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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 530pm  NBC  February 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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surround a residence where a home delivery turned into an armed home invasion. how fast did this all happen? >> within ten minutes. they just went and got the keys and took off. reporter: leaving victims shaken. the brand smart truck was making a delivery when they were ambushed. both were forced at gunpoint inside the house where the deliver men and residents were ordered to the floor. one of the suspects fired a shot at a victim and missed. the crooks making off with their cell phones, money, and a brand smart truck with merchandise still inside. when you found out the guy was robbed at gunpoint, what did you think? >> i didn't know what tothink, to be honest with you, because nothing like that ever happens around here.
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neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous says the brazen h hist at lunchtime wasn't much of a concern because -- it can happen anywhere? >> anywhere in the neighborhood. >> reporter: the marked brand smart truck similar to the one-on-one one you're looking at on y yr screen. tag eabl97. they really need the public's help with this one. if you have information on this armed robbery, contact miami-dade crime stoppers. we're reporting live outside northwest miami-dade. nbc 6 news. new details tonight about an everglades. the victim has been identified park. police say he had just finished his shift. he walked directly into the path of a tractor-trailer that was pulling into the sun terminals container yard. chopper 6 was over the scenef the accident last night.
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the incident. a minor fuel spill when this 18-wheeler crashed and flipped this morning in miami-dade. the incident happening on opa-locka boulevard. nobody was hurur new video of a man detective say committed a dirty deed at a parkland car wash. that man right on your screen there was caught red handed burglarizing cars belonging to car wash employees. he's placing some of the stolen goods into his pockets. when confronted by the victims, he allegedly forked over a wallet and some of the stolen cash. the victims say when they went to call 911 that guy bolted. another piece of surveillance offers a better look at that guy's face. there he is in the tank top. if you know that man, call police. a second chance for investigators trying to find the sunken el faro.
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today they're launching a new search to uncover the wrecka of the accident back in october. the two-week investigation is expected to begin in april. the nmber one priority is to locate the data recorder or black box. speaking on the senate floor today, nelson said the rened effort is vital to getting the facts about what went wrong. >> this voyage data recorder, it's a key piece to understanding since we have no survivors. it's a key piece to gettinghe information to understand this puzzle of why that ship would sail right into the hurricane. >> el faro sank after losing engine power and getting caught in a category 4 hurricane.
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jacksonville to san juan, portuerto rico rico. miami-dade's newest top cop getting sworn in today. >> of whhich i'm now about to enter. >> so help me god. >> so hel me god. [ applause ] >> an emotional ceremony in port miami. juan perez choked up several times as he spoke of family and admiration of fellow police officers. perez replaces .d. patterson, who retired back in january. today, there was@a peaceful end to the nearly six weeks long standoff at a government wildlife refuge in oregon. the last four of the armed protesterer surrounding after being surrounded by federal agents. this conclusion was not quick and it had plenty of drama of course. >> reporter: after 41 days, the
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oregon surrendered to authorities, but not before a defiant last and. >> come out with your hands up. >> no, we're not. >> rerter: the fbi surrounded protesters overnight leading to hours of tense negotiations live streamed over t internet. >> we need to get calm here. >> reporter: the occupation part of a long dispute over federal lands. bundy was arrested last month and his father cliven bundy locked up today by federal agents. >> if you're doing civil dis sobedience, you have to stick your neck out.
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protesters was killed last month in a standoff against police. the last f the protesters gave up, but made it clear their surrender is not the end of the fight. >> the four are expected to be arraigned by a federal magistrate in portland on friday. in total 16 people are facing criminal charges related to that standoff. jeb bush keeping it all in the family. the bush brothers are officially hitting the campaign trail together. jeb bush's presidential campaign officially announcing today that former president george w. bush would campaign in north charleston on monday with his little brother. a adio ad featuring the 43rd president has already been on the air waves in this early primary state, but the two have not appeared in tandem. candidate hillary clinton getting a much needed boost to her campaign as she competes for the all important black vote. the congressional black caucuses political action committee has
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presidential contender. the committeeeeays they're backing clinton because she has a track recoo of supporting issues that are important to african-americans. clinton already klooking ahead to next month's primary in florida. she'll make a campaign stop in riviera beach on monday. her campaign opened in broward this week. everything from live results to in-depth analysis all at your fingertips. the florida house passed a sweeping tax cut package. the bill calls for a ten-day back to school sales tax holiday. it proposes a tax holiday for nting and fishing gear on a single day in august and for personal computers and computer-related accessories on a day in april. the biggest part of that package would reduce the tax charge to businesses that rent property.
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it is willing to go on tax cuts. now to an nbc 6 investigation. thieves he a new high-tech way of stealing your identity to rack up some big purchases and it is done through your favorite device. dan krauth joins us with a preview of what he's working on for tonight a 6:00. >> people are hacking into them to get to your most personal information. get this. they're doing it while your phone is in your very own pocket. detectives tell us this is a crime you don't often hear about because people aren't reporting it. a miami shores manearned about this the hard way when it happened to him. >> it makes me feel sick, literally sick to my stomach. >> we're going to show you how this crime works and something yoyo can do today to help protect yourself. these are steps i have taken to protect my phone and my identity as well. join us forn nbc 6
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tonight at 6:00. it could be a game-changer in the case against bill could you say -- cosby. it's what investigators in new york say is at the center of lat year's deadly explosion. who is now facing criminal charges. also ahead, a long story about a long lost love and how a world war ii vet is makingg up for all the time in between. and the annual boat show under way this year on key biscayne. we'll give you a look at the event and the traffic coming up. what weather you can expect for the boat show, for the winward arts, and everything else going on in south florida coming up. also ahead, a first alert traffic warning tonight. >> hey, there south florida. overnight construction tonighgh
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we'll show you how to new tonight, more pishment for miami heat player. whiteside will be suspended for one game. an elbow to the head of san antonio's player. whiteside was ejected.
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in the heat's next game, which isn't for a while. the wife of comedian bill cosby will be deposed in a civil suit regarding her husband's sexual allegations. she was scheduled to face attorneys in january. today, a massachusetts judge ruled that mrs. cosby must appear, but can refuse to answerp questions regarding private conversations under the marital disqualification rule. her deposition is set for february 22nd in springfield, massachusetts. a deadly gas explosion that rocked new york city last spring. the powerful blast killed two people and reduced three buildings to rubble. the tragedy was blamed on the landlord hungry for cash who skimped on doing theroper work. the property owner and an unlicensed plumber and a general
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charges including second-degree manslaughgher. energythose trains were traveling on the same track on tuesday when they collided killing ten people and injuring more than 80 in germany. authorities are hoping the black boxes will get them the causes behind the crash. a civilian in england being hailed a hero for tripping a man police were chasing on foot. the man casually stuck out his leg and tripped the drug dealing suspect who had a lead on kingston police officers. he then casually walked away from the scene. that was it. an annual event sailing to town right now in miami. it attracts thousands of people to miami every year. the miami boat show is at a brand-new location. >> the miami international boat show opened today at the iconic miami marine stadium park. very cool.
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tonight with a look. >> reporter: this year's event -- hi guys -- is expected to attract an estimated 100,000 people. the new location here on key biscayne, well, that means a lot of traffic for this area and limited parking. the annnnl miami international boat show is here again. this year at a new location. the miami marine stadium park on virginia key. from eager vendors -- >> historically the miami show has been the opportunity for the industry to really present your and to the customers. >> reporter: to excited organizers. >> we want this to be a great experience for all the people we host every year and who come back and spend lots of money in this community. >> reporter: to the crowds of people. this five-day annual event is expected to drawwn estimated 100,000 people. this temporary marina was built
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you can expect to see a lot of traffic. that was a concern for key biscayne's mayor coming into the event. >> we love the boat show. we love these types of events, but they properlrl belong in a convention center. >> reporter: they've invested to prepare for the traffic situation. designated parking on the island is very limited. people are encouraged to park their cars around designaad lots in miami instead. >> we have p pkingng spaces that are designated for the show. >> rerter: in year's past the boat show was on miami beach. this new location is here to stayfor now. it's permitted for at least another year. and like years' past, under way yachts miami beach. so many vessels on display and a
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issues there as well. nbc 6 news. other than high clouds, another pretty day here in south florida. a chilly start. then this afternoon temperatures recovering to about 70 degrees. live first alert doppler radar not showing any rain. only echoes you see there, that's some of the smoke from the burning of the sugar cane there in the sugar cane fields south of lake okeechobee. 42 at homestead general airport. that is o o the west end of f homestead right by the everglades. pompano beach, 45. 63-degreeeading in hollywood this morning. key biscayne, 47 degrees right at the coast. that's unusual. north miami beach with a low of 48 earlier today.
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the 60s. 68 opa-locka. 66 miami, kendall, and homestead. also 66 a oakland park and ft. lauderdale. statewide temperatures rebounded, too, because yesterday at this hour we were oking at readings in the low 50s. it's up to 71 degrees currently in tallahassee. all right. so tomomoow morning's lows are not going to be near a chilly. readings near 60 degrees in the keys. say 50 to about 55 degrees in miami-dade county. the same applies maybe 50 to 55 or a 49-degree reading in coral springs. skies. no chance of rain. temperatures to 60 degrees by 3:00. then into the mid 50s by around midnight. the overnight low willtay in the mid 50s. low 50s for some. 50 to 55 tomorrow morning as you head out the door with mainly clear skies.
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continue to bebe cooler than normal. our normal low this time of the year is 62degrees. early tomorrow morning a couple of sprinkles are possible in the florida keys, but for the metro area no rain is expected throughout the day. should be partly to mostly sunny again. very nice day expected for tomorrow here in south florida, so therefore the threat tracker isiset to green. no problems with the weather tomorrow across o area. here's your forecast now. heading into the weekend, friday into saturday mostly sunny both days. highs will be in the mid to upper 70s. lows at night in the mid 50s. then on sunday a few more clouds 74. no rain expected, thgh, on sunday. and monday is probably our best chance of seeing any rain this back to you. you may have seen the video of a hungry sea lion pup which took his seat in an upscale restaurant. the pup nicknamed marina isis
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hundreds of other sea lions are struggli to find food because of the warm watrs that are pushing away the fish they prey on. marina could be released back into the ocean in the next few weeks if her weight continues to increase. >> i hope she wasn't there for seafood. if you're lookokg for something to do with your valentine this week, t checking out andrea bocelli. >> the italian tenor will serenade miami w wh his songs of love. >> few artists sing of love like andrea bocelli. ave maria >> this weekend he returns for
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day tradition in south florida. he'll be at the hard rock live this saturday and sunday. >> i like to sing the love. i always sing love in my songs. probably this is my concept. >> bocelli tells me he'll try to find the most beautiful melodies of love to gift you, his fans, his neighbors. south florida is his second home. >> what do you love about south florida? >> the climate out there, the atmosphere, the smell, many things, the people, everything. >> his only frustration, the language. italian rules in his house, except when it comes to his 3 1/2-year-ol daughter virginia. >> she speaks better tn me the english.
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to victoria, love for his family is the greatest song he will ever sing. >> right here. >> virginiaelping me make a tough decision. >> do you think i should name him marcel? >> yeah. >> so now you want to learn a surprising fact about andrea bocelli? to find that out as well as where you can get your tickets, check out the nbc 6 news and weather p. just search andrea bocelli under 6 in the mix. nbc 6 news. still ahead on 6, another story just in time for valentine's day. >> just wonderful.l a world war ii veteran reunites with his sweetheart after
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wha right now, a valentine's day
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>> after more than 70 years of separation. 93-year-old norbert thomas flew to australia to meet his long lost love. >> how are you feeling? >> a little nervous. >> are you excited by it all? >> oh, yes. >> well, you're still vertical. >> the pair saw each other for the first time since 1945. they first met in london shortly before d-day. thomas was a 21-year-old paratrooper. they lost touch after the war, but finally reconnected via skype last year. after their story went public, a fundraising campaign raised money for thomas to go to australia to meet morris.
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it's a great difference in pearance, but there's a big difference in my appearance too. >> she says she wished their paths would have crossed earlier. she would have loved to have a differentlife, probably a happier one. >> norbert and morris exchanged letters following the war, but when he asked her to marry her in a letter, she misunderstood and stopped writing. >> the flame never quite went out. >> it's rekindled now. that'll do it for the news at 5:30. >> more news straight ahead. breaking news. the mother who called police during a suicide attempt to report her baby was inside a freezer now under arrest.
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struck by bullets in less than 24 hours as police investigate one. investigators make an arrest in another. u.s. customs and border protection is making sure your valentine's day flowers aren't carrying anything extra. it's the latest way you can become a victim of id theft. >> violated. >> and it's in the palm of your hands. how it's happening. a scare at a south florida school after a stray bullet strikes a portable classroom while students and a teacher are inside. police immediately place the school on lkdown as they began their investigation. >> the shooting coming just a day after a gunmanhot outside carol city high school. good evening, i'm jawan strader. >> and i'm jackie nespral.
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the stray bullets striking the schools. we begin with ari odzer. >> reporter: it did happen this morning at francis tucker elementary here in coconut grove. there were four kids and a teacher i iide the portable over there at the time. the bullet, though, managed to dodge all of them. >> it was shocking more me to walk into the school and to see kids cowered under desks with teachers stoically protecting them. that should not be a scene anybody should witness here in miami. >> reporter: he was inside the room. >> scarar >> what did you hear? what did you see? >> gunshots and a a bullet went in the classroom. >> did it come close to you? >> no, but it was close to my
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>> he was terrified. it was his best friend. the bullet went behind his best friend and land on the wall. >> reporter: two bullets hit that portable classroom. one penetrated inside, bounced off a wall, and landed on the floor narrowly missing students. by luck, by chance, no one was hurt. >> when chance and luck are the best defense that our kids have in miami or in this county, something is terribly brok. >> reporter: school went on for the rest of the day, but some parentnt shaken by the incident took their kids out early. from the outside environment. >> crazy. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: what are the solutions to this epidemic of youth-related gun violencece >> teach kids not to join a gang


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