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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  February 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the pink, right? ryan, where is your pink, dude? valentine's day. >> we get dressed at like 2:30 in the morning in the dark. >> lucky we're wearing ties at all. >> exactly. i need e memo the day before. a beautiful start to the morning. as eric allowed to, presidents day on monday. so many big events between the boat show in virginia key and the coconut groves art festival. beautifulconditions, clear skies. this is our diplomat resort and spa first alert camera capturing a beautiful morning. temperatures setting back into the lower and mid 50s. one more morning on the cool side. 54 in at least ft. lauderdale. 54 in opa-locka. warmer in miami, not by much. 56 there, cool location pompano beach at 51. a very ligig north wind, clear skies, working those two items in tandem to produce a beautiful morning. sunny skies in the morning
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a rapid climb into the upper 60s. today's high, 75. a bit warmer. i'll caution you at the bustop this morning. it's going to be on the cool side for the kids. lower to mid 50s. make sure they have at least a sweatshirt before they head out the door this morning. let's see how the morning commute looks. here is kelly blanco with more. >> as you're making your way out the door, this is your drive in broward county, northbound and southbound lanes of griffin road. broward county is accident-free. also construction-free. here at 6:01 arm, if you're headed out, you have a nice commute ahead of you. let's take you over to miami-dade. i-95, this is your drive from the goln glades interchange. we have an accident on ives dairy road. be mindful as you're making you your way out the door. emergency crews on the scene of the crash. southbound and northbound
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you can follow me on twitter and we'll be sending out push alerts should anything go long nchts when chance and luck are the best defense our kids have in miami or this county, something is terribly broken. >> for the second straight day, the miami-dade schools superintendent, alberto carvalho going in front of nbc 6 cameras after bullets fly into a school. two shootings at two dijferent schools. the first one happened on wednesday at carol city seneor high school, the latest at francis tucker elementary school in coconut grove. nbc 6 reporter erika glover is live in the studio this morning. no surprise here parents, teachers, police everybody very much on edge afterhe bullets came incredibly close to students at those schools. >> it was a scary thursday morning for students at francis s. tucker elementary school in coconut grove. the school was placed on
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the second shooting outside a miami-dade county public school in just two days. stray bullets pierced through the window of a portable classroom narrowly missing a student. one of the students says he heard the gunshots right before his teacher told everyone to get down. officers say the teachers acted quickly locking doors and turning off classroom lights to keep students quiet. superintendent alberto carvalho said disturbingly unacceptable. two shootings near schools in 24 hours. envelope of safety around schools cannot be a uniquel school responsibility. here is how one elementary school student described his experience from inside the classroom. >> when they came through the window, we knew and we went to the floor. >> he was terrified. it was his best friend. the bullet went behind his best friend and landed on the wall and landed beside m. >> coming up in the next half
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officers with miami-dade schools who say one way to resolve gun olence is to educate kids about gangs. live in the studio, erika glover, nbc 6 news. >> erica, thank you so much for the update. we'll talk to you again in about 25 minutes at 6:30. meantime in carol city, this is the other shooting we're talking about. police continue their search for this man, 19-year-old stanley ragin. authorities say he is a gang member connected to the shooting which took place just outside of carol city high scbool on wednesday. investigators say that rival gang members shot at each other shortly after classes were dismissed at that high school. police have already caught one suspect in connection with that shooting, cedric adams is in jail this morning accused of starting that gunfight. breaking news we continue to follow out of the panhandle. a small plane crashed into the gulf of mexico off the coast of destin. we checked the okaloosa county sheriff's facebook page, we found these photos of the search on going east of pensacola.
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debris connected to the crash along the coastline. we understand first responders including the coast guard are currently searching for any survivors both on land and on the ground deputies don't know how many people were aboard. the initial call about the crash came about 9:00 last night. stay tuned for details. we have an update ton case of the bso deputy charged with killing a man. a judge agreed to review the mental health records of jermaine mcbean. he was carrying an air rifle when he was shot and killed by deputy peter peraza back in 2013. peraza is charged with manslaughter. his attorney wants medical records released to support their claim that mcbean was unstable and possibly suicidal. mcbean's familiarly wants to keep those records private.
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he faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted. > right now the pontiff is on his way to cuba to meet with the church. this is video we got into the nesroom overnight of the pope boarding his plane just after sunrise in rome. he is meeting with russian patriarch and scheduled for 2:30 this afternoon. it will bridge aivide that has lasted 962 years. we've got a lot of book ground on our nbc 6 news and weather app. cuba is seen as neutral ground. raul castrois expected to be there to greet both leaders. the pope is then expected to leave for mexico at 5:30 to start his five-day vsit there. more details now with our online coverage, julia bagg is in havana this morning. you can watch for her live tweets throughout the day. follow her@julia nbc 6.
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especially when sunday rolls around, valentine's d. all the flowers have got to come from somewhere. nbc 6 reporter michael spears, as you can tell, he is live at the ups cargo facility in northwest miami-dade. michael, we hear planes behind you. my guess is those planes are filled with probably very pricey flowers that will all be distributed over the course of the next couple days. >> reporter: eric, they are packed with flowers. this is the first plane of the day from guatemala, 767, it is full. they add resources to make this process smoother and faster. these flowers just picked yesterday. in two days they're able to get it from the farm to the importer. they're expected to move more than a half million of these boxes for this valentine's day season. have a look at the video here. this is new video of the plane aiving at m.i.a.
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from latin america, primarily colombia and ecuar. we talk about the magnitude of what's handled at this u.p.s. facility in miami. we're told that's the equivalent, the 500,000 boxes, the equivalent of eight millii bouquets or nine million pounds of flowers. this is auge operation, a multi billion operation when you break it down to money as far as the economy and the impact. we talked to u.s. ctoms yesterday. of course, they inspect all of this, a lengthy press, to make sure there's nothing to surprise you once it makes it to your table. but again, they have it down to a pretty smooth process. take a listen. >> we inspect it with love. we take the time and the care to inspect it so that when they get to someone's table or to a vase, that they're actually in good shape shape. >> reporter: right now we are expecting ten more flights today packed with flowers just like this one. i' told the next few days as we
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be insane here at miami. a lot of these flowers make it to the rest of the country. if you love birds out there are ordering for your loved ones, chances are they're coming right through this facility. michael spears, nbc 6 news. michael, thank you so much. taking your bike to s sth beach? watch where you park it or you might be facing a fine. we'll l ll you why. held up at knife point at a
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this morning welcome back on your friday morning. t's 6:13 now. one week from tomorrow, voters in nevada and south carolina will be weighing in on the presidenti campaign. with just days to go, the dats are doubling down on their mesges and each other, too. tracie potts is live in washington. tracie, nevada and south carolina will be very interesting days on the campaign trail. >> reporter: no question about that. we're already starting to see
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forth with the candidates, including the democratst the debate last night where we got a glimpse of what hillary clinton's game plan might be going forward, asking yog supporters of bernie sanders, can we really afford some of the free things he's promising. >> we should level with the american people about what we can do. >> every proposal i have introduced has been paid for. >> reporter: the democrats' last debate before south carolina focused hard on issues and president obama. >> the kind of criticism that we've heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans. >> madam secretary that is a low blow. >> reporter: republican front-runner donald trumps taking aim at nearly all the competition including ted cruz's latest ad. >> he pretends to be a republican. >> i hope you don't believe the crap because it's all crap, okay? they're lies. >> reporter: in the deep south they're focusing on faith.
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know, shouldn't you separate your faith from politics, and the answer is you better hope that i don't. >> frankly, it's in the hands of the lord as t twhat happens next. >> reporter: jeb bush is hoping to energize his campaign by bringing in his president, former president george bush. >> he is the most popular republican alive. >> south carolina is in the business of picking presidents. >> reporter: today more rallies in south carolina, but the candidates are also looking ahead. donald trump is in florida today. this weekend we'll see democrats in nevada and colorado. there's sure to be downtime for debate prep. those republicans are debating again on saturday, tomorrow night, in south carolina. live from washington, i'm tracie potts, nbc 6 news. >> tracie, thank youou getting a ticket over your bike? the city of miami beach has announced it will start issuing tickets to illegallyarked bikes. the announcement via twitter shows riders how not to park
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officials recommend riders to rk in the city's designated bicycle racks. the city working to provide safe and secure bicycle parking in public places like parks and public buildings. >> now first alert weather with meteorologist ryan phillips. south florida's most accurate forecast. clear and cool. that's the rule this morning. across the area we'll take a live look into ft. lauderdale with our first alert camera at the nova southeastern research facility with clear skies and light winds, we've got another cool start. temperatures have dialed back a little more than i thought they would. all the while, it's a refreshing start to our day. here are the readings as we head into the 6:00 hour and get you ready for the last day of the workweek and heading into what will be a beautiful weekend. 54 in ft. lauderdale, not bad at all. even cooler up the road in pompano beach at 51. 52 in west kendall, at 56 in miami, lower 60s will do it this
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early sunshine and a little wind shift. temperatures will warm up and do so in a rry. by 11:00 a.m., we're in the upper 60s. we spend the bulk of the day in the mid 70s with mostly sunny skies, simply outstanding pattern. by tomorrow morning, we're back into the 50s. at least each morning, refreshingly cool, and each afternoon nice and warm. sunshine all the way. high pressure is extending all across the gulf water. we end up with high pressure keeping us relatively cloud-free overnight. mostly sunny during the day. a progressive warmup for the next few days. future tracker, the clouds ringering for most of the afternoons this week, we've been able to break that. now we move into a sunnier forecast and dry, too. well in to early next week. first alert weather on friday looks good. cool for the first few hours of the morning, into the mid 50 the air isdry so it warms up
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68 by 11:00 a.m., first alert forecast 75, cool tonight but pleasant and 58. if you were with us the last hour, i was talking about the fact that the jet stream retreated further off to the nonoth. it's going to be brutally cold in the northeast this weekend. t's fast forward a week ahead of time. we get into early next week, we'll have a little bit of a wet weather pattern coming in to monday anan tuesday. we kick that out of here. then the focus comes on a nice warmup. this is fast forwarding a week ahead now into next friday. if you're looking for the warmer weather,rit will make a return. we've had a nice stretch of cool days here for the last five in a hole. 75 today, 76 tomorrow. breezy on sunday for valentine day. there your shower chances returning the monday and tuesday. by wednesday and thursday, middle of next week and heading towards next weekend as the ridge builds in, warmer weather cominin let's check the morning drive. we have a traffic alert out of broward county. take a look at your screen right now.
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crews are working the scene. we'll have that chopper feed in a couple minutes. i need you to know this. right now park ro that's shut down northbound and sououbound between hallandale beach boulevard and pembroke road. you want to take 40th avenue instead. i have posted a videoeo of it. here it is. i posted it on my twitter account moments ago. this is chopper 6 over the scene. it's not going to clear for some time. make sure to take your alternates again. let's take you to our first alert forecast maps. i-95, 59 miles per hour around northwest 79th street, leaving you with a ten-minute commute from golden glades to downtown miami. palmetto expressway to i-95, a ten-minute drive as well. police are looking for who they describe as a dangerous criminal who robbed a man with a long kitchen knife.
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62-year-old victim as he was leaving a hollywood mcdonald's restaurant near sterling road and i-95. the thief apparently got a laptop, a smart phone and a camera and then took off. the victim thinks he s just plain at the wrong place at the wrong time. so thiss is what we know going so far, he gave us a description of exactly what that encounter was like. >> the parking lot, pulled big knife on me, give me your wallet because i'm going to kill, you going to kill you@right now. >> police they do know are looking for a man in his 20s at this point. they say he's about 5'10" and has a full set of gold teeth. he was last seen wearing a distinctionive bandana print sweatshirt. your time is 6:21. new details in a search launched by federal investigators to uncover the wreckage of the sunken el faro cargo ship. the two-week expedition expected to begin in april. investigators are sayinghe number one priority is to locate
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that decision is coming less than a month after senator bill nelson sent a letter to the head of the ntsb askink it consider another search. it's prettyxpensive to do something like this. el faro sank after losing engine power and getting caught in a category 4 hurricane on its way to puerto rico. 33 crew members were on board that day. an elderly man is alive after police officers rescued him from a burningouse in broward county. two police officers spotted smoke coming o o of the home in ft. lauderdale. the officers got the 84-year-old man out safely, but the home you see there destroyed. the cause o o the fire is illstill under investigation. putting a stop to smaller seats. why lawmakers say airlines need a standard seat size and the current one might just be too small. president obama faces tough interview questions. hear the questions asked by a 6-year-old presidential expert.
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groves arts festival is this weekend. we will all be there on monday, sheli, kelly, ryan and myself. nbc 6 is a proud sponsor of the event. if you're thinking about packing the car up and heading that way, check out the nbc 6 news and
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a lot of fun activities for y lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day.
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at lowe's. welcome back. former nba star lamar odom making his first public appearance since his infamous overdose. he walked into kanye west's fashion show with west himself. he was later joined by the kpardashian an jenner family at the madison square garden show. last october you'll remember the 36-year-old was rushed to a
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found unresponsive in a brother. legislalaon has been introduced to milwaukee the federal aviation administraraon establish minimum standards for how big seats actually have to be. right now the faa requir planes be capable of rapid evacuation in the case of an emergency, but not all planes have been tested to make sure that can happen with today's smaller seats and more passengers. the average width of an airline seat has shrunk since the '90s. it used to be 18.5, now it's 16.5. >> wasn't it jennifer lopez who said love doesn't cost a thing? well, apparently the average price tag is $51212 a new study by compares prices to find out how much the average americans spending on the traditional valentine's day holiday. the mos expensive purchase, i think everybody can guess, diamond earrings followed by
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champagne, a dozen roses and a box of chocolate. >>t better be some darn good chocolate. j. lo, you're wrong. it's expensive. president obama making his first in studio appearance on the ellen show. this is pretty cute. >> he's going to talk about his plans after washington and he even met with a pintntized presidential expert. listen to this. >> so do your dogs even have to have secret service? >> no. bo and sunny, they're on their own. >> i have a feeling that's not the case. i think bo and sunny may have a secret service agent for them. the president will also talk about his accomplishments in gay rights and his relationship with the first lady. again, that is going to be on ellen. >> you can catch the full show later today at 4:00 and of course followed by the nbc 6 news at 5:00.
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she's so charming, very cute. >> it's the way that she poses the questions to him, not just the questions ththselves, but the way she vocalizes them to him. >> so adorable. your time is 6:27. pope francis on his way to cuba. nbc 6 already on the ground in havana. julia bagg talks about the historic meeting happening later today. crooks hit up a south florida delivery driver and a home. it happened all at the same time. see who police are looking for. roads are dry, skies are clear, temperatures have cooled off. a delightful 54 in ft. lauderdale, 56 in miami, even 62 in key west. plenty of sunshine to get us through our friday. sticking around through t te weekend.
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the breaking news from hallandale beach where a gas leak is causing a traffic alert this morning. >> kelly blanco is watching those areas. where shouou we avoid, kelly? >> this is a pretty busy area, park road completely shut down northbound and southbound in all directions between hallandale beach boulevard and pembroke road. folks are headed out the door to work and school. you can see crews are working this gas leak. it's going to take some time to clear up. you want to avoid this by taking 40th avenue. we'll keep you posted on air and weather app. this is the only traffic alert we have this morning. there are no major accident in all ourmajor roadways. let's'sake you above i-95 and 836 and the 112. an accident reported on i-95 in the area of southwest 7th street. chopper 6 says they can't find the crash. luckily it might have just cleared up. affic is moving up to speed on all our major roadways.
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kelly nbc 6. we'll be keeping you posted. this is i-95, the express lanes are moving just as fast as the local lanes. no need to take them just yet. now to your first alert forecast with meteorologist ryan phillips. here is our miami children's museum camera. mostly clear skies and a delightfully cool morning across south florida. 52 in pembroke pines, 54 in ft. lauderdale and 54 also in opa-locka, 56 in miami. we're holding onor the time being to 52 in the west kendall area. skies are clear, sunny skies take over. i think your morning commute looks great. as we get through the morning hours, it's going to be a rapid warmup in your first alert forecast. enty of sunshine and 68 by 11:00 a.m. a much warmer afternoon. partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. highs at 75. this splendid weather will last through the weekend. warmer tomorrow. we'll talk about the forecast in just a little bit.
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for the second straight day, students at a miami-dade school -- students being g nt back to school after they were running for cover, bullets flying i ito the classroom. >> the first one happened earlier this week at a high school, the sond one at an elementary school. erica, the second shooting that happened at the elementary school, from what we're understanding, a bullet landed inside a portable classroom and very close to one of the students. >> it was right outside an elementary school in cocut grove. that was for the second day in a row that teachers, students and parents are counting their blessings that no one was caught in the crossfire. at the same time they're demanding that something be done to stop the gun violence in our community. both shootingng happened in miami-dade county. wednesday at carol s snior high school and yesterday at francis s. tucker elementary school. stray bullets pierced through
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classroom after a nearby shootout. the bullets narrowly missed students. teachers reacted quickly locking doors and turning off classroom lights to keep things riots. one student said he heard the gunshots right before his teacher told everyone to get down. >> when they came through the window, we knew and we went to the floor. >> he was terrified. it was his best fririd, the bullet went behind h best friend and landed on the wall and landed beside him. when chance and luck are the best defense our kids have in miami or in this county, something is terribly broken. if this community does not rise up and speak up against the code of silence that's killing or threatening oururkids, this is not going to stop. >> this morning we want to know what you think or how you think we can reduce gun violence in our community( you can let us know by leaving a comment under this sory on our nbc 6 facebook page. live in the studio, erika glover, nbc 6 news. miami gardens also dealing
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outside carol city high school. investigators say rival gang members shot at each other shortly after classes were dismissed on monday. cedric admas is in jail. he's accused of starting the gunfig. now police are trying to figure out a solution to stop the violence. >> make sure we teach kids not to join the gangs. thad's one way. the other way to solve the issue is active prosecution of these violent gangs. >> police are still looking for 19-year-old stanley ragin. they say he's a gang member connected to the shooting. if you know where he is, call crime stoppers. a mom is in jail at this hour facing charges after her 4-month-old son was found dead in a freezer. we covered this story as it was happening. police arrested paulo vargas ortiz. that 37-year-old woman is held without bond.
6:36 am
that woman in the parking lot of the seven mile bridge threatening to commit suicide. that day she told deputies she had thrown her son off that bridge. miami-dade police later found that baby in the freezer of her home in homestead. it looks like a case of mistaken identity is what left a father of four in al pat that dead. the family believes the killer was after his brother. aaron p prish walked outside to smoke a cigarette before bed when a gunman opened fire in what police are calling an assassination-style murder. they say he was an innocent bystander becae the killer may have wanted to shoot his brother instead. cops shared new video from the cell phone that captured a hooded gunman walking up to a house, later taking off i a getaway car. this morning the victim's wife pleading for someone to come forward. >> my heart has been taken out. i feel like my heart's been
6:37 am
i don't know how to go on without him being there as support foo me or my children. >> his wife and four children were actually insnse of the home when the dad was gunned down. if you have any information, call crime stoppers. right now pope francis is in the air, about four hours into his flight to havana, cuba. that trip hoping to heal a wound that goes back about a thousand years. nbc 6's julia bagg is on the ground in havana with more. >> reporter: preparations happening here in havana, cuba, for thing that has not happened in a millennium almost. when pope francis greets patriarch kirill, when it happens this afternoon, they will be bridging a divide that's lasted 962 years. in the year 1054 a power struggle boiled over between rivals of the eastern and western christian churches, their leaders excommunicated one anothernd their churches have not reconciled since.
6:38 am
be short. it's on neutral ground, at the airport and not in a church. expectedo last for two hours. the vatican announced it last week. but the encounter is something years in the making, something even john paul wanted, two popes ago. and cuban leader raul castro will also be at the airport this afternoon to greet them. we will be there live as well. reporting live in havana cuba, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. this weekend is the start of he 53rd annual coconut groves arts festival. traffic in and out of there can be bad. first alert traffic reporter kelly blanco back with the road closures you might need to know about on how to get in and out of there in the fastest and safest way possible. the fell vast starts tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. the street closures begin today about 10:00. road closures from pan american
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the festival will extend on pan american. when driving the the festival, be aware there's a lot of traffic on i-95 southbound at exit 1a to the rick en bacher causeway. if you take i-95southbound, you want to make sure to follow u.s. 1 to 27 pgt avenue. nbc 6 is a proud sponsor, so stop by our tent and say hi to our anchors. the morning team will be there on monday. breaking news in the florida panhandle. all morning long we're keeping you updated on a small plane crash in destin, not far from pensacola. the coast guard now involved in the search. theyeyave found wreckage and we're getting new pictures from the scene as you can see here. we'll show you them in the big six. love is in the air. the valentine's day craze is on.
6:40 am
expected to pass through this u.p.s. facility in miami. we're taking you behind the scees live coming up next. as we can see at m.i.a. whehe michael is, a beautiful start to the day. cool readings await you outside, lower 50s across much of broward county, a nice warmup in place. lower to mid 50s will do it for
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a rapid warmup takes shape today welcome back everybody. your time is 6:44 on your friday morning. can you smell that? can you smell it? >> breakfast. >> not talking about the breakfast being cooked behind you by mom or dad. i'm talkingng about the smell of love in the air. if you wake up on sunday morning and y y sasa uh-oh, it's valentine's day, guess what? it's too late. flowers shops are busy right now. >> before your sweetheart gets those two dozen roses you ordered, have you ever thought about where it actually comes from.
6:44 am
through an inspection process. nbc reporter michael spears is live at the u.p.s. cargo headquarters at the airport with the toughest gig in town. busy two days hehee. kelly says she likes red roses. >> not one dozen, two. >> white she just said. >> reporter: we have a lot here. you said love in the air. we can smell it, eric. this is one of the first shipments in here at the u.p.s. facility in miami. we're talng more than 100 million flowers will flow through the facility in two weeks. talking about the valentine's day craze. it's been nuts this morning. first plane landed about an hour ago. this one came from guatemala, one of 11 flights that will come just today leading up to the valentine's day craze. when you talk about the importance of miami in this shipment, we spoke to a distributor who says all of his uff comes through miami before it gets shipped out throughout the country. you can imagine folks where i'm
6:45 am
on the table for their loved ones likely will pass through this facility. it's a major operation. we're told they work a aund the clock to make sure this allll happens from farms to where we are in miami. we spoke to one of those distributors and importers about the craze. he said definitely, definitely a busy time. take a listen. >> threshold holidayfor us. the real reason is because evevybody really wants roses. that's the majority of the flowers people purchase. of course, we want to make our women happy, at least i do. it's all compressed in a very short period of time. >> reporter: short period of time, but i is all worth it because you get beautiful, beautiful flowers coming in, most from south america. back out here live. ha is the first plane that has landed today. we're told the next one will arrive around 7:15. this will continue. we're two days out from valentine's day. kelly, no red roses yet. we'll look through the boxes and
6:46 am
>> she justst said she likes white. >> a remarkable turn of events, a handful of white roses. she said no, no, no,, i like white. you are in, buddy. you are in. >> reporter: i couldn'tresist. >> we literally were clapping behind the scenes when we saw those white roses. >> a lot of flowers. >> it's oftentimes it takes this holiday to remind us that we are the inbound location for so many treats coming from south america. that's very cool. get them while they're around. an expensive hot item for the weekend. thankfully our weather will be outstanding. we've got all the outdoor events that count on good weather. we've got tht. if you're an early riser and you still like the cool weather, we have a bone muss morning for you. we'll start out west into pembroke pines here. look over i-75 and clear skies. hasn't it been nice to get up each day and get on the roads with no wet weather in the way.
6:47 am
for the next few days. we have a very ol morning awaiting you, but a very warm afternoon. it's going to be a quick turn-around today. we'll have one more night, maybe two with nights dropping back into the 50s. a delightful component to the weather with the cool mornings still with us. the weekend looks great. here we are at 51 in pompano, 52 in pembroke pines, 54 in ft. lauderdale. holding steady at 54 in opa-locka, 56 in miami. our winds are out of the north and northwest. i was lookin for a northeasterly component to the wind which would carry our temperatures five, six, seven degrees warmer. instead, the offshore breeze giving us our bonus morning into the lower 50s. once these winds to the northeast, it's a rapid warmup. take you through the florida keys, first alert weather, partly cloudy skies, 72 to 74. about 74 today in marathon. ft. lauderdale, clear skies, mid 50s for the drive in.
6:48 am
take your sun glances. we'll have ab abundance of sunshine. today's high 75. you'll really feel that change. a quick step here into the overnight hours. again, there's a 58 for the overnight low. the next few days leading into this weekend which is a long holiday weekend for most, 75 today, 76 on saturday, 74 on sunday. sunday, par@ly cloudy but turning breezy through the afternoon hours. so folks with a beach and marine interest, keep that in mind. we do actually bring some rain chances in. isolated in nature on monday. scattered on tuesday. then we clear out and more nice weather into wednesday and thursday withighs in the mid 70s. morning low ms. the upper 50s. back ttraffic now. here is kelly. >> we still have the traffic ert we're following out of broward county. a gas leak still has park road completely blocked off in all directions between hallandale beach boulevard and poem broke road. take 40th avenue instead to avoid the area.
6:49 am
thislears up. nights going to be any time soon. let's change sources and take you to chopper 6 up above the bigigcurve. 826 westbound pretty busy out there. no accidents reperted on the palmetto expressway, dolphin expressway, airport expressway. that's go news for you. as you're making your way out the door on i-95, things are not looking too bad either, whether you're northbound or southbound. this is northwest 103rd street making your way toward downtown miami. the earlier crash on i-95 southbound at 7th street has cleared up. >>just about ten minutes to the top of the hour. police officers across the nation terried that they have become the targs of gun violence. this week five officers have died in the line of duty, eight total so far this year. nbc 6 did talk to local law enforcement who believe officers are being targeted now more than ever. >> there's a war declared
6:50 am
us locally. >> while it does seem liket is happening very often here in terms of officers dying in the line of duty, reallyly when it comes down to the numbers, that really isn't the case, at least not at the moment. numbers are showingng aths like these directly connected to officers on duty are approaching an all-time low. last year 43 officers were killed in the line of duty. back in 1975 that number topped out at 135. we've been telling you about this all week. attorney general loretta lynch is visiting several cities. she's here in south florida. she came here to support the members of the doral police department, recognized for having a beer relationship with the community. today she'll be hosting a youth town hall at a miami high school. the attorney general has been traveling across the country to highlight police departments she says are setting standards for law enforcement. secretary of state john kerry speaking about syrian peace and plans for peace there
6:51 am
he says diplomats meeting in germany have agreeeeto work with warring factions in syria to implement, quote, nationwide cessation of hostilities, end quote. he says the diplomats also agree on immediate humanitarian aid for the syrian people. all new for you overnight, the assistant director of the world health organization just wrapped up a news conference in geneva having to do with the zika virus.s. she says while poor knowledge of the virus presents its challenges, of course, she's confident they're getting ahead of the curve wh it comes to a response time in gettingo the people infected right away. they're looking at where zika might strike next. the best bet they say is puerto rico. that's what the cdc administrator told a senate committee on capitol hill. he says if somethingng is not done right away, there could be hundreds of thousands of infections on tt island. meanwhile, olympic organizers try to reassure the world everything possible is being
6:52 am
safe from zika. venezuela has reported three deaths related to zika complications. an additional 68 people have been hospitalized because of the virus. that country is reporting there might be more than 5,000 cases and that's just since november of last year. the oregon wildlife refuge the scene of a land rights standoff standoff. the last four occupiers surrendered to the fbi yesterday. they're going to face a judge for the first time in just a few hours from now onn several charges. originally the group wanted the federal government to turn over land to locals for grazingnd release two ranchers in jail for arson. mao the big six stories you need to know. >> students returning to school this morning after stray bullets hit the side of a classroom. this is actually the second shootinin outside a miami-dade school in as many days. at least five shotss were fired near francis tucker elementary school in coconut grove.
6:53 am
one bullet went through the building wall, narrowly missed a child inside. breaking overnight, brand new pictures into our newsroom of a small plane crash in the florida panhandle. you're looking at what appears to be a wheel that washed ashore overnight from the piper square key. this happened in destin. first responders are looking for any sign of survivors. it's still unclear exactly how many people were on board and when it actually went down. right now pope francis is in the air on his way to cuba, about four hours into the flflht. the pontiff will be leading with the leader of the russian orthodox church which could heal a 1,000-year-old riff between the@ branches of western and eastern christiane naity. raul castro also expected to be there.
6:54 am
in a freezer last month after 37 palo vargas ortiz threatened to kill herself. she faces manslaughter charges and is being held without bond for the 4-month-old's death. detectives are looking for two men who disguised and ambushed a delivery man and forced their way into a house. oneof the suspects was armed. luckily no one was hurts. the f fily of a man gunned down saying they believe the killer was really after his brother. aaron parish walkedutside to smoke a cigarette before bed when the gunman opened firee in what police are calling an assassination style murder. be sure to check out our nbc 6 news and weather app for full details for all the stories we're covering on this friday morning. we have chopper 6 back to the gas leak so we can show you
6:55 am
crews are still working. it's going to take some me. don't even think about park road. it's completely shut down northbound and southbound between hallandale beach boulevard@and pembroke road. we'll keep you posted on air and online. we'll let you know as soon as it clears up. here is a look outside, i-75, your southbound and northbound lanes of miramar parkway, no major issues or delays. we do have a couple accidents, quail roost drive at soutest 117th, also another accident at u.s. 1 southbound and 232nd. you can't beat that this morning. a beautiful art to our friday morning here as we look into miami. just a few passing clouds. that's about it. we'll see a few more clouds around today. early morning sunshine will do a number on our temperatures.
6:56 am
53 in pembroke pines and pompano beach. cool start to the morning, yes. just hour by hour, a rapid warmup. even ino the 9:00 hour, we'll be pushing into the lower 60s. i think 68 by 11:00. 75 this afternoon. your first alert forecast filled with sunshine and warmer conditions. not quite as cool. we're still below average for the weeeend. turning breezy on sunday. could be an isolated shower on monday. a long presidents day weekend
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> that's it for now. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk,more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at good morning. cuddle up. valentine's day weekend off to a bone-chilling start. 19 in d.c. 16 in new york. 8 in boston. if you think that's cold, al says, just wait. standing by herrmann man. hillary clinton comes to the
7:00 am
>> the kind of criticism we've heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans, i do not expect from someone running for the democratic nomination to succeed president obama. >> madame secretary, that is low blow. >> will that strategy help or hurt her? machete attack. a man storms into an ohio restaurant and randomly slashes four people. >> this was a brutal attack. >> the suspepe eventually shot and killed by police. the fbi investigating. wicked big air. >> history goes down. backflip for the crowd. >> boston's iconic fenway park transformed into the ultimate winter sports playground. dylan is about to head to the top of the massive ramp. today, friday, february 12th,


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