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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the two holy fathers have never r met until today. the churches split in the year 1054. more than 400 years before europeans even discovered the americas. young cubans and cuban americas ponder what this all means for thth country. >> i'm proud and happy that two leaders can be here in this country. >> reporter: on an island open to making amends with its own enemies, there is once again a spirit of reconciliation. and we didn't see any joint prayer, but we did see the signing of a joint declaration, a symbol of fresh goodwill among old foes. live in havana, cuba. nbc 6 news. >> for more on the pope's meeteng with the russian
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news and weather app. laptops, sunglasses, jewelry, and guns. while it may look like what you find at a pawnshop, this is what broward d duties recovered after catching four suspected burglars. dan krauth is live from davie to show us how t ty robbed their unsuspecting victims. dan_ >> reporter: jawan, detectives say the burglars are targeting homes just like this one during the daylight hours when people are away at work. they're knocking here on the front door. if no one answers, they head around to the back, break in, take what they want, and tn they take off. pearls and diamonds, watches and glasses to rifles and even handguns. a room packed full of stolen valuables. >> that's my laptop bag, laptop. >> reporter: stacy hasn't seen her computer since last month when it was stolen from her pompano beach home. >> i felt violated.
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my room was totally trashed. sawwthey actually broke in through my daughter's room. >> reporter: all this unclaimed stolen property recovered after deputies pulled over this north lauderdale man for not wearing a seat belt. they found stolen items in his car, which led him to a total of four people, which included these two bearded brothers. accused of breaking into eight homes throughout broward county, possibly eight more. >> the most important thing is we got some weapons off the street. obviously gun violence is a major issue for us. >> reporter: they didn't get all the weapons. stacy can't find one of her stolen valuables in this room. >> one of my husband's guns. >> reporter: she won't get back her sense of security. >> it's definitelyput me on alert. anytime i'm home if i hear a
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is. constantly looking around, looking over my shoulder. >> reporter: this is why it is important to take pictururs and write down the serial numbers of your valuables in case you're in situations like this. it will be easier to retrieve your stolen items. dan krauth, nbc 6 news. the florida department of ducation released school grades for the 2014/2015 school year and south florida school districts were among the top of the class. both palmeach and monroe counties received an "a" while miami-dade and broward counties earned a "b." >> to make an "a" last year, you have to perform at this level. to make an "a" this year, you have to perform at this level.
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have received a "b" in its overall grade, but some schools struggledd more than their miami-dade counterparts. >> reporter: there's always room for improvement, but we wanted highlight one of those schools that worked very hard in the 2014 to 2015 school year and is seeinit pay off. that success story is here at tropical elementary school. students are long gone late on a friday afternoon at tropical elementary in plantation, but educators are still here. that kind of dedication is part of what brought the school from a "c" grade up to an ",a." >> we were pretty confidence we would come in strong. we have a great s#hool culture. >> reporter: principal anderson says new state standards created challenges for teachers determined to make the grade.
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making changes in the curriculum so they could earn high marks in math and science last year. >> to get that affirmation from the state feels really good. >> reporter: broward county schoolo didn't do as well as neighboring miami-dade and palm beach school districts. broward had the fewest number of "a" rated schools. upwards of 30 schools got an "f." don't get discouraged. >> they should always dig deeper. what kind of leaders are there? what kind of teachers are there? what kind of culture is there? do the teachers love their children? >> last year was probably the hardest year i've ever had teaching. i would just say stick with it, be a plugger. if you're a teacher, you're a plugger anyway because you have to be. it will happen. it will come.
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school grades is the first year under a new system in florida, so they are somewhat skewed. there were no points given for growth because there was no previous year to compare it to. give this new system a couple of years to get a good idea on where schools in broward county stand. reporting live many planin plantation, nbc 6 news. check out our story on the nbc 6 news and weather app. we've posted the link to the school accountability reports. it was all hands on deck to put out a fire at an auto shop in oakland park. this is along northeast 42nd street. oakland park fire rescue called in backup from other fire departments to help contain the fire which caused flammable liquid tanks to explode. no one was hurt. recovery crews have found the bodies of two people who
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crashed into the gulf of mexico. the plane went down last night near destin. the faa is investigating what caused the plane to godown. to an update on that shooting outside carol city highh on wednesday that left students shaken. police arrested 19-yearold stanley reagan. he turned himself in today as another t@en connected to this shooting made his first appearance in court. reagan and 18-year-old cedric adams both had a role in the incident when bullets struck a window and missed a student nearby. >> you don't necessarily have to look at yourself as a snitch. you can also look at yourself as a community servan because you are doing a service to the community tooet these bad gs off the street. >> shortly after11:00 this morning, more schools were under
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shooting at a home near 198th street. no one was hurt. the attorney general of the united states is looking to strengthen relationships between law enforcement and the south florida community. loretta lynch spoke to students today at booker t. washington i miami. it was part of a national tour to discuss ways to build trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve. lynch said in her experience it's young people who fin themselves facing the most trust issues with police. some told lynch they would rather go to someone else for help than the police. >> the people that i found that were most involved weree students. they were young people who were facing the i issues of how to relate to police officers, of how to relate to violence in their community, who were facing the issues of how to feel safe. >> on thursday, lynch visited the doral police department. one bumbling burglar has a
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butter fingers. coming up next, surveillance video catches a crook that let a fingers. tonight, the hunt is on. south florida police looking for dangerous. gas station. well, we've been in for a great stretch of weather so far. it appears it might stick around for the weekend. find out what the temperatures will be like coming up. we're taking a live look from coconut grove where the coconut grove arts festival kicks off. don't forget to check out our special preview tonight. from everything fom road closures to admission prices to
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a crook with some butter fingers is caught on camera. surveillance video from the las vegas restaurant on the 2800 block of sterling road in hollywood captured the suspect throwing a cinder block through thth drive-thru window. if you recognize him, call broward crime stoppers. a young life gone, ending what was supposed to be a good
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the bullets, the weapons, leading to what detectives call a cold-blooded killer who is still on the loose. police now worry he could kill again. they think he's back in south florida after evading them for two years. willardhepard is live from miami beach with the story you'll see only on 6. willard? >> reporter: jawan, anyone comes to south beach knows this location here behind me. this shell gas station, busy like it is now at all hours of the day or night, but police detectives say that did not deter a dangerous man from executing a person here at the gas station. these are the good times inside a south beach hot spot that drew atlanta resident max brody to visit just after ringing in the new year in 2014.
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great time until he stopped for fuel at the well lit and busy gas station on fifth street. police say when he looked up from the rear of his black camaro, miguel was cocking his weapon and heading to rob brody. >> he saw the subject racked the gun, causing a round to come out ofofhe gun. >> reporter: a miami detective serrant told us what happened next was an execution. >> our victim owned a gun, so he ran to the passenger side of his vehicle. we know the victim fired at least one round and then his gun jammed. the subject walked up to the victim. he shot him in the head. >> would you say he executed him? >> the shot was like an execution-style shot. >> reporter: and brody's friends
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his last text messages his friend, where y y at. brody, are you doing something or are you staying in? tell me you're okay. by the time brody had died, the suspect used the same terrifying tactic, cocking his weapon to rob several others on south beach. he's 5'6", 160 pounds, 21 years old, and had a lost known address in hallandale. detective taylor says those other people that were victims, they were terrified. one of them actually had his own weapon,n,but said he was basically frozen when that happened. if you have any idea where you think this man is, call crime stoppers.
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nbc 6 news. i love the weather today. this is how our weather often is this time of the year, but this partrtular dry season hasn't been that way, so we really welcome it. right now a a live first alert doppler radar not showing any rain out there. we'll take a look at the low temperatures observed this morning acro zutsouth florida. the warmest one i could find was 60 degrees overnight in marathon. 50 degrees early this morning in pompano beach. temperatures have recovered quite nicely. now they're cooling off again. 69 in key west. here are your weather headlines. comfortable w wther this weekend. relatively low humidity. lots of sun. temperatures that will be quite tolerable and very pleasant, id say, in the afternoons.
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rain won't be until tuesday. and it won't be caused by this front. this front will cross through south florida tomorrow afternoon, but it will be dissipating as it does. it's only producing rain offshore south of the carolinas. these temperatures that we have in south florida right now are below normal temperature readings. take a look at the water vapor satellite image. you'll see just how dry their is over south florida. lots of dry airir upstream as well. it's going to remain quite nice as we head into this presidents day weekend. mostly sunny saturday. partly sunny sunday and monday. you might recall i had some rain in the forecast for monday originally, but i've actually removed the rain from the forecast. i'm thinking it is going to wait until tuesday when the next cold front approaches. that one could yield a few thunderstorms.
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relatively cooler temperatures. let's take a look at tomorrow in detail here. we'll set the future tracker in motion. here's your morning look. saturday 7:00 a.m.enerally clear all across our viewing area from broward into miami-dade and monroe counties. some clouds try to move in. this is midday on saturday. this is linked to that front that you just saw near theborder. no rain. they dissiate as the afternoon progresses. here's your end of the day. maybe couple of clouds hugging the coast. should be a beautiful saturday. partly to mostly sunny. 77 for your high of a morning low temperature of 57 degrees. again, our nighttime temperatures running about f fe degrees cooler than normal. our afternoon highs are right on target. sunday 73. monday 8. 80 aahead of the cold front and then cooling down again later
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crushing poverty, having to learn english, suffering from a painful disease. >> a young man at coral springs high uses his obstacles as motivation inspiring everyone around him. he's definitely got s sg. >> he's a student working at greatness. >> reportrt: at 6'4", mervin strolls through school powered by brilliance, driven by the desire to learn. >> maybe i can find a cure for cancer. maybe i can do something in that field that would benefit everyone else. >> reporter: mervens standk out for more than just being tall. >> i felt like we were being lectured by a professional.
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you would go to for help in all your difficult asses? mervens is that kid. >> i love helping them out. >> reporter: whatever the subject, he excels. he has a 4.7 gpa and he is suffering from a syndrome. >> it's extremely painful. >> you have to deal with that every day? >> yes, every single day, especially when i wake up in the morning. it feels like i don't want to go to school, but i have to becausus i love being here. >> reporter: he has another obstacle setting him apart from his classmates. dire poverty. >> i remember every single day i would have to go to the library just to get a paper down on time internet at home. >> reporter: his teachers say he is the ultimate role model. >> he is special in every single personal character. everything he does, he mas everyone want to be more like
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>> i'm optimistic now because i've been through so much. there's no way i'm going to give up now. >> reporter: not when college and a ph.d. are in his sights.
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dr. welcome back. a reminder tonight that the nbc 6 investigators are working for you. if you have a story you think they need to check out, be sure and send an e-mail or you can call our tip lines. finally tonight, a quick look at today's top stories. pope francis is on his way too mexico tonight following a historic meeting in cuba. the pope made a brief stop in havana to meet with the head of the russian orthodox church. it's the first time since the churches split nearly 1,000 years ago. the pope will arrive in mexico tonight.
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owners with their property after the bust of robbers in a burglary ring. there's thousands of dollars in stolen items. the suspects are behind bars and there may soon be more arrests. a break in the case for popoce investigating wednesday's shooting outside carol city high school. 19-year-old stanley reagan turned himself in today. this as 18-year-old cedric atmos appeared in bond court. bullets flew just outside of the school campus, but misd people standing nearby. you can follow all of the news on the nbc 6 news and weather app. download it for free. >> lots of stuff going on here and good weather. >> it's going to be great. i tell you what. this is the best stretch we've had weather wise in this entire dry season and this winter. this weekend will be even nicer. if you don't like the 50-degree temperatures, you might enjoy 58 better.
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the next couple of nights. look for highs in the mid 70s. lots of sun. right now, i'm holding off on any rain chances until tuesday of next week. >> that sounds great. we ha guests coming into town from all over the world, so this is great news. >> good timing from mother nature. >> we love it, john. we'll takeit. >> that's our report for tonight. "nightly news" is next. tonight, dangerous freeze. below zero in 16 states. 65 million people plunge into the teeth of a polar vortex. urgent warnings of a potentially deadly winter blast. donald trump threatens to sue ted cruz as bernie sanders accuses hillary clinton of landing a low blow. it's getting nasty. mhete horror, a viterbo restaurant attack. a man suddenly starts
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people inside. the fbi investigating and asking was it terrorism? trapped by war. our team inside syria as word of a deal to stop the bloodshed is met with skepticism, and assad vows to retake the entire country. and your medical records at risk of being stolen and sold for fraud. one out of three americans hit. how to protect your most sensitive personal information. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightltlnews" with lester holt. good evening. there are warnings tonight of a dangerous freed about to plunge a huge part of the country in its grip as the dreaded polar vortex moves south. parts of 16 states will see temperatures below zero and windchills that make it feel a lot colder. yes, it's winter. it's february, it's@ supposed to be cold, but as we've come to know cold snaps of this extreme can be


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