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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  February 12, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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826 from bird to the dolphin expressway a four-minute ride. this is 826 northbound at tamiami trail, all lanes were completely shut down.n. construction crews are picking up the cones. this should be okay within the next five to ten minutes. schools under fire. in the last two days two different shootings at two different schools, both shootings happening at miami-dade county. wednesday at carol senior high, yesterday at francis tucker elementary. erika glover is live with more information on this. >> sheli, for the second day in a row, teachers, students and parents are counting their blessings that no one was caught in the crossfire. at the same time they're demanding something be done to stop the gun violence in our communities. the latest scare was thursday morning at francis tuckerer grove. two bullets hit a portable nearby. officers are crediting the
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doors and turning off classroom lights to keep kids quiet. some students hid under their desk. fourth grader tavaris williams was inside the classroom at the time. >> when they came through the window, we knew and we went to the floor. >> he was terrified. it was his best friend, the bullet went behind his beses friend and landed on the wall and landed beside him. >> superintendent alberto o carvalho took to twitter encouraging communities to rise above this code of silence. we'll share his comments in the next half hour. live in the studio, erika glover, nbc 6 news. > we will talk to you again this morning at 5:30. in the meantime in carol city, police continue their search for 19-year-old stanley ragin. authorities say he's a gang member connected to the shooting that took place outside carol city high s sool on wednesday this week. officials say r ral gang members sst at each other shortly after classes were dismissed.
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cedric adams is in jail accused something we've been watching breaking overnight out of the panhandle. a small plane has crashed into the gulf of mexico. we found these pictures of the search on going east of pensacola. there's an extensive amount of deis connected to the crash along the coastline. first responders including the ghost card are searching for survivors both on land and in the water. deputies don't know exactly how many people wereren board the piper cherokee. the initial call about the crash came in around 7:00 last night. keep it here on snbsnbc 6 as we'll post detailsls both on the arnd on the nbc 6 news and weather app. > right now police want your help trying to find a missing south florida teenager. her name is alia, she is a student at miami south ridge high school,@ reported missing february 3rd after her mom
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she was last seen wearing a red jacket, black pants and black converse sneakers. police say she usually hangs out in the area of bryant park. if you see her, call 305-995-cops. we have an update in the case of a bso deputy charged with killing a man. a judge has agreed to review the mental health records of jermaine mcbean. he was carrying anir rifle when he was shot and killed by deputy peter peraza. peraza's attorney wants the medical records released to support their clim that he was unstable and possibly suicidal. mcbean's family wants to keep those records private. peraza has pleaded not guilty. he faces up to o years in prison if convicted. right now pope francis is in the air on his way to cuba. he'll be meeting with the leader of the russian orthodox church which could heal a very, very long rift between the western and eastern branches of
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this has been a long time coming. his meeting with patriarch car ril will bridge a divide that has lasted 962 years. in the year 1054 the power struggle boiled over between rivals of eastern and western christian churches, their leaders excommunicated each other and the churches have not reconciled since then. today's meeting will be on neutral ground at the airport and not at a church. raul castro is expected to be there as well to greet both leaders. the pope expected to leave for mexico at 5:30 this afternoon. we have an in depth section called cuba crossroads on our nbc 6 news and weather aap. you'll find all of julia bagg's reports. she's in cuba with complete coverage of the pope's visit to havana. another reminder for you. valentine's day is the day after tomorrow.
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and more that you don't forget. as you might have guessed, it is the peak season for flower deliveries, very popular. nbc 6 reporter michael spears is live at the ups cargo hold at miami international airport to give us a firsthand look at how that company prosses all the orders. you're dealing with something a little bit more delicate than maybe they would have most days. >> reporter: yeah, but let me tell you, they get their hands dirty to make thur those flours are perfect and ready top come into the country. the first shipment is already in the air, expected to land at miami international airport in about an hour. we're just two days away from valentine's day. thisups facility, we're told they expect to handle more than 9 million pounds of flowers this year alone for valentine's day. for all your lo birds out there, if you ordered, you can bet chances are likely your flowers will flow through here. this is the first steps once the
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they must be inspected by u.s. customs and border protectiwn. specialists will go through the flowers. they're looking for the bugs and critters you don't want making it to your table. thoepz pests certainly not welcome in the u.s. >> inspected with love. we take the time and care to inspect them so that when they get to someone's table or to a vase that they're actually in good shape. >> the first shipment of flors expected to land here just after 6:00 a.m. vantage point. not every day we're out here covering this story. we'll be here as the plane lands and a busy, busy day ahead for the folks at this facility. michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> it's hard to wrap your mind around 9 million pounds of flowers. >> yes, 9 million pounds of dollars. what do you think? i couldn't even imagine. flowers are not cheap.
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your time is 5:07. still lot more ahead for our next half hour. with over one eeek until the next presidential primary, candidates are turningtheir attention to south carolina. new details on the man hit by a tractor-trailer in port everglades. we'll tell you who he sand why he happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. i've got to come out and state the obvious. michael spears looks better in his mcgruff the crime dog outfit versus his yellow safety vest. i know, but safety first there. we love michael. boats yesterday, flowers today. what's going on? he's got the good assignments. cool temperatures this morning. 53 in ft. lauderdale, 61 in key west.
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wa welcome back. your time is 5:11. after a spicy democratic deate, presidential candidates on both sides are going into the weekend focused on one thing. that is south carolina. with more than a week until the primary in that state, all the candidates are doing everything they can to gain support and secure the votes. nbc's tracie potts reports for us from washington. >> we should levevewith the american people about what we can do. >> every proposal i have introduced has been paid for. >> reporter: the democrats' last debate before south carolina
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>> the kind of criticism that we heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from publicans. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. >> reportete republican front-runner donald trump is taking aim at nearly all the compmpition including ted cruz's latest ad. >> he pretends to be a republican. . >> i hope you don't believe the crap because it's all crap, okay? they're lies. >> reporter: in the deep south they're focusing on fajth. >> a lot of people ask me, you know, shoun't you separate your faith from politics, and the answer is you better hope that i don't. >> frankly it's in the hands of the lord as to what happens next. >> reporter: jeb bush is hoping to energize his campaign by bringing in his president, former president george bush. >> he is the most popular republican alive. >> south carolina is in the business of picking presidents. >> reporter: today more rallies in south carolina, but the candidates are also looking ahead. donald trump is in florida today.
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in nevada and colorado. of course the republicans are getting ready for their debate tomorrow in south carolina. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. and we are everywhere. just a quick reminder you can find extensive coverage of the debate and everything politics, everything going on on the campaign til moving up to south carolina, you can find it all usg our nbc 6 news and weather app. a bill calling for a ten-day back to school sales tax holiday, also hunting and fishing greer on a single day in august and for personal computers and computer related accessories on a day in april. the biggest part of the package would reduce the tax charge to businesses that rent property. the senate has not said how high it's willing to go as the new
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on the overall package. >> now first alert weather with meteorologist ryan phillips, south florida's most accurate forecast. >> it has been an outstanding stretch of weather here across the area. we've been watching the temperatures fall every night into the 50s generally. we've had a few mornings where we touched into the 40s. this time around we're starting off naturally with dry conditions which we'll keep through thepcoming weekend. our temperatures taking a quick tumble overnight and a delightfully cool morning here on our friday. kind of a nus morning if you will. bright sunshine through the weekend. let's talk about what you can expect. first and foremost at the bus stop, a hint of a cool chill in the air, 51 to 55. that's on the cool sisi. all these temperatures have b ben running below average. this is about ten degrees below average. mostly sunny skies will be the rule this morning. at thth bus stop, lowerto mid 50s across the area. here is a live look out towards the port of miami, miami beach where there will be just a few clouds this moing. fair weather crowds will creep
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but the latest report out of mia with clear conditions. 56, that's one of the warmer locations here in the two-county area, 54 in opa-locka, 52 in west kendall, 52 i i pompano beach and 40s inland and towards the lake. even the low 60s in the florida keys this morning, feeling mighty fine. as we come up on 5:15, if you're heading down to the keys today, we've got plenty of sunshine, winds turning to the northeast at about 10. temperatures held between about 72 and 74. up to 74 today in key west. a lot of bright sunshine. we'll see a really decent weekend, though the winds will be on the increase which could have an impact on the boaters. first thing this morning on the morning drive, bright skies and 54. if you're out west, probably going to be jukt a touch cooler. with the warm sunshine up above and ahift in the breeze sought towards the atlantic waters, we
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68 by 11:00 a.m. today's high 75 which is still below average. i'll tell you, that 75 will feel a lot warmer after we've a amost programmed ourselves to expect cooler weather for the lastive days. 68 is where we'll be this evening. fast forward to saturday morning, you kick off your weekend, and we start off at 58 first in the morning. a quick climb into the 70s this morning. the next few days, cool tememratures in the morning and warm sunshine through the afternoon hours today, last dayy of the workweek, 75 and sunny skies, 76 on turday and 74 on sunday. again, this stretch of weather we're in right now, the dry run we've had through this wet dry season. the last several weeks we've had rain chances in and out. we carry dry weather for several more days. there you are. mid 70s and sunny skies.
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and maybe cooler readings in our next half hour. 5:16. let's check the drivewith kelly. we're accident free in miami-dade and broward county. constructi also starting to clear. here is a live look out i-95, no construction to worry about. as i said, we are accident-free. let's change sources and take you over to i-95 where we did have an earlier cident. you can see it's cleared. the express lanes open. if you're headed southbound from the golden glades to the airport expressway, about a 12-minute commute. the turnpike is looking pretty great, traffic moving between 55 and 60 mles per hour leaving you with a ten-minute commute from coral reef drive to tamiami trail. 826 northbound from bird road to the dolphin expressway a four-minute drive. we have one right lane and
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palmetto expressway and kendall drive. >> thanks, kelly. if the traffic kelly was just talking about, maybe tha's a bit much for you. maybe you decide to ride a bike instead. if you do, the city of miami beach is announcing it will start issuing tickets to illegallylyarked bikes. the announcement released via twitter show how not to park bikes but to park in the designated bicycle racks to avoid the tickets. an elderly man is alive this morning after police officers rescued him from a burning house in broward. two miami gardens police officers in the area spotted smoke coming from the home in ft. lauderdale. the ficers got the 84-year-old man out safely, but the home you see ere destroyed. the cause of the fire still under investigation chlkts police are looking for who they describe as a dangerous criminal who robbed a man with a long kitchen knife.
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62-year-old victim as he left a hollywood mcdonald's near sterling road and i-95. the thief grabbed his laptop, off. the victim thinks he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. he did describe what happened to him. >> give me your wallet because i'm going to kill you right now. >> there are specifics here. police say they're looking for a man in his 20s around 5'10" with a full set of gold teeth, last seen wearingg a distinctive bandana print sweatshirt. we told you about the employee killed at port everglades. he's been identified as a 75-year-old man from biscayne park. police say alden ah just finished his shift and walked directly into the path of a tractor-trailer pulling into the sun terminal's container yard. police still trying to investigate that incident. new details in the search
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federal investigators to try to recover the wreckage of the sunken el faro cargo ship. investigators say their number one priority out of this next search is to try to locate that ship's black bobo the decision to do this is coming less than a month after senator bill nelson sent a letter to the head of the nt asking it consider another search because it's pretty expensive. el faro sank after losing egine power and getting caught in a hurricane. 33 crew members were on board. 5:20. still much more ahead. coming up, one supermarket is detererned to have their brand tattooed on ththr customers' minds. how they plan to appeal to their millennial shoppers. the 53rd annual coconut groves art festival is this weekend. nbc 6 proud to be a sponsor of the event. we will all be there. sheli, kelly, ryan and myself on monday.
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your family, check o o our nbc 6 news and weather app. roxanne vargas has lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday.
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happy mother's day. now get this 1.5-pint orchid for only $9.98,
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former nba star lamar odom making his first public appearance since his infamous overdose. he walked into kanye west's fashion show with west himself. he was later joined by the kardashian and jenner family at the madison square garden show in new york city. last october, you'll remember the 36-year-old was rushed to a nevada hospital after being found unresponsive in a brothel. a welcome change for a lot of you frrquent flyers this morning. here is what i'm talking about. legislation has been introduced to make the federal aviation administration establish minimum standards for how big those seats have to be because it's dropped. currently the faa requires planes to be capable of rapid evacuation in case of an emergency, but not all planes have been tested with tod's smaller seats to make sure that can happen. the average width of an airline seat has shrunk from the'90s from 18.5 inches to 16.5 inches. this is interesting here.
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open spin-off locations called 3-6-5 that cater to millennials on a budget. to make the stores more appealing, whole foods is considering putng tattoo parlors on them. no word when it will open in south florida. it appears whole foods has signed a lease for a 365 stoto in gainesville. >> i'll pop in for an organic apple, a bowl of soup and a tattoo. >> so bizarre. they will make money off that. >> it's probably going to wor spoil alert. valentine's day is two days away. >> don't wake up on sunday morning thinking, oh, no, oh, o. it's too late at that time. the countdown to buy your special someone a special gift is on. if you've ever wondered whatthe actual price of your love is, putting a dollar amount on it is dangerous toegin with. but average price tag is $512. that's a lot of dough.
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>> a new study by found out how much the american will spend on the valentine's day holiday. the most expensive purchases will be the diamond earrings followed by fine dining for two, a bottle of champagne, a dozen roses and a box of chocolates. it's almost better to forget because then you say to yourself -- >> sheli, what are you talking about? if you forgew, you are going to be in trouble -- >> it's going to cost you much more. >> it's going to cost you $1,000 to dig yourself out of the hole. don't forget. don't forget. >> anyway, your time now 5:26. much more ahead in our next half hour of news. schools under fire. two different miami-dade schools have been rattled with bullets within the past two days. we'll hear from some of those inside the frightening scene. as we speak, pope francis is on his way to cuba to meet with the leader of the russian
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be a very historic meeting. 5:26. beautiful start to the morning. 56 in miami. just a few clouds up above. 54 in opa-locka, cooler yet in west kendall. first alert forecast, we bottom out into the mid 50s to start. a rapid climb. by 9:00 a.m., 64.
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a check on janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this. now at 5:30, in the line of fire. shootings at two south florida schools in just as many days. hear those insisi the classroom describe the violent moment chlkts the head of the russian orthodox church in cuba this morning ahead of an historic meeting with pope francis who is
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in just four days, five police officers are killed inn the line of duty, making it a very unusually deadly week for law enforcement. >> live, "nbc6 today" starts now. good morning to you everybody. your time right now 5:30. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm shei muniz. thanks for joining us and happy friday to you at home. it's february 12th. a lot of events happening this weekend. we'rehoping the big chill is behind us. >> the coconut grove art festival is one of the events behind us, sheli, myself, kelly and ryan will be there on monday. we'll be there on monday but it's happening all weekend. i hope folks have a nice weekend to enjoy that. >> coconut groves art festival kicking off. we have the boatshow in place, the outdoor events so dependent on a nice forecast. this weekend we can deliver. it's been a cool ornight and starting off with a cool morning due in part to light winds and mostly clear skies. of course, that's going to yield


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