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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> he was terrified. it was his best friend. the bullet went behind his best friend and land on the wall. >> reporter: two bullets hit that portable classroom. one penetrated inside, bounced off a wall, and landed on the floor narrowly missing students. by luck, by chance, no one was hurt. >> when chance and luck are the best defense that our kids have in miami or in this county, something is terribly brok. >> reporter: school went on for the rest of the day, but some parentnt shaken by the incident took their kids out early. from the outside environment. >> crazy. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: what are the solutions to this epidemic of youth-related gun violencece >> teach kids not to join a gang
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these violent gangs. >> if we don't speak out, this is not going to stop. >> reporter: the superintendent went on to say we as a society need to have more after school programs to get kids involved in those instead of being involved in gangs. a bill is being considered in tallahahsee right now that would add protection for people who inform on criminals. should be passed. it's an extra layer of otection there. as far as the shooting on this street today, miami police say they're not sure how many people were involved. they say it was a shootout. they're not sure if it was gang related, drug related, or what at this time. nbc 6 news. thank you. our team coverage moves to carol city high school. an arrest has been made in connection to that shooting. steve litz is live from miami gardens with more for us tonight. >> reporter: jawan, investigators in this part of town sayhey have no doubt
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retaliatory gang shooting. it happened light around dismissal time outside carol city high school here. investigators have named edd publicly named two suspects and one is in custody.y. at one point during dissmissal, six police vehicles were posted outside of miami carol city high school, a high-profile presence because of yesterday's shooting. investigators arrested cedric atmos. the police report describes him as a gang member of 2100, a criminal street gang in the city of opa-locka and was with a oup of other 2100 member males. this woman told me she's his aunt. >> ma'am, there's information that he's a gang member. 2100. >> i don't know nothing about that. i heard about an opa-locka gang. >> reporter: police arrested atmos at his home about midnight. it was 3:00 around dismissal time when investigators say atmos jumped out of a car,
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the building, and then took off. this woman's grandchild goes to e day care right next door. >> i think it's ridiculous that these children are running rampant out here with these guns. >> reporter: the search continues for stanley reagan. police say he's also a gang member and was also involved in the shooting. students returned to school this morning. some flat out scared. >> i think everybody should be safe and calm down. we come to school to learn and everything. its scary for other kids. >> it's supposed to be a safe environment. you're supposed to go to school and get your education and not come out here and fight and be reckless. >> reporter: police say stanley reagan was involved and others were too. investigators are confident more arrests are ahead. live in miami gardens tonight, nbc 6 news. >we continue to follow breaking news concerning a disturbing case. the mother who told police her infant son was in a freezer now facing charges of manslaughter.
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confession during a suicide attempt. marissa bagg is live with more on her first appearance in court. >> reporter: this 37-year-old mother is spending her first few hours in jail tonight. she didn't have anything to say to the judge she went before this morning, and her husband and her attorney were also in the courtroom, but they were silent in front of our cameras as they were walking out. vargas ortiz is charged with manslaughter in the death of her 4-month-old hugo. he was discovered in the freer of her homestead home after vargas ortiz told monroe county deputies conflicted stories about where the baby was. they encountryered her on the seven-mile bridge threatening suicide last month. >> apparently, the family travels freely in and out of the country.
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immigration status as far as her flight risk. >> she has very strong ties. all her close family is here in the united states. not in bolivia. >> reporter: vargas ortiz claims her baby got hurt when he slipped out of her hands while she bathed him. a judge issued a warrant for her arrest more than two weeks ago, but she was undergoing a mental health evaluation until today. today it appears the judge does believe she's a flight risk because she w w ordered no bond. nbc 6 news. right now, police need your help finding a local missing teen. nbc 6 has posted her picture on our facebook page so you can share it. this is a look at her. her name is aaliy.
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her mother saw her last friday. the teen was wearing a red jacket, black pants, and converse sneakers. information. we have an update in a case. a judge agreed to review the mental health records of jermaine mcbean. he's the man who was carrying an air rifle when he was shot and killed in 2013.. the deputy is charged with manslaughter. the attorney wants mean's medical records released so support their claim that mcbean was unstable and possibly suicidal. mcbean's family wants to keep those records private. >> it's a sad situation. it's very sad. i'm sorry he's fighting for his life, but i'm fighting for myy child's life who was killed and wasn't doing anyying. >> he faces up to 30 yeaea in prison if convicted.
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to salute the members of the doral police department. tomorrow, lynch will host a youth town hall in miami. you know what february 14th is. valentine's day. it's coming up. beautiful bouquets of flowers will be almost everywhere you turn. a lot goes on to make sure those flowewe stay pretty and pest free. we are at the cargo processing facility at miami international airport. >> reporter: u.s. customs and border protecon workers are shaking things up this valentine's day. they're checking every stem, leaf, and f ower petal for diseases. >> we're investigating tropical flowers around the valentine rush. we get a lot of flowers around this time. we're looking for pests and insects. >> reporter: while these flowers are filled with love, they can also be filled with these creepy
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>> those 1400 pests that could damagegeur agriculture are the ones that they're looking out for every single day. >> reporter: to prevent invasive species and diseases from coming into the country, these agriculture specialists are investigating boxes and boxes of flowers. this is a $15 billion industry in the u.s. just how much flowers are we talking about? well, during last year's valentine's day season, 976 million cut flower stems. 91.5% of those flowers coming through miami international airport alone. >> we inspect them with love. we take the time and care to inspect them so when they get to someone's table or a vase, they're in good shape. >> reporter: this valentine's day you can be safe knowing ose flowers from your significant other will be pese
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nbc 6 news. >> and if you're still trying to order flowers for valentine's day, make sure you check out the nbc 6 news and weather app. we have some tips to think outside of the box or vase. south florida has been waking up to chilly mornings lately, but will the trend continue? >> it's going to continue to be cool, but not so chilly at night. the days are going to be delightful. the details of the pretty forecast up next. i know what happened. >> a family makes a plea for help after a fathe is gunned down right in front of his home. hacking into your phone and stealing your most personal
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the nbc 6 investigators police are looking for a dangerous criminal who robbed a man with a long kitchen knife. cops say he followed his 62-year-oldictim as he left a hollywood mcdonald's near sterling road and i-95. right now, the police department's biggest lead is their suspect's distinctive bandanna print sweatshirt. a man in his 20s around 5'9" with a full set of gold teeth. theeurder of a father of five gunned down in front of his home.
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cigarette when a gunman opened fire, what police are calling an assassination assassination-style mder. he was an innocent bystander because the intended target may have been his own brother. the hooded gunman walked up to the home and then took off in a getaway car. the victim's wife is pleading for someone out there to come forward with information. >> my heart has been taken out. i feel like my heart has been ripped out of my chest. i don't know how to go on without him being there as a support for me or my children. >> well, his wife and five children were inside the home at the time when he was gunned down. the city of miami beach announced that it will start issuing tickets to illal parked bikes. officials recommend riders to
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it will bepublic areas. well, today across south florida we enjoyed another pretty day. some high clouds. we ended up close to 70 degrees this afternoon.n. live first alert doppler radar not showing any rain a a this hour. we'll take a look outside here as we look towards downtown miami and off in the distance. the sun has already set. that happened about five minutes ago. we expect a chilly night, but not quite as cold as last night. we did last night see 40s just about everywhere, ecept miami international airport. a low temperature there of 51 degrees. what's significant about that is there's only been one night in this entire winter that miami has dropped below 50. normally we would have seen
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miami hasn't seen a lot of cold air soar. comfortable weather expected for friday and the weekend as we continue in the long rain-free stretch so far this weekend. pommano beach, 45. key west, the low is 57. our current readings are i low to mid 60s. 65-degree reading in miami. 64 in pompano beach. it will keep our weather quiet. we don't see any new fronts. very dry air in place across
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just a few scattered clouds. we're ting to shake some of those high clouds that have been so pesk. lots of sun. sunday's showers, if they do occur, will hold off until the nighttime hours on sunday. more than likely on monday. i think these showers will be spotty. nothing widespread. really the highest rainfall activity or chance of rain that is will be on tuesday when that front that i'm talking about moves through south florida. let's look at tomorrow now. a few clouds in the morning for the florida keys. mmbe a stray shower there. otherwise looks to be mostly sunny across the area. we'll he an onshore breeze for the first time in a few days on friday. high temperature of 76 degrees. that's not far from our normal highd for this time of year.
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every night in the 50s. monday, more moisture in place. temperatures drop behind that front, but not all that much. it will get us back to delightful weather for the middle of next week. can you believe your cell phone can be stolen along with your most personal information while it is still in your pocket? >> it's scary. >> how to protect yourself. if you're thinking of taking your family to the coconut grove
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6 ne all right. welcome back, everyone. your cell phone can get stolen while it is in your pocket. >> it is one of the latest forms of identity theft. what to watch out for and how to protect yourself. >> our cell phones are our life liep lines. we use them for a lot of things,
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that's what thieves are trying to exploit. it was a picture perfect birthday for ed hiden, until it came time to blow out the ndles on his cake. >> it makes me feel sick, literally sick to my stomach. >> reporter: he noticed no one called him to wish him happy birthday. >> my mom hasn't called. >> reporter: that's when he realized he no longer controlled his own phone, but didn't know why. turns out someone called the phone company posing as him and switched his number to a different phone. all they needed was his name, his phone number, and the last four digits of his social security number. >> knowing that somebody can just come in and transfer thatt service to themselves to take advantage of whatever thehewant is kind of terrifying. >> reporter: in a matter of hours his stolen phone and
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more than $10,000 to his american express card. when the company called his cell phone to verif the purchase, the call didn't go to him. it went to the thief. >> a crime was being committed against me. >> his personal information was compromised. >> reporter: marcos rodriguez has investigated dozens of similar cases but we don't often hear about it because it is underreported. >> they'll report the bigger fraud. the credit cards that were ordered in their name, the loans that were taken out in their names. >> reporter: the fcc called the case alarming and says it received 100 complats nationwide. >> call your cell phone provider and set up a much security as possible. >> reporter: that's what ed did. he has an extra four digit pini on his account. when we called his company
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they're trying to stay one step ahead of the criminal ed is trying to figure out how someone got so much of his persool information. >> it's violating. >> reporter: and wishing he noticed the problem before blowing out the candles. >> it's as simple as making a phone call and having a few bits of information. >> reporter: now this is easier said than done, but detectives say it is important not to store any personal information on your cell phones like passwords or your e-mail accounts in case someone gets access. live in the studio tonight, dan krauth. >> the nbc 6 investigators are working for you. if you have a story you think they need to check out, send an e-mail to us or call our tip lines. good afternoo we have a lot to tell you about coming up tonight. we're going to hear the dramatic communications that led up to the surrender from the weeks long protest in oregon.
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record coming under fire from a pretty powerful voice. and that nightmare cruise is finally over, but the anger and
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thatathip ended up in trou finally tonight, a quick look at today's top stories. a mother is in jail after facing charges after her 4-month-old son was found dead in a freezer last month. police arrested vargas ortiz on manslaughter charges for the murder of her son. last month, monroe deputies found the woman in the parking lot of the seven-mile bridge threatening to commit suicide. he she told deputies she threw her son off the bridge. he was found in the freezer of her homestead home. police say two bulletet hit a portable classroom at francis tucker elementary school in the
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the school was placed on lockdown. the suspec called the shooting unacceptable. police are halfway to closing the case of the shooting yesterday. they arrested cedric atmos for carrying a concealed firearm and bringing that gun o school property, but cops want to find 19-year-old stanley reagan who is armed and dangerous. investigators think the men are both gang members. you can follow the latest on all of these stories and other news making headlines today on the nbc 6 news and weather app. download it for free. who wasasp early today out and about? anyone here? >> yes. >> i'm talking 6:30ish, 7:00. you were all out there, right? we had readings in the low 40s, mi 40s in many spots, but it won't be like that tonight, right? so we're heading into the mid 0 0 -- 50s for your overnight ws.
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the mid 70s every day. lots of sun. it's going to be a great start to what's expected to be a busy and very nice weekend here in south florida. >> it is busy. the boat show. the coconut grove arts festival and good weather. i love when that happens. we can welcome our guests to south florida with nice weather. >> sometimes the meteorologist gets some love. sometimes. >> sometimes. >> we all give you love, john. that's our report for tonight. "nightly news" is next. tonight, dramatic surrender after a 40-day siege, anti-government protesters in custody. it's getting perm. clinton and sanders battle for the black vote as the civil rights icon slams sanders. and a republican brawl takes shape in the
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the polar vortex, tens of millions bracing for the coldest air of the season. al roker is here warning of a dangerous freeze. u.s. olympic officials take action to cal fears over zika after a big star says she's not sure she'd go. and cruise nightmare. passenge who thought they were going to die. now, speaking out and wondering why the captain sailed right into a ferocious storm. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. it's over. the armed siege captivating the nation's attention foror weeks has reached a dramatic conclusion. the woods of oregon, the anti-government protesters occupying a wildlife refuge have


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