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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  February 12, 2016 4:30am-4:59am EST

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nation, making it an unusually deadly weekend for law enforcement. live, "nbc 6 today" starts now. your time right now 4:30. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. hopefully the cold spell is nearing the end. >> we have a lot of events that a lot of people are going to this weekend. let's go to ryan phillips with a look at what the forecast looks like this morning. >> winds out of the west and northwest. light winds in place overnight and clear skies have led to cooler readings this morning. 53 in oaklandpark, 51 in west kendall, 56 in miami. a little cooler than we were thinking. still a very refreshing morning. a quick wind shift leads to mostly sunny skies and a few afternoon clouds. much warmer than we've seen in several days, as a matter of fact.
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beach this morning. lots of sunshine for the morning smut, but a warmer afternoon, much warmer than all the 60s we've seen the last few days. that part of the forecast just ahead. right now to traffic and kelly. happy friday south florida. as you make your way out the door, we're accident-free in miami-dade and broward county. not construction free up until about 5:30 a.m., expect until about 5:00 a.m., 826 at tamiami trail, construction going on all week since 11:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. every morning. we have broken down car i-95 northbound just before you hidid the dolphin expressway, the 836. you'll find the right lane blocked off. make sure you stick to your left-hand side. then we have construction on the palmetto expressway northbound as you're trying to ramp off to northwest 122nd street. not going to be able to do so for another half hour to an hour. that ramp to northwest 122nd
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off. 4:32 now. schools under fire in the last week, two different shootings at two different south florida schools. the community is demanding an end to the violence. both of these happening -- marissa bag has the story. >> reporter: double trouble for miami-dade public schools adds two campuses were stunned by gunfire. the latest at francis tucker elementary school in coconut grove where two bullets hit a portable building from nearby. >> when it came through the window, we knew and went to the floor. it was terrified and the bullet went behind his best friend and landed in the wall beside him. >> reporter: for a second day,
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doors and even turning off lights and keeping quiet. again, superintendent al ber dzokar val low is discouraged and. >>something is terribly broken. carvalho did the same thing wednesday at carol city high school. investigators say rival gang members shot at eh other shortly after class was dismissed. cedric add ris is in jail. >> it's supposed to be a safe environment. you're supposed to go to school and get your education, not come out here and fight and be reckless. >> reporter: the real challenge is finding a solution that curbs the violence. >> make sure we teach kids about not joining a gang. that's one way. the other way is active prosecution of these violent gangs. >> if this community doesn't rise up and speak up against the code of silence that's killing
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not going to stop. >> reporter: no arrests made at e shooting at the elementary school, but school police have named another suspect they want off to streets tied to the shooting at carol city high school. his name is stanley ragin, 19 years old, said to be a gang member and known to be violent. if you can help police find him, call crime stoppers here in miami-dade, 305-471-tips. about three hours ago pope rancis took off on his way to havana for the second time in less than six months, this time for a meeting that could heal a 1,000-year-old rift between western and eastern branches of christianity. preparations happening for something that has not had in a millennium almost. wwn pope francis greets the
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you recall, they will be bridging a divide that has lasted 962 years. a power struggle boiled over between leaders of the eastern and western churches, their leaders excommunicated each other and the churches have not reconciled since. the meeting will be short, it's on neututl ground at the airport, not at a church. it's expected to last for two hours. the encounter is sething years in the making, something even john paul ii wanted. cuban leader raul castro will also be there. we'll be there live as well. remember we have an in depth section called cube wah crossroads where you can find all julia's reports as well as the pope's visit to havana.
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afer her 4-month-old son was found dead in a freezer. paulo vargas ortiz was arrested and is in jail without bond. nbc 6 covering the story since last month when the woman was found threatening to kmooun commit suicide. miami-dade police later found the baby in the freezer of her homestead home. it looks like a case of mistaken identity that left a man dead. the family believes the killer was after his brother. aaron parish nt outside to smoke a cigarette when the gunman opened fire in what they call wednesday an assassination-style murder. the killer may have wanted to shoot parish's own brother. cops shared video that captures a hooded gunman walk up to a
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the victim's wife pleading with someone to come forward. >> i feel like my hearars been ripped out of my chest and i don't know how to gon without him being there as support for me and my children. >> his wife and four children were inside the home at the time the dad was gunned down. the search is on for two men police say robbed brand smart delivery working as they were bringing in brand new appliances to a customer's home. stephanie bertini has the story this rning. detectives from the miami-dade detective robbery brewer are working a case with multiple victims they're looking for two suspects who they say targeted a delivery truck on the same day. this woman, a witness says she watched as two masked men held up two drivers inside that
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make their way into this house. >> they were followingnghem and they went and got the keys and took off. >> reporter: polili say a brand smart truck was making a delivery when the disguised men, one carrying a gun, ambushed the man and forced them into the home. inside the delivery man and four people in the home were forced to the floor. the bad guys, police say, took their cell phones and cash and took off in the truck, but not before reportedly firing a single shotot >> nobody was huhu. >> reporter: just like that over the lunch hour, this entire neighborhood shahan. police are still looking for that stolen truck, the cell phones and cash they say were taken plus the tww men who they say committed the crimes disguised. stephanie bertini, nbc 6 news. your time is 4:39. with valentine's day around the corner on sunday, millions of flowers will be delivered all
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>> ladies, if you don't like the flowers, at l lst they won't bug you. that's because u.s. customs and border protection going through the process of inspecting all imported flowers, making sure they're not infested with creepy crawlers that can damage our agriculture. last season inspectors processed about 976 million cut flower stems. more than 90% of those flowers come through miami international airport. >> just don't forget.t. flowers or chocolate, just don't forget. a live al look from one of our first alert cameras. we have the art festival going on, the boat show. weekend. >> on average we usually do pretty well. normally in february we can count on cool spells. we're just coming out of one into the weekend. we'll be warming up. temperatures just right. a really nice morning across the area.
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oakland park, 56 is where we staa in miami. winds will be out of the northeast instead of they're out of the north. that subtle wind shift making a difference of about five to six degrees across the area. we will bring in a northeast wigd later ontion that will bring in fair weatherclouds. a beautiful morning but a rapid warming will take shape, averaging into the mid 50s this morning. bright skies for the morning drive. for the lunch hour, a quick decent climb today withur temperatures. all the while we're dry and dry through the upcoming weekend. warmer temperatures for saturday and sunday. we'll lay out your weekend forecast in about ten minutes. right now back to traffic and kelly. right now we're accident-free in miami-dade and broward county. taking a look at your drive in the 305, this is i-95 northbound and southbound at 163rd street.
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out there. those express lanes, however, still blocked off. once they open up, they'll be 50 cents. if you're making your way out the door this morning on the palmetto expressway northbound, that r rmp to northwest 122nd street is completely bcked off. should be opening up within the next half hour to 45 minutes. we also have this broken down car on i-95 northbound as you're making your way over to the 836. you want to stick to your left-hand side. blocked off. we have overnight construction. up until 5:00 a.m., five lanes northbound completely blocked off. kelly, thanks so much. your time on thisis friday morning is 4:42. still ahead, the cocotry's top doctors are more concerned this morning after another country has been hit with zika.
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shot and killedithin
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florida house has passed a nearly $80 billion budget deal, expected to go to schools in part, also health care and environmental programs. it's not over by a long shot. there's one month left before e final budget has to be passed which will cover state spending from july of next year to june of the next. this morning we're looking at some of the highlights from last night's democratic debate. two days after the first primary, the two candidates squared off in sconsin. >> reporter: without kbreeting one another on stage, the two candidates went on the attack. >> the american people are tired of establishment politics. >> reporter: the self descrid political outsider believes expanded universal health care is a right, not a privilege. >> what i believe is the unid states, in fact, should join the rest ofofhe industrialized world and guarantee health care to all people. >> reporter: but secretary clinton quickly challenged his
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>> the numbers don't add up. many people will actually be worse off. >> reporter: while the senator has a tight grip on women voters, he didn't feel a sanders presidency would thwart history. >> i think a sandrs victory would be of some historical accomplishment as well. >> i'm not asking people to support me because i'm a woman. i'm asking people to support me because i feel like i'm the most qualified, experienced and ready person to be the president and the commander in chief. >> reporter: with minority voters a key audience as they move move, immigration was a hot button. >> we've goto move toward a path tort citizenship. i agree with presidenttbama who used executive orders to protect protectly protectlies. >> we should b deporting curveballs, not hard working immigrant famililis. >> reporter: while the two candidates agree on crucial
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disagree on how to solve them. >> did sanders keep his momentum? voters will decide at the next caucus in nevada february 20th. so the legal battle between republican presidential candidate donald trump is coming to an end. hopefully a long one. we're talking about the one that has to doith spanish tv network univision. after months of litigation both sides say they think they've reached an agreement on the $500 million lawsuitit he took action against univision after the media company decided not to broadcast the beauty pageants after the billionaire labeled mexican immigrants as criminals. details about the settlement
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friday morning, 4:47. off to a good start. we're off to a dry and cool one. temperatures quickly falling into the mid 50s. it will be a nice starting point. we're looking for warmer weather to come into the pattern for the weekend, but not too warm, just rightas a matter of fact. we'll see dry conditions prevail for the weekend. in fact, our next rain chance will be well into next week. live first alert doppler, skies mostly clear. a live look now and we head into miami and miami beach where we've been watching the skies clclar out overnight because our winds turned offshore. we did not keep the ocean component to the breeze. that's had a big impact on o temperatures overnight. we're setting back into the mid 50s, pleasant indeed. i don't think aone will complain about that. a north wind at three. temperatures at 56. let's head up the road, 40s and 50s again, better than 20s and 30s up state.
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a transition to a warmer pattern which will lead to overnight lows, near normal lows. 53 right now in peeroke pines, 51 in west kendall and pompano beach. an impressive cooldown. clear skies, light winds. that's what it takes to get red dings like this. we've got lower 60s through the florida keys. a beautiful start to the morning. we'll see the winds shift. once we bring in t ocean component to the breeze, temperatures warm into the lower and mid 70s. all the while plenty of sunshine. this area of high pressure is spread out from the west to the east across the florida peninsula so everyone stays dry. we've got mild air here along the gulf coast states. 61 in houston, 59 in new orleans, 60 in pensacola. all locations warmer than south floridaecause of our north breeze. we'll enjoy the sunshine and see a rapid warmup. by 7:00 a.m. sun is up, warming
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first alert forecast high today 75. still the cool side oday. 58 in the coastal locations. a little cooler out west. still looking good, still dry. mostly sunny on saturday and 76. 74 on sunday for valentine's day. let's get back to first alert traffic with kelly. >> still accident-free from miami-dade and broward county. we have a crash on i-95 northbound and northwest 103rd street. as you can see, no loans are blocked at this time. construction in overnight, that's not there either. the express lanes have opened up, 50 cents. about 12 minutes from the golden glades to the airport expressway. on i-95 northbound you'll find a couple lanes blocked off because of construction. this is i-95 southbound and northbound around the area of griffin road.
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if you're looking to fly, keep an eye out this morning. the latest consumer report comes out out of the department of transportation. it has information for december including flight deldys, tarmac times, mishandled bag information and any complaints for different airlines. the agency expected to release full year data for 2015. a police officer has been found guilty of manslaughter. that is him in the courtroom, 28-year-old officer peter liang was found guilty of shooting and killing todd gurley. he says he unintentionally fired his weon after being startled by a noise. police officers across the nation terrified that they have become targets of gun violence. so far this week, five officers have died the line of duty. there have been about eight
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them in the state of florida. nbc 6 did talk to local law enforcement who believe officers are now being targeted now more than ever. >> there's a war declared against our soldiers who protect us locally. >> so while it seems like more officers are dyingn duty, that's not really the case. according to the numbers anyway, numbers show that deaths like these are approaching actually an all-time low at the national level. last year about 43 officers were killed in the line of duty while back in 1975 that number topped out at 135. >> we've beentelling you this week attorney general loretta lynch is visiting certain cities. she's now here in south florida. she came to town to salute the members of the doral police department, recognized by training officers to have a better relationship with the community. today she'll host a youth town hall at a miami high school. she's traveling across the country to highlight police
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standards for law enforcement oorps. oorps. the fbi has information that parts of the or again refuge could be boobytrapped. originally the group wanted the federal government to turn land oefrver -- the director of the cdc warning the next area that could be the next zika hot spot. he warned puertrtrico could soon see a lot of vehicle ka virus cases. he say there is could be hundreds of thousands of fections on that island. in the meantime olympic organizers are trying to ensure the world that everything possible is being done. venezuela has reported three deaths related to zika combinations. the country is reporting that they might have mire than 5,000 cases and that is since november of last year.
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time now, also tax season. we're comparing online software programs that claim to make filing easier. coming up on nbc 6 news at
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spending a lot of money on their welcome back. it's tax season. do you know how you're goingo file your taxes yet? >> ready or not. get the paperwork out. nbc's mark barger goes over popular tax software apps and gives you a couple tips to get that refund quicker. amy thinks you have to be super smart to not mess up your taxrefund. >> with four out of five returns expected to be filed electronically, online tax software aims to make diy filing easier. >> consumer reports looked at h&r block deluxe and turbo tax deluxe. they're both free to try.
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ranked closely with the main difference in design. turbo tax had easy to read explanation boxes while h&r block was more mobile friendly. >> they all guarantee that their calculalaon also be accurate. >> reportrt: the irs says 70% of taxpayers are eligible for free file. >> e file your federal return for free. . >> reporter: those with income under $62,000 n use software through the irs website to file a free return. if your income is higher, the site can verify the software you're using is legit. >> see which products they have on the list there and use one of those. those are vetted by the irs. >> reporter: if you tend to wait until the last minute, you will have a few extra days to file this year. experts say do not put it off. >> one thing we recommend, once you have all your paperwork in hand is to file as soon as possible. >> reporter: you'll get your
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identity thieves have t t chance to do it for you. markbarger, nbc news. >> if you've never done it before, using an app or software and doing it yourself can seem a little daunting, but they do make it pretty simple as long as you don't have a lot of itemized deductions which makes it more complicate zbld the mobile thing, that is a new idea. i'm not sure i can get behind that. the nbc 6 news at 5:00 starts right now. now at 5:00, schools, more than one, hit by stray bullets. students describing the terrifying incident as community leaders are calling for action. right now pope francis on his way to havana a thousand years inhe making. plus you won't believe how mh a whole lot of us will be spending on valentine's day this year. it's sunday. we'll clue you inn to some of the hottest gifl ifs you haven't
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>> "nbc 6 today" starts now. good morning to you everybody. your time is 4:59. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. happy friday everyone. we have made it and we've e de it through the cold spell. now all eyes on the weekend. >> a lot to look forward to over the weekend. ryan, i hope we'll have nice weather toto enjoy lots of events all over south florida. >> we've got warm readings and sunny skies in store for your weeken we're starting off on a cool note on your friday morning. 51 at pompano beach, 53 in pembroke pines. down i-95 to miami whe we're at 56. a cool morning. sunny skies will be the rule. we've got light winds in place. again, clear skies. once we turn the winds up towards the atlantic, a few fair clouds coming in. what a marvelous day ahead. a nice bright commute this morning. on the cool side. that will be brief.
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up in a hurry from 54 at 7:00 a.m. to 68 before the lunch hour. today's high 75. by the way, that's still below average. the warm trend sticking around for several days. of course, a little warmer into the weekend. details on that in just a little bit. right now to traffic and kelly. >> thanks, ryan. happy friday. if you're making your way out the door at almost 5:00 a.m., we're accident-free in miami-dade and broward county. this is i-95 around northwest 54th street. whether you're going to the airport expressway, maybe hopping on to the beaches exit, 195 eastbound, you have nothing to worry about. continuing on to the 836, a 12 minute right from the golden glades. we had an earlier accident on i-95 northbound and northwest 103rd street. that's cleared out of the way. let's takeyou to our first alert traffic maps, looking got from coral reef to tamiami trail, ten minutes, with traffic
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826 from bird to the dolphin expressway a four-minute ride. this is 826 northbound at tamiami trail, all lanes were completely shut down.n. construction crews are picking up the cones. this should be okay within the next five to ten minutes. schools under fire. in the last two days two different shootings at two different schools, both shootings happening at miami-dade county. wednesday at carol senior high, yesterday at francis tucker elementary. erika glover is live with more information on this. >> sheli, for the second day in a row, teachers, students and parents are counting their blessings that no one was caught in the crossfire. at the same time they're demanding something be done to stop the gun violence in our communities. the latest scare was thursday morning at francis tuckerer grove. two bullets hit a portable nearby. officers are crediting the


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