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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 5pm  NBC  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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francis and the russian orthodox patriarch. >> maybe more opportunities and maybe things are better yet to come. >> reporter: the meeting is a symbol of hope, whether you're a believer or not. we'll hear what else this means for people on the island and abroad. live in havana, cuba, julia bagg bagg. nbc 6 news. >> another live look from the airport in havana where the pontiff's plane is awaiting his arrival. pope francis is expected to take off at 5:30. you can follow the latest o o the nbc 6 news and weather app. also tonight, for the second day this week carol city high was placed on lockdown due to gunfire. a shooting happening near campus totoay, but this time no bullets struck the school. as police continu to investigate today's incident,
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a shooting earlier this week. we learned just hours ago 19-year-old stanley reagan was arrested in connection ton exchange of gunfire that sent a bullet through the window of carol city high. sharon lawson is live with how the community is reacting. >> reporter: stanley reagan, he is a known gang member. he was shot in the foreman outside thisis school on wednesday. authorities say he turned himself in today, but this investigation is far from over. a young adult wanted for his alleged involvement inn shooting near a school is now off the streets. 19-year-old stanley reagan turned himself in today, the same day another teen faced the judge in court. authorities say 18-year-old cedric adams and reagan are connected to the shooting near
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that left studentss shaken and spiritual leaders praying for ace. pastors from numerous churches along with city leaders united outside the high school. their message a familiar one. the violence has to end. >> we're just trying to get our community to start speaking up about the violence that's going on and make our young men and young people understand how important it is to y it's got to end. it's g g the stop today. >> you don't have to look as yourself as a snitch. you can be a community servant. >> reporter: mosw recently shortly after 11:00 a.m. friday three miami garden schools were put on lockdown. >> it was a few shots. boom, boom, boom, boom. then pow, pow, pow, pow.
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bystanders were hurt, but people need to come forward before another life is lost. >> i get sick and tired when i rn on my tv that a student and/or child has lost their life. it has to stop. >> reporter: one of the churches is going to be donating $500 towards miami crime stoppers to make sure the people responsible for this crimi are brought to justice. if you have any information on o is responsible, make sure you contact miami-dade crime stoppers. we're live in miami gardens. nbc 6 news. chopper 6 over burning rubber after an auto body shop goes up in flames in open park. any idea what sparked it? >> at this point, no cause onn the fire. i just spoke with the fire chief
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absolutely no idea what it could have been. the flames erupted just before 1:00 today. firefighters faced a big job this afternoon on the street where ts now destroyed collision center sits. those who worked nearby watched the workers from here scrambled to safety. >> smoke started coming out of the building. >> reporter: from chopper 6, you could see black coming from the building similar to what firefighters saw before even getting here. >> we noticed edd heavy smoke. >> reporter: oakland park's fire chief said he immediately called for backup. >> initially, h h to make sure that the adjacent buildings were evacuated, had to remove six civilians from the back alley,
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we had to da rapid evacuation. >> reporter: nobody was hurt. what caused the blaze here is unknown right now. back out here live. just one fire truck left now, so crews definitely wrapping up. it took about 45 minutes to contain the blaze. we haven't been able to talk with anyone from the business, but i can see now during my live shot it looks some people have arrived. we will be approaching them to see whatt they think might have started this ordeal. nbc 6 n nws. we continue e follow that breaking news out of havana, cuba right now. you're taking a live look out of cuba. you see the pope there. he's about to get on a plane and head to mexico after his historic sit-down meeting. >> it was a short trip. he arrived in havana about 2:00 p.m.
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a short trip, but long ramifications. pope francis in havana. he's about to depart. he's about to get back onto that plane to head to mexico where the -- that's where he heads to next. this wassn historic meeting 1,000 years in the making. it really is the result of the weern and eastern branchs of christianity coming together. raul castro had a hand in all this from the first papal visit when he arrived in september to this one. >> that's what this is all about, as you continue to take a live look out of havana, cuba. it's about some of the moves pope francis continues to make here.
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declaration, decades in the making. it basically cemenend francis's reputation as a risk taking statesman whoho values dialogue. you mentioned it, jackie. bridge building. as he continues to try to show that two sides can come together and work. historic because you're talking about 1,000 year feud. >> shaking hands now with cuban leader raul castro. big smile on his face. once again, the catholics and the orthodox split in the great schism of 1054. that's close to 1,000 years that these two branchs of christianity have had this rift between them. today on this february day a declaration has been signed between both leaders.
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critical step to help heal the rift. he'll head to the next des destination destination, which will be mexico. >> there in mexico he'll bring a message of solidarity with the victims of drug violence. the pope bid farewell after this historic meeting. >> three-hour trip making the stop here in havana for this meeting with the russian orthodox leader. raul castro giving his fine farewell to pope francis as he got on to that air italia plane to make the next stop. an historic day in havana. we will continue to follow ts historic moment in havana here on nbc 6. you can always get the latest on our news and weather app. now to a story that a lot of
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facebook day. florida's school report is out and not every local school is making the grade. steve litz is live in miami. >> reporter: despite the superintendent did brag about these results and talking about how miami-dade schools are doing better than the state averages, not only when it comes to the "a" schools, but also the "f" schools. the superintendent is confididnt he can flip it. the report cards are in on miami-dade schools with grades ranging from "as" to "fs." >> you have to perfom at this level. to make an "a" this year, you have to perform at this level. >> reporter: schools receiving
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elementary, carol city middle, alonzo, and tracy morgan high. there are 20 "f" rated schools. >> i'm very grateful and happy with this school. i don't know about all the kids, but this school has been like angels for my daughters. >> she went from an "f" to a "a." >> yes. >> reporter: glitches and computer problems led to delays. another reason the superintendent says results are skewed. >> i have replaced 80% of all principals in miami-dade. they are fantastic instructional leaders who understand teaching and learning. secondly, recruiting the best
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particularly to the most fragile schools. >> reporter: rowsariorosario,he mother i interviewed talked about how school officials worked with her so she could work better with her daughter at home and she said that made a huge difrence. next year's results will mean more because he'll be comparing apples to apples. marissa bagg is in broward county gettng the grades there. new tonight, an abrupt change of plans for c cris bosh. he is out of this friday's all-star game. the rson? a calf strain. he had a blood clot last season.
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was to be a part of the all-star game. a beautiful day here in south florida on this friday heading into a busy president's day weekend. find out if the weather will hold foror the weekend coming up. last-minute paintings beingng
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for you art lovers now to an update on a deadld shooting that unfolded at a phoenix area high school. police say the victims are two 15-year-old girls. cops found a gun near their bodies. the circumstances suggest the possibility of a murder suicide or a double suicide. the district notified parents of the situation through e-mails and automated phone calls. hundreds of family and friends crowded nearby waiting for an answer. >> i ended up waking up to a message from my girlfriend that there was a school shooti. i asked her if she was safe and everything, made sure she was all right and everything, and she said yeah. >> police say the danger on campus is over. they're looking for anyone else who may be involved. the state of florida trying to do its best to stay ahead of the zika virus. officials activated an information hotline to answer questions for people living here
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sunshine state. that number 855-622-6735. it will provide information about efforts to stop the spread of the virus. florida has 20 confirmed cas of zika. seven in miami-dade. three in broward. winter weather will be across the country as the weekend approaches. winds gusted at 20 miles per hour in des moines iowa. the cold air mass will make temperatures feel 30 below. dozens of vehicles parked on the streets frozen in their tracks and coated with ice. it's a different story here in south florida. absolutely a different story. beautiful day here in south
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no rain on the live first alert doppler radar. it looks very nice here along the beach. this is the view along hollywood beach. yes, some of the buildings casting a shadow there not just on the beach, but on the neighboring ocean. we don't have much of a problem withthhe rip currents right now because we don't have much of a wind out there. there's hardly any breeze. it's just a spectacular afternoon. temperatures in the 70s and even the humidity levels are quite tolerable. comfortable weather expected this weekend. if you're visiting south florida, you're in luck because much of our dry season has been very wet. we just came off the wettest january on record across south florida. this dry stretch is certainly welcome across south florida. the next rain chance or siificant rain chance won't be until tuesday.
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readings dipped into the 50s in much of south florida. a 50 degree reading at pompano beach and kendall. right now, it's 70 in key west. 72, miami. 71 in ft. lauderdale. i don't think you can ask for a more perfect temperature at this hour. we're u uer the control of an area of high pressure which is not on the map, but itextends from the atlantic into the gulf of xico. off to our north, there's a ont. this frontal system actually in its dissipating stage could cross south florid this weekend, but it is not going to produce any rain. there's hardly any clouds out there or moisture to work with. you wouldn't have moisture to squeeze out of the air mass. you can see here on the water vapor satellite image it's bone dry out ththe. that's what the red means. that's good news if you like the sun and these temperatures.
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sunday and monday, but i've changed the forecast for# president's day. it used to have showers. i've removed the rain from the forecast. now it looks it won't be until tuesday until when he get some precipitation. if you're headed out this friday evening, temperatures will be in the 60s. overnight low 57 degrees. high tomorrow 77. valentine's day 73. up to 78 on monday. a cold d ont comes by on tuesday with some thunderstorms. back to you. next on 6, it's a big weekend in south florida. >> why you don't want to miss the coconut grove arts festival. another live look from havana cuba. pope francis' plane is taking off off. julia bagg is in havana tonight.
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introduce you to a local student with swag. >> so what's the formula for
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great welcome back. nbc 6 is everywhere. chopper 6 over the boat load of fun already under way in miami. on land, it's all about art.
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the 53rd annual coconut grove arts festival kicks off tomorrow. roxanne vargas is live with a sneak peek. >> reporter: there's so much amazing art to take in all weekend long,, guys. jawan, it opens up at 10:00 a.m. saturday, sunday, and monday. there's stuff to take in and do for everybody, the family. there's a rock wall over there. a bounce house. the kids are going to have a great time as well. here's more on what you can all take in this weekend. take in all the colors, the shapes, the taste of coconut grove, paint, pictures, art that pleases your palate and art that makes you move.
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53rd annual coconut grove arts festival. >> coconut grove wasn't exactly founded as an artist colony back in the late 1800s. >> reporter: this world-renowned festival started in 1963. today that clothesline art show has evolved into a festival with more than 1300 entries from internationally recognized artists. 360 are chosen. >> three, two, one! >> reporter: a view from the bay into the heart of the grove. a transplant from ohio who gave up practicing law to do this,
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beautiful pictures with a pal palette knife. >> it was just shocking to me and all the hoopla that goes with that. it feels good. >> reporter: this weekend we celebrate art in all its forms at the 53rd annual coconut grove arts festival. by the way, you can meet madeleine this weekend. she's in booths 101 and 102. kids pavilion back there. we're right on south bay shore drive and mcfarland at the curb. you can come on by. snap a selfie. we want to shake your hands. the music pavilion is right behind us. we can do a dance as we celebrate 53 years of art here at the grove.
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weather app. you will hear from an artist who fights fire during his day job. >> thank you for that live report. as she mentiod, nbc 6 is a proud sponsorf the festival and will be there all weekend long. snap a selfie with us. here's a look at the lineup for tomorrow. you can get a full list of appearances on the nbc 6 news and weather app. jackie and i will be there on monday. >> did she say the adult beverage booth is close to our booth? that sounds pretty good. >> it sounds real good, doesn't it? the news at 5:30 continues next. >> here's adam with a look ahead. that's where i'll be sunday as we. still ahead here, the pope just boarded that plane in cubb we saw it on nbc 6. we'll tell you more about this
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so special. the mayor of miami beh going off on a truck driver parked illegally? we'll break down the tape he posted to social media. what can brown do for you?
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how an now on 6, off to mexico. pope francis departing cuba just a few momentsgo after an historic pit stop a 1,000 years in the making. >> right now the pope is in the air on his second leg on his trip to mexico city. he is schededed to arrive in mexico city at about 8:30, but he's technically running a little bit ahead of schedule. whenever he does arrive there, there'll be a welcoming ceremony for him in mexico city. >> there'll be a lot of folks there. today's short stop in cuba was an historic one. the sit-down was meant to bridge a 1,000-year old rift in christianity. they kissed on the cheek with


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