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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  February 12, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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between law enforcement officers and the communitieshey serve. and nbc 6 is showing you how your child's school stacks up. now, on 6, pope francis set to arrive in cuba in just about three hours looking to heal a 1,000-year-old riri in christianity. the pontiff meeting with the leader of the russian orthodox church who is already in havana. thank you/for joining us today. >> nbc 6 traveling to cba to cover the historic meeting that we're talking about here. the tdown is generating as you can imagine a a lot of talk in social media. a lot of people intrigued by this, by an unprecedented face-to-face. it's apparently been in the work within the catholic church for years, it's caught a lot of people by surprise.
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>> reporter: there is certainly an atmosphere expect yancy here right here on the tarmac of the airport in havana, cuba. half of this duo is already here. the russian plane you can see behind me. now we're just waiting for pope francis to touch down. for a few hours, heads of opposing christian churches will meet one another in a spirit of good will. pope francis of the roman catholic church and the leader of the russian orthodox church. 962 years have not healed the bitter split between the branches of eastern and wesrn christianity. we're told what happens today could make both sides change course. >> this meeting, it's possible, perhaps, that the church will be breathing with both lungs. >> >> reporter: the meeting
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they are proud of the rolol their country, cuba, is playing on the national stage. at the same time, it's ironic. >> a thousand-year-old grudge is being settled in cuba. it's kind of weird but that's >> reporter: both leaders are expected to make a joint declaration and cuban leader raul castro will be there too. >> thank you so much. look forward to your live reports at 5:00 as well. our digital team tracking the pope's travels. this picture from the official catholic news service, the pope having a little bit of fun wearing his sombrero at the same time and as you know he's headed to mexico after this brief stop in havana.
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evry step of the way. even when we're not on the air, you can check out our nbc 6 news and weather app. let's head outside, a live lookin downtown miami. a cool start but mperatures are climbing as we head into the lunch hour. >> we've got a lot going on this weekend. it's valentine's day, the boat show, coconut grove arts festival. beautiful weather for that. >> yes. even if you are not participating in those events and you are going to have a leisurelel week, the sunshine will find you all the way through. first alert, bayside, mostly sunny skies. if you were up and out early this morning, there was hint of a chill in the air. 50 in pompano beach, 52 in ft. lauderdale, 55 in miami. as we advance here, a look into the ft. lauderdale here of sunny skies. look at these readings now. a quick climb. 21 degrees or so in most locations since this morning.
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ft. lauderdale and miami. 67 in key west with sunny skies and more sunshine to come. not much to come in cloud cover. thth sun will warm us up back in the mid 70s. our 75 today is ttle bit below average for this day in february. 75 today. we have cool mornings through the weekend and also warm afternoons as we get through the ekend. we'll be watching for the breeze to kick in. coming up, we'll talk about rain chances early next week. breaking news right now coming out of arizona. that is where two students have been shot at independence high school in glendale. we're learning from local media that those students are women and according to our sources there, one has died. they are reporting that this is an isolated incident and there is not a search for a shooter at this time but the school remains on lockdown. we follow this situation and bring you updates on air and on
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weather app a gas leak has en capped in broward after it made quite the mess earlier today. hazmat crews had been at the scene since about 5:00 this morning. it happened at park road between hallen dale beach boulevard chopper 6 also on the scene as well as it was happening. there was construction going on in the area before the gas leak occurred. fire rescue crews also at the scene helping cap the broken gas line. right now, classes are back in session at two local schools that wererhit by bullets over the past two days. we'll start herere in coconut grove at frances s. tucker elementary school. it was put on lockdown yesterday late morning after shots were fired outside of that school. what we're told is that some stray bullets came through the window of a portable classroom at that elementary school, narrowly missing a studenthat was working inside. the teachers did the right thing. they acted fast. locked the doors, turned off the lights and did their best to
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portable classroom. then there's a second one, police still searchihi for 19-year-old stanley raegan. authorities say he is a gangg member connected to the other shooting which happened outside of carol city high school wednesday. rival gang members shot at each other shortly after classes were dismissed at that high school. police have already caught one suspect in connection to t`at shooting. cedric adams is in jail right now accused of starting that gun fight. luckily one was hurt in either shooting incident. the nation's top cop, loretta lynch is in south florida today. steve litz is live at booker t. washington high school and i saw you tweeting and you were talking about really they are trying to break the barriers and it almost seems like thh don't trust the police. >> repter: you know, it's a fascinating discussion between
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lynch and some students here. not just from booker t. but also students from other campuses here in miami-dade college, trust and the relationship between police and students, young people, was one of the main topics of discussion. ms. lynch is right now in miami on a national community policing tour and here specifically talking about building trust in law enforcement. several students talked about the influence of the media and social media and the per sipgs that relationships are not good between police and americas youth. couple of students talk about videos that go viral of police brutality and the feeling among some of these students is and they said i they would rather go to somebody else if they have a probl besides a police officer for help. ms. lynch told these studentm she has heard that concern before. >> and the peole that i found students, they were young people, who were facing the issues of how to relate to police officers, of how to
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community, who are facing the issues of how to feel safe. [ indiscernible ] >> the students who are peace ambassadors, they were the special guests here and that peace ambassador program involves students who are trying to make a change for the better at their high school. later this afternoon, ms. lynch will sit down with adults in law enforcement and continue this conversation. live in miami, i'm steve litz. nbc 6 news. >> how well does your child's school fare? grades came out and it's the number one trending topicon our app. in broward county, both dania
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elementary scored a. in miami-dade, palmetto and duluth elemenenry they got as. to find out how your school did, head over to our nbc 6 news and weather app. you can find the full list of grades there. it'sing going to be one week from tomorrow, that's when voters from nevada and south carolina will be weighing in on the presidential campaigns. >> with just days to go, the candidates are doubling down on their messages and really each other. erika glover is in the newsroom with the latest. >> hillary clinton used this debate to pose a question of young voters supporting bernie sanders. can we afford to the promises he's making? >> every proposal that i have introduced has been paid for.
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before south caroli focused hard on the issues and president obama. >> the kind of criticism that we've heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. >> republican frontrunner donald trump is taking aim at nearly all the competition, including ted cruz's latest ad. >> he pretends to be a republican. >> i just hope you don't believe the crap because it's all crap. okay. they are lies. >> in the deep south, they are focusing on faith. >> a lot of people ask me, you know, you know, shouldn't you separate your faith from politics and the answer is you better hope that i don't. >> frankly it's in the hands of the lord as to what happens next. >> jeb bush is hoping to energize his campaign by bringing in his brother, former president george bush -- george bush monday. >> he's the most popular p republican alive.
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business of picking presidents. >> they are looking ahead. donald trump is in florida today. this week will see democrats in nevada and colorado. >> you'll see the republicans studying this weekend. their next debate tomorrow night in south carolina. live in the newsroom, erika glover, nbc 6 news. thank you so much. still ahead. we're going to see how cupid's helpers are working hard this valentine today's day and the days approaching to make sure special deliveries are there on time. it's one of the most spectacular times of the year here in south florida. we're counting down to the 53rd annual coconut grove arts festival. i'm roxanne vargas coming to you live from the grove.
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regardless of what the weather is like across the nation, here in south florida hearts will be warm guaranteed for valentine's day this weekend. >> cupid is getting help from u.p.s. workers. >> a lot u.p.s. workers we might add. michael spears is live at the u.p.s. cargo headquartersrs with a firsthand look at how we're doing this. we watched as jets, by jets, i
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well millions of dollars for flowers over the weekend. >> reporter: that's right. we're here as the first plane landed with the first shipment of the day, packed with flowers from guatemala. u.p.s. tells us that 90% of the flowers imported into the united states make the stop here at miami international airport. two days away from valentine's day, you can imagine it's been quite busy here at t e airport before your flowers end up here, they come through here, at least most o them. miami international airport where love is in the air. u.p.s. will fly more than100 million flowers here for love birds across the united states. that's 9 million pounds, more than 8 million bouquets. > it's really the biggest port of flower entry in the united states. >> for distributors like peter seseer this time of year is the business. february 14th is the super bowl
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>> everybody wants roses. >> flowers go from countries like ecuador colombia to mia in less than 24 hours. >> we add additional staff just for the incoming shipments. >> reporter: crews that move the flowers from plane to this massive freezer, the size of five basketball courts bere inspecting by customs who keep unwanted company from rurning the romance. from here, they are off to a store near you eventually in the hands of a special someone this valentine's day. >> it is anticipated record spending this valentine's dey. truly incredible and u.p.s. tells us they have 11 flights daily of those flower shipments just to keep up. for now we're lii at miami
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spears, nbc 6 news. for several days now, with the weather being so cool, maybe a lot of you are not heading out to the beach but we're going to change that trend heading into the afternoon hours today and through the coming weekend with slightly warmer temperatures but just so nice to see theunshine in place. we're already seeing a beach breeze make a return and therefore more folks out there enjoying it. that's a live look into hollywood from our diplomat resort and spa camera. we head down to miami. fair weather clouds starting to bubble up across the area. 71 at mia. most cloud cover developing across the atlantic waters and we begin to turn that breeze from the a little bit from the southeast and east today, we'll the temperatures. calm winds right now in miami part. we've got a northwest wind there in opa-locka and startg a northeast breeze down through
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our temperatures responding to the sunshine and an adjustment in the winds. lower 70s after we were in the 50s this morng. 73 in pembroke pines. 72 in opa-locka. 67 in key west. 71 miami. high pressure spread out acrcrs the waters here. it's anchor ds in the gulf of mexico. it's nice to see the sunshine and afair weather pattern becoming well established just in time for the wwkend. this 75, while we have not been in the mid 70s now for several days on end, feels real nice, just a few fair weather clouds developing this afternoon. our commute home is dry. our evening, because the air i dry, cools off rapidly as soon as the sun goes down. temperatures this evening into the upper 60s while lows ton dip in the upper 50s. we may find some lower 50s deepep inland, but light winds overnight and adjusting to the ocean breeze through the afternoon hours.
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as we go further to the north. we've got snow in the carolinas as we aroach midday. this pattern shift will bring brutally cold air over the northeast in the weekend. and next tuesday, we will finally have a chance for showers which i've reflected in the extended forecast. next weekend, looking ahead seven days now, the warmer weather which we got to used to so far in the winter season, it comes back as a big ridge begins to build in by thursday and friday next week. outstanding. mid 70s each and every day. you will notice the breeze kick up on sunday. isolated shower late on monday, better chance on tuesday. that setet us up for more sunshine. >> the streets of coconut grove, it's going to be fantastic. "six in the mix" roxanne vargas is there right now. there's going to be food and fun
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family if you can't go there and have a good time, i think there's a bigger isisue you should be looking at. >> right. you should call a friend if that's the case. we have all sorts of art. art for your walls, art you can wear, art y can eat. happening near in one of the most artistic places in the entire country. that is art itself. we're coming to you live from grove bay grill here in the heart of coconut grove. the streets have shut down here as last minutes preps are under way. take a look at this video. walking around the coconut grove arts festival. we've got artists setting everything up. they are excited to have been accepted to this juried@ event. take a listen. >> so many different artists here, everything from wood sculpture to paintings to this unusual glass sculpture to all sorts of things. anybody who comes here is going to have a ball. the food and music is great. it's going to be a wonderful weekend. >> you heard it there from thomas.
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weekend. i do not believe in koinses. we spoke with him. it turns out his wife is actually one of the artists who we will be featuring live here on "six in the mix" in a few minutes coming up at 11:30. her heart is amazing. she's world renowned. a fierce fefele. we're going to talk to her as well as hear from the artists behind this pie. and music will make you move as we continue our preview and the countdown to the 53rd annual coconut grove arts festival. nbc 6 is a proud sponsor. if you want to find out who will be there check out our nbs 6 news and weather april as well as how to get around the grove. it's easier than ever to get here. live from cocut grove, roxanne vargas, nbc 6 news. we're going to be there on monday. >> we will be there monday. sheli, myself, and kelly blanco as well. well, the coconut grove arts
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a lot of things going on and we have the big art walk and also the boat show. >> that means a lot of things, including traffic, first alert traffic reporter kelly blanco helping you get around all those traffic snafus on what's shaping up to be a busy weekend out there. all the fun events this week also mean there will be heavy traffic and road closures. here's what you need to know. the miami international boat show will be causing delays in the rickenbacker causeway in both direions between u.s. 1 and virginia beach drive. plan ahead because there es virtually no parking but there will be free water taxis and shuttle buses from downtown miami, marlins park and other locations. the art windwood will run for cause slow downs in both directions. it will run for five days all the way through monday. saturday is the start of the 53rd annual coconut grove arts festival that is located in the heart of down tone coconut grove along south bay shore drive along mcfarland road between aviation avenue and grand
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festivities run through monday but road closures have already began today. if you chohoe to take i-95 southbound, make sure to take u.s. 1 to 27th avenue. i recommend taking 836 westbound then 27th avenue south to the festival. nbc 6 will be there. you can catch all of your favorite on air personalities there through the week and on monday. your morning team will be on there on monday along with joe and jackie. make sure to visit the nbc 6 news and weather app.
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take a look at this. it's not uncommon for political candidates to be asked to sign an autograph, of course,ut what donald trump did yesterday
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it happened in baton rouge, la. >> i just love his hair. a woman sent her child through the pack without hesitation. a little boy named curtis ray jeffrey ii was sucking on a bejewel trump-themed pacifier. >> a troll doll. that's exactly what it is. >> it looks like he's been up since married -- mardi gras on tuesday. "six in the mix" will roxanne vargas, she did you know there's a cough liquid that lasts for twelve hours? try delsym twelve hour cough liquid. its advanced formula releases powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended release medicine lasts fofo12 hours.
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w, it is a gorgeous day here at the grove. good morning, everyone. i'm roxanne vargas. welcome to a very special edition of "six in the mix." we have taken the show on the
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the 53rd annual coconut grove arts festival. we're coming to you live from one of the most artistic places here in the heart of coconut grove, grove bay grill here. the streets are shutdown and wee counting down to all the festivities, all the fun, you nd the entire family will have this weekend. >> take in all the colors, the shapes, the tastes of coconut grove. paint, pictures, art that pleases your palate and heart that makes you move. it is a celebration of the arts at the 53rd annual coconut grove arts festival. a three-day event welcoming top talent from around the world to showcase their art along nearly one mile in the art of coconut grove. coconut grove wasn't exactly


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