behind. we'll have details in our education on 6 report. if you're hitting a slump in achieving your fitness goals, do
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new weight loss pro computer programming classes are dominated by boys. >> president obama is asking for billions of dollars to help recruit girls and minorities in to coding as education on 6 reporter ari odzer shows us t t plan has hit hard here in south florida. >> reporter: these students at i prep academy are working on computer programming. it's the in subject these d d d for a reason. >> you need to have those skills. it's kind of like readg and writing. it's the new reading and writing. >> students who do not master that skill are missing out on both economic as well as social mobility opportunity. >> reporter: technology rules and learning coding can help kids rule technology. that's why president obama's budget proposal contains $4 billion to fund coding programs in public schools. >> we should invest inthe future. >> yea, finally. >> right investment at the right
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reason. >> these guys are really into computer programming. the president's proposal wants to make sure more girls get involved in coding as well. >> this is great. >> reporter: this teacher sponsors the girls who code club at i prep. she says it shld be a national imperative to recruit more girls into commuter science. >> we don't have enough talent in the u.s. to build the jobs of tomorrow. so we have a clois to make. do we want to source those jobs elsewhere or do we want to train our people to be able to do that. >> repepter: only 18% of college graduates in computer science these days are women. maria mejia plans on bucking that trend. >> it's important that you not only know how to use the computer for regular uses, but also to create new things. >> repter: if your kids aren't on the coding train yet, make sure they jump on board before
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in miami, ari odzer, nbc 6 news. >> so glad the schools are getting behind this. it's something that isis vital. >> over the course of the next 20 years thehe term coding is going to be commplace in every household. nbc 6 news atstarts now. gunfire forces a local high school to go on lockdown. >> the miami international boat show kicks off today, but not without controversy. >> b beaking bad habits. if you're losing sight of your new year's resolutions, we have a couple ways to help keep you on track. >> live, "nbc 6 today" starts now. good morning to you. we are 5:00 on the nose. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. thks for waking up with us on this thursday morning. grab those sweers on your way out. a chilly start to the morning.
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ft. lauderdale skies. south florida seeing
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