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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 530am  NBC  February 12, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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in just four days, five police officers are killed inn the line of duty, making it a very unusually deadly week for law enforcement. >> live, "nbc6 today" starts now. good morning to you everybody. your time right now 5:30. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm shei muniz. thanks for joining us and happy friday to you at home. it's february 12th. a lot of events happening this weekend. we'rehoping the big chill is behind us. >> the coconut grove art festival is one of the events behind us, sheli, myself, kelly and ryan will be there on monday. we'll be there on monday but it's happening all weekend. i hope folks have a nice weekend to enjoy that. >> coconut groves art festival kicking off. we have the boatshow in place, the outdoor events so dependent on a nice forecast. this weekend we can deliver. it's been a cool ornight and starting off with a cool morning due in part to light winds and mostly clear skies. of course, that's going to yield
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first alert forecast. our nova southeast research facility camera looking back towardsport everglades. 53 in ft. lauderdale and oakland park. 56 right now in miami. we're at 61 in key west. so cloud cover sparse. we'll see ann ocean breeze kick in later on. that will bring in fair weather clouds. no rain in sight. a beautiful forecast, we shift into miami. morning temperatures into the mid 50s, again, the sunshine abundant today. a quick climb from about 54 during the morning drive to 75 this afafrnoon. warmer conditions and, of course, staying dry through the upcoming weekend. let's check traffic with kelly. >> happy friday south florida. as you make your wear out the door, the palmetto expressway, we have one construction alert northbound right at kendall drive, the eastbound and westbound entrance ramps blocked off. hopefully not that much longer, but again that should hve been
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i'll let you know as soon as it does. 826 southbound, this is around the area of northwest 122nd street, no major issues as you make your way towards the southbound lanes of the palmetto expressway. if you're headed northbound maybe towards i-75, everything is accident-free at this time. if y're headed out the door in broward county, things are looking great for you, i-95 to 595 an eight minute drive, 595 eastbound flamingo road to u.s. 441, eight minutes. if you're headed westbound towards saw grass expressway or i-75, a nine-minute ride. 5:33 now. schools under fire. in thelast two days two different shootings at two different miami-dade schools, one of them an elementary school. now the community -- both communities here demanding an end to that violence. nbc 6 reporter erika glover live in the studio. >> it was a scary thursday morning for students at francis
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stray bullets pierced through the window of a portable classroom narrowly missing a students. one student said he heard the gunshots right before his teacher told everyone to get down. officers are crediting teachers to keep the kids quiet. some even hid under their desk. this is the sececnd shooting outside a miami-dade public school in just two days. officers for miami-dade schools say one way -- here is a tweet we want to show you from alberto carvalho. he ys those who see the epidemic of community violence as simply a kid on kid issue are irresponsibly conveniently sherking -- >> when chance and luck are the best defense that our kids ve in miami or in this county, something is terribly broken. if this community does not rise up and speak up against the code of silence that's killing or
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not going to stop. >> officers for miami-dade schools say one way we can resolve this issue iso educate kids about gangs. we want to know how you think we can reduce gun violence in our communities. let us know by leaving a comment under this story on our nbc 6 facebook page. live in the studio, erika glover, nbc 6 news. >> miami gardens is also dealing with the aftermath of a shooting outside carol city high school. investigators say rival gang members shot atach other shortly after classes dismissed in the middle of the week on wednesday. cedric adams is in jail accused of starting the gunfight outside the school. police trying to figure out a solution to try to stop the violence. >> make sure we teach kids about not joining a gang. that's one way of resolving the ssue. the other way of resolving the issue is active prosecution of these viololt gangs. >> they're not done looking for suspects here. school police are still looking for this man, 19-year-old stanley ragin.
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connected to that shooting. if you have any idea where he might be, you're asked to call crime stoppers. about three hourur ago, pope francis took off from rome on his way to havana for the second time in less than six months, this time for a meeting that could heal a 1,000-year-old rift between the western and eastern branch ofs christianity. nbc 6's julia bagg is in havana. >> reporter: preparations happening here in havana, cuba, this morning for something thats hag not happened in a millennium almost. when pope francis greets the primate of russia, patriarch can you recall, they will be bridging a divide that has lasted 962 years. a power struggle boiled over between leaders of the eastern leaders excommunicated each other and the churches have not reconciled sincnc the meeting will be short, it's on neutral ground at the airport, not at a church.
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hours. the vatican announced it last year, but the encounter is something years in the making, something even john paul wanted, two popes ago. cuban leader raul castro will also be there to greet them. we will be there lii as well. reporting live in havana cuba, is morning, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. >> remember we have ain depth section called cuba crossroads on the nbc news and weather app where you can find all julia's reports as well as the pope's visit to havana. >> a mother is facing charges after her 4-month-old son was found dead in a freezer. we reported this you as it was happening @ast month. police arrested paola vargas ortiz, 37 years, held without bond.
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last month when she was found on the bridge threatening to commit suicide. she told deputies she had thrown her son off the bridge. miami-dade police later found the bodydy of the baby in the freezer in her homestead home. it looks like a case of mistaken identity that left a faor of four in al pat that dead. eric parish walked outside to smoke a cigarette when the gunman opened fire in what police are calling an assassination-style murder. they say he was an innocent bystander. the killer may have wanted to shoot parish's own brother. cops shared video that captures a hooded gunman walk up to a house and later taking off in a getaway car. the victim's wife pleang with someone to come forward. >> i feel like my heart's been ripped out of my chest qnd i don't know how to go on without
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me or my children. >> his wife and four children were inside the home at the time the dad was gunned down. . if you have any information, call skriem stoppers. the search is on for two men police say robbed brand smart delivery men. investigators are looking for them. police say a brand smart truck was making a stop at a home when the disguised men ambushed the delivery men and forced them into that house where thh were making the delivery. one of the suspects they say was armed. police say one of the men dressed in blue jeans and a gray hoodie also had a red bandana covering his face. he's about 165 pounds, standing about 5'9". the second suspect was wearing a multicolored jacct. policeceay he stands about 5'8". anyone with any information about either of these suspects
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the streets of coconut grove will be lined with art, food and entertainment this weekend for the 53rd annual coconut grove arts festival. >> a long holiday weekend with presidents day on monday. if you're headed in that kirection, coconut grove with your family, there might be things you need to know to get around the roadblocks. traffic is usually horrendous going into that event. here is nbc 6 traffic reporter kelly blanco withmore. >> the gates open at 10:00 a.m. the road closures begin at south bayshore drive from pan american drive to mcfarland road. the festival will expand on pan american with c csures on like peacock park. when driving to the festival, traffic at i-95 southbound at rick en bacher causeway. follow u.s. 1 to 27th avenue. i recommend 836 west and 27th
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nbc 6 is a proud sponsor of the coconut groves art feival. stop by our tent and say hi to your favorite anchors. we will all be there on monday. tomorrow you'll find sharon lawson, dan krougt, erika delgado and much more. >> looks like it's going to be a beautiful weekends to enjoy it. hopefully we'll see you out there on monday. time is 5:40. there's growing concern am hong the nation's top health officials this morning. find out which country is the next hot zone for the zika virus. >> we get a first-hand look at
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to michael spears. >> as you might have essed, it is peak season for flower deliveries in a big, bad way. nbc 6 reporter michael spears is live at the u.p.s. facility hold at miami international airport. michael, you put yourself in an uncomfortable situation. you're there, flowers are being delivered. sheli is expecting you to bring something back for her. reporter: let me tell you, they have the freshest of the fresh here. we tell you these pilots expected to land for the first shipment in an hour. they are not messing around. that plane is already on the ground. it landedd 20 minutes ago. this is a 767 packed with flowers. this one landed from guatemala. u.p.s. sayshey added 40 additional flights to and from latin america just for the valentine's day frenzy. talk about the volume of flowers coming into this area, they expect to handle more than 560,000 boxes of flowers just like this for this lentine's
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have a look at the video. after they land and unload the boxes, they don't just go into the stores. there's protocol and steps that must be taken. they must be inspected by u.s. customs and border proteion. what they do, they look for the bugs and other critters you do not want making it home for you and of course to your loved ones on valentine's day. those pests not welcome here in the u.s. as far as how many ipments, how many flights, well, 11 more today will come in. you can imagine over the next two days, it will be extremely busy for the folks here. that is 9 million pounds of flowers, truly incredible. sheli, i'll take a look and show you in the next half hour what we have in the boxes. >> looking forward to tht. >> now, first alert weather with meteorologist ryan phillips. south florida's most accurate
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>> it's going to be a bright and beautiful friday morning. roadways dry. you need your sunglasses this morning. still about an hour and 15 minutes to go. once the sucomes up, it will be a rapid warmup. a bonus morning for you with temperatures settling into the mid 50s. not quite as cool as yesterday. drive in, as i mentioned, you ed your sunglasses. we'll have plenty sunshine. 55 degrees on the drive in. 75 on the drive home. that, my friends, is how you pollish off a workweek. mostly clear skies as we look live into ft. lauderdale, our first alert camera. a quiet night across s e area. with light winds and clear skies, all the warmth at the surface able to escape rapidly into the atmwsphere. we've dialed back to 51 in pompano beach,ouou 53 in ft. lauderdale. 56 in miami. that's one of the warm locations. thought we would be a little warmer because i thought we would have theinfluence on the ocean breeze. we shut that down as we got
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high pressure has settled in across the region. on the back side of this high we end up with southerly winds, a little warmer on the western side of the gulf. this is really our last chilly morning, if you will. it will be a rapid warmtup with the sunshine which wille abundant this morning,. our high this afternoon into the mid 70s. so about a 20-degree spread, because we will bring in that east and southeast wind a little later on. 58 tonight. so still on the cool side. out west especially could dial it back a few more degrees. the overall depth of this jet stream dip we've been watching all week bringing us our cool weather. not quite as pronounced here. a little retreat off into the tennessee valley this morning. when we go through the next few days, we'll see the cold air invade the northeast. a little brief break with temperatures warmer through the weekend. one more disturbance swings through on tuesday and wednesday to knock temperatures back.
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next weekend, another warm ridge builds in. slowly we're saying good-bye for the cool spell we've enjoyed. 75 and mostly sunny today. mostly sunny and 76. we turn breezy on sunday. still enjoy the sunshine. temperatures up to 74. upper 50s for the weekend. overnight lows not bad at all. shower chancece are around the corner with that little disturbance coming in. mid 70s, shower chances monday to tuesday. we're bright and sunny wednesday and thursday. let's check the drive with kelly. >> happy friday south florida. hope your morning is off to good start. we are accident-free on our major roadways, i-95, turnpike, 836, palmetto expressway, accident-free at this time. here is a look outside around northwest 103rd street. the express lanes were blocked off because of construction. they have reopened, under $2.0.0 at this time.
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glades to t t airport expressway. let's take you over to first alert traffic maps. ives dairy road eastbound approaching northeast 3rd avenue, emergency vehicles on the scene. your drive times on i-95 from cypress creek to 595, an eight-minute commute. on 595 from flamingo to 441, an eight-minute drive. the latest consumer report card comes out talking all things travel. the report coming out of the department of transportation. it's going to have information when it comes to december including flight delays, tarmac times, mishandled bag info and consumer complaints for different airlines. the agency expected to release full-year data for 2015. secretary of state john kerry speaking about a syrian peace plan. he says d dlomats meeting in germany have agreed to work with warng factions in syria to implement a nationwidecessation
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he said the diplomats also agreed on an immediate humanitarian aid for the syrian people. the director of the cdc warning a different area could be the next hot spot for zika. in a senate subcommittee hearing he's saying puerto ricoocould soon see the cases growing. he said if something isn't done right away, there could be hundreds of thousands of infections on that island. in the meantime, olympic organizers in rio trying to reassure everyone that everything issbeing done to keep people as safe as popular. venezuela reported three deaths from zika complications. 68 people in the hospital because of the virus. the country is also reporting they might have more than 5,000 cases. and this is just since november of last year. the oregon wildlife refuge the scene of a land rights standoff will stay closed today, that's because parts of it cube
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the last four occupiers surrendered yesterday annwill face a judge in just a few hours from now on several charges. originally the group wanted the federal government wanted the government to turn the land over to local ranchers for grazing. nine minutes to the top of the hour on your friday. still ahead, five police officers are shot and killed within days of each other. what's being done to protect the men and women in blue. then coming up on the n 6 news at 6:00, president obama
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expert on the ellen so far this week five officers have died in the line of duty. there have been about eight total this year so far. nne of them were in the state of florida. but nbc 6 did talk to local law enforcement who believe officers are now being tarted now more than ever. >> there's a war d dlared against our soldiers who protect us locally. >> when you look at the numbers, numbers are showing that deaths like these related directly to officers on duty are actually approaching an all-time low. this is what they're looking like.
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killed in the line of duty while back in 1975 that number topped out at 135. the community coming together to hee a family of six whose home burned to the ground. supporters raised money at cherry smash coral springs. the family lost their home and no one was hurt in the fire. but even firefighters first on scene came out to lend a leling hand to the family in need. >> anything we can do to help our citizens and help peoplpl who had a tragic thing like this happen, we're all for it to help the public out. >> at the end of the night they raised more than $1,500 for that family. >> your time is 5:56 on your friday morning. working on a whole lot more for our next hour of news this morning on nbc 6. students returning the a south florida elementary school after bullets sent them ducking for cover it happened late yesterday morning. it's actually the second school in 48 hours to be hit by gunfire. now the miami-dade
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is speaking out against the violence. nbc 6 on the groundn cuba. julia bagg taking a look at the impact of this historic meeting. friday morning, kind of a bonus cool morning as temperatures settle back into the mid 50s, in some locations lower 50s. clear skies and 52 there. hayward 53 and homestead. lower to mid 50s early this morning. it will be a bright commute in, but also we'll see a very rapid waraup. we'll average out at about 54. kick off the morning drive at 7:00 a.m. with a lot of sunshine. warmer by 8:00 a.m. up to 9:00 a.m., into the mid 60s. nothing to interrupt this weather pattern. a prrty quiet look here across the region. weatherwise not much changing. we warm up into the weekend. there may be cooler w%ather revisiting next week. we'll talk about it next hour. you are watching nbc 6 south florida today. >> more news, weather and
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a few minutes. good morning. i'm shis. >> i'm eric harryman. the cooldown continues this morning. a warmup is on the way we have the coconut groves art
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the pink, right? ryan, where is your pink, dude? valentine's day. >> we get dressed at like 2:30 in the morning in the dark. >> lucky we're wearing ties at all. >> exactly. i need e memo the day before. a beautiful start to the morning. as eric allowed to, presidents day on monday. so many big events between the boat show in virginia key and the coconut groves art festival. beautifulconditions, clear skies. this is our diplomat resort and spa first alert camera capturing a beautiful morning. temperatures setting back into the lower and mid 50s. one more morning on the cool side. 54 in at least ft. lauderdale. 54 in opa-locka. warmer in miami, not by much. 56 there, cool location pompano beach at 51. a very ligig north wind, clear skies, working those two items in tandem to produce a beautiful morning. sunny skies in the morning


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