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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 530pm  NBC  February 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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how an now on 6, off to mexico. pope francis departing cuba just a few momentsgo after an historic pit stop a 1,000 years in the making. >> right now the pope is in the air on his second leg on his trip to mexico city. he is schededed to arrive in mexico city at about 8:30, but he's technically running a little bit ahead of schedule. whenever he does arrive there, there'll be a welcoming ceremony for him in mexico city. >> there'll be a lot of folks there. today's short stop in cuba was an historic one. the sit-down was meant to bridge a 1,000-year old rift in christianity. they kissed on the cheek with
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are brothers. now things are easier. it was a sometimes tense relationshipipetween east and west. they signed a joint declaration on religious unity. >> here's francis touching down around 2:15 this afternoon. you can see him greeted by raul castro. he had some fun on the way there, too. look at these pictures. showing him wearing that sombrero. the pope taking to twitter before arriving in cuba saying, today is a day of grace. the meeting is a gift from god. pray for us. >> now it's off to mexico for a five-day visit. his deepest d dsire for his trip is to pray before the shrine of the virgin of guadalupe.
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visit have been under way in mexico city for months. security is visibley higher in the m mn square. nearly 13,000 officers from various forcesill protect the pontiff. it is very full. a busy day for him. he'll arrive around 8:30 tonight. tomorrow he'll stop at the basilica of our lady of guadalupe. the pope will visit inmates there at a prison. he'll depart for rome on wednesday night. julia bagg is in cuba and has a live report from havana coming up 6:00. head to our nbc 6 newewand weather app. we have an entire in-deptt section. a tirade by the mayor of miami beach and it was caught on camera.
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your fedex trip parked in front of our -- >> you heard right there. if this sounds like deja vu, you're right. >> it's one of his pet peeves. double parked delivery trucks. when he spotted one yesterday, he took matters into his own hands. the video that's getting more than 10,000 views online. >> the mayor makes no bones about it. he hates delivery trucks blocking lanes on busy miami beach streets. he absolutely positively had to jump into action. >> let me ask you a question. what'the reason why you have your fedex truck parked in the middle of our most busy road? >> reporter: the mayor is not impressed. the police chief didn't call,
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be laid down after the mayor recorded the truck's license plate and forwarded it to a city official. soon they had their man a few blocks away on washington avenue allegedly illegally parked again for anototr delivery, so he got a ticket. it's the same block where last march where the mayor and two police units seen here on surveillance video surrounded a double parked coca-cola truck. >> we need a pd for traffic assistance sent to washington andd15th street. >> reporter: the police rado buzzed as the mayor was on the case. the mayor did more than @ust talk to the driver. i asked the mayor about that encounter last spring. >> we saw surveillance video of a police response that was pretty impressive to a double parked coke truck.
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he says he won't comment.( >> >> reporter: this time the mayor recorded his encounter. >> we make the law here. we get the residents involved. we want them to be active. we can't allow the qualaly of life of ourresidents to be constantly infringed by this. >> reporter: i reached out to e mayor again today, but he's yet to respond. he was a parking violation like this has to be witnessed by real law enforcer, but the driver was allegedly doing it again a that's why he got ticketed. a strong show of support in court today for a miami gardens police officer who was ambushed and shot in his patrol car just last month. claudia decampo was there for thee hearing. >> we're here for support, mainly for support of the officer.
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gardens officers came to see a man charged with murder. he shot at officer david starling, who was inside his patrol car filling out paperwork. me mexia went pt the officer and back up to shoot at him. he shot at him and hit in the leg. officer starling called for backup and went aftermexia. no one else was hit, but oicer starling is still out because of his injury. >> he's doing much better. he's able to walk now. >> reporter: mexia pled not guilty through a public defender. he's facing charges of first-degree attempted murder of
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he'll be back in a courtroom next month for a review of the case. if convicted, mexia could face up to life in prison. nbc 6 news. the sarch continues tonight for two thieves who stole a brand smart delivery truck just as the workers we bringing new appliances to a customer's home. the suspects ambushed the truck drivers and residents of this home right here on northwest 42nd street ordering them to the floor and demanding cell phones and money. one gunshot was fired, but nobody was hurt. the brands mart truck they took off in contained more merchandise. it had the tag eab l97. now on night's decision debrief, jeb bush drawing larger than expected support in south carolina.
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spoke at a faith and family forum today. this event and another scheduled tomorrow were moved to a larger venue due to increased demand. on monday jeb's brother former president george w. bush will accompany him to a campaign in charleston. senate minority leader harry reid calling on grayson to drop out of the senate race. he wasanaging his hedge fund at the same time he was serving in congress. in a statement, reid said his actions, quote, aren't just disgraceful to the democratic party.. they disgrace the halls s f congress, end quote.
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rubio will leave open at the end of the term. the game has gained a lot of popularity popularity. a mexican moehotel owner is taking a stand. it's too soon. the game has been photographed by dozens and dozens of people. it's the most popular thing in his lobby. >> there should be signs in every window banning him or boycotting him everywhere. s, i think the mexican government should unite with central american governments to defend their integrity. >> the moegul has called mexicans drug dealers and rapists. in the sunshine state, trump will be holdi a rally at the university of south florida in
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it's happening today in just a couple of hours. the event is expected to be sold out, adam. avoiding the harsh reality of how many calories are really in that slice of piza about to get easier. the food fight in washington that will impt your next night out. working overtime to make sure the delivery arrives onn time. the coconut grove arts festival welcomes artists from all over the world.d. however, lots of local artists are showcased here as well. you'll here from one local artist who usesire at work and in his creation as well. if we can bottle this weather from today and have the same for ssurday, sunday, and
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you know that royal caribbean cruise ship that sailed through a storm? it's undergoing some repairs right now. part of the propulsion system caused minor cosmetic damama. the anthem of the seas left new jerseynd traveled through hurricane force winds. royal caribbean expects that ship will sail tomorrow on an eight-day cruise to bahamas. the fda rulesesrequire
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prepared foods and that have 20 or more locations have to post calorie information on menu boards and displays by december. supermarkets would be allowed to use a menu or menu board in a prepared foods area instead o o putting labels on individual items. kicking it into overdrive with valentine's day just two days away, u.p.s. workers are scrambling to help cupid deliver all those flowers. >> reporter: before your flowers end up here, they'll come through here, at least most of them anyway. miami international airport where love is in the air. u.p.s. will fly more than 100 million flowers here for love birds all across the united
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that's 560,000 boxes, 9 million pounds, more than 8 million bouquets. >> everything from south america comes to miami. reporter: for distributors like peter sessler, this time of the year is the busiest. >> we want to make our women happy, at least i do. >> reporter: >> 40 additional flights for this valentine's season. >> reporter: crews that move the flowers from plane to this massive freezer the size of five basketball circuit courts before passing through customs. >> we inspect it. >> reporter: who keep unwanted mpany f fm ruining the romance. from here, they're off to a store near you and into the hands of a special someone this
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americans could snd upwards o o $1.9 billion on flowers alone. that is 11 daily flights just to keep up with demand. nbc 6 news. whether you're in town visiting or you permanently live here in south florida, today is definitely the type of day you want to be outside and enjoying what we've got out there. no rain on the live first alert doppler radar. a look at port miami and miami beach. we're 20 minutes away from sunset here in south florida. it is a spectacular afternoon. the temperature is currently 72 degrees. doesn't get any better than that. tonight will drop into the 50s. i wanted to show you this image with temperatures across the northern tier of the u.s.,
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into the northeast. temperatures right nw are in the 20s there, but they're expected to drop tonight into the single digits and teens. there's a lot of wind blowing up north. windchills will be 20 to 30 degrees below zero. we'll be completely prorocted from that down here as none of that cold air is coming our way. late tonight, we'll drop into the 50s. clear skies. no rain anticipated during the overnight hours. when you wake up tomorrow, head out the door, clear and cool conditions. light winds. temperature 52 to 58. our nights are cool enough, but it does warm up quite quickly during the morning and into the midday hours. so the 50s will be gone very, very quickly tomorrow after sunrise. here's your future tracker. you see this? this is a front that's currently near the georgia border. it's expected to cross south florida.
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single ounce of rain over our area for saturday. the front will be dissipating as it crosses our area. in the absence of any weather threats for tomorrow, i'm going to set the threat tracker at green. there's no problems expected for saturday regarding weather. the winds will be north to northwest at 10 knots and seas two to three feet with a light chop. our temperature is down to 68 degrees. that'suite chilly. maybe if you're coming from the north, you'll stitl enjoy the 68 degree water, but that is quite cool. 77 the high temperature tomorrow. 73 sunday. 78 on monday. no rain in the forecast all the way through president's day. art, food, and entertainment taking over the streets of
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it's one of the biggest arts festivals in all of north america. roxanne vargas is live tonight helping us to kick things off over there. how's it going? >> reporter: it's exciting. there's some who are here walking their dogs and strolling along getting an inside look at artists, artists from all over the world, who are here in coconut grove. putting up their pieces, making sure those tents are secure h he to the ground, waiting for you all of the art lors, visitors around the country and the world. this is one of the most revered outdoor festivals in the entire country. we're going to have just over 360 artists here this year. we have artiststsrom germany, bulgaria, from north florida and south florida as well. we have a local artist who is a very eclectic artist with an
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for everyone watching ght now who has an artist in their life, you know that artists see the world differently. take aisten to chris. >> whenever i look at a piece of paper, a canvas, a wall, i see the line work. for some reason, architecture, lines, edges, symmetry, flow, it stands out to me very heavily. >> reporter: now, you can meet chris this weekend. hehell be here all weekend long. booth number 651. he'ssn artist, but he's also a firefighter. an artist and a hero. how is that for titles? you'll hear more from chris coming up in our special at 7:00. adamuperstein and i take you behind the scenes of the 53rd annual coconut grove arts festival. their gates open up at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow.
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check us out all weekend long. nbc 6 news. nbc 6 a proud sponsor for the festival. we'll be everywhere at the event this weekend. stop by and snana a selfie with us. take a look at the lineup r tomorrow right here. >> the festival expected to impact traffic. kelly blanco has your breakdown. >> here's what you need to know. the miami international boat show at miami marine stadium will be causing delays on the rickenbacker causeway. there's virtually no parking, but there will be free water taxis and shuttle buses from downtown miami, marlins park,
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the art wynwood will run five days all the way through monday. no cars on bayshore drive. road closures havelready began. if you take i-95 southbound, follow u.s. 1 to 22nd avenue and 27th avenue south to the festival. nbc 6 is a proud sponsor of the coconut grove arts festival. your morning team will be there on monday along with jawan and jackie. make sure to visit the nbc 6 news and weather app. an exhibit celebrating the strength, resilience, and beauty of black women opened today in miami before a huge audience.
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all aspects of our community. each subject struck a powerful pose reminiscentnt of old hollywood glamourr susan mcdowell is featured in the otographic portraits. >> i can't even believe i'm in this exhibit along with people like you and the congresswoman and sabrina fulton and all these wonderful women. it's humbling. it's daunting. >> i was one of the honorees. there is my photograph right there. he did a a great job. made me look better. the exhibit wil remain on display from now unt the end of march to honor women's history month. >> that is a great photograph. you have to take some credit. still to come on 6, a soldier surprise you don't want miss. >> the whole thing hang just a
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how this dad pulled it all off. now to a story you'll see only on 6. a soldier's surprise at silver trail middle school in broward county today.
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about an hour ago. amanda plasencia was there for the very big reveal. >> reporter: a special valentine valentine's day surprise for an eight grader at silver trail middle school. the boy's father came back early om serving overseas in the military. >> i'm trying to hold back the tears. >> i'm glad to be home. >> reporter: it was all planned out and left the boy speechless. >> words couldn't explain it. >> how long has he been gone? >> a long time. >> reporter: it's been seven months to be exact. the two haven't seen each other since july 15th. what are their plans for valentine's day? >> i thought i was just going to sit on the couch all day. probably y t. >> we'll probably go to the ball fld. >> reporter: clearly a very
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and sonnd just a lot of love in the room just in time for valentine's day. nbc 6 news. that'll do it for the news at 5:30. >> more news straight ahead. it's a historic meeting more than a millennia in the making. pope francis travels to cuba to mend fences with his russian counterpart. handgus, rifles, julyewelry, and watches. does s y of it belong to you? a cold caseseeating up. is a man responsible for the murder of a tourist on miam beach back in town and targeting other tourists? it's a story you'll see only on 6. if i could do math, i wouldn't be a journalist. this kid is amazing. swag on 6 is coming up.
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thanks anyway. pope francis now on his way to mexico city following a brief, but very historic meeting in havana. good evening. i'm jackie nespral. >> and i'm jawan strader. a major step in ending the divide with the russian orthodox church. julia bagg is live in cuba for the historic meeting and she joins us now with more. jul? >> reporter: jackie and jawan, this nearly 1,000-year-old feud melted into an embrace. an encounter for the ages after a millennial feud that traces back to the 11th century. pope francis arrived inuba this afternoon on his way to mexico. the patriarch of the russian orthodox church was already here, beginning his own sacred
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the two holy fathers have never r met until today. the churches split in the year 1054. more than 400 years before europeans even discovered the americas. young cubans and cuban americas ponder what this all means for thth country. >> i'm proud and happy that two leaders can be here in this country. >> reporter: on an island open to making amends with its own enemies, there is once again a spirit of reconciliation. and we didn't see any joint prayer, but we did see the signing of a joint declaration, a symbol of fresh goodwill among old foes. live in havana, cuba. nbc 6 news. >> for more on the pope's meeteng with the russian


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